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Power of Soul: The Way to Heal, Rejuvenate, Transform, and Enligh
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In the twentieth century, mind over matter was emphasized. In the twenty-first century, soul over matter will transform all life.The Power of Soul reveals divine soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices to transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls, and enlighten them in order to create love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.The Power of Soul teaches soul healing, soul prevention of sickness, soul rejuvenation, soul transformation of every aspect of life (including relationships and finances), and soul enlightenment. It offers you practical soul treasures to empower you to apply all of these teachings. This is the divine direction for the fifteen-thousand-year Soul Light Era, which started on August 8, 2003.The Power of Soul is the leading authority for Dr. Sha's entire Soul Power book series. The divine soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices in this book will lead humanity and all souls to the universe of soul over matter. This book shows humanity and all souls the way to heal, rejuvenate, transform, and enlighten all life.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Power of Soul
    Words cannot describe my appreciation for receiving this gift of divine wisdom, insight and knowledge. I have searched a lifetime for a book so complete, engaging and powerful. My deepest heartfelt praise once again goes to Dr. Sha for bringing the sacred relevance of soul enlightenment to the consciousness of humanity.

    The book is exquisitely written. It flows with ease and is a significant study into the power of the soul. Each of the chapters examines topics of human interest. The incredible downloads that are permanently imbedded in the book are priceless treasures that will endure the test of time; and they are yours to receive at any time. Such is the power and significance of this book and of the series of books to come.

    We are so very blessed to have the physical presence of great masters who willingly serve us from the depths of compassion and love. I am so very grateful to receive their wisdom from a lifetime of study, practice and refinement. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ...more info
  • Dr. Sha's Most Extraordinary Book to Date
    This is Master Zhi Gang Sha's definitive book on soul power. There are many topics including practices for developing the power of the soul, how to give a soul order, how to receive soul guidance, how to develop soul wisdom, karma, soul healing and prevention of illness, rejuvenation, transformation of relationships and finances, life transformation, and soul enlightenment. There are many "one sentence" secrets that give the essence of the teaching in only one sentence. Master Sha includes many practices, mantras, meditations, and blessings. In addition, both the book and the audio book include many "Divine Downloads" which are like a transmission of spiritual power. These downloads are divine souls that are a permanent gift to you. You can then use the "soul power" of these downloads to heal, bless, and transform your life and the lives of others. As you read specified paragraphs in the book or listen to the audio you will receive these divine soul downloads. Master Sha reads the unabridged audio version of the book which is on 11 CD's. As he reads the book you receive additional blessings just by listening. I highly recommend The Power of the Soul. ...more info
  • The Power of Soul
    The Power of Soul is one of the most powerful books, I have ever read. The practices are easy to do, but have powerful results. I feel the earth is in transition, and all humanity is in transition. This book is the book to assist humanity into Love, Peace,and Harmony. I would recommend anyone of any age to buy a book and not only read it but begin the practices. I have both the book and the cd's. I find quiet moments to read, then also times when I am multi tasking, or driving, that the cd's are fantastic. It would also make an excellent gift for a love one or friend. Every home should have a copy ---- and use it. ...more info
  • Transform Your Life
    The downloads offered in this book are easy to use tools to heal yourself and others. Anyone can use these simple techniques to remove karma and blockages in their life.

