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Red Storm Rising
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Using the latest advancements in military technology, the world's superpowers battle it out on land, sea, and air for the ultimate global control. A chillingly authentic vision of modern war, Red Storm Rising is as powerful as it is ambitious. It's a story you will never forget.

Hard-hitting, suspenseful, and frighteningly real.

Using the latest advancements in military technology, the world's superpowers battle it out on land, sea, and air for the ultimate global control. A chillingly authentic vision of modern war, Red Storm Rising is as powerful as it is ambitious. It's a story you will never forget. Hard hitting. Suspenseful. And frighteningly real.

Customer Reviews:

  • Best of the Best!
    Argueably the best Clancy novel ever written, "RED STORM Rising" is probably his most exiting novel (polar opposite of "RAINBOW Six").
    An extremely accurate depiction of a modern day Battle of the Atlantic, the novel follows the USSR's Operation RED STORM, a bold plan to conquer Germany, destabalize NATO, and control the oil fields of the Middle East. The ultimate WWIII novel. If you liked this, check out "World in Conflict," a 2008 RTS about a Soviet invasion of the US. Avoid Tom Clancy's Endwar at all costs, on the other hand. This book was neither written by Clancy nor has the skill, precision and depth of a real war and not some crappy all flash and no substance we'd expect from Xbox....more info
  • The best World War III book ever!
    I read this book in the early 1990s. Since then I have re-read it several times. Simply the best World War III depiction of the 80s and 90s. A great read even today, even if the Cold War is long over. The introduction hardly lasts 70 pages, and then its unfettered war, war and war. Brilliant!

    Unfortunately, Clancy's work has deteroriated in recent years. His latest sponsored work, EndWar was a huge disappointment of an old man stuck in a Cold War past. Fortunately the pool of creativity is endless and new authors are replacing old has-beens. "War against Islam" by George P. Robertson is the Red Storm Rising of 2008. Another great book is Caliphate by Tom Kratzman......more info
    Red Story Rising is one of the BEST Clancy books. This book was when Clancy was in his prime, and this is truly Clancy at his best.
    The book starts out with a terrorist attack on the Soviet Union in their oil fields, then the top men in the Kremlin in the now gone U.S.S.R., they now decide in order to save their country, they decide to take out the West in order to get the oil fields in Saudi Arabia.
    Then the novel goes through much detail about what would happen if the U.S.S.R. did go to war with the West, and if this really happen, then it would turn out just like Red Storm Rising without a shadow of a doubt.
    This is more a action novel by Mr. Clancy, if you like Red Stom Rising, then you would like Rainbox Six, Executive Orders, and Debt of Honor.
    But if you like the political type of novels, then Patriot Games and Clear And Presend Danger is the novels you want to read by him....more info
  • Thrilling Scenario
    What if the US and USSR had gone toe to toe militarily in the 1980's? In "Red Storm Rising", Tom Clancy takes a hard look at a frighteningly plausible scenario for just such a Third World War. Including combat by land, sea, air, and even space, this is an action packed scenario that looks at two superpowers locked in combat. Mixed in with the exquisite technical detail are many plot threads, with excellent story-telling and narration that help make "Red Storm Rising" a non-stop pageturner.

    Although dated now, almost some twenty years after its publication, this is still a great look back at a very unstable point in our history. Luckily a confrontation like this one was avoided, but at the time the threat was very real, and Clancy clearly did his homework before writing this thriller....more info

