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Thermos Nissan Intak Hydration Bottle with Meter
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Product Description

Thermos Intak Hydration Bottle is made from BPA free, impact- resistant, dishwasher durable Eastman Tritan copolyester. It has a locking leak-proof lid with one-hand push button operation. Theres a flip up loop for easy carrying; ergonomic design for comfortable usage. Monitor your intake with the rotating intake meter- perfect if you are trying to get those 8 glasses of water in everyday. Ideal for water, iced tea, juices and sports drinks: 24-ounce capacity.

  • BPA free, impact resistant, diswasher durable
  • Rotating intake meter near lid helps you keep track of how much water you are drinking
  • Locking leak proof drink lid with one-hand push button operation
  • Fill up carrying loop, ergonomic design
  • Capacity: 24-ounce/710ml

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally No Spills!
    Finally a water bottle that doesn't leak, securely clicks shut and has a additional lock. I am home with my kids and having a water bottle that clicks shut and stays shut is much needed! Also, with the additional locking mechanism I'm assured that it won't spill when I throw it in my diaper bag, which is accessed by all. I also like that I can drink water from the VERY COMFORTABLE mouth spout and not suck it up through a straw. Another cool feature is that the bulky plastic top locks open so that it doesn't smack you in the face when you are downing your water or at the end of the bottle. The screw off top is great if you want to add ice. And the manual meter is neat - I don't use it, but to those who have to count their water intake, it would be helpful.

    To thermos I would recommend a sleeker less bulky design of the top clear cap. Your insulated 18 oz steel water bottle has cleaner lines and less mass. And make the bottom round - the slightly triangular shape makes it a bit unstable when there is not a lot of water in it to weigh it down. Thanks for the near perfect product design!...more info
  • Best water bottle ever!
    This is the best re-usable water bottle I have ever had. I keep track of my water intake every day so this is a wonderful water bottle for that. It has a tracker on the lid that helps you know how many refills you've had for the day. And it's resilient. I have dropped this thing on the concrete so many times and it's still great. I just absolutely love it!...more info
  • Best bottle ever!
    I have been in search of the perfect water bottle and have finally found it. The previous descriptions were right on. Bottom line: It's easy to clean, doesn't leak, and the spout allows you to drink water while walking or driving without ending up with a nose full of water or water dribbling down your chin. I have been a horrible water drinker and now find myself carrying this bottle everywhere....more info
  • High quality
    Thermos Nissan Intak Hydration Bottle is high quality. Only complaint is the number dial moves on its own. One reason I purchased bottle was to keep track of how many bottles I drank in the day. If you buy it for that reason then I do not recommend it. If looking for a high quality, sturdy hydration bottle than I highly recommend this Thermos Nissan Intak Hydration bottle. I have dropped it several times and no damage at all, not even a scratch. ...more info
  • One of the best water bottles ever invented
    I now have two of these and have been using them for about 2 months. These are the best designed water bottles I've ever used. They never leak or drip, they're easy to clean, easy to cary and the pop-up lids are great. The soft silicone seals and BPA-free plastic make this a great value. I got a couple of aluminum clasps at the hardware store and carry these on my pack or belt. I've seen the prices vary from as low $7 up to $14 in the store, so Amazon's price is right in the middle. They look sharp too and I've actually gotten two compliments on them. I'm shopping on Amazon to buy one for a friend who wants one.
    ...more info
  • Great Bottle
    I had the popular challenge of a true bottle; providing ease in use with a water tight seal. I hated using the straw type bottles, as they were hard to clean. I hate using the 'dish soap pop-top' style bottles with the squeeze top. And the screwtop wide lids, although water tight, did make it hard to drink on the run without dribbling down my shirt... and then the lid would flop around.

    SO, I bought this at the grocery store as an improvement to the screwtop bottle I was using. I am VERY pleased. NON BPA. The lid consists of the top and spout, which is one piece, with the lock and lid being the only movable pieces. There is silicone in the lid to seal the spout, which is about the diameter of a plastic 'disposable' water bottle. The push button lock also has a latch that will ensure it doesn't open inadvertantly. With all these features, you can still unlock the latch, open the bottle and drink with one hand.
    After reading other reviews, I am going to be very careful of the silicone disk, which pops out a little too easily, but I am glad I can remove it to clean the bottle thoroughly. When it is closed the spout of the bottle pushes on the disk, so it won't move.
    The bottle also has an intake meter that is on the lid. it is a circle that you move to count your refills.
    The bottle fits into my cup holder in my car and on my bicycle, and into the water bottle slots on our backpacks. It has a ring that you can use to latch it as well.

