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  • It was cute...
    You might want to get this ON SALE, because the price charged for new releases is not worth this film. I will say what is good about the film first, though. It is a good treat for horselovers despite inaccuracies, and has beautiful animals and a fairly good scripting job. There are lots of cute jokes and plenty of funny scenes and doesn't drag. There is emotional depth, too, because of Channing's (the supporting character) father's bitterness against racing and riding after his wife's death. Channing wants to ride Stripes (the zebra, of course) in a race, the "Kentucky Open", an obvious KY Derby parody. Some of the voice talent is good--especially Jeff Foxworthy and Whoopi Goldberg. Others are passable--such as the voice talents of Frankie Muniz and Mandy Moore, while the rest are overworked. Adding a couple SHORT lines for Snoop Dogg seemed like a very cheap shot at attracting audiences, but parents probably weren't entertained by the 2 minutes he (as a dog's voice) made cheap jokes. The flies were poorly animated and except for one exception, the jokes were gross and cheap--regular cartoon fare. I'm 16--can't use the adult form--and some of my 13-to-15 year old friends even saw it, just for fun. Overall, it is a cute film, but will not leave any lasting impressions. ...more info
  • Great Movie
    Racing Stripes is a really cute movie. The story starts when a travelling circus gets caught in the storm, and they are in such a panic, that they accidentally leave behind a baby zebra. The zebra is found by Mr. Walsh, a retired horse trainer who is facing hard times.
    When he brings the zebra home, his daughter, Channing Walsh, adopts the zebra and names him Stripes.
    Stripes grows up on the Walsh Farm, which is in plain view of Turfway Park. From the moment Stripes sees the track, he's hooked; he's desperate to be a racer. Since he thinks he's a horse, he sees no reason why he shouldn't race.
    While on the Farm, Stripes meets an enemy, the cruel Thoroughbred Trenton's Pride, and a love, the beautiful Arabian Sandy. These horses increase Stripe's desire to become a racehorse.
    Meanwhile, Channing has problems, her dad won't let her become a jockey because her mother died while racing on a horse. He's also planning to sell Stipes, because Channing nearly got hurt while running on the track. Channing convinces her dad to keep Stripes. He accepts, but still son't let Channing be a jockey.
    Mean Ms. Darymple, who owns Trenton's Pride, is amused that Channing is interested in racing Stripe's, so she invites him to enter an important race called the Kentucky OPen, even if he is not a Thoroughbred.
    Mr. Walsh almost refuses, but Channing not only convinces him to enter Stripes, but to be a jockey. They keep on training and manage to get into the race, even if Trenton's Pride's cruel father, Sir Trenton, tries to stop him.
    This movie is kind of predictable, but it is warm hearted, cute, and funny. There is just a bit too much potty humor, and that is what keeps it away from being a five star....more info
  • Decent family fare
    Aside from the (unfortunately) typical gross humor, this movie provides good family fun. I saw it with my nine-year-old while my pre-teen was seeing something more mature. Racing Stripes is your typical sports/family underdog kind of movie. It's a feel-good, you-can-do-it kind of plot. OBVIOUSLY, the aim of the movie is NOT to accurately portray the horseracing industry--it's not about that! If you have realistic expectations, and the desire for decent family fare, go ahead and see Racing Stripes....more info
  • Racing Stripes
    Haven't viewed the dvd yet since I am giving it to my daughter for Christmas but happy with quick delivery....more info
  • Sucked
    This movie (I this is my trademark when I highly disapprove of what the movies come out with) sucked to high heaven.

    I have been a longtime fan of the horse racing world. It is a horrible thing to stick this tape in the player and call it a "Horse race".

    The movie tryed to get the sympathy vote. Like they needed to win or the zebra was going to get put down if he doesn't and the prom princess daughter was going to get killed if she didn't win.

    There's a horrible lesson for kids to see in this film: Winning is the Key to Happiness. To save your child's brain, WINNING ISN'T EVERYTHING!!! You will thank me later.

