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Holiday in the Sun
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  • Holiday in the Sun....sooo much Fun!
    This by-far my favorite Mary-Kate and Ashley movie! The others were pretty good but I just can't get this one out of my head. The girls go the the Bahamas and there is adventure, romance, and just plain fun. Every since I've watched this I have wanted to go visit The Atlantis. The movie starts out with 2 girls and their parents doing vacation at the Bahamas. Of course they are heart broken because all their other friends got to go to Hawaii. They meet with the family friends and the adventure begins. The scrawny young friend they used to have is now a VERY cute, not so scrawny young man. There is also an employee at the resort that turns a couple of heads himself. They catch crooks, swim with dolphins, shop in some cool locations, and fall for the best guys, lol. Anyone that likes M-K and A movies will definitely love it. You won't be able to resist....more info
  • i feel the need.... the need for speed
    So we love this movie. So much. We watch it honestly, every weekend. It is soooooooooo stupid that it's hilarious and worthwhile. It's amazing how they are so overtly rich and living a life that any 15 year old girl dreams of.

    Specifically, the best parts are the long conversations about "having your cake and eating it too" and "you made your bed, and now you have to sleep in it". They are painful to sit through and listen to, but entertaining nevertheless.

    We must say though, that the girls have terrible tastes in guys. Jordan is horribly ugly and the way he talks induces vomit. Same with Sam in "getting there" (what 16 year old finds guys with curly mullets hot??? ew!) Scott (Billy Aaron Brown) however, is starting to get hot. We are kinda forcing ourselves to think he's hot.

    Overall, see this movie if you have a good sense of humor and an open mind. They will never win an oscar, but the movies are just soooooooooo entertaining....more info

  • A great movie!
    Alex(Ashley) and Madison(Mary-kate) Stewart, are two pretty fifteen girls who want to go with their high school on a trip to Hawaii, but their parents take them on a family vacation to the Bahamas! When they get their, its none stop action fun. Riding on Sea-Doos, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, riding horses, going down water slides, and to go shopping? The girls ride on mopeds to shops with Caribbean dresses and straw hats. And, of couse, the girls have hot guys too!Alex falls in love with Jordan, a boy who works at their hotel, if a sneaky girl does not steal him first! And Madison has a huge crush on a boy named Scott, untill she finds out Griffen Grayson likes her! In the end, the girls get the boys of their dreams, and wind up dancing in a beautful beach party....more info
  • the worst MK & A movie
    I'm a male in his 20s who used to watch Olsen Twins movies back in the day because I had a huge crush on them. I nonetheless tried to observe some semblance of plot and direction none of which this movie has got going for it.

    Unless your a teenage girl or a guy who loves looking at the Olsen twins, you will not be able to tolerate this movie. I thought this movie was so terrible back in the day, I had to share my disgust about it years later.

    First of all, there is nothing redeeming about it in 2009 other than the fact that is features European girl group Play, and Megan Fox (Transformers). Even when it came out it was ridiculous for the Olsen twins. There is no plot within the first hour of the movie. ZERO plot. What eventually turns into a movie is a very poor unimaginable story about one of their friends being involved in a some kind of illegal scheme. It's that first hour of the movie that is God-awful terrible. What you can expect in that first hour is random nonsense, the girls shopping, goofing around in a pool, whining and complaining about not getting what they want, and generally doing little too redeem Upper-class American teenager girls.

    Do not, I reiterate, DO NOT waste your money purchasing this movie or waste valuable brain cells seeing it no matter who you are....more info
  • Slightly Silly But Very Entertaining
    I like this movie. Its actually probably my favorite Mary Kate and Ashley movie.

    The story can be a bit weak in parts, but is still entertaining. For example, they seem to be very rich (private plane, and complain aobut going to the Bahamas instead of Hawaii) and in the movie seem to do a lot of things which ordinary people could never do: like never waiting in lines at the water slides and other little things.

    One thing I love though, is that the outfits in this movie are great. They have different swimsuits in every swimming scene, and they are all very cool. The only outift in the whole movie that I dont like, is one shirt in the last scene that says He Loves Me on the back with a bow on the front.

    Anyways, overall the movie was good. I think their should have been more leading up to the whole antique smuggling thing though, because its kind of like 'umm where did that come from?'. But I do recommend it for girls ages 9-15....more info

  • cool movie
    This Olsen twin movie, is the best of all of them..its fun and it wont bore you.....more info
  • This movie was very cute
    I thought it was a good movie but all the running around was a little boring. Over all it was very cute. It showed how parents treat their kids as they get older and more mature....more info
  • The Best Olsen Movie Ever
    Out of all the Olsen movies this one was my favorite. I've always been a big Olsen fan since I was a little kid (i'm 14 now), but this movie was extremely good! It had the hottest guys in it and it was just a great movie. I recommend this movie to all Olsen fans across the US!...more info
  • A movie for teens for once
    Holiday in the sun is a great entertaining movie but my personal favourites are (winning London & Passport to Paris) which i advise everyone to see. I am a huge Mary-kate and Ashley fan but it kind of dissopoints me when there are never any black or mixed cultures in their movies and series. This was the first movie with more than one black person in the entire film and that was only because it was filmed in the Bahamas. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT OR YOU MIGHT LOSE A FEW FANS!