    There is also a free CD in the book for rejuvenation which carries Divine Light. I play it while sleeping at night to continue the healing process. The book gives powerful techniques for prolonging life and transformation which I use everyday. I recommend this book for everyone who would like to do service for others and to make faster progress in their spiritual journey. ...more info
  • The Power of Soul Offers Profound One Sentence Secrets
    The Power of Soul offers one sentence secrets and simple techniques and practices to heal yourself and others, to prevent sickness, to rejuvenate and prolong life, to transform the consciousness of humanity and every aspect of life, including relationships and finances. Dr. Sha will also show you how to reach soul enlightenment. This is a must reading for all who are on their spiritual journey. You will also receive many blessings by listening to Dr. Sha on The Power of Soul Audio Book....more info
  • Pages filled with new knowledge that will accelerate your healing
    While the books from Master Sha and his direct teachings have allowed me to learn how to self heal and heal others in need by first healing at the spiritual level, I have especially enjoyed the Power of Soul because Master Sha has provided the reader with more background on the ancient Chinese teachings and practices which Master Sha's current day teachings are based on. He continues to provide the reader with simple and practical things one can do every day to heal themselves at the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels. ...more info
  • Your Soul Has the Power to Transform Your Life
    Dr. Sha's latest book, The Power of Soul, is a book full of incredible wisdom and practices to help you heal, rejuvenate, transform, and enlighten all aspects of your life. Whether you are having difficulties with your health, relationships, finances or any other aspect of your life, this book provides practical information and tools to help overcome these difficulties. The major theme of the book is that your soul has tremendous power to transform all aspects of your life. You just need to ask. Through the simple practices in the book, Dr. Sha shows you how to do this. I have received many benefits from these practices, including transforming my workplace. My work environment is now more pleasant. People are working together much more easily.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in transforming their lives. Do the practices! You will be amazed at the difference they make in your life and those around you.
    ...more info
  • Speachless
    To write about a book flowed by an universal servant and diktated by God, is easy, I thought, nothing to citizice. Of course it is full of wisdom, witch open my eyes (unfortunately mot my third eye yet!) I am speachless, that God offers such priceless soul trashures by reading a book. And I know, all the devine souls I received helped me a lot. I am very greatfull for all the wisdom, Master Sha shares with us. The only problem I had by reading the book were the permanent interruptions caused by my 3 children and the dissabilitiy to concentrate on the partly long sentences, Master Sha invites us to chant. I permanently had to decrease the requirements because the wast abilities to chant for someones and one's own healing left me with a big urge to do a lot without having so much time to practice all the mantras. And I wished mem a simple way to chant all the various mantras in one sentence. But will it help as much?...more info
  • Not Merely a Book
    This is not really a book. It is more like a retreat that you go on. Dr. Sha shares words and concepts that might just answer some big questions for you. More importantly, you will grow intuitively and energetically - not just mentally. Includes "Downoads" or "Initiations" that permanantly improve you energeically but only if you wish. Also includes a CD of Dr. Sha singing his curiously moving "Soul Song for Rejuvenation." I enjoy singing along and find it very relaxing for use with meditation or relaxation. Book includes practices that help you to feel wonderful. A guidebook to the dawning age. Put it all into perspective!
    Aloha, Cloudia Charters, author of Hawaii novel: "Aloha Where You Like Go?" set in the Honolulu of Barack Obama's youth.ALOHA Where You Like Go?: From Survival to Satisfaction by Honolulu Taxi...more info
  • Another Awesome Book
    I love the Power of Soul. It contains new wisdom that touches my heart. Although some of the stories and antidotes are repeated from Dr. Sha's other books, it is okay because they are worth repeating. I love hearing the story about "Walter". It really brings home the point that if you are committed to doing the work, healing and transformation will occur. I think this is an extremely important piece. To use The Power of Soul means that you have to practice and do the work. If you are reading the book for enjoyment, that is fine. However, if you are seeking transformation, you need to use the wisdom and practice the exercises in your daily life. I think that it would be really, really awesome if Dr. Sha produced a companion audio CD to the Power of Soul where he does and demonstrates some of the most important practices. This may inspire the reader even more!