    The thing thinks that a zebra winning a fixed race can warm family's hearts over. I'm flattered, for my heart is cold ice.

    This weekend, I'm going to my grandma's. To see REAL horses run a REAL race in the Jockey Club Gold Cup. I advise you do the same....more info
  • Great fun.
    was great fun and a surprise..never heard of it til I saw it on cable..then had to own it. And with Dustin Hoffman and Michael Clark Duncan, not to mention Whoopie! I'm
    a sucker for talking animals....more info
  • Typical, typical, o!! So Typical
    Childrens fare seems to be in full force these days. I can remember when kid films were rare and financial failures. This one really didn't catch on and I think its because its a little too juvenile for todays market. Shrek, Shark Tale, Nemo et al also remebered that there were adults in the audienace. That is a good thing. Also, there wasn't much of a toy backing this movie. No cross-merchandising. This is a bad thing if you want a big blockbuster. Still, it will keep your kids quiet for 90 minutes, and they will want to eatch it over and over and over...all in all its still a good value....more info
  • Really Enjoyable
    I was unsure about Racing Stripes, but in the end I really liked it. It's a sweet story (although sappy in some parts) The best part are the voices, an all-star cast that manages to bring humor. The humor isnt too kiddish, so it's ok for adults too. Racing Stripes is no Babe, but it's close....more info
  • Emotional Roller Coaster! Kevan
    Have you ever heard of a zebra who thinks he is a race horse? In Racing Stripes there is such a zebra. It all starts out when a zebra from the circus gets left behind in the middle of the road out in the rain. Then along comes a farmer named Nolan Walsh and takes Stripes to his farm. Nolan and his daughter, Channing Walsh, take care of the zebra. Throughout this movie Stripes has trouble with two other racehorses. During all this drama, Stripes finds romance and falls in love with a female Thoroughbred named Sandy. There is an upcoming race and Nolan and his daughter decide whether or not to enter Stripes. The duo decides to enter Stripes and the race begins. They both are worried because the race horses are Thoroughbreds and Stripes is a zebra racing for the first time! Does Stripes win the race? Join the barn animals and buy or rent this tremendous movie today! ...more info
  • Very sweet movie
    This is a very sweet movie. Maybe a little predictable, but it's great for kids. I also loved the cute interaction between the animals and the adorable sound the zebra makes. Wonderful movie for a family with young children to sit and watch, or if you just need to see a film with a happy ending.
    Chrissy K. McVay - Author...more info
  • Pathetic- straight from the horses mouth
    a talking zebra, talking flies, frankie Muniz as one of many voice overs, and a way-to-lengthy time frequence..this really takes the cake, as one of the worst films i have ever seen! this isn't even a family movie! toddlers in the session i went to were even fast asleep, and when a kid naps through a movie with talking animals and big imagery know its bad! 1 star is generous, specially for this trash, i havent been this bored since the dreadful Catwoman, even hallie berry in a tight cat suit couldn't save that film!. that is the same as the animated flies from racing stripes, which im presuming the director was hoping would become a cult amimated character like woody from toy story and the incredibly cute puss in boots from shrek..well was he wrong! viewers heres some advice... bake a casserole for 100mins, its far more furfiling than this film. The whole racing stripes couldn't get any worse..unless of course, if there is a follow up!!!!!!...more info
  • More than worth the ride
    Sorry to all the moviegoers out there that take every movie so seriously, but this is a quality movie that recieved applause from the audience each time I saw it.

    Drawing you in right from the start with an adorable zebra, this movie should have anyone's heart the whole way through. When racing the mailman becomes too old for Stripes, he decides he wants to be a real racehorse and compete against his thuroughbred neighbor. With the help of his two owners, all his barnyard friends, and an old track goer, he gets the support, training, and money he needs to compete in the big race.