    Whats the deal with the boys in their movies, they'er so ugly. Mary-kate and Ashley are way to good for them. The only good looking boyfriends they've had were in winning London. Another thing is that they'er always so tall. Who ever the person is that cast the actors for their movies, dont they relise that Mary-kate and Ashley are short and that they shoulden't be paired with such tall boys because it just looks odd.

    Theres one So little time episode i think it's series 2, where their both talking about the movie that they just made in the bahamas. Is it me? Or did they look older in Holiday in the sun than they did later on in the year when they made So little time.

    I'm curois about why they also use some of the actors more than once. Alex's (Ashley) boyfriend in the movie also appaired in the hit series So little time and Madison's (Mary-kate) boyfriend in the movie aslo appaired in So little time and in the not so good film Getting there. GIVE OTHER ACTORS A CHANCE!

    On a more postive note they wear such cool fashonalible clothes in the movie. The film is jam packed with great songs inculding 'Us against the world' by play and i was totally suprised when they appaired in the movie and their video is at the end of it as well. The ending of the plot of the film was weak but the ending of the actual video was excellent. It shows you scenes behind the camera and last but not least when they both go to 'The Map' and leave you in supense about which country they will film in next.

    Overall it's a fun family film and true Mary-kate and Ashley fans would love it!!!...more info

    I just watched this movie the s'morning! It is the best movie definetly if you love Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen as much as I do! They start off kinda upset that they dont get to go on their highschool winterbreak trip to hawaii. But after meeting the guyz of their dreams they forget all about the trip. They go through all kind of adventures through the whole thing... From meeting hot guys to going on a cruise to going to jail. Its the best movie! Well I guess your going to have to watch it yourselfs. So GO GET IT!!! You wont be dissapointed.
    -ashley...more info
  • Holiday In The Sun - A Good Dose of Mary-Kate & Ashley
    Ok, so maybe they aren't the greatest actresses ever. Who really cares? They're cute, the boys in this movie are too (well atleast Griffen is), and it's a cute movie. All of my friends and I love this movie! It's got some good music, and Mary-Kate & Ashley are very cool in it. I'm sure any young teen or anyone whoes like 7-15 would like it, even some older like my sister whoes 17 likes them...ha. Can't say the same about their new movie, "Getting There", unfortunatly. If you've seen it, "Holiday in the Sun" is much better". SO BUY this movie! You will love it, guaranteed, unless you hate the two girls with a passion or can you?...more info
  • Great Mary-Kate and Ashley Movie
    I love Mary-Kate and Ashley! They seem like great girls who are real and down-to-earth. They aren't the best actresses in the world, but they are talented. I love this movie. The setting in the Bahamas is beautiful, and the script is fun. Mary-Kate and Ashley's characters are upset that they have to miss a trip to Hawaii with their class but wind up getting to go to the Bahamas with their family. They encounter a lot of interesting things. This is definitely one of their best movies, and I don't think it is just for little girls. Young adults would also like this movie, such as me. Anyone who likes Mary-Kate and Ashley would love this movie. It has comedy, adventure, and romance. I highly recommend this!...more info
  • Good view, cute guys, great soundtrack, and a good movie.
    I have seen pretty much all of Mary-kate and Ashley's movies and I have always liked the movies. I have seen Holiday In The Sun many times and I have read the reviews of other people. I personally found this movie good. It seemed like the girls were more themselves in this movie then any other. Out of all their movies, this is my favorite. At times, it was a bit cheesy but it was still really good. An example of when it was cheesy was at the beginning..not EVERY 15 year old girl gets to ride on a private jet, go on a class trip to Hawaii, or complains when they go to the Bahamas! However, like I said, the movie all in all was really good. You can just watch the movie and make the decision on your own!...more info
  • They're Just Teenagers
    I see that this movie gets a lot of mixed reviews. Some hate it, some love it. I want to remind all the people that hate it that it's ment to be for kids. Not teenagers and adults. I being a teenager, I kinda liked it. It's fun to just see a simple good time movie. Not everything has to be the Godfather or Casablanca! Just watch it for what it is, a kids movie and if you like kids movies, you will enjoy it. I would recomend it to THOSE people...and maybe someone like me...but those are few and far between. Cheers....more info
    Ok, all I have to say is: The people who hate this movie are MINDLESS! It is the best movie ever, ok! I've watched it so many times, it never gets boring. My parents and I have been going to the Atlantis every summer for the past 5 yrs. It RULES there. So does this movie!...more info
  • It was OK...but too cheesy.
    This movie was too cheesy and sometimes left you with wondering how they went from this place to that...why they did what and all that stuff, just like all of the other Mary-Kate and Ashley movies. In this movie, there are two 15-year old girls: Madison (Mary-Kate) and Alex (Ashley). If you loved "Our Lips Are Sealed" then don't get this, because it's a lot more focused on love.

