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Product Description

Lodge, the world's leader in cast-iron cookware, crafts this revolutionary Dutch oven that is preseasoned so it's ready to cook right out of the box. Designed to replicate the all-encompassing heat of an oven on the stovetop, Dutch ovens are ideal for meat-and-vegetable dishes such as savory pulled pork or chicken cacciatore. The 5- and 7-quart capacity is perfect for family-sized servings and a champ for baking cornbread, producing a perfectly crispy exterior and light, moist interior. The loop handles make the simple-to-clean pan easy to maneuver on the stovetop, in the oven or over the campfire. Made in the USA.

Lodge Logic's preseasoning process penetrates the metal's pores thoroughly and uniformly, so it looks and performs better than traditional home seasoning. You still get the even heating, superior heat retention, and inherently stick-resistant finish that has made cast-iron cookware a favorite of professional chefs. Backed by legendary performance and durability, Lodge has crafted cast-iron products since 1896.

Product Features
• Precision molded cast iron features exacting wall thickness
• Preseasoned to a treasured black patina with 100% natural soy-based vegetable oil
• Heirloom preseasoned finish lets you cook with the pan right out of the box
• Preseasoned coating is impermeable to odors and stains
• Superior distribution and retention of heat promotes faster cooking times
• Foods will not react with the cast-iron metal
• Easy-clean surfaces are scratch-resistant
• Side pouring lips for easy transfer of foods
• Side and lid loop handles make the pan easy to maneuver
• Versatile for gas, electric, ceramic and induction stovetops
• Oven- and broiler-safe at all temperatures
• Safe for refrigerator and freezer
• Hand wash
• Made in the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • the best!
    I am throwing away all my non-stick cookware. I should have listened to my parents when they were telling me that non-stick coating could release harmful agents into the food. I am switching to stainless steel and good old fashioned cast iron. This dutch oven is great. There was no hassle with seasoning. All you have to do is to rinse the pot with hot water, dry it with a towel and coat with oil or Pam and it is ready to go. This is by far my favorite pot. I don't know the secret of the cooking process but the food comes out much tastier than from those coated pans, no doubt. I highly recommend this manufacture! ...more info
  • Great size and handy for no-knead bread baking
    Fantastic cast iron, already seasoned. Heavy and practical - retains heat and easy to imagine lasting a lifetime. Great product...more info
  • The one to use for just about EVERYTHING
    It cleans up easily, too!

    This Dutch over is such a nice size. Since becoming the proud owner of this Lodge item, I find I turn to it for things I used to use our 3QT pot for more and more often. It has a wider bottom than a typical pot, and more surface area translates directly into more even and perhaps faster cooking. And because it's iron, you know it'll last for just about ever while adding a bit of iron to your diet as well! We even use it to boil water for pasta in and it has never let us down....more info
  • Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven: Off to a Rocky Start
    A cast iron dutch oven is a fantastic way to cook for those wishing to avoid Teflon, to obtain the most even heating without breaking the bank, and to support American-made products. There's also a rich tradition and history behind cast iron cookware. What's not to like?

    Now I can't say I am a seasoned cast iron owner (pun intended). However, I am no newbie, either. I've owned a pre-seasoned cast iron aebleskiver pan manufactured by Nordicware for over five years and never had any problem with it. That's why I was so thoroughly unprepared for the rough start I got off to with this purchase. The problem? Rust. Rust without use. Rust without abuse. Rust right out of the heavy cardboard box (which might be the problem -- the packaging appears to stifle air flow).

    At first I made multiple trips to the store to see if I could find a more satisfactory replacement. But whether it was a bad batch or bad luck, I didn't find one that had no evidence either of outright rust or mottled areas under the lid, which another astute Amazon reviewer pointed out may be evidence of rust having been covered over by the 25 coats of factory-applied Kosher Soy Oil. So it was clear that some re-seasoning was in order to get my dutch oven ready for use. Enter the second problem: Lodge's idea of product documentation is virtually nothing.