    No, I don't think a zebra could ever outrun a horse, thuroughbred or not. Nor do I think a pig could ever herd sheep. Do yourself a favor and escape reality for a couple of hours....more info
  • A genius!
    This movie is brilliant. Whoever thought of this must be a genius! This is a type of the movie that makes me cheer! No kidding, but a great job!...more info
  • *Good-Animal Movie!*
    A good animal movie.One the family can enjoy.The talking of the animals is what makes up most of the movie.If you enjoyed movies like Babe,you will probably like this....more info
  • Okay, I like family films, BUT...
    1.) That farmer girl would never be aloud to own a ZEBRA without proper licensing.
    2.) Zebras are pretty slow animals.
    3.) Do you really think a zebra would be aloud to be in a horse race?
    4.) This has some really cheesey dialouge and a boring, unoriginal storyline.
    5.) Frankie Muniz sucks.

    Unless you want your head to explode from all the horribly written dialouge, or if you want your teeth to hurt for days because of the sweetness of this film, I would not suggest this to anyone.

    [...]...more info
    What an awesome family movie! All our 4 year old wanted for Christmas this year was this movie. Anyone that would ask her what she wanted, this is all she asked for! No toys, no dolls, nothing else except Racing Stripes. Well Santa prevailed and brought it and a day hasn't gone by without my daugther watching it! Thank goodness for DVD's.

    This is such a clean and funny movie, you have to love all the great actors that put their talent into this movie!

    A great, clean family movie!...more info
  • Likable But Familiar Against-All-the-Odds Family Picture
    There is absolutely NO originality in 'Racing Stripes' but originality does not always mean a good family picture. At least, I found 'Racing Stripes' pretty enjoyable, but not so great, because the idea of a spirited girl and a cute zebra joining in Kentukey Horse Race, sounds exactly like a cross between 'National Velvet' and 'Babe.' And the heroine of 'Racing Stripes' looks like young Liz Taylor, doesn't she?

    Anyway, the film is about the zebra 'Stripes' (voiced by Frankie Munitz). During the heavy storm, he was left behind by the traveling circus, but was found and kept by a retired horce trainer Mr. Nolan Walsh (Bruce Greenwood) Three years later, grown-up Stripes dreams of racing like horses (next to Mr. Walsh's farm, they are breeding thoroughbreds), and finally gets a chance to participate in the 'Kentukey Open.' (Actually, the film was shot in South Africa.)

    In the meanwhile, an equally cute girl, and Mr. Walsh's daughter Channing (Hayden Panetteire) is dreaming another thing -- riding a horse. But as a tragic accident took the life of her mother away years ago, her dad would not listen. Well, but of course, he would relent in the end.

    [VOICED BY...] One of the merits of the film is its impressive voice cast dubbing the animals living at and near the Walsh Farm. Dustin Hoffman, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Clark Duncan, Mandy Moore, Steve Harvey, David Spade, Jeff Foxworthy, Joshua Jackson, Michael Rosenbaum, Joe Pantliano, Fred Dalton Thompson, and Snoop Dogg (as dog named 'Lightnening'). The most effective is Hoffman as 'Tucker' an old horse who becomes the mentor to Stripes, and Pantliano as 'Goose' the Pelican who, he claims, is hiding from the mobsters because killing the wrong bird.

    [GOOD AND BAD] Good points about 'Racing' are its father-daughter relations, and the against-all-the-odds story of the zembra. Greenwood and Panettiere are very convincing and likable, being the characters you are ready to relate to, and the animals are always scene-stealers on the screen. But the film borrows so many bits from others, and when it tries to add something new -- like gags or parodies -- they mostly go wrong. The misguided idea of the horses threating like gangsters (and kidnapping too!) another horse is laughable, and hardly appropriate in family pictures, and the relentless attack of ineffective toilet humor only help degrade the film.

    The film has some good bits here and there, from the humans and animals alike, but it never reaches the quality of 'Babe' and other family pictures. It's hard to hate the zebra though. ...more info
  • Hilarious
    This is by far one of the funniest, most enjoyable movies I have seen in a long time. I will watch it many times I'm sure. I am a 56 yr. old female who loves to laugh. ...more info
  • My 4 year old twins love this movie
    Yes, there are a few choice words in this video - stupid, idiot, but we have a rule in our house about these words. Otherwise, some of the humor is over their heads and the rest of it is just cute. It reminds me of the talking animals in Charlotte's Web. I think we have now watched this video at least 10 times.