    They just find out from their Dad that he's taking them to Atlantis resort, in The Bahamas--because of how hard they've been working in school. They're disappointed and whine a bunch about not going to Hawaii with their school peers--and having to live with their parents.

    But...this movie is mostly about getting into deep relationships with boys. But that's a common Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. No morals or anything like that to it.

    The MOST CONFUSING part was when the girls drove the yacht at the end to lure the police after them, so they would come on board and see the antiquities. Stupidly, they didn't know that they had to have it seen by them (and without "exploring" the boat) or they'd get arrested. It leaves me confused why they just didn't leave the yacht there while IT WAS PARKED and find the antiquities, and then turn it in then, telling the police where it was. That part made me feel like Mary-Kate and Ashley didn't have brains.

    3/5 stars, because I'm generous, and also because it sometimes got confusing. But I LOVED their idea about going to the Bahamas for this movie, though. It's so pretty there. It's not a 1/5 star, because I was able to watch the whole thing....more info

  • Great Young Adult Movie

    Another fun and interesting Mary-Kate and Ashley movie for kids and teenagers.

    For this age-group:

    Good script that kept moving forward, interesting location, a subtle mystery that only our girls can solve, and some young adult entertainment in the fantastic Atlantis location.


    Mary-Kate and Ashley travel with their parents to the Bahama's for a needed family vacation and get entwined with international artifact smuggling through a cute boy they hook up with; all while touring Nassau and the Atlantis Resort....more info
  • "Holiday in the Sun"
    I love MK&A movies and I was very excited when this one came out. It was very intersting and the setting was beutiful. I've been to four of the places where Mary-Kate and Ashley film their movies, and this one had the best scenery! I went to Atlantis and it was as beautiful as it was on the movie! The plot was great and their clothes were awesome! But, there were two things that bothered me- they got to ride in a limo and they flew in a private jet- what does their dad do to get sooooo much money?? They even had their own suite in the Atlantis hotel- that was a little ridiculous. But, it was great otherwise. It was very interesting and the characters were great! Mary-Kate and Ashley shine!...more info
  • Dream Vacation
    This is the story of how two girls had all their dreams come true on a tropical paradise. The story starts when Madison and Alex Stuart's pilot father tells them that he is taking them to the Bahamas for winter break. At first, the girls are crushed at having to miss their class trip to Hawaii, but one plane ride and two boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts later, they settle. Turns out, their staying at the beautiful Atlantis Resort. Alex soon falls for cute hotel worker Jordan after seeing him at a party. But, Alex finds that rich witch Brianna wants Jordan too. Alex embarks on a mission to keep Jordan out of Brianna's clutches, and soon wins Jordan's undivided attention. Madison sets her sights on Scott, a cute but slightly clueless guy, while not realizing that Griffin, her dad's partner's son, is in love with her. Griffin gives Scott lessons on what Madison likes in a series of comic mishaps. So it seems that Madison is falling for the guy that Griffin is and that Scott with never be. Also, soon the girls discover that, behind the beauty of the Bahamas lurks a smuggling misson. Will the girls, with the help of Jordan and Griffin, be able to expose the smuggler and the sacred artifacts before they are out of the country forever? Only buying the movie can answer that question....more info
  • cute movie
    overall - i think this was a truly cute movie. obviously, it's no feature film, but it's great summer fun on a late-night.'s not an oscar worthy movie, but i wouldn't say it was terrible. if you're 16 or below, invite over some friends, make popcorn, and enjoy this movie for it's entertainment - not its plot. it's fun - especially in the summer. i wouldn't buy it - but it's definitley worth it... to rent.

    one more thing to parents - it's basically an advertisment for the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, so when kids ask "Can we go there" you'll know why :)

    I'd place this movie in the same entertainment catagory as Our Lips Are Sealed....more info

  • ~!~coolio-funk~!~
    I love this movie! I watch it over and over and over all the time. I think why I enjoyed it so much is because it's like a dream of mine, I love the Bahamas, and I might even go this summer! The first time I watched it I thought it was lame, but after a while I learned to love it! It's a really girly movie, beaches, tanning, boys, beautiful sunsets, lavish hotels, smoothies (lol), swimming, shopping, the cute outfits, omg it was just really exciting. You should buy it (well if you're like me lol)...more info
  • Awesome Movie!
    I personally feel this is definatley one of the more "refined" movies by the Olsen twins! Its obvious they are starting to get the hang of producing and casting and it definatley shows! Its a hell of a lot less cheesy than their previous attempts and definatley puts you in the mood for a holiday!

    Oh, and what is so far fetched about a school trip to hawaii? And having their own suite, they are fifteen y'no, ive been having my own suite since then and have been to the Atlantis (gorgeous resort!) and feel this movie is an excellent portrayal of it!