  • My all-time favorite Clancy novel
    Though it has been some ten years since I first read Red Storm Rising, I still remember nearly every aspect of the book; a testament to the ability of this story to grab you and not let go. It is an incredible writing, so full of action and humanity that it almost makes you think you are reading a documentary about World War III. It starts fast and doesn't slow down from there. I have probably read the book 30 times, and each time I read it, it's as new as the first time. I love Clancy novels and this one is hands down the best he has ever done. Brilliant....more info
  • Best book ever written
    I have many, many, many different war books, fiction and non-fiction, but this is the best that has ever been written. I will read 2-3 of my other books and then pick this one back up to re-read it. I love this book and wish he would come out with a newer version with today's military hardware, global politics, and the world economic situation. It would be very interesting to see just how well Clancy could put a 2009 storyline together in the same magnitude of Red Storm Rising!!...more info
  • XR41s and Tri-whammers
    Okay so I made those words up. They're not actual military terms. Buried in this Tom Clancy book though, I doubt that anyone except submarine and naval experts would even notice. I've never heard of an author doing TOO much research for a book. I think Clancy lost touch with the everyday reader if he thinks anyone would understand enough of the jargon he spews here to care about this book. And when jargon is all a book offers (characters? what characters?) the book, to put in simple, non-Clancian terms, SUCKS! Clearly it's not the dumbest book I've ever read, but it is the worst. I make it a mission never to stop a book once I've started, and never to refuse reading a book given to me. This book made me question the value of such a mission. Too boring, too long, too technical, too empty....more info
  • Clancy's Best
    Hunt for Red October was great, but I still think this is Clancy's best work to date. It's a huge novel, but a dramatic page turning great read! I re-read it at least once a year because it really is that good. ...more info
  • Very Plausible World War III
    This is Clancy's only novel that does not reflect the Ryan-verse of his other novels. This one follows mostly one soldier in Iceland. When Russia overwhelms Europe to create the third world war.

    This novel was a very easy read and is very well written. After reading the book, I felt like i should take a visit to Iceland. He did a good job describing Iceland.

    With Russia hurting for oil, after a terrorist attack on their oil supplies, Russia strikes Europe in order to gain back what they lost, oil. The story is a good reminder as to why a country should not fight for oil, because oil maybe the very thing that defeats them....more info
  • Completely Unrealistic...
    This book was lauded as a realistic piece in its day, but this is one of the most far-fetched works of military propaganda ever written, and one must wonder if the U.S. military did not have a hand in the book in order to sell the need for more conventional arms to the American public through a secondary source. Sure, this novel is classified as fiction--but honestly--anyone who visits for more than three or four hours will discover just how ludicrous some of the scenarios presented in the book would have been in the reality of 1987 (as if WWIII would have gone forth without nuclear weapons to begin with).

    For example, almost the entire book is based on a scenario whereby the Soviet Union is able to take Iceland from NATO extremely quickly, but there is no possible way the Soviet Union could have taken Iceland from NATO in 1987 without the soviets having suffered significant naval and air losses in the process. But if the Soviets could have accomplished such a task, the United States could have conducted a quick counterstrike with cruise missiles, F-16s, and F-18s [i]at minimum[/i] shortly afterward from Thule Air Base in nearby Greenland (the U.S had significant warning and was at Defcon 2 for quite some time beforehand in the book); instead, in Clancy's world, the U.S. waits for days after the Soviets establish themselves all over the island with a mere shipload of supplies: what is more, the Americans then limit their counterstrike to a small force of archaic F-4s and B-52s! Is it reasonable to assume that the Soviets could have created a greater defensive presence on Iceland within two weeks than the United States and NATO could have when the U.S. had months (if not years) to do so?

    It is not as if Tomahawk missiles and stealth fighter aircraft are missing in Clancy's book--they are simply mentioned in unrealistic scenarios. For some reason, the U.S. Navy can creep near Soviet territory to fire off cruise missiles--but they could not do so near Iceland, as has been mentioned previously.

    Clancy creates an overrated book of extreme double standards and contradictions. If you know a fair amount about real military strategy, it makes it almost impossible to enjoy the rest of the book without pulling one's hair out. NATO's ground forces are excellent in the book, but the U.S. Navy is made out to be a weak and incapable force--if anything, the opposite would be the case in reality.