    I bought a number of these to bring filtered water to work, and my three year old can operate it easily (although not yet with one hand)

    I am pretty satisfied with this purchase, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a water bottle that you will use. ...more info
  • Love it but rubber cap is lost
    Love this water bottle but of the 4 we own, 3 have missing rubber lids that cover the mouth piece. We've only owned them for 3 months and they are not handled in any harsh way, just going to the gym and home. Once the rubber piece is lost, the bottle leaks water everywhere if put on it's side. I have an email into the company to see if I can get replacement parts. I would give this a 5 star rating except for the fact this piece easily falls off....more info
  • It's Like Drinking From A Glass
    I drink water.
    A lot.
    This is easily the best water bottle I've ever owned.
    It's durable, easy to clean, easy to hold on to.
    But the best part about this is that drinking from it feels exactly the same as drinking from a glass.
    I don't know what BPA is but based on how much I like this bottle, I'm pretty sure it isn't that good....more info
  • Love the Bottle, Save the Planet
    This is the perfect bottle to take to work, or on a walk. Many of the other reusables are either too small, or have the annoying squeeze tops or caps that you remove entirely and lose. This one is the right size, easy to grip, easy to carry with the belt loop, and has a pour spout that is the proper size. It is also water tight, so it can be stored full on its side, if need be. After watching a special showing the 9 mile deep floating trash heap that spans from our Pacific coast all the way to Japan that is composed mostly of plastics (including water bottles), I will never buy another toss away water bottle again. These clean up beautifully with hot soapy water, or even in the dishwasher. Beautiful....more info
  • Awesome Find
    I keep a water bottle with me all day at work. Previously I had used the straw-style bottles by Camelback and Nathan. However, for some reason, pressure would build up inside these bottles and the water would dribble out and make a mess.

    I researched a number of bottles before purchasing this one, and it is just what I wanted.


    -The Lid: One push of a button flips the lid all the way back in a locked position so it wont fall on your face when you tip the bottle to drink. There's a rubber seal on the "ceiling" of the lid, which ensures that the contents will not get out. Also, the latch feels very secure and has never opened unless I wanted it to. The lock works just as it should, though I don't need to use it often.

    -Drinking: The opening is small enough that I don't feel like I am going to spill anything and big enough to gulp. The opening has a nice angled design, so putting my lips to it feels completely natural.

    -Transporting: The bottle has a nice little loop to carry it around, it's also quite light and fits easily in a car's cup holder.

    -Health: Since I got this bottle, I've been drinking twice as much water, probably because of the gulping design. Of course, this bottle is also BPA-free. I am not super-worried about the BPA stuff, but it seems like a good idea to be wary.

    -Price: $10 for all this? Can't beat it.


    -The Meter: The entire bottle feels durable and well-made, except for the meter thing which feels cheapy. However, the meter isn't really important to me so it doesn't affect my opinion of the product.

    -The Latch: Not really a con, but a little unexpected. The latch that keeps the lid closed is leak-proof and strong, and so when I close the lid it actually takes a bit more force than one might expect to close it. However, for me, this fact points to the bottle being of good construction, not anything else.

    -The Lid: Almost every time the lid will flip all the way back, but it is not 100%. I find that tipping the bottle slightly back when I push the button ensures that the lid will flip all the way back....more info
  • Best Water Bottle I've Found
    I've used 32 oz polycarbonate Nalgene Wide Mouth Loop-Top Bottles and Eddie Braur bottles in the past. I recently purchased a Sigg Lifestyle Loop Top Water Bottle (1.0-Liters) stainless steal bottle and have been happy with it until I discovered the Thermos water bottle.

    Here is what I like about it:

    * Feels Natural to Drink From - Wide-mouth bottles like Nalgenes spill at the slightest bump which makes it difficult to drink will walking or on a car ride. The Thermos has a narrow mouth and an ergonomic designed bottle that makes it feel completely natural to use.

    * Inexpensive - Only $10...Awesome!!! Considering Sigg's can cost upwards of $30, this is a great value for the quality product you get.

    * Easy-Open Cap Keeps Mouth Clean - The mouth on the Sigg where you place I place lip is left exposed and has the potential of getting dirty. The Thermos bottle opens easier than any bottle I've used. A simple push of the button on the front and it spring open.

    * Transparent - I like to see if there is anything floating in my water before I drink it. This is the one big problem for stainless steal bottles.

    * Dishwasher Safe - Narrow mouth bottles, like Sigg's, are not able to be washed in the dishwasher, but the Thermos bottle has a removable top that makes it easy to clean. I prefer the dishwasher because the high-heat sterilizes any germs that could get me sick.

    * BPA Free - Not really sure if BPA causes cancer, but it seems to be the marketing craze these days. BPA (Biphenol-A) is used to strengthen polycarbonate plastics and has recently been linked to increase the probability of cancer. While it seems everything causes cancer, I might as well play it safe with my water bottle...right?...more info
  • Excellent water bottle
    I'm a teacher and this is a perfect bottle for both at work and home.
    I can tote the bottle around in my classroom and not have to worry about germ from the accidental sneeze on the spout of my bottle, or if it gets bumped into.. by one of my 6 year old students... I don't have a spill to deal with.
    It's great for working out also, I can place this on it's side, on the staircase.. by my exercise bike.. for easy reaching.. and no leaks.

    My boyfriend likes the locking metal tab that keeps it from being accidentally opened by the push button too. We each keep 2.. one for at work, one for at home. ...more info