    Im also from the UK , and yes, some of us do live lives like this! I could fully relate to the twins characters and their lifestyle!...more info

  • this movie was so CHEESY...
    Holiday in the sun is mainly how MKA can't go to Hawii with their friands & go to the Bahamas on a family vacation. Then they realize that there is some fun at the Bahamas too. The only good part of this movie would probably have to be the last 20 min. of it. The only thing that this movie made me think was how I wished that I could have private plane, or how they sit in the sun with a beautiful view of the The Bahamas, or party, or having cute boys after you. this movie was probably the worst of MKA. It was so not realistic. Our lips are sealed and winning london were so much better. All of Mary-kate & ashley movie are about two little rich girls having so much money and going on vacation and finding two boys that automatically like them. Nothing is that realistic. MKA are okay but have got to know that nobody likes to see a movie about two girls that richer and look better than ever single time MKA have a new movie out. So I just want to tell you this movie was just a waste of my time....more info
  • mary-kate and ashley r the greatest
    this film is the best for mary-kate and ashley fans ad also if u dont like them then after watchin this film and many others u will!!!!! mary-kate and ashley rock!!! from their #1 fan (mary-kate)...more info
  • Yet another B-movie.
    Along with Our Lips Are Sealed, Passport to Paris, and that one movie that took place in Italy, the Olsen twins have made another crappy film.

    Between desperate Griffin trying to help clueless Scott get Madison to think he's "smart" and Jordan being Mr. Cool over Alex...what's the difference between Madison and Alex??? This movie truly stinks.

    It's all MK and Ash having fluffy fun at an island resort, and then saving the US from Champlain.

    Give this movie to an 8-year-old girl for Christmas...they'll love it....more info
  • good work, marie-kate and ashley
    this movie rocked! it had great bloopers. they were sooo funny! anyone who loves the olsen twins should watch this...more info
    I'll admit that I'm a sucker for corny movies. I thought the past MK&A movies did a good job at filling in this need (I'm 15, in case this helps). This movie, however, was absolutely horrendous.

    First of all, there is no plot that you'd actually care about. The movie is all about two extroardinarily ditzy girls spending their winter break in the Bahamas. With their past movies, the twins had an interesting way of ending up in a different country, but with this movie, it's just two rich girls, Alex and Madison, getting whisked off in their private jet and moping about the fact that they couldn't go to Hawaii instead (wow, what humbleness). Seriously, the only two plots to the movie that I remember are a tug-of-war between a guy that two girls want, and a situation in which Alex and Madison had to get their friend out of jail (this entire sequence was extremely pitiful and juvenile). Everything else in the movie involves the twins "having fun" (playing around in a pool, shopping, getting grossed out by slaughtered fish, and boring, mindless stuff that can get very tiresome after a mere 30 seconds). I realize this is a movie for young girls, but even so, there are SO many better kids' movies out there that choosing this one would be pathetic. MK&A's past movies, specifically ~Our Lips are Sealed~ and ~Winning London~, are much better. Either that or go buy another Disney movie. I don't see how MK&A are even being good role models for little girls, as all they do is promote a superifical girlyness to the extreme. Don't waste your money on a film about .., stylish accessories, and anything that doesn't involve brainpower....more info