    But then again, even the quantitatively COMBINED ground forces of NATO and the United States outnumbered those of the Soviet Union--surely, the U.S. and Europe already had enough ammunition stored in Europe to have destroyed every Soviet tank twenty times over. The book makes the NATO ground units seem to be invincible, which they probably would have been in a defensive struggle, yet, they run into supply shortages--give me a freaking break! They could have had truckloads upon truckloads of ammunition airlifted to them if they needed to do so! This wasn't the early 20th century!

    If you know nothing about military forces, read this book, and by all means enjoy it--but please, educate yourself afterwards. Don't think you are somewhat enlightened about the U.S. military just because you have read a long and outright dry Tom Clancy book such as this. If you want a good Clancy book, read Patriot Games--at least it is free of all the needless technobabble and geopolitical nonsense.
    ...more info
  • Engrossing story!
    Though this isn't one of Mr Clancy's well-known Jack Ryan stories, it might just be his best novel. The story starts off with a bang, then slowly (but not TOO slowly) builds into one of the most exciting war novels I have ever had the pleasure to read. The plot device of sharing several points of view of a given incident is enlightening and fuels the book's lightning pace. This one should have been made into a blockbuster movie, but I suppose the scope of the thing precludes that possibility. Too bad. One of my personal all-time favorites....more info
  • Best "Cold War wit hRussia turns Hot"WW III Novel available
    This is classic Clancy at his best. Along with The Hunt for Red October, it stands as one of the best two novels he ever wrote in my opinion.

    The details of the technology and the tactics associated with 1980's warfare, NATO angainst the WarSaw Pact are astounding. The action is almost non-stop, and the battle scenes riveting and captivating.

    For anyone wanting to read a great war story that you can't put down, and who wants to see a foretaste of the "shock and awe" warfare practised by the Unites States today...but practised on both sides when the cold war was at its simply have to read this book....more info
  • Tom Clancy's best work!!!
    I've read all of the fiction books that Tom Clancy has written. Although I loved them all, this is the best in my opinion....more info
  • Modern Warfair
    I thought that Red Storm Rising was a really incredible tale of modern warfair. The detail that was used in this story was amazing. It seemed like Tom Clancy took in to account all of the factors that would go in to a modern war situation between two super powers like Russia and the NATO countries. I have read a few other pieces by Clancy including The Hunt For Red October which i also thought was very good. I really enjoyed reading Red Storm Rising, just like i have enjoyed other Tom Clancys. I love the way that Tom writes. All of the story lines are so interesting to me. I cant wait until I have the opportunity to be able to read his newest piece The Teeth and the Tiger. All in all i felt that Red Storm Rising was an excellent piece that I feel any war junkie like myself should read. It really gives insight to a world that I was prevously not familier with. I would defienatly give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recomened this book to people of all ages. ENJOY!!!...more info
  • Love the book, but the Kindle edition needs help
    I'm happy that there's now a Kindle version of this book. There is a problem with the Kindle edition, however. The paragraph spacing is set to have a large space after every paragraph, instead of just major section breaks. This makes, for instance, conversations in the text very distracting with all the whitespace. I'm hoping they correct this and then we can redownload it. In a thriller like this, the difference between contiguous paragraps and separated paragraps is meaningful (it's sort of a punctuation in itself.) So I claim this is a typographical error and it's very distracting....more info
  • a chilling war [no spoilers]
    Due to political reasons, the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic decides to initiate a bold offensive against NATO in the intense book titled "Red Storm Rising". A realistic scenario during the Cold War period unfolds with authentic technology and exceptional writing.

    Throughout the novel, the reader follows key politicians while the military point of views include all aspects of the armed forces, from naval and air force crew to the foot soldiers. While the air and land combat scenes are powerful, the submarine warfare is the most detailed, reminiscent of Clancy's prior novel, "The Hunt for Red October".

    Having a non-military background, it might be difficult to follow some military jargon and acronyms and a glossary for those unfamiliar with the terms would have been excellent. The ending of the book doesn't finish the war well, similar to a movie when the ramifications of crimes against humanity and how characters deal with the success and loss of battles are neglected for the sake of a clean and speedy conclusion.

