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The Illustrated Man
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  • I, too, want this on DVD
    I saw this as a child on late night TV in the early seventies. It made quite an impression on me, and I would really love to have it on DVD. I'm on here as a result of looking for it (in vain) in DVD on the internet. Someone is loosing alot of money......more info
  • A Major Dissapointment
    Ray Bradbury has never been lucky at the movies. Read his science fiction classic instead of watching this dull adaptation....more info
  • Superb anthology
    A wonderful interpretation of the Bradbury classic. If you've read the book, you won't be disappointed. If not, be prepared for a special Scifi treat. Anyone care to go on safari? He! He! ...more info
  • I'M BEGGIN' YA!!!..............PUT THIS ONE ON DVD, PUHLEZE!
    As the last reviewer asked, Why hasn't this classic been put on dvd when some of the most mundane crap has been on dvd for years??!! I'm beggin' ya.............puhleeeeeeeeeeze get this one out to the people! ...more info
  • Finally on DVD!
    I've been waiting for ages for this great film to appear on DVD. Rod Steiger's performances are amazing, and Bradbury's stories are richly produced....more info
  • One of the greatest finally on DVD
    This movie is many things to many people. As the illustrations move you to other-worldly realms so to will this movie. There have been so many great sci-fi seventies movies becoming available. (THX 1138, Farenheit 451, Andromeda Strain, Soylent Green, West World, Omega Man and even Deathrace 2000)- (ok, maybe Deathrace isn't great but it sure is fun and screaming remake) I am glad to see this one finally becoming available, also. If you liked any of these movies and haven't seen The Illustraded Man then I hightly recommend it. If you haven't seen any of these movies then how did you get here to begin with. Do yourself a favor and watch these movies....more info
  • Strange Science Fiction
    Rod Steiger and Claire Bloom turn in solid character performances in this anthology chosen from the classic Ray Bradburry novel.

    The broad premise of the movie has a deranged Steiger searching for revenge on the mysterious woman who illustrated (tatooed) him. Robert Drivas plays a young traveler who bumps into Steiger on the road.

    The movie flows between stories of how Steiger picked up the illustrations, along with the three stories told by them:
    - Two parents strugling with their declining relationship, and their children's use of a Holodeck-like virtual reality playground.
    - A group of space travelers pushed to madness in a relentless rain storm.
    - A family coming to grips with Euthanizing their children on the last night of civilization.

    There's a surreal edge to all the stories - an otherworldliness enhanced by the lack of high tech special effects. The impact is powerful, but in the end, one is left to wonder "What's this all about?"

    Not too much exciting on the extras - there's a story on how Steiger put on all the fake tattoos, but nothing too profound....more info
  • vcr tape review
    Not in very good condition, took most of MOVIE time to get a picture due to the TV TRACKING! ...more info
  • seen too long ago
    Received the dvd in perfect condition and under ten days.The story is quite ok but does tend to peter out towards the end,may have been in a different state of mind when I first saw it,when it first came out....more info
  • Oldie but Goodie
    Good video (not outstanding, but good). The extra's are fun, but the quality is not very good. If you are a science fiction fan, this is a must-see and is probably the best quality you can get....more info
  • Steiger is great, but ...
    Rod Steiger gives a great performance in this one. He is very disturbing. I was VERY disappointed with the movie though. It is very slow and does not even come close to living up to the book. Yes ... it is very surreal and builds some atmosphere, but it basically made me yawn after the first 30 minutes and wonder how the screen writer got so far away from the book. Read the book and pass on this one....more info
  • Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man
    this dvd arrived in excellent time and excellent condition. It is just as good as i remembered....more info
  • A Tour de Force of acting and storytelling....
    ...Rod Steiger's finest performance, and along with "Something Wicked This Way Comes", and "Farenheit 451", one of the best adaptations ever of Bradbury put to the big screen..... and YOU can't see it on DVD, unless you, and everyone you know votes for it. PLEASE vote for this great film, it's a classic that TRULY deserves to be treasured, restored, and preserved on DVD. You won't regret it....more info
  • Bradbury's classic brought to life
    Perhaps this was cutting edge fantasy forty years ago. Today, it might better be called a "cult classic," enjoyable as much for its dated look and effects as for its association with Bradbury's brilliant set of short stories, The Illustrated Man. This captures just a few of the short stories originally collected in the IM anthology. It starts with "The Veldt," one of the greats of the creepy-little-kids genre. The next story tracks astronauts stranded on Venus, back when Venus's shroud concealed a verdant monsoon instead of a burning desert, baking under sulfuric acid clouds. It ends with a tragic (if somewhat predictable) story of intellectual hubris gone wrong. The whole set is bound together by the Illustrated Man, whose magical tattoos act out these scenes - or cause them to appear in the viewers' minds.