    Lodge asks customers to "call or email for instructions" in the event rust or a metallic odor develops. And unlike the "Lodge Cast Iron Cooking for Dummies Cookbook", the documentation that ships with this dutch oven doesn't say anything whatsoever about avoiding acidic foods and high-sugar cooking the first couple of times (if at all). So the long and the short of it is, the new cast iron owner cannot expect to learn the fundamentals of owning and caring for cast iron using the included documentation. I found what I needed online, but to expect customers who have already paid for a product to buy a book, spend hours on the Internet, await for a reply to an email or get in line on a voicemail system in order to obtain the missing info. isn't my idea of adequate documentation. Cast iron cooking may be old hat to those who have been cooking with cast iron handed down through the generations, but the reality is new products are often purchased by new customers. Consequently, the first rule of writing, particularly the technical variety is "Presume nothing, spell out everything." The "Use and Care for Loge Logic" instruction card simply doesn't accomplish that. And unlike my foreign-made bread maker, slow cooker and just about every other kitchen item I own, there were no sample recipes included with this dutch oven, either. To make matters worse, when I went searching here on Amazon for cookbooks geared toward dutch oven cooking with cast iron indoors I came up empty handed. The reviewers indicate that most are geared toward the outdoors, and the balance are aimed at cooking in a cast iron skillet.

    Why the two-star rating, you ask? Answer: If, had I not had to return to the store so many times in search of a dutch oven without rust, I would have given this dutch oven another star. Not having to spend an entire week using my oven to build back up the seasoning I had to remove with steel wool on account of the rust would have counted for a fourth star, and better documentation on the part of the manufacturer would have earned this Lodge Logic 5-Quart Dutch Oven a five-star rating.

    Bottom line? This was not the most simple and straightforward purchase I have made. However, it could have been a lot more of a hassle had I purchased this product online. For this reason, I cannot recommend ordering this type of product sight unseen. In the event there is a problem, whether it is the faulty seasoning some reviewers report or the broken handles some of the 7-quart buyers have reported, it becomes expensive to ship something of this weight back, wait for an exchange and hope that the replacement is better off than the first. There's no doubt that cast iron cooking has its merits, and its showing on store shelves at the likes of Target and Walmart, among others, is evidence to its gaining popularity. Hopefully the reader will not experience what I did, and my experience is only reflective upon a bad batch and not intrinsic to the cast iron experience....more info
  • 5 Qt. cast iron Dutch Oven
    Great price, free shipping. Fantastic for simmering soups and stews. Even used it for cooking a pork loin roast in the oven. Love it... Non-stick......more info
  • Great product
    The item arrived on time and it works just perfect. I cook in it almost everything: soups, stews, stir-fries, all kind of rice and pasta dishes etc.
    You don't have to worry that your pot will chip or crack. Huge benefit in cooking with cast iron is a health aspect that other cookware does not guarantee.
    I highly recommend buying it. Definitely going to buy other products of Lodge company...more info
  • Lodge Logic Cast Iron Dutch Oven
    The Dutch Oven is great, the delivery very poor. The carrier Amazon used had the package for 21 days, then delivered it to the wrong post office, who sent it back to Amazon. I had to pay and extra $22.00 to get it here in time for our camping trip....more info
  • Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 5 qt. Dutch Oven
    This item is fantastic as a deep fryer along with a wire basket works better than the electric deep fryers.Lodge Logic 5-Quart Pre-Seasoned Dutch Oven...more info
  • Lodge Logic Dutch Oven
    I have purchased 2 of these Dutch Oven's, one as a gift and one for me. I can't say enough about how the food cooks and tastes using this oven. Clean up is easy too. I would highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Good price.
    I love buying from Amazon period. This dutch oven was just what I was looking for and I didn't have to pay a arm and a leg for it. I would like to say thanks to Amazon for making my shopping very convienent. Plus I had free shipping which didn't break my pockets....more info
  • Best Value Around
    This is one of the most basic and useful cast iron cooking items. I use mine exclusively for baking "no-knead"-type breads, so I don't have to worry about seasoning issues. (I have an enameled pot for stovetop cooking and and braising meats in the oven.) In my experience the black iron bakes browner, crisper-crust breads than Dutch ovens with enamel coatings. In addition, with this pot I don't have to worry about melting the lid handle top at the high temperatures, 450-500F, that I use for bread baking. Use a recipe with 3 1/2 cups of flour to make the right-sized loaf for this pot. At $35, with free shipping, this Dutch oven is a great value and a purchase that will last many lifetimes.
    ...more info
  • Love my Lodge
    I bought this Lodge Dutch Oven after getting their 12 inch skillet. Since then I've added a 10 inch chef's skillet, 10 1/4 inch regular skillet and the 19 inch grill/griddle combo.