    Overall "Red Storm Rising" is an excellent Tom Clancy novel for any fan of the Cold War genre.

    Thank you....more info
  • fast and furious
    I first read this book way back when I was 15 and to be totally honest I gave up reading it after a while ( I was more into girls and Iron Maiden at the Time). Now 36 (still into Iron Maiden and my wife ;)I gave it a shot back to Mr. Clamcy's RED STORM RISING.

    By far the book it's impressive, fast and furious. Although the world had changed a lot since the publication of this fine war book the big WHAT IF!!! REMAINS.

    Soviet Union finds itself on the brink of disaster when a small group of terrorist blew out of the map one of their most important oil refineries. Short on fuel, food and winter knocking on "Ivan's" doorsteps they make an outrageous move, KILL NATO and get what they need by force. I wont go into plot details, enough saying that NATO and the Soviet Union unleash hell all over the world, "kissing" each other with non-nuclear weapons.....scary stuff.

    What is great about this book is that you don't need to be a soldier or someone literate on army, navy and air force stuff to get the point. Mr. Clancy uses this kind of language perfectly balanced so the common reader (that will be me) who don't know the first thing about weapons or aircraft, tanks, SAMS, submarines wont get bored.

    Different characters in different situations on both sides. RED STORM RISING is a great fast and thrilling war book. I recommend this one for sure.


    ...more info
  • Best Tom Clancy Book, Red Storm Rising!!
    By far, the BEST book written by Tom Clancy. I have read many of his books and this one is the best. Never any chapters or areas that drop off or put you to sleep. It is a non stop action book based on the what if scenario of WWWIII. The opening chapter starts with radical Islamist terrorism in Siberia and the action never stops. Clancy's use of military technological weapons and tactics is superb. The research used in putting this thriller together was extensive. The progress of the book is extremely realistic and is very relevant for TODAY even though the book is now eleven years old.Weapons on both sides, east and west have improved beyond the book but with the global changes brought on by the terrorist attacks of 9/11, it will always have a current place for readers, and offer a place a revelance to our times and beyond....more info
  • Great book...lot of OCR issues
    The book is a of my favorite books. I am reading the kindle version, and there are issues with optical character recognition. I becomes '1', 'rm' scans as 'm'. Tons of these issues. It is not hurting my enjoyment of the book, but for $6 plus, you would think that someone would proof the kindle version.

    Or, another way to put this review is 5 stars for the book, 2 stars for the OCR....more info
  • If you like militry fiction, this is for you.
    I am a fan of Tom Clancy and have read a number of his books. I had not read this, however, which is one of his first, being written just after "The Hunt for Red October." I picked it up and was not disappointed.

    Essentially this book is reading a war game played out between the USSR vs. NATO. It is a "what if" scenario taking into account myriad factors according to Mr. Clancy's idea of what would occur. It is light on character development but heavy with what Clancy is known for: technically accurate, modern military action. The plot moves quickly, and every page I felt like I was learning some new fact about military hardware or doctrine. The characters are stereotypical American military men who nearly always seem to make the right decisions, as is often the case with Clancy. In his later books you start to see American characters that are less moral, but the line between good and evil is always clearly drawn.

    As the reader, you are also keenly aware of Mr. Clancy's political and religious stance as he pulls no punches in proclaiming America as the world's greatest country, or Christianity's virtues. He is at times a little heavy handed with it, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the reader's own beliefs, but for me it never detracted from the story to the point where it was annoying as I found to be the case in some of his later books where he preaches to the reader through his characters.
    One aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was the way in which Clancy humanizes the Russian Characters. At times, I found myself pulling for some of them which is the mark of a good writer in my mind. In many of his later books, the antagonists are purely evil with no redeeming characteristics. This detracts from the story in my opinion as they become symbols for ideas rather than actual people.