  • Derrick Knows All!
    Well it wasnt that great but it has been the best so far this year(2002) But 'When In Rome' comes out this year as well so i hope its just as good as 'Getting There'. I would say sure get this movie its pretty cool and it is well worth the money.
    :)...more info
  • Lo conjeturo era aceptable.
    He estado mirando a gemelos de olsen desde entonces cac llena.
    He visto todos sus videos caseros y diria que este era el mejor.
    Tendria que darle cuatro porque al mirar al Olsen los videos son todos sobre todo iguales,misterio.De todas formas, seguia siendo grande, y si usted lo usted lo mira usted tendra gusto probablemente de el tambien....more info
  • 34 years old and watched with my 12 year old son!
    I've read alot of these reviews and I feel that some of these people do not know what they are talking about!I really enjoyed this movie as well as all of the other Mary-Kate and Ashley movies.I think that it is great that they made a movie showing families spending time together on vacation.They may not have spent all of their time together, but they are teenagers and they needed their free time also. Even though they did lie to their parents, it was for a good cause, and atleast they showed that they could be trusted in that way. I loved the scenery, the actors, and the music! My only problem with this movie was this. If the police knew to stop them when they came back from the yacht, then why couldn't the police search the yacht after that? They had to have known what was going on to know what was in the tackle box, so why couldn't they search it? I think the planning of this scene should have been thought out a little bit more!
    But, as far as Brianna goes, Madison won the guy and Brianna knew it! That's why she was not cast in any more scenes. If you are going to write a review about a movie, pay attention! Don't jump to conclusions just because you didn't understand! I think that it is a great movie! Atleast they are not showing themselves as teenagers that are going around doing drugs, cursing their parents, and killing a beating people up! Keep up the good work Mary-Kate and Ashley!...more info
  • The Olsens Make Rainbow Brite Puke
    Alex and Madison live in a perfect world where corny close-up smiles are constant.They have two really rich parents who spoil them rotten and give them all the freedom in the world,all while being loving parents.Believe it or not,both twins are sitting in class imagining that they would like to take a summer trip when suddenly their parents ring up the school to tell them they are all taking a summer trip.What follows is beautiful people,beautiful beaches,and beautiful smiles.Viewers are actually supposed to hate Breanna,a dark cloud in a perfect little land,but people will actually be relieved that she's there to put a little dent in the twins smiley summer.I won't even mention that the boys were about as hard to tell apart than the twins are,well Ok there I mentioned it.Then there's the fact that there are no comparisons in either twins personality other than their hairstyles.It was no use even trying to tell which one was Alex and which one was Madison.When one of the twins' boyfriends is sent away to clean up puke,I should have realized that it was a trick.After all,nobody (throws-up)in Heaven,especially not when it is inhabited by two identical angels who smile too much.Watch the film,you'll know what I mean.Actually,check that,DON't watch the film.To be fair,it really wasn't completely painful.Really, more like ripping off a bandaid then having a needle.It was Ok to sit through if you don't mind that the director is an embarassment.Can you believe Mary and Ashley actually CHOSE this dude!!?It isn't their fault,they know no better,they were in Full House,if I recall....more info
  • Holiday in the Sun.....not
    There must be something to be said for an audience that believes not being able to go to hawaii with friends but going instead to one of the nicest resorts in the Bahamas is a life-stopping dilemna. This movie totally ripped off all the legally blonde songs (they used about three of the same ones) and the whole brianna thing was so stupid. First of all, why would the guards not give Alex and Madison (MK and A) any warning about being loud before practically sending them to jail? Brianna's little remarks were hysterical (What's up? Not my temperature.) And it was such a punishment for the girls to not get to be their parents (what they had been trying to achieve the whole vacation). Jordan and Griffin were so not hot (at least Scott was decent). In the dance scene you could see Jordan's acne. But of course, the girls had to save the day by stopping the antique thief. And how many times did they change outfits?? Talk about a clingy girlfriend.....when one of them saw her boyfriend in town (without her,ahh!!) she had to find out what's up. AND HOW COULD THREE TEENAGERS NOT OUTRUN AN OLD GUY???? what would they do if they caught him? Paint his toes? Give him a makeover? Plus, when they asked the guy in the busy city if he had seen a guy with white hair, he pointed them to the right person! There were lots of other flaws, but this one of the worst movies they have made....more info
  • this movie isnt bad
    the begining is pretty stupid id say but it gets better after wards....more info
  • Could have become the best movie, but....
    They really have talent. No doubt about that. Actually i'm a great Olsen fan but this movie...the plot is not that good worked out. I like the movie but they should have decided which of the 2 stories they want as the main plot and work that one out. have 2 stories...not one of them worked out properly. I'd say this is more about the Hotel - than about the girls.
    Anyway...u shouldn't miss it.
    Florian...more info
  • this movie was so CHEESY...
    Holiday in the sun is mainly how MKA can't go to Hawii with their friands & go to the Bahamas on a family vacation. Then they realize that there is some fun at the Bahamas too. The only good part of this movie would probably have to be the last 20 min. of it. The only thing that this movie made me think was how I wished that I could have private plane, or how they sit in the sun with a beautiful view of the The Bahamas, or party, or having cute boys after you. this movie was probably the worst of MKA. It was so not realistic. Our lips are sealed and winning london were so much better. All of Mary-kate & ashley movie are about two little rich girls having so much money and going on vacation and finding two boys that automatically like them. Nothing is that realistic. MKA are okay but have got to know that nobody likes to see a movie about two girls that richer and look better than ever single time MKA have a new movie out. So I just want to tell you this movie was just a waste of my time....more info
  • Good movie for teenagers
    I liked this movie and Im 18 years old! I think that the movie was pretty fun. I wouldnt recommend it for younger children, just because its mostly about boys and dating and might get a little boring to young children. It is rated G though, and they arent the typical drinking, having sex, crazy, stupid teenagers you see on most movies that are targeting preteens and teens....more info