    The dutch oven has made some of the best pot roast, bbq pork, and so on I've ever eaten!

    I'm hooked....more info
  • Great Pot
    After reading the reviews we went ahead and ordered it and cured it ourselves. Works great and is great to have as part of our cast iron collection....more info
  • Cast Iron rules!
    There are a lot of other Dutch Ovens out there and no doubt perform very well and they should for the price. But, if your on a budget like me and love cast iron cookware, Lodge is the "logic"al way to go. ...more info
  • Just the right Dutch Oven
    I purchased this for my Daughter and Son in law and they absolutely LOVE it. The smaller size is just right for my daughter to handle with it full of stock. They are constantly coming up with new ideas and using the dutch oven very often. When asked for their rating, it's a five star...so...here we go! My wife and I have the larger one and we love it also. Get one for yourself (or for someone else), follow the seasoning and cooking instructions and enjoy the wonderful world of cooking with cast iron. ...more info
  • Lodge Logic is good stuff
    Love this dutch oven. I've made soups and stews in it so far and I'll be trying Alton Brown's baked bean recipe in it soon. It's a great size to have for a family of 3-4 plus it's one of my most versatile pots. I've recently purchased many Lodge Logic products and I have no complaints. It's easy to clean and maintain, and it really is non-stick. Great product, great price, free shipping, can't beat it....more info
  • Lovin this Oven ;)
    Well made and worth every penny. We cook in this at least once a week, EVERY week....more info
  • happy hubby
    bought for my husband, the chef -- he loves it.....i also bought a cook book for new ideas.... no complaints.....more info
  • Lodge Dutch Oven
    Well made cast iron which will last for many years to come. Order came very promptly. I like the cover on this one better than the regular wire handles that come with some of these which would be better used for camping in my opinion although this model would do too....It's a matter of preference......more info
  • I love my Dutch Oven!
    I love my Dutch Oven! I really bought it to use in my solar cooker but I can't report on how well that works since I only use my solar in the long hot summer months. I've been using it in my oven in the meantime with great success. The seasoning is working just fine. I would caution about it's weight. I carried it over to a pot-luck dinner and it does work those biceps -especially if someone stops to chat before you can put it down!...more info
  • Much Nicer Than I Anticipated
    This cast iron Dutch Oven is much nicer than I anticipated, although I must admit it is also exactly what I hoped for. It is beautifully seasoned, and if it is thoughtfully cared for throughout the years, it should last a lifetime. Lodge USA makes a great product!...more info
  • Very nice quality
    I'm not sure if these are made in the US, but the quality of the casting is excellent. The lid fits tightly and the entire piece has a heavy, quality feel....more info
  • Lodge Dutch Oven
    Great product.
    Only problem was it arrived with a broken handle.
    Return process was painless.
    Thanks...more info
  • Best birthday gift this year
    I absolutely love my 5-quart Dutch oven. It cooks beef stew faster than I have ever experienced. I made an artisan bread in it and it was fabulous. I can't imagine how I managed before I got this. ...more info
  • Great for Beans!
    I really wanted to make some baked beans. The dutch oven is the only way to make decent beans. Nothing canned or store bought for me.

    This Lodge Dutch Oven is excellent for my bean project. It came pre-seasoned and was heavy as hell. I washed my dutch oven according to the mfg recommendations.

    My beans were in the oven for 9 hours. 9 hours of mouth-watering goodness.

    Clean-up was a breeze. Just like the mfg says, in the sink with a bit of soap, and a stiff bristled brush. Just like new again.