    My kids are also animal lovers, so any movie that has real animals they love....more info
  • This is a Great Movie
    I love everything about this movie except for the flies. That could of been left out of the movie for the most part. They weren't funny and was actually kinda DUMB. BUt other than that small part in the movie, I love Racing stripes, I would recommend this movie to any animal movie lover. ...more info
  • OK... but doesn't hold child's interest long
    Overall the DVD was good and very much appropriate for young children. However, after a couple of weeks it had fallen to the back of his preference list. We've not watched it in over a year now. I guess this isn't so different from any other DVD we have.

    I would recommend this for young children and provides them with access to seeing farm animals. Good learning experience without the violence and negative concepts often portrayed in movies.
    ...more info
  • Very Cute Movie
    I thught it was a really good movie. I liked the animals....more info
  • Boring
    the sad thing about this film is that I dig many of the folks involved with it,but this film just wasn't funny to me&just rode off so many cliches that it wasn't funny.I was yawning within the first 20 minutes of this film which wasn't good....more info
    Seems like ever since BABE, we've been intrigued by animals talking to one another and their interminable desire to overcome adversities and become heroes. RACING STRIPES joins the list as one of those films and I enjoyed it very much. Our hero this time is a zebra who is lost by a circus troupe and saved by a young former horsetrainer who has given up training since the death of his wife years earlier. He has a spunky daughter who wants to race the zebra. But the real stars of the movie are the farm animals and their misadventures in aiding Stripes (the zebra) in his quest. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle) voices the upstart zebra; Mandy Moore is the filly who falls for him; Dustin Hoffman is the crusty little shetland who wants to train the zebra; Whoopi Goldberg, the sassy goat; Jeff Foxworthy the garrulous rooster; Steve Harvey and David Spade steal the show as two flies who figure in the fun; Snoop Dogg is the lazy bloodhound and Joe Pantoliano, the Jersey pelican. They're all fine and add some color to the proceedings. The humans take second banana, and include Bruce Greenwood, Wendie Malick and M. Emmet Walsh, but it's the animals who give us the most fun. Nice songs, too from Sting and Bryan Adams....more info
  • No Stars, Just Words
    First off the bat, this stupid movie deserves no stars. The dumb thing doesn't even turn on the real esscence of racing, and i know it. in fact, i consider this movie to be an insult to all of the thoroughbred racingdom. One) The trainer and jockey (ya call that prissy prom princess a hardworking, dirty, living on the edge, drinking, swearing, good hardy jock? that's lame all by itself!) are not liscenced. both need to have at least a year of appernticeship before applying for a liscence and striking out on their own. Then, you can't just enter your horse in a prestigious event as its first start. you have to start in furlong and allowance races before ever taking on that challenge. Two) You have to be stinking rich in order to play horses, even just one, in this game. Farmers cannot afford the thousands of millions of dollars it requires to pay entry fees and hotel and stall lodging, not to mention airport or trailoring services, there's just no way. Sure, Funny Cide's owners weren't exactly rich when they raced him. but they are now. and, may I remind you, they have good paying jobs and there are alot of them. Another question: why do people think that zebras are better than the thoroughbreds? for one thing, they can't be registered unless they are a purely bred thoroughbred. that means, you have to be a thoroughbred in order to race. and you have to have papers. abandoned and stray animals cannot race unless they at least have a traceable pedigree. The Black stallion didn't have one, but you don't need papers in order to race in match races. this most certainly wasn't one. And zebras DO NOT run faster than thoroughbreds for your information. it's a true fact that horses that are bred for speed, (arr. thoroughbreds) are the fastest domestic animals. that includes wild animals raised in captivity, except for the cheetah. do zebras reach speeds of 40 miles per hour? i don't think so. they are certainly low on the competition list. Three) why is this movie forming a bad rep for the thoroughbreds? this Sir Trenton evil thoroughbred horse character is all wrong. the sport has been hidden by the show stealing other younger sports. the fans aren't as abundant anymore. Trainers, owners, jockeys, exercise riders, and fans all hope the younger generation will pick it back up on its feet. this movie steers the young ones in the wrong direction. if the kids see thoroughbreds as bad guys, then isn't that going to hurt the sport? But they are really wrong on thoroughbreds. thoroughbreds are devoting, affectionate, handsome well-bred horses that will run their hearts out because its all they want to do. think of Secretariat, think of Cigar, think of Citation, think of Colin, Personal Ensign, Native Dancer, and countless others that deserve your resect. most of all, think of poor, sad little Ruffian. All that filly wanted to do was run. She killed herself doing so and still wanted to keep running. That filly had a pure heart. A heart that goes unmatched. Unlike 'Stripes's'.
    to tell you the truth, this movie stank. i think the box office would have better luck doing a bio movie on one of the greats. at least THEN there would be a little actual RESPECT going towards the sport. If I could give this movie 0 stars, I wouldn't hesitate to do so. ...more info
  • Sweet and entertaining.
    If you expect the reality of horseracing, (i.e. the enormous sums of cash, the rules and regs, the sport of kings) you won't want to see this movie. It does have lovely animals, but it is a fantasy, and as such, a very sweet one. The dialogue, esp. the human dialogue, is at times a bit over the top, and even the acting talent in this cast can't overcome the all too predictable script. Hence 4 stars.