    An interesting aspect of reading this book now after having read all of Clany's more recent books with his famous Jack Ryan character, is seeing how the enemy in the books has changed over time. Then it was the Russians, and now in later books it has gone from extremist Muslims to the Chinese. The story remains largely the same in these books, only the enemies change. The plot in this book is incredibly similar to that of "The Bear and the Dragon," only now that the Russians are no longer communists, they are our allies and not our enemies.

    On the whole, if you like action and military technology, this will be a great book for you. If those subjects hold little interest for you, you won't find much to like here. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it.
    ...more info
  • What a rush!
    Though I've never been a supporter of war of any kind, I really enjoyed this book. It was the first Clancy book that I ever read and I have loved his work ever since.

    The first time I read it was over ten years ago and I liked it so much I have decided to read all of Clancy's books all over again in the order they are to take place.

    Not being one of the "Jack Ryan" stories did not take anything away from the entertainment value. It's got thrills, tense situations and plenty of hard battles.

    I strongly recommend this book to lovers of espionage and action in general....more info
  • A look back at my favorite book
    In 1996 I read this as a 7th grader, not really understanding what it meant, not really understanding the horror of war. I had to get books and read about all of the military policies and geopolitical intricacies of the USA-USSR and NATO-Warpac conflict (Commitment to Purpose by Kugler is a good companion book although nonfiction).

    Like Elton John's masterpiece discovered at the same time, "Live in Australia," I turn to it again and again.
    I have read this book about 20 times in the past 8 years.
    Like the previous reviewers said, "It's almost like being there." Only Team Yankee, a more-in-depth look at the front lines, is an equivalent. The Third World War, August 1985, is more encompassing (A previous reviewer complained RSR didn't talk about the failed currencies and riots and hunger. TWW does that, and talks about the worldwide impact). Team Yankee is a microcosm of TWW. RSR seems more like a Larry Bond book, "Red Phoenix," a fictional tale of the 2nd Korean War (still likely today!)

    Some of the fact changes in this book are marginal but not really crucial to the book's plot:
    1) Aegis cruisers CG 47-51 carried 88 missiles in 2 racks of 44, not 96 as mentioned. VLS (122 missiles) came with CG 52 Bunker Hill and later. Remember, DDG 51 class hadn't been developed yet so Kidd DDG 996 was the most advanced destroyer at the time.
    2) The M-1s mentioned had 105mm guns, although the A1 might not have been readied yet for CENTAG or NORTHAG by summer 1985.
    3) MiG-29 Fulcrums died in mass amounts in the air battle over Iceland. Like a previous reviewer said, they were not easy kills like -21 Fishbeds.
    4) Was the T-80 operational by summer 1985 anyway? I remember people telling me in ROTC (I am a college student) that the -64 was the main tank for a long time. -72s were acquired by Poland and Eastern Bloc countries and were made by a different manufacturer.
    5) There is no definite statement that the 688 class subs were able to dive "only" to 950 feet. A submariner said the exact diving depth is classified. Although the Alfa did dive to 1900 ft or so...
    6) The description of the FFG-7 class was very realistic, especially about the Mk 13 single-arm launcher. The book had a fictional "Seahawk-Foxtrot" model. Most of them were B models, and had 2 on board instead of one F, which was a prototype.

