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The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance
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Customer Reviews:

  • Pleasantly surprised
    I was very pleased with this book, especially after my husband had read it and to my surprise, my pleasant surprise, showed a great interest in the subject. He came out, if that is the correct expression during dinner a couple of weeks ago.His inhibitions loosened by the wine, he said, if I was interested he would like to try out some of the techniques in the book. Boy oh boy was I interested. My glass stopped half way to my mouth and I just looked at him and he just smiled shyly. That opened the flood gates, I gulped down my wine and dragged him up to bed. We never finished dinner that evening, but we had our fill of something better. We have progressed further in our love making and now and our fifteen year marriage has been elevated to another level. We have not considered seeking out others to join in the fun, but if John suggests it, I am open to experimentation. Its amazing what a book can do for a relationship, I bought him a copy of the very excellent and fantastically sexually charged 100 Percent Erotica by Suzie Van Aartman not long ago and the explicit but tasteful erotic antics really turned us both on tremendously, I can highly recomend both of them...more info
  • Inspiring! Practical!
    I am so pleased to have found this book! I'm just beginning to explore the idea of taking control in our sex life, and this is so practical and reassuring, and still (ahem) very inspirational, too! Lorelei talks about why anyone might want to try female dominance, and why a man might like it too - she takes away the sense of being "wrong" or weird or sick and lets you see how it can be good for both of you. She's also got very practical information on how to use various toys so you give the most interesting sensations without going too far. And she includes safety information, plus a section on how to deal with problems, which also made me feel safer trying this.

    The most useful thing to me, as a beginner, is her information on how to design a scene so that you know what you want to do when, and how, and what effect you're looking for. There's a lot of information on the psychology of dominance, and on the various types of dominance that you might try - you may find that only some of them appeal to you, but there should be something there for everyone! I'm really enjoying learning to practice female domination - and this book is a great introduction!

    PS--My husband loves it too. That's the amazing thing. It *really* works!...more info

  • Great reading
    I was a bit doubtful when purchasing this book. But it turned out to be a well written, informative guide to Domestic Dominance.

    It's difficult to write a BDSM book that will be liked and praised by everyone. Kink is, after all, a very personal and intimate thing. However "The Mistress Manual" is a book I would recommend to every girl and woman who is fascinated by the subject and want to find out more about it.
    Unlike many books on the topic, "The Mistress Manual" does not focus on describing all the fantasies connected to Female Dominance. Nor does it claim to be the ultimate guide.
    However it's full of useful tips and advice, not to mention some of the technical aspects of BDSM.

    To the author I say: Great job!
    TO all the potential readers: This is worth your time....more info
    This is a great read on a very specific form of sexual conduct. If you're into it, then this is the book to buy. I bought it with The Sensuous Couple's (Flip Over) Guide to Seismic Oral Sex. Let's face it, fellatio is the ultimate in female domination. When she's controlling his member, she's controlling all of him. Buy the two books together....more info
  • Easy read
    This book was just what I was looking for. Easy and fast read. It gave me the information I was looking for. Some nice ideas and suggestions....more info