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Sanyo VPC-FH1 HD 1080p Flash Memory Camcorder w/ 16x advance zoom (Black)
List Price: $499.99

Our Price: $415.02

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Product Description

Take stunning Full 1080p High Definition video at 60fps and amazing 8 megapixel digital photos! The compact Sanyo Dual Camera Xacti FH1 delivers high performance results with multiple features normally found on much higher priced video and photo cameras. The FH1 packs tons of features which are sure to please the most discerning user; including 600fps slow motion mode, face chasing technology which automatically read and corrects focus and lighting for up to 12 different subjects, and 16x optical zoom for video. Its compact design makes the FH1 extremely portable and easy to use. Videos, still photos and the various settings and menus can be easily accessed with the users thumb. The FH1s convenient design makes sharing videos and photos via social networking web sites, portable video devices like IPods, TVs and computers, a breeze.

  • Capture Full 1080p HD video (60fps) and up to 8-megapixel still photos
  • 16x advanced zoom for video; 10x optical zoom for photos
  • Face Chaser technology (can detect up to 12 faces for photos and videos)
  • Built-in still photo flash; High-Speed Sequential Shooting (12fps)
  • Capture video and stills to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • great little camera, still picture quality is OK
    so I got to review this product through Amazon Vine program, first impression is how small the camera is. It is very light and feels pretty solid. The screen is large, maybe not the best LCD out there but it works well. Almost no buttons so for someone who is looking for a simple to use camera this could be it. You have a lot of different quality settings for the movie mode. HD, 30fps, HD 60fps, web, VGA, etc. still trying to see which one works best when it comes to the HD mode. The battery is located on the bottom of the camera, the SD card slot is on the side, you have to open the screen to access it. There is a flash below the lens and the zoom is pretty powerful. Forget the digital zoom, x160 gets really noisy (duh). This is advertised as a dual camera (movies and stills), however I am not too impressed with the 8MP pictures, they are good but look very "digital", not very natural. I have been comparing it to the Canon Powershot SX1 (see my review) which is 10MP and has 20x zoom and full HD movie shooting for $100 (I think Canon is a better choice than Sanyo). But if you are looking for a small camera to carry everywhere, that allows you to shoot HD movies on SD cards and decent stills, it is still a good camera, however I would hope the price will go below $400 to make it really interesting. ...more info
  • Compatibility issue
    It is indeed a great camera, low light performance is amazing, although doesn't have image stability function, I found ever those that do have(like canon), I still have to use a tripod or monopod, so not a big deal. But there are a few main compaints:
    1 Customer service sucks, I had to hold the phone for 10 minutes before talking to anyone.
    2 The camera does not record date time information, asked customer service guy, He said it is impossible to record date/time info in video mode, so be careful not to lose the file date/time, otherwise you won't know when the video was recorded.
    3 Automatic White balance is not very accurate, had to use manual from time to time.
    4 Audio format is not compatible with ffmpeg(a popular video converter), I had to use "copy" mode to downgrade the videos. Although video format is recognized by ffmpeg(with some errors).
    5 Battery could be stronger, my old SONY camera goes for hours and hours, but this one max out at about 2 and half hours. ALthough I have to admit the battery is much smaller than SONY's.
    ...more info
  • A Solid 4-star camera. Excellent video quality. Would definitely recommend!
    Watch Video Here: The test footage (starts around 2:07 in the video - it was shot hand held) has been HEAVILY compressed and resized from 1920x1080! But hopefully, you can still get a general idea, especially the zoom capability. (the open boxing is obviously from a different camera)

    This camera is really easy to use. I did not have to read the manual, it's really user-friendly, but it's nice that they include an actual manual book for you! (Funny how when I wish I could use a manual, some manufacturers only include it on a CD!) However I did later read it to understand more about a certain feature; the manual is just as easy to follow.

    What I love most about this camera is the ability to set custom shortcuts to the 4 directional buttons on the camera. I love having greater control of the camera, so I set the shortcuts to quickly set manual focus (you can toggle between focuses), focus lock, exposure lock, and exposure compensation. This way, you can really have more quick controls of the camera than using the auto focus.

    It's simple enough, but if you want it more basic/restricted, you can set it to simple mode (not something I would use or care). All you get then is:
    video: select between HD and web quality
    focus: automatic and macro
    flash mode: auto, forced, off

    For video options, you can choose from:

    * Full-HR 1920x1080 (60 FPS HR) - you better have one powerful computer if you want to edit these files. But for simple cut/join edits, you can do that through the camera of course.
    * Full-HD 1920x1080 (60 field/s) - same reasons with above
    * Full-SHQ 1920x1080 (30 FPS SHQ) - recommended
    * HD-SHQ 1280x720 (30 FPS SHQ)
    * TV-SHQ 640x480 (30 FPS SHQ)
    * Web-SHR 448x336 (240 FPS SHR) - limited to 10 second-recordings
    * Web-UHR 192x108 (600 FPS UHR) - limited to 10 second-recordings
    * Voice Memo

    For Photos:
    * 12m 4000x3000
    * 8m-H 3264x2448
    * 8m-S 3264x2448
    * 6m 3264x1840 (16:9)
    * 2m 1920x1080 (16:9)
    * 2m 1600x1200
    * 0.9m 1280x720 (16:9)
    * 0.3m 640x480
    * 8m 3264x2448
    * 4m 2288x1712

    Focal = 5.95-59.5mm 1:2.0-2.8
    Filter size: 37mm (this is the size that you need if you want to attach a wider lens)

    Some pet peeve:
    - In the menu, it shows at the bottom in this order:
    but on the actual buttons, the Set button is on the left and the menu button is on the right, so I think that's how they should display it on the menu as well.