    ...more info
  • Road To Enlightenment Made Simple
    I have had the luxury of reading Taoist literatures on the path to enlightenment in the past which is often hard to understand and the practice difficult even for those with serious intentions. Now comes Master Sha with this gem of a book that is so easy to read, and practice so simple that anyone can embark on their spiritual journey. This book is worth its weight ten times in gold. Please rush out and buy this. This is truly divine treasures and teachings for the masses. Thank you, Master Sha. Thank you, Divine....more info
  • bset book I've read...
    master Zhi Gang Sha is just that, a Master. This book has many insights as to what is really going on in your life. There are explanations that will open you as to why you may have these experiences. The best part is that he teaches you techniques that are simple for healing all aspects of your life. There are soul treasures that are also given that you can't miss... A must read, it helped me transform a relationship I believed was doomed....more info
  • The Power of Soul
    The best book in Dr. Sha's servies to date. Loaded with practical easy to use information!...more info
  • The Power of Soul---A guidance for any challenge
    It is surprising to me that how simple and direct Dr. Sha introduces us the profound wisdom and power of the soul. It is written with highest intention and integrety to make the practical tools available to assist us with any challenge of life. It is hard to believe that the Divine we human beings always long for and speculate on is readily offering his love and light to us through the teaching and Divine downloads in this book.
    Last sunday in the church the scripture reading was from Mark 1:21-28-- " They went as far as Capernaum, and at once on the Sabbath he went into the synagogue and began to teach. And his teaching made a deep impression on them becase , unlike the scribes, he taught them with authority. And at once in their synagogue there was a man with an unclean sprit, and he shouted, 'What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are: the Holy One of God.' But Jesus rebuked it saying,' Be quiet! Come out of him!' And the unclean spirit threw the man into convulsions and with a loud cry went out of him. The people were so astonished that they started asking one another what it all meant, saying, 'Here is a teaching that is new, and with authority behind it he gives orders even to unclean spirits and they obey him.' And his reputation at once spread everywhere, through all the surrounding Glilean countryside."
    Doctor Sha's teaching on Karma and Divine Order helps me to understand the above Bible's story. Will our heart and mind open and be willing to listen the Divine messages offered from this book---The Power of Soul?
    All it takes is to be sincere and give it a try. ...more info
  • "The Power of Soul"
    Although I have a big family and a job, although my english is not so good, the book "The Power of Soul" was fascinating me so much, that I heard it in only a few days, some chapters even several times. Often I did the exercises directly.
    The exercises for family-relationship (page 205-210) were touching me extremly. We have got five children and the three boys have often not a good way to act with another. So I did these chantings immediately.
    Already while doing it, I could feel so much love and harmony in my heart. As I was coming home there was realy much more harmony between them on this day, no bad word, no fight.... Every time I do this exercises I can feel a differenz in the emotions at home.
    I'm so grateful for this book and the many ways I can transform my relationships and also my financies, or the ways I can use for healing me and others, and specially the advises for enlightening my soul.
    Thank you so much!!!
    The Power of Soul: The Way to Heal, Rejuvenate, Transform, and Enlighten All Life (Soul Power Series)...more info
  • Bless Your Soul's Journey
    The Power of Soul is by far the greatest book I have ever read. It has displaced about $1000 worth of books from my metaphysical library- I just traded them in so I could get more Power of Soul books and audiobooks for others. You see, I have been on this journey for a long time. And I have read many books, and half-read even more. Very, very few have ever so freely given the wisdom and practical knowledge contained in Dr Sha's writings. Unlike most enlightened teachers, who share Divine knowledge with only a handful of devoted students, Dr Sha freely shares all the knowledge and wisdom that is given to him by the Divine and his teachers. He is a rare true servant of humanity, Mother Earth and all souls. Anyone who has read any of his books or listened to any recordings, will tell you what what I mean. There is Divine presence there. Get The Power of Soul. The blessings are there- waiting for you. Apply the teachings. It will accelerate your Soul's journey. It will change your life....more info
  • Gain Past Lifetimes of Soul Intelligence, Wisdom & Knowledge to Use Now
    All of Master Sha's books share remarkable teachings and insights. However this book "The Power of Soul" goes to a much higher level in bringing new wisdom and teachings to light. It is a treasure trove filled with practices that gives one immediate results from healing relationships to longevity and rejuvenation. One very special practice that touched my heart is requesting my soul to deliver its intelligence, wisdom and knowledge from all previous lifetimes to my soul, heart mind and body in this lifetime. I am using this new practice chanting my new mantra and already I feel so much wiser! Thank you Master Sha. Thank you Divine. ...more info
  • Power of Soul Inspires
    The Power of Soul brings together brilliantly Dr. Sha's teachings and practices in a way that makes them accessible to everyone. It offers us ways of meeting, connecting to and experiencing the soul unlike anything else. I truly appreciate the chapter on karma and the simple practices on how to heal one's karma. It empowers us to take action toward transforming whatever suffering may be impacting our lives. I have used these practices with real results and taught them to my clients. Dr. Sha is indeed a Soul Master and encourages us to become the same. ...more info
  • The Power of Soul is Aptly Named
    The Power of Soul is aptly named. It is the most powerful book Master Sha has written. The wisdom revealed is important information for this time. Some of the statements he makes about the soul are deceptively simple. Several times after I read a sentence I realized that what he was saying was much more profound and far-reaching than my initial interpretation. There are many layers of meaning. The book significantly increased my understanding of the soul and the practices he describes are transformative....more info
  • Good book
    The Power of Soul: The Way to Heal, Rejuvenate, Transform, and Enlighten All Life by Zhi Gang Sha is a book that brings the "mind over matter" concept to a new level which is "soul over matter." The book teaches not just body and mind healing but `soul' healing. Through soul healing one can learn, soul prevention of sickness, soul transformation and soul rejuvenation. The book offers one sentence secrets and techniques to heal oneself. There are also soul secrets for your relationships and finances.
    If you still need enlightenment may I suggest my book as well.
    ...more info
  • deeply touched by the teachings in The Power of Soul
    Dr. Zhi Gang Sha's new book,The Power of Soul, is an intimate story of his own spiritual journey, which is a most inspiring study of his relationship with the Divine.
    He generously teaches us to respect, value and love ourselves and our own healing ability. He shares methods and modalities from his own life's study of Ancient Wisdom to help us all to connect with our soul to heal and also to prevent sickness. He calls this "Soul over Matter" to empower each of us to transform our lives.
    I am deeply touched and filled with gratitude to learn about the power of soul. Thank you....more info
  • Use the Force!
    This book invites the reader to find the hidden words within the book. Reading this book is like going on a treasure hunt, and by following the guidance offered, taking the time to do the practices for at least the recommended times these treasures are revealed. It is like being given a key to heaven and then bringing heaven's secrets to earth. It is the words of gratitude expressed over and over that open up these treasures. On page 79, for example, we find these words, "We cannot thank, we cannot honor the Divine enough for bringing these tresures to humanity and all souls at this time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." It is this constant expression of gratitude that paves the way for the power of soul. If you have ever wondered how you could "use the force" depicted in the Star Wars films, this book is for you. It is the handbook that teaches just how to do that....more info
  • Survival Handbook for the Human Soul!
    If we are souls having a human experience than this is the soul survival handbook for every aspect of human life. Master Sha has created a very clear and direct process to heal your life and evolve your soul. His energy beams out from inside the pages of this book. This book is a genuine blessing to all humanity. Thank you Master Sha! I love you! ...more info
  • My Spiritual Journey
    Since young I was very conscious that there was something missing in my life. I had no idea what I was looking for and where to start my search. I just knew it was incomplete. How I wish this "The Power of Soul" book was available years ago? It would have provides me with the direction, explanations and understandings to the many events that had occurred in my life that I could not comprehend. Not only is this book simple to read, it also contains many powerful and life transforming practical treasures that are easy to practice and apply to all aspects of our life. Mankind is indeed blessed to have access to such a goldmine....more info
  • The information in this book is a Jewel among many Jewels!
    This book has profound wisdom that is easily explained. Inside this book are new perspectives on why things happen, the way they do....more info
  • Divine Treasures: Divine Soul Transplant Download
    The Power of Soul not only reveals the divine secrets, wisdom, kowledge of the Soul: but also offers practices to transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls. It carries the mission to create a love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.