    The illustrations - Steiger's painted-on tattoos - form another story in the extras section of this disk. That goes through the months of planning, followed by long hours of intensive work transferring the images onto his skin. Today, the job would probably be done post-production in the bowels of a compute farm. Back then, it was real ink on real skin, producing a Peter Max-ish look that evokes Yellow Submarine.

    Nostalgia buffs and Bradbury completists will enjoy this immensely. It dates from the era of the original Star Trek series, though, and carries some of the same look and acting style, for better or worse. If that works for you, great - it works for me.

    -- wiredweird...more info
    This is one of my most favorite movies it makes you think and thats good if a writer can do that. you must see and own this one. Rod Steiger was born for this one he was perfect for this part, Claire Bloom laked something but still did a good job. if they want a movie to remake with todays cg this is one to do....more info
  • If only they could all be this good....
    Go rent it, watch it, and then come back here and write a review. That way, I can finally own a copy of my own, on dvd. It really is an amazing film. KISS......more info
  • One of the Greats
    Ray Bradbury + Rod Steiger, what could be better. This is one of my all-time favorite movies, a collection of Bradbury short fantasies. Wonderfully dramatized, all associated with this production are masters at getting it just right. The mood created is both eerie and fascinating. I highly recommend it, and join in urging production of the DVD....more info
  • Thanks to all the other people who voted for this release
    Great to finally own this on DVD. Now how do I vote to have The Reincarnation of Peter Proud released to DVD?...more info
  • Fans of Bradbury, Steiger (or Serling) shouldn't miss this one
    First let me say that I love Bradbury, including his screenplays, novels, and short stories. That being said, some purists will criticize the film for not being faithful enough to the book.

    Fortunately, I first saw the film many years ago before reading the book and was completely captured by it. It's at least as good as I remembered and not unlike a series of linked Twilight Zone episodes. The tatoo images on Steiger's body unfold into disturbing stories in this mesmerizing film. If you allow for the willing suspension of disbelief to take hold then you are in for one great ride.
    Most importantly, Steiger's performance is terrific and not to be missed. Certainly one of his greatest achievements.
    [For British horror genre fans there are some similarities to a very hard to find but worthwhile B movie classic from Amicus Productions called, unimaginatively, Dr. Terror's House of Horrors featuring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.]
    ...more info
  • A classic
    This is my favorite movie. Hard to say why....its something to do with the higher element of it. Rod Steiger gives one of his best performances, Claire Bloom and Robert Drivas are also very powerful and the direction of Jack Smight is masterful. Its a film about the human condition, watch it with a very open mind and you'll be blown away. Ok, so why isn't it available on DVD? ...more info
  • Steiger's performance main reason to watch "The Illustrated Man"
    It's rare that I'll write an indifferent or negative review because I try to stick to stuff that I like. I had high hopes for "The Illustrated Man". The film has been critically lambasted over the years so was anxious to see if the film was a solid version of Bradbury's stories. Fans who enjoyed the film when it was first released will probably enjoy this the most. It reminds me of the minor classic "The Fool Killer" which had a promising story that just doesn't quite live up to its true potential. Regardless, Steiger gives a powerful and occasionally quirky performance as a drifted tatooed by a woman from the future from head to toe. When you look at the tatoos, they come alive setting up three different stories from Bradbury's famous book of the same name.