    - I wish the SD card door would just be a slide open mechanism instead or just not have it at all for quick removable.
    - Even though Sanyo is a Japanese company, ironically, there's no Japanese in the Language Option.

    I also have the TH-1 (720p) model, which is QUITE disappointing compared to this camera, but this one is definitely worth shooting with besides the obvious higher resolution; it performs much better in low lighting (quality is no comparison). On the TH-1, it's REALLY horrible when you shoot in low lighting. Low lighting is where most HD cameras hurt in quality. I'm sure it's not the best, but it's not the worst either when it comes to shooting in low light with this camera.

    The TH-1 model does not warn about not having an SD card inserted (because it has 43MB internal memory so it will show an internal memory icon), but this camera (FH-1) will constantly nag you about it because it has no internal memory. I noticed there are two extra options with this camera versus the TH-1: Photo Wide-D (compromises both dark and bright areas) and Photo Stabilizer

    I don't know if I received a broken remote, but the ON/OFF button did absolutely NOTHING. And yes, I've tried holding it for several seconds and from different directions. However, every other button seemed to work.

    Unless you hit record, the actual image on the screen is actually not the full sharpness quality; I believe they do this to prolong battery life when you're still setting up your shot. So it's better if you don't always rely on what you're looking at until you hit record.

    - 1080p - excellent video quality. It's HD!
    - I love the 4 button custom shortcuts!
    - Compact! (smaller than a soda can) yet has a large 3" LCD screen and amazing what it can produce despite its size
    - Impressive 16x zoom!
    - Image stabilizer (not bad... I can see it functioning)
    - Good battery life
    - Comes with standard composite(yellow; red/white)+S-video AND component (RGB - HD)
    - Comes with a small remote
    - It takes photos (definitely usable unlike the photo feature with the TH-1, which was horrible)
    - Files play smoothly on PS3! (take SD card out of the camera and use a card reader to it)
    - Cut/Join videos within the camera
    - Transfer directly to hard drive without a computer with the camera.
    - You can create new folders within the camera and set where you want the recording to go to.

    - Not Touch Screen
    - No automatic lens cover
    - No built-in memory
    - No external mic
    - Can't manual focus once you hit record. (however, you can still focus lock/unlock)
    - Tripod stand hole is not centered! (Why do they have to do this?!)
    - The set button has somewhat of a cheap feel

    Overall, I give this camera a SOLID 4 star rating. (And I am a pretty harsh rater and rarely give 5 stars) I am happy with the quality and the quick access to the manual controls. The price is just right too. I hope they will make a waterproof version of this (I know they have it for 720p). Definitely would recommend. ...more info
  • Love most features, but...
    Agree with most of the positive comments. Only letdown has been the portability of the MP4 files recorded. Currently trying to find a way to play on my PC using VLC. [...]...more info
  • Unimpressive Video Quality overshadows other impressive, competitive features
    I bought this camera after the positive reviews on "Amazon" & "CamcorderInfo". Last year I had bought a Sony HDR-SR12 (120GB HD Cam) for $1200 on Amazon and was impressed by its daylight performance. But Sony HDR-SR12 was Mediocre in low lights. Since this camera earned Best reviews for LowLight performance on Camcorderinfo, I went ahead and ordered it on Amazon. When I opened the box at night, I was impressed by its
    Small Size, Ergonomics, Low Light Performance, Battery Life. I could carry it in my cycling jacket and stop on the beach trails and shoot video. It can record upto 3 hours of video on single full charge. My Sony HDR-SR12 would die in 80 to 90 minutes i.e. half the battery time.

    ** However, when I played it back on my HD Monitor the video was not par with HD quality
    - The object details are not good. Object contours are blurred. Ex: in a good scenery trees look like a green ball.
    - When you zoom (optical) there is lot of shaking i.e. no optical stabilization. And of course how can one shoot videos without zooming.
    - Manual Lens Cover - I lost the lens cover...

    The whole purpose of owning a HD Camcorder is to have higher detail and real life videos. These days a top notch consumer SD camcorder (for far lesser price) will give you 100% better video than this camera.
    Video Quality cannot be compromised.

    In my opinion this camcorder though half the price of Sony, Panasonic or Canon is not worth HD or even SD video. It has lot of desired features (long battery, low light sensitivity, small form factor, good controls) but the Video Quality just kills all of them.

    ** Maybe it is good for you-tube videos or if you travel a lot and worry about quantity rather than quality.

    You will be stuck with your Life Moments in mediocre quality. Do you want to make another trip, just to have better videos?? NO.. I cursed myself after making 2 trips with this camera.

    Sadly, I have lost its Lens Cover cap (it is not automatic, manual cap) and would not be able to return it.

    I am going to up the ante and buy this year's 2009 Panasonic HD-HS300 currently selling for $1400.

    I gifted my Sony HDR-SR12 to my sister last year. The Daylight videos on that camera were sexy. Connect that camera to HDTV and you will be blown away with the colors, sharpness and details. ...more info
  • Letdown
    Had it Not been for the image stabilization of this camcorder, I would have given it a five star.
    After shooting and watching the results, I realized the video was too wobbly for me to watch for any length of time.
    Ok if you mount the camcorder on a tri-pod, or only shoot video in the wide mode.
    Use of zoom when recording in a hand-held mode was beyond what I would consider a watchable video.
    Sanyo ran up 99 steps, then fell on its face on the last one.
    I did return the camcorder....more info
    Great Camcorder!! What can I say? I did extensive research to find the best camcorder to purchase and I found it. The SANYO HD 1080P is a great camcorder and does everything you need it to do with exceptional video quality and the ease of an SD card. Thank you, Amazon, for giving me a great price on this fantastic camcorder! Five Stars !!! ...more info