    Interesting parts about the book. A lot of foreshadowing:
    1) The activation of the Battleships to retake Iceland (BB-61, Iowa). This was repeated in the Persian Gulf War.
    2) The launching of DOOLITTLE. Doolittle was the first operation that used Tomahawks to knock out airfields. Up until that point the Tom hadn't been used and the traditional way was to go in with a large strike force. The Soviets had obviously prepared for this, but not for cruise missiles. Again, this operation foreshadowed the Persian Gulf War. The loss of 7 airfields changed the whole war at that point.
    3) The F-19 Dreamstar. I remember the glow-in-the-dark Testors frisbee-shaped aircraft with rounded ailerons at the leading and trailing edges. This was in reality, the F-117A stealth.
    4) The use of mobility in FM-100.5 and AirLandBattle to beat the Sovs. Alekseyev talks about the mobility of the American forces, when he says, "...two men and a jeep (he used the American term for it) pop up fire and vanish...reappear again down the road and attack..."
    5) The luck factor with NATO. Soviet insistence on using what they had, and not being adaptable. In the end of the book it mentions two Category-A units in South Ukraine. Luckily, for SACEUR, they aren't used and B-units are coming instead.
    6) The goalkeeper (an Aegis cruiser). It would make more sense for the US to have TWO Aegis cruisers protecting Nimitz, not just one. Although at the time there were only 5 (Bunker Hill being commissioned 9-20-86).
    7) The neat combat tactics. Blackout of EMCON and tricking the Bear into searching and having fighters knock him down before he alerted the Backfires. Also the hard astern, full steam splitting manuever by Battleaxe and Reuben James to draw missile bait away from the convoys.
    8) The use of the VCR to track vehicle movement and positioning.
    9) The final discovery from Toland from the downed MiG pilot. It's all about the oil.

    The end of the book seemed forced. The Russians could have won had they used category-A units in Ukraine instead of CinC-West being stubborn and refusing to accede to Alekseyev and Sergetov's hints. That helped NATO immensely.

    Betting Western Europe on a pair of fives was a risk, but somehow, SACEUR won yet again.

    ...more info
  • The real war
    This is what war is like. If you wanna read what woulda happened in 1980ish if the Soviets had pressed the red button, this is what would have transpired. From the deep deep oceans, to the endless reaches of outer space, the battle rages on. Tom Clancy is incredible in his detail of the military hardware that the US and USSR both control, and he communicates these details intestingly to his reader. AMAZING read....more info
  • A good "modern war" book
    Although the book is a bit dated, it is still a fun book to read. I thought he presented a somewhat plausible initial scenario to explain the reason for the war. Too often in wartime books the "why" aspect is completely ignored in favor of excessive heroics and impossible scenarios. What was nice about this book is that the initial "why" played a pivotal role throughout the story. It wasn't a war just for the sake of war.

    It was also good for bringing back the old cold-war jingoistic feelings. During some of the more intense parts of the book I couldn't help but think "U-S-A, U-S-A!"

    Additionally, the "bad guys" aren't simply bad guys. There is a sense of humanity on both sides of this conflict that made it more interesting than just a plain war book. I've read it more than once and one day when I'm bored I will probably pick it up again.

    It's a great airplane/vacation book. It's broken up enough that you can pick it up and put it down often, without losing what is going on in the story. And it's long enough that you won't finish it on one plane flight....more info
  • So many reasons not to go to war
    I bought this book right after I reported to Germany in 1987. Wow, what a read. Like a few others said, it did start a little slow but it didn't take long to cause me sleepless nights getting through it. Never strayee from my mind when I was pulling duty up on the East German border or reacting to an alert, going to the ammo point and drawing a combat load of ammo for who nknew what?? Riveting book, made me feel like I was in it. Old school combat for us old school soldiers. Buy it now, maggot! Then drop and give me 20 pages!...more info
  • One of Clancy's good ones
    Probably one of the best of Clancy's books, before he went into mass production of hyper-chauvinistic fantasy pulp fiction....more info
  • Red Storm Rising a Good Old Book
    The first thing you will notice about Red Storm rising is that it is a cold war era book. However, that does not take away from the great story telling that goes into it and describing both the main story and the numerous back stories that surround this book. The book is a great read for people who love military, Suspense or Tom Clancy novel but if you cringe at war then dont buy this book. The only reason i gave it a four was becasue of the age of the book. Had it been made in a more current time it would have gotten a five. Other than that for anyone who loves these books this is anexcellent addition to anyone's collection or Library....more info