    This Lodge Dutch oven is your basic oven. Nothing fancy. But it works wonders. Just ask my friends, the beans were yumm-o!
    ...more info
  • Worth the money.
    This pot is great if you want even cooking. Food comes out better than ever. Food has wonderful texture and taste. Clean up is a little bit of work but is easy and worth it. I paid $27 for this pot and was a little skeptical because it was not the fancy "le creuset" despite the great reviews this pot got, however I have used this pot about 20 times plus now and it continues to prove it value. ...more info
  • Great pot to cook in
    This pot is just the right size for doing fried chicken, the reason I bought it. I like the high sides to help reduce the splatter of frying, and the mass of iron helps keep the temperature just right. The lid does double duty as splatter guard and heat sealer. All round, just right....more info
  • Mine arrived fine!
    In spite of the negative reviews here concerning the pre-seasoned coating I did not experiance it. My Dutch oven arrived within a few days of ordering and is in fine shape! No rust anywhere, very even pre-seasoning all around. Although it is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, I prefer animal fat. Thus I re-seasoned it several times with lard. I have used cast iron for over 30 years so know it well. This is ready to use out of the box! Plus it is Made in the USA!! As to cooking, nothing beats cast iron! Better by far than no-stick kitchen ware. Very even heat and cooking. Lodgic products are tops at very reasonable prices!...more info
  • Lodge Logic 5 quart dutch oven
    You cannot go wrong with Lodge and this is there staple. I use mine for everything from skillet frying(with its depth you won't be cleaning grease everywhere) to low simmering all day in the oven. If you have an older Lodge 5 quart this one is slightly taller(about 4.75"...I do not know why Lodge advertises 4") without the annoying wire bail...2 handles are the biggest improvement. I have used all 3 Lodge dutch oven sizes but this size is all you will ever need. I tried the new Enamel but I came back to this one my favorite of all time. No since checking anywhere else, with Free shipping Best deal around is from Amazon....more info
  • Lodge Logic Dutch Oven, 5 quart
    This is a great pot for slow-cooking things like chicken, beef pot roast, etc. Although the thing is pre-seasoned, I seasoned it again with vegetable oil in a 250 oven for several hours. I made a delicious pot roast in it and everone loved it. I had one of these years ago and have missed it...now I am happy to have this one. Just don't buy it if you aren't pretty strong...it's heavy....more info
  • Love cast iron
    The dutch oven is great. A little heavy for weaklings, but I have no problem with it. For some reason food tastes different when cooked in cast iron. Has a country, home cooked taste. Hard to explain. Cleaning is a breeze. No soap...just brush out, dry, and coat with cooking oil. Don't have to worry about eating teflon with cast iron....more info
  • Chalk up another coating issue
    Thank you, B. Davenport for writing about seasoning your own dutch oven when it arrived imperfect. Mine arrived with the coating entirely scraped off parts of the lid and toward the top of the pot. I am very good about caring for my other cast iron pieces, and so I am going to keep this one and give those spots a little extra care. ...more info
  • Great bargain for great dutch oven
    I just received this dutch oven, and am delighted with it. I used it last night making a Coq Au Vin recipe from Emeril. It was fantastic, cooked on the stove top then in the oven. I am very happy with it, and it cleaned beautifully. With many alternatives out there for this type of cookware, this is a real bargain....more info
  • excellent product!
    Lodge Logic 5-Quart Pre-Seasoned Dutch OvenThe Lodge 5 qt dutch oven is perfect! not too big, not too small - just right for cooking dried beans and stews - and at a good price, especially with the free shipping - takes longer to get here, but that is OK considering the savings....more info
    I love cast iron. It's simple, nonstick, and lasts forever. I've had this for about a month and I've been using it to make no kneed bread. 17.5 OZ four, 3/4 TSP salt, 1/4 teaspoon active dry yeast, 12 oz water. Mix all in a bowl and let sit for a day. Next day, punch down and make a loaf, wait 2 hours. Oven at 450, put the dough in for 30 minutes covered, 15 minutes uncovered. The bread alone is worth the price of this bad boy. Baked beans next week.....more info