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It's That Girl Again
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Product Description

With over 3 million albums sold and countless radio hits to her credit, Basia is a bona fide adult pop sensation. At the top of her game, she retired from the music business to concentrate on a quieter domestic life. Now she's back better than ever, still collaborating with her msuical partner Danny White, and delivering fresh songs that effortlessly update the beautiful spirit, timeless melodies and latin-jazz rhythms of her greatest hits.

Customer Reviews:

  • Put on your cha-cha shoes
    It's That Girl Again is a tunesmith's adventure in songwriting with imaginative production values that push the rhythm ever forward. The disc hasn't left my CD player in several weeks. Even when I'm not listening to it, it's playing in my head.

    The title track takes awhile to get under your skin but try shaking it off once it does, and it's just one of three unforgettable ballads on this CD, the other two being the melodious A Gift and the sublime Two Islands.

    But this is mostly a dance album to make your toes tap and your hips swivel. The opening track, If not Now, and Blame it on the Summer recall Basia's earlier forays into bossa nova. More pleasant surprises are in store with the Latin jazz of Someone for Everyone, and the tango tinged Love Lies Bleeding (which strangely puts me in mind of The Rocky Horror Picture Show). Basia even has a Macy Gray moment on the boisterous party song, Amelki Smiech, with Polish lyrics and a chorus of friends and family who raise a toast to living for the moment.

    They Know Nothing About Us is perhaps the best track on the album, using repetition of the lyric to great effect, within an inventive and haunting arrangement.

    There's also a recurrent James Bond sound to this album, most evident on the cha-cha-on-steroids delight, I Must. Call it a soundtrack in search of a movie.

    Producers Danny White and Basia shamelessly and effortlessly blend diverse sounds into what is best described as an album, quaint as that may sound these days. There's a remarkable integrity to their compositions: music and lyrics work together, and the songs cohere into a whole. Even the standard issue dance club tracks - On the Move and Winners - fit nicely into the track sequence.

    These two have a compelling way of pulling you into their world. Anyone who loves music will find it hard to resist. They deserve a Grammy....more info
  • Welcome back Basia, we've missed you!
    "Blame It On The Summer" and "Two Islands" are Basia at her best! I highly recommend this CD to her fans and hope we will not have to wait long for another. ...more info
  • Basia is back! And we're the winners!
    After a 15-year gap in her solo career (which doesn't count 2004's "Matt's Mood" Matt Bianco reunion album, also good), Basia is back with this album which feels like nearly no time has passed since her first superb solo effort, "Time And Tide". The album is really the spiritual sequel to her second album, "London Warsaw New York", which focused on a more bossa nova-style sound, as does this new recording. Her voice is as good as ever, with as much range. And the songs, co-written by Basia and her longtime collaborator/partner Danny White, sound fresh and exciting. Sadly missed is the late Ronnie Ross on baritone sax, the space filled by a competent but unremarkable tenor sax. Only the last two songs (one sung entirely in Polish with what sounds like a fake live audience; the other the title track) don't quite live up to the rest of the album. But that leaves 11 solid pieces of music which both takes you back in time and maintains a contemporary vibe. One of the tracks is called "Winners", and we are for having Basia recording again!...more info
  • It's that girl again
    True Basia, her voice is as good as ever! It's good to hear from her. Glad she's back!...more info
  • Well worth the wait!
    It's Basia, it's different and it's familiar and destined to be one of her best. I highly recommend this album!...more info
    The most welcome comeback of the year or any year is of course Basia. After almost giving up on ever hearing from her again, she released an album with Matt Bianco a few years back and thought, yeah, she's coming back. But then, nothing. Now she's back and better than ever. This collection of songs is superb. And it's the kind of album that I love, the more you listen, the more you love all of the songs. It is one of those albums that grow on you and that's the best kind. There isn't that instant gratification and then you are sick of the songs, this one takes its time to grow on you and that is exactly what a great album should do. The first three tracks are incredible with "I Must" being a stellar standout. "They Know Nothing About Us" is also a wonderful song. I couldn't be happier with a new Basia CD and hopefully she doesn't wait as long for the next set of songs. WELCOME BACK BASIA AND DANNY WHITE!...more info