    That said, I'm not a bit fan of reality; I get enough of it in everyday life. Sometimes a movie is what it is, and this one is a DELIGHTFUL and SWEET fantasy with a bit of bathroom humor and that ADORABLE zebra. ...more info
  • If you like poop, you'll love this!
    This was a cute movie overall, with a cute, (if not original) plot, but the movie would've been a lot better without the nauseating scenes of the two flies (obnoxiously voiced by David Spade and Steve Harvey) wallowing in horse poop for waaaay too long to watch. I had to look away, or risk barfing. If this kinda thing doesn't bother you, by all means, go out and see it. At best, I recommend renting it, and looking away at these scenes. Also, it was predictable, but you pretty much know that going in to this kind of movie. Stripes has to win. He's the star. No surprise there. I would've gave it 4 stars if it wasn't for those flies, and the poop. 'Nuff said....more info
  • Mix Babe with Seabiscuit, throw in a little Rocky...
    And you get Racing Stripes. While it doesn't reach the charm of Babe, it is still good in its own right. It has a great message about "don't give up. Most focus on the bathroom humor in the film, which is actually a distraction from the main theme. An orphaned zebra wants to make it in a horse race and is encouraged by a mixed entourage of animals at the farm. Included are a Godfather-style hit goose, a love interest with a mare, and other interesting animals, not to mention the human.

    But, the one who steals the show is a cranky, gruff Shetland pony named Tucker, played by Dustin Hoffman. He reminds me a lot of Burgess Meredith in Rocky. It is really his victory, which even Stripes admits at the end. He is the one who coaches and encourages the zebra to excel.

    If you are looking for Babe, then buy that DVD, and enjoy. This has another message and is good on its own four feet. I really enjoyed myself in this movie, laughed and cried and cheered him on. I think you will, too. ...more info
  • my son's favorite
    one of the best things about this movie is the croatian synchronization - it is brilliant!
    animal animation is done seamlessly and totally naturally.
    plot is slightly predictable (to adults) while human acting is children movie black/white sort - not the movie i would wanna watch over and over like i do "cars", for example.
    however, the story is also the best thing about the movie -from parents' point of view. i want my son to watch films with no violence and shooting and i want him learn about values, friendship and courage, holding on to his dreams, about daring and achievement.
    good family fun....more info
  • Racing Stripes is a blast!
    I bought this movie for my daughter. We both loved it but I have watched it more than her. I especially love the flies at the racetrack. A good family movie with lots of laughs and a good ending....more info