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Symphony: Live in Vienna (CD & DVD) [Amaray]
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Product Description

In January 2008, Sarah Brightman recorded and filmed Symphony -- Live in Vienna within the mystical walls of Stephansdome Cathedral in the heart of where classical music evolved -- Vienna, Austria. Renowned for its awe-inspiring Gothic architecture, the cathedral was the perfect setting to enter the magical world of Symphony lead by the voice of the beautiful, gothic-angel. The concert includes repertoire from her album Symphony and some of her most popular songs ("Phantom of the Opera," "Time to Say Goodbye").

1. Pie Jesu
2. Fleurs du Mal
3. Symphony
4. Sanvean
5. Canto della Terra (duet w/Alessandro Safina)
6. Sarai Qui (duet w/Alessandro Safina)
7. Attesa
8. I Will Be with You (Where the Lost Ones Go) (duet w/Chris Thompson)
9. Storia d'Amore
10. Pasi¨®n (duet w/Fernando Lima)
11. Running
12. Let It Rain
13. The Phantom of the Opera (duet w/Chris Thompson)
14. Time to Say Goodbye
15. Ave Maria
16. Vide Cor Meum (*bonus track)

DVD extras:
The Production (interview with Sarah Brightman)
The Songs (interview with Sarah Brightman)
The Location (interview with Father Anthony Faber and historian Elisabeth Lloyd-Davis) Photo Gallery
Extras RT approx. 45 minutes
Total RT for combo pkgs approx. 75 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome DVD
    You have to be a fan of Sarah Brightman to appreciate this DVD. It is in my opinion the best she's done live. I just wish I could have been there. Love Phantom rendition and her duets....more info
  • Sarah's Symphony Is Spectacular
    Sarah Brightman. Sometimes, I just don't know which way I'm going. If I'm I'm going away from Sarah, she drags me back. Maybe, I just can't go away from Sarah. Maybe, deep down inside, I don't want to. But even if I try, she keeps bringing me back again.

    Such is the case with her SYMPHONY LIVE IN VIENNA release. (What do I have now, about 4 of these, bewtween the CD and the DVD)? Is 4 enough? I don't know. Maybe not, with Sarah.

    This incredibly, unbelievably talented lady takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride with her music. One minute you are peaceful, serene, listening to "LET IT RAIN". The next minute, you are 10 miles high, screaming along with the powerhouse "RUNNING". "THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA" will amaze you and enchant you. And one of MY favorites will always be the number "SYMPHONY".

    I'm not really sure of how to describe Sarah. Or her music. It's a mix I guess. Some Opera. Some hard-driving Rock. Some Pop. Some Orchestral music. Symphony. Choral. Chamber music. Take that and put it all in a blender and presto ... SARAH BRIGHTMAN.

    But ya know what? No matter what you want to call this, it has become one of my favorite 'types' of music. Sarah has a magical touch. Actually, she could just stand there. Nothing else. Just stand there, on stage, and you will love her.

    It's tough to tear myself away from Sarah. And her music. I find that, once I put one of her discs in, it's in for quite some time. Days. Even weeks. Before I replace it with something else.

    So, what am I saying here? I'm saying this: if you think you might like some Opera. Or, some Symphony. Or, some choral. Or, some hard-driving Rock ... all mixed together into some phenomenally remarkable music ... better check Sarah out....more info
  • Spectacular!!! Spectacular!!!
    I've loved Sarah Brightman since the beginning. (Hoping not to show my age). I at first had a hard time liking the Symphony CD because I was so used to her "theme" recordings like Eden and La Luna. But I must say, when I purchased this combination CD/DVD from Amazon...the DVD blew me totally away. The surroundings make each piece she sings so meaningful to me and the production value is ultra fine.

    The two duets with Alessandro Safina are spectacular and he is probably a better singer than Bocelli in my point of view.

    A very fine addition to Sarah's portolio of music.
    Marty Collica...more info
  • Thank you God!
    Unquestionably the best DVD Sarah has yet released (though La Luna and Eden were revelations.); Symphony in Vienna strongly reenforces my private conviction that her presence among us is good evidence that God actually does love mankind. Just marvelous in every regard! Thank you Sarah, for your art and also for not allowing the marketing of some overseas version with a bonus song or two that would cost us true believers huge sums of money....more info
  • I already had known....
    I have had this for about 5 1/2 months now, i bought it through PBS.($100.00). This is by far here best Dvd to date! 'Live In Las Vegas' is real good also, but the picture quality and sound on this is perfect. Also the lighting is wonderfull. I guarantee this will be your favorite dvd by her.....more info
  • Symphony DVD
    Awesome concert by the world's most popular soprano who has the voice of an angel. Thanks, Amazon, for the quick service....more info
  • Majestic, not exhuberant
    Sarah continues to exhibit a gorgeous figure and that celestial voice of hers in a solemn ambiance, quite opposite from previous exhuberant scenarios, as her Vegas show for example. This is one to just enjoy her renditions and not to be awed by impressive gowns or glittering surroundings. ...more info