    The healing power of the soul and benefits this book offers are beyond our imagination.

    One day, my wife called me that Mr. Shawn got his arm burned and it was very painful. I drove down there to offer a simple healing. I gave him the book "The Power of Soul" to receive the "Divine Soul Transplant of Divine Love"(P42).

    I told him that he needed to chant "Dear divine soul of Divine Love. Pleae give me a healing for my arm." at least 15 minutes a day.

    A week later, I called him to check his recovery, and he was so exited to let me know that his arm was healed. Mr. Shawn had been reading the book and chanting more than 30 minutes every day.

    I felt so grateful I can help someone to release the pain, and here I strongly recommend every reader to apply the Divine treasures to your daily life.

    Read it.
    Apply it.
    Practice it.
    Appreciate it.

    This book will transform your life. ...more info
  • This is a book that reveals the purpose of life
    I have been attending seminars, meditation tours, and practicing with several masters to search for the answer of "what's the purpose of life?". However, I never get a clear picture. In the book of The Power of Soul, it reveals divine soul secrets, wisdom, and knowledge, and finally I start to understand why we all want to serve and why everything happened the way it is.

    The Power of Soul is a easy to read book and also a practical book to show humanity the way to heal, rejuvenate, transform, and enlighten all life. It is a book full of wisdom. I highly recommand to the people who are on the spiritual journey.

    with love...more info
  • Life Transforming
    I have been listening to the audio book Power of Soul read by the author, Dr. Sha. The wisdom of his message has touched my heart beyond words. I have been practicing the Soul transforming ideas Dr. Sha is discussing and I am already feeling a lightness and a deep happiness. I truly feel these words of wisdom are impacting my relationships and my finances in a positive way. I look forward to listening many more times to this audio book and plan to share it with many friends. Truly transformative...more info
  • Learn to get in touch with your Soul
    Dr. Sha sets out the steps necessary to live life from Soul. They are easy and extremely transformative. If you wish to heal an ailment, bring financial prosperity or loving relationships into your life, then you are given the exact steps to do this. However, you do have to take responsibility and practice to achieve your goals. Just try it and you will see changes almost immediately....more info
  • Soul leads the way.........
    Another great book from Master Sha and the Divine!!.
    As many in the new age/metaphysical community know ,the veils are thinning rapidly,as this occurs we have access to higher and higher levels of our Souls.Many are being made aware of this through synchronicities,intuitive guidance and daily occurences...this book is a great resource and exercise book to greatly assist all in connecting on a more concious level with their souls so their lives can flow more gracefully and be a greater reflection of their souls expression.This book explains the role Karma plays in our lives,the infinite potentials of our souls to heal,rejuvenate ,transform and enlighten all aspects of our lives on all levels as well as practical guidance on how to communicate with all souls in all universes!!What could be more valuable at this time in our ascension process!.Master Sha is an unconditional universal servant who has been given the honor