    The framing device set during the Depression works well as does the very last story in this set. Carl (Rod Steiger in a commanding occasionally unhinged performance)plays a carnival worker who is lured into the parlor of a "Skin Illustrator" Felicia(Clarie Bloom). She works her magic with her needles and die using Carl's body for a canvas to create illustrations that come to life if the viewer stares at them for too long. Carl borders on madness because of the experience (he says he can feel them crawl on his skin literally itching to tell a story I suppose)and because he's now an outcast is trying to find Felicia so he can kill her. Carl meets a drifter Willie (the late Robert Drivas --who looks a bit like Nathan Fillion from "Firefly", "Serenity" and "Slither"-- in a fine performance where he holds his own throughout the film against Steiger). Carl unfolds his story about becoming an illustrated man and Willie finds himself drawn into three of the "tattoos" that ensnare him in their stories.
    The first story "The Veldt" is set in the future. A holographic playroom figures in this one. Carl and Felicia (Steiger and Bloom in an inspired bit of creative casting the major characters are all played by the same trio of actors that appear in the framing story)discover that their children's version of an African plain is disturbing. They contact their mental health worker (Drivas)in hope that he can help them understand what's going on. In reality the fantasy atmosphere has turned their two children into little more than decadent killers.

    In the second part "The Long Rains" we join a quartet astronauts stranded on Venus (I only know this from having read the book)after their ship crashes. They spent their time in the torrential downpour of rain gradually going mad as they search the planet for one of 120 "Sundomes" (essentially an enclosed raft with all the comforts of home). The story becomes a pointless exercise in dramatic extremes and the story is driven into incomprehension by the heavy handed editing of either the sequence, the script or the story. It's clear that this film was fiddled with in the editing room how else to explain the major holes in the plots of some of the stories?

    The third story is the most powerful and moving. It's also probably the best outside of the framing story. The world is about to end in a nuclear holocaust. The parents (Steiger and Bloom again) debate euthanizing their children. The last story features moving performances from the cast.


    An earthbound film all of Bradbury's classic book still features solid performances. The stories selected for the film are probably not the best (except the last which is exceptionally realized)and first time screenwriter Howard B. Kreitsek's script is heavy handed. The editing doesn't do the film any favors either--although it was released in 1969 a quicker cutting style would have improved the slow pacing of the stories. It's not quite the disaster that "The Martian Chronicles" was but it fails to live up to Truffaut's film of "Farenheit 451" or even "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

    There's little in the way of visual effects (which is just as well as they would probably distract from the story)and the production design is very much of its times. Why is that when costume designers visualize the future they always see us dressing in badly designed clothing?

    Warner has done a terrific job with this release. We get the original theatrical trailer as well a vintage featurette on the film. The film receives an exceptional transfer with nice bold colors during most of the film. Image quality varies a bit there are some hints of softness to the images on occasion but that's not a surprise given the age of the film.

    "Tattooed Steiger" gives us a vintage promo piece that looks behind-the-scenes and allows us to see some of the make up sessions as well as bits and pieces of the rehearsals. We also get the original theatrical trailer and a promo piece for "The Dukes of Hazzard"(!) prequel. Why we have the latter is beyond me it has as much to do with sci-fi as "Gomer Pyle". Maybe it's the boomer audience that would buy this that they are aiming at.

    Overall this film may not be everyone's cup of tea but those who grew up watching it on TV or when it was originally released will probably still enjoy it. The film will also be appreciated by fans of Steiger....more info
  • Reminiscent Of The Twilight Zone
    Though I am familiar with some of the work of Ray Bradbury and have enjoyed what stories of his I have read, I never read the anthology of stories that made up The Illustrated Man. But I bought this movie anyhow to see how his stories might work on film.
    The answer is they don't work very well as presented here. In the first place, if this is a Depression-era story, then drifter Robert Drivas' haircut is definitely out of place. He looks just like a typical late-1960s teenager. Secondly, the sets are of cheap '60s sci-fi style. "Lost In Space" anyone? Finally, the acting is mostly just lame. Rod Steiger's character looks and acts like skid row bum. The best acting in this film of many shortcomings is done by Claire Bloom.
    I am not going to rehash the storyline. The viewer can see that Steiger's character is unstable and prone to violence. Perhaps the best part of the film is at the end when a curious but frightened Drivas is transfixed on the untattooed portion of Steiger's body and after seeing a terrifying vision of his own end, tries to forestall that end by knocking Steiger over the head with a large rock then fleeing. Can he escape his fate?
    Though I do enjoy some aspects of The Illustrated Man, I often found it reminiscent of TV's Twilight Zone only not as interesting. Younger viewers will find it often humorously dated. Lots of reviewers praised Rod Steiger's performance, I find his character obnoxious. Guess I'll have to read the book since this movie was not nearly as entertaining as I expected it to be. I give it three stars, but I am feeling generous today....more info