  • You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!
    This mindless, plotless, wonder starts out with a tear-jerking tradgedy. Mary Kate and Ashley (Madison and Alex) are whisked away on a private jet to the Bahamas on a school break. The problem? All of their friends are in Hawaii. The girls, in time, come to discover that the Atlantis resort is better than Hawaii. In their words, it is "of the hook".
    Among the girl's dolphin encounter, boat stealing, shopping, smoothie drinking, partying, boys, and fish feeding...there is a small plot sprinkled in. There is a bad guy who steals artifacts from the island. The twins and their boyfriends are suddenly jerked in the middle of it and are thrown in jail, but released (much to the viewer's great disappointment).
    The movie had it's dramatic points, (such as when the girls came in late from a party) but were spoiled due to the fact that Mary-Kate and Ashley have very poor acting skills.
    Also included are very corny scenes with the parents, who seemed to be having to much fun to notice their kids were running off every two seconds for some late night swimming, bad guy chasing, and moonlit cruises.
    By far, the most pointless part of the movie was when Madison and Alex were discussing the phrase, "You can't have your cake and eat it too", and how it didn't make sense. Five minutes of this ditzy blonde nonsense is enough to make anybody gag and take this movie back to where it came from....more info
    I LOVEEEE this movie! take it from a 12 year old girl i can live without this movie! why do i like it? im not sure...maybe cuz i love the olsen twins? and i love the setting of the movie! the BAHAMAS! i have never been there before so its great watching it. i love ASHLEY OLSEN THE MOST! shes soo pretty! i love the plot on how they get all in trouble in teh bahamas and meet some hot guys~! i admit it is really corny once it gets to the part where the police get involved and their parents actually LET them off in the bahamas with a guy they JUST met...yes weird..BUT I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! ...more info
  • Not reallly me
    I didn't really like this film I thought it was to slow and boring. It mainly about mary-kate and ashley and they find boyfriends and it goes on very slowly. Not my cup of tea but thats just my oppion I think a lot of people won't like this film. You know I do love mary-kate and Ashley but just not in this film. Although I think New york minute is very good (with mary-kate and ashley). i wasn't dissing you girls but not very good....more info
  • Great Movie
    I think that this would rank as the best Mary Kate and Ashely movie. I have seen all of there movies even the new "Getting There". The cute clothes, hot boys, and nice hotel lead to a overall cute movie. Of course there are some corny lines and plot twists but I still enjoyed the movie. I don't think anyone expects an oscar winning film from Mary Kate and Ashely but you do get a good clean funny movie from Holiday in the Sun....more info
  • Great movie
    Are these girls HOT or what!!!! I thought the movie was great!...more info
  • a pretty cool movie
    I have to say, this was a pretty cool video. it had some cool situations that they had to find out about. and plus dont forget about the cute boys (hehehe)just like in all of their movies, they looked great, dressed great and act great. In the movie they have a bit of a situation where they have to get Alex's (Ashley) boyfriend out of jail, and yeah very good!!!!!!...more info
  • Loved it!!!
    I am a 19 year old girl a big fan of Mary-kate and Ashley. I loved this movie. It shows how friends can have so much fun together. It is also sit in such a wonderful place. I was so taken by this movie and seeing how wonderful the hotal is for my sinor trip my parents took me to that hotal and it was even better then the movie showed. As for most movies there not for everyone, but if u ask me this is my fav Mary-kate and Ashley movie ever!!!...more info
  • Holiday In The Sun Review
    Holiday in the sun is funny and shows teamwork! Along with the romance it is also a mystery! Mary Kate and Ashley are the greatest! So far the best mary kate and ashley movie is HOLIDAY IN THE SUN! I can watch it over and over again and never get board! I really recommend it to girls from 9-13 but thats just my opinion! SO watch it! I LOVED IT AND ALWAYS WILL AND SO WILL YOU!...more info
  • Holiday in the Sun
    Holiday in the Sun was a cute movie! I thought that it was much better than Our Lips are Sealed(i mean come on who is dumb enough to spill their cover and go to ever state in the U.S. at least 3 times!but then again it's just a movie) I really liked there outfits and the scenery was beautiful. The Bahamas was a great place to film in. Mary-Kate and Ashely are really good actresses. I recomend this movie to kids or teens that enjoy watching Mary-Kate and Ashely. But it's just my opion though so watch this movie and find out! :) it's a great movie!...more info
    This is the worst movie/video in the history of cinema/ anorexia. It is so fake, like all the others. They save people, their is some loser slut girl who wants to be mean to them and steal the two "hot" guys that they found in the Mary-Kate and Ashely "BANK OF BOYS AND CHEESEY COMEBACKS". Thier is 2 bad guys in this movie, Brianna Wallis, and Champlain (who named him, Shwine and Shwodka), and they "beat biranna" and save the world from champlain and his smugiling ways. They are rich pansies who have a dad who is a CEO of a huge company/ superhero/ pilot. who has planes and limos all over the world. and their is their dads partenr in bissness who has a son who likes MK and in one scene wears his trowsers too low and you can see his Crotch line. They get everything their way and have everthing. the guys they like are ugly and need traning bras because they "work out" too much. Ahsleys boyfreind goes to jail, the stop champlaine, and are announced heros. They are really shallow and care more about guys named Scott, Jordan, and Griffin, (all boy's names who are oozing stupitiy) than thier own family. They ignore curfue and get rewarded with dates and fun, they do it agian and are punished with a 50 second time out, they do it agian with an ugly yatch and save the world. The songs are luckily not sung by them but they stink anyway. THIS THING STINKS....more info
  • Holiday In The Sun
    I thought that this movie was really chessey. I mean Mary Kate& Ashley have made better movies than this one. Although their cloths were really neat and the Bahamas is a beautiful place the movie was way to boring.I was kind of upset because Mk&A are such good actresses they should use their talent in a better way (instead of making a cheesey movie like this one)...more info
  • Holiday in the Sun!
    Mary-Kate and Ashley are spending Winter Break at the lavish Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in The Bahamas. Their parents bring them along, but that means they have to miss their school trip to Hawaii with all their friends.

    Determined to make the best of the situation, the girls decide there's only one thing to do: unleash a tropical hurricane of off-the-hock action and head-over-heals tropical romance.

    But, amid the yachts, private jets, waverunners, scuba diving, motor scooters, horseback riding and moonlit strolls, Mary-Kate and Ashley stumble across an antiquities smuggling ring! Mary-Kate and Ashley discover the time of their lives on their...

    Holiday in the Sun!...more info
  • A must watch movie
    I thought that this was a great movie you must get this one....more info
    I'm 15, and my friends and I rented this for a sleepover, because we knew it would be so lame it would be hysterical. Guess what. Despite our previous hilarious Mary-Kate and Ashley experiences, this film exceeded and went way over ALL of our comic expectations!!! Truly the worst film the two have ever made, and that's really saying something. Between their sulking because they've missed the class trip to Hawaii (because their evil dad made them go to the Bahamas!), their extended commercial shots of Paradise Island, their ... boyfriends and their ... clothes, this movie is hilarious......more info
  • This Was Awesome
    This movie was pretty cool i loved briannas voice and i think that it was pretty cool how the girls had kissing scenes and in this movie it showed how they are not always goodie tushoes that they have some flaws. I think it showed young girls that its okay to make mistakes...more info
  • I Hate the Olsen Twins
    I was forced to watch this movie at my friend's slumber party lst night. Let me start off by saying I don't like the Olsen twins. .... Okay, now that I have gotten that out of the way, here's what I think of the video. D-U-M-B!!! So what. Alex and Madison go off to a vacation in the Bahamas and make out with boys. They're only fifteen! Boys this, boys that. Too many of them! This movie is just a waste of your time and money. Unless you like to make out....more info
  • Pure Dreck!!!!
    This movie so awful it's almost sad. Poor Madison and Alex, they have to go the Bahamas. But Daddy, I wanted to go to Hawaii! Boo-hoo. This movie hardly has a plot at all, it's just another repeat of all of their other films. Of course, their parents are millionaires and spoil their daughters rotten, they have absolutely no parental supervision during their trip, meet supposedly cute boys, have plenty of lame "adventures," and then there's the temporary "bad guy" who mysteriously disappears by the end of the film, at the same point when Madison and Alex realize, Hey, the Atlantis resort isn't so terrible, after all. Wow! Those Olsen twins sure are smart. By the way, did they get endorsed by Crest toothpaste or something? There are so many close-up shots of their smiles! And they cannot act. Perhaps the only reason Mary Kate and Ashley have fans is because they are wealthy enough to afford hairdressers and make-up artists and stylists. Anyway, don't even rent this sickening excuse for a film....more info
  • Sun, Sand, and Olsen
    I Think that this was the best olsen twin movie yet. They looked more beautiful than ever before, but what's with all the white people. It's the BAHAMAS! Not all tourists that visit the Atlantis resort are caucasian. They need some help on the realism of their films. The plot of two girls missing a Hawaii vacation with their friends, and going to the bahamas instead on daddy's private jet was nice- if you had their money. And the cute guys, (Billy Aaron Brown, Ben Easter)and their island romances were sweet, and very teenager. As for the soundtrack. Well let's just say white pop bands arent my cup of tea. As for the overly innocent girl-group PLAY,they need to die. "Us against the universe" would've sensibly put the way they face the rest of the world's hatred towards their music. As for the resort scenes. Swimming and splashing around with their love interests kept you quite awake.
    But Madison (Mary- Kate) and her on-going struggle with Scott (Billy) was tiring- and straight out of another movie. Why didn't she just see he was and idiot and deal with the fact that Griffen was for her. The CONFUSION,CONFUSION! And the painfully corny parents and corny parental jokes were more than a scare. The clothes were fabulous though, so trendy for a tropic vacation. And the setting- BEAUTIFUL!! I'VE NEVER SEEN A RESORT LIKE ATLANTIS IN MY LIFE.I'm begging to go there next summer. Though the boy-crazy twin kids plots are tired,and witchy Brianna Wallace was getting on my last nerve, it was a good try. Way to go, sort of....more info
  • stupid
    This is a very stupid movie. MK&A don't have much acting talent,people just make comments like "I love thier clothes!" "They are so pretty!" That is NOT talent! Its just aperance and they only look the way they do because they have people catering and fixing their hair/make-up/clothes etc. ALL the time. Now that the twins are teens all their movies have become the same plot basically. The twins get to go on a unbelivably nice vacation w/ basicaly no restrictions ( the run of the country pretty much) and then they find boys.. fall in love, chase them around the city,kiss,and sometimes there is even a "bad person" to intervine!! oh dear.. talk about origional! This is SO old. Its the typical girl meets boy plot and thats not even really a plot! All these "teen movies" of theirs are the same and are all awful! I would not recomend seeing this, unselss u like painfull teeny boppy experiences.....more info
  • *~Great Movie~*
    This is a very good move for anybody who likes Mary-Kate and Ashley, and who enjoys a good mystery. I bought this movie to take on a road trip, & watched it every bit of the way. You should buy it. :)...more info
  • If your in the mood for a holiday then check this out!
    Holiday in the sun is one of the best movie the olsen twins have ever produced! what happens is Alex and Madisson go to the Bahamas instead of Hawaii with their friends and decide to make the most of it they meet boys and even get caught in a wild chase, i wont spoil details but if you buy it on dvd check out the behind the scenes and all that and also on the MK-A dvds they have previews for other movies so be sure to watch those closely!
    Holiday in the sun is a must see i do have to say thought that i thought it would be a bit longer between scenes and that it went to quick which is why i voted 4 stars....more info
  • Awesome Movie!
    I personally feel this is definatley one of the more "refined" movies by the Olsen twins! Its obvious they are starting to get the hang of producing and casting and it definatley shows! Its a hell of a lot less cheesy than their previous attempts and definatley puts you in the mood for a holiday!

    Oh, and what is so far fetched about a school trip to hawaii? And having their own suite, they are fifteen y'no, ive been having my own suite since then and have been to the Atlantis (gorgeous resort!) and feel this movie is an excellent portrayal of it!...more info

  • The Olsen Twins are so Hot !
    Damn if I ever saw 2 beautiful girls in the same movie it would be the olsen twins. That's [bad] when Madison ends up with Griffen that dork. He can't drive , he's going to be in college and he's never been kissed freak show or what virgin trial. Ashley looked incredible I believe that Jordan was an okay guy, but Madison really should have ended up with Scott. That Brianna Wallace didn't play the part of the jealous girl very good. ......more info
  • My teenage life is not like this
    The movie starts of with them sitting in the there classroom and then daddy picks them up in there private jet (ok then)with some doughnuts. Then they arrive in paradise and do the usual you know boys and solving a crime stuff like that. Do teenagers in the usa really live like this iam so jealous of this lifestyle....more info
  • Island in the Sun
    ok... i definately think that this is one of their best films yet. I know, know... hard to say that Mary-Kate and Ashley have a best film because they are all so alike...yet they are all so differant. This one gives you more of a reality in the "boy" world, because, i think that it is Alex... maybe i am wrong about which one it is... anyway.. Alex thinks that she likes that guy.. but it turns out they don't know eachother at all and they are totally wrong for eachother. This gives you more of a real world feel... rather than the typical dream of a 15 year old girl falling in love with the perfect guy... not to mention he is a hottie... props to the choice of guys in this one......more info
  • Not their Best......
    When I saw this movie with my friends I thought that it was going to be very awesome since all of Mary-Kate and Ashley's other movies are. However, I wasn't as thrilled as I thought I would be. At first I was worried that I might be getting too old for Mary-Kate and Ashley, (I am 14) but just re-watching another of their movies such as Our Lips are Sealed told me that this was not it. I think this movie just wasn't quite up to their standards! If you want to get this movie, I would advise you to rent it first so you can get an initial reaction to it. If you still love it - that's totally fine: go out an buy it. This is just my opinion. I still think that other mka movies such as Our Lips are Sealed, Winning London, and It Takes Two are much better....more info
  • Holiday In The Sun
    I've got to words for you. Totally Groovy! I loved this movie! The scenes were awesome (swimming with dolphins, feeding sting-rays, jet boating) the twins were cool (as usual), the guys were cute & the clothes were wicked. I love all the Olsen twins movies but I think this has got to be my very Favourite!!!...more info
    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! It has great acting by Mary-Kate and Ashley, an awesome soundtrack (Including "Us Against the world" by Play) it is a fun, cute, family movie!! I LOVE it!! I got it for my birthday and would recommend it to Mary-Kate and Ashley fans everywhere!!...more info
  • Holiday In The Sun-A Great Kid's movie
    I liked this movie a lot, and I love Mary Kate and Ashely, they are both gorgeous as well as hot. The film was great, Rated G, acceptable for all audiences. So, this one is ok for you younger children out there. I loved the film, the story, the characters and of course Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. God, I would do anything to meet them. Well, see this film if you know what's good for you. God, I hope they make another film. I LOVE YOU MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY!...more info
  • Great Movie!
    I love this movie!!
    Mary-kate and Ashley looking great!!
    You get the holiday feelin'when ya watch the movie!!...more info
  • A Better Film for Mary-Kate and Ashley
    Holiday in the Sun is about Alex and Madison who are whisked away to the Bahamas for their winter break. They are staying at the awesome hotel, Atlantis, where they have fun in the sun and, of course, always find a boyfriend. A family friend, Griffen, likes Madison though she is going out with a dull surfer dude named Scott. Alex is pining for a relationship with a worker at Atlantis named Jordan, though she has to compete with a super-rich girl named Brianna Wallace.
    This is one of MK+A's better films because of more talented actors and actresses and better plot line. The conflict in the story, though, (Being taken to jail for stealing antiquities and trying to prove Jordan innocent) is kind of corny.
    I would reccomend this movie to any MK+A fan or any girl 6-12 or 13 years of age. The soundtrack for this movie is also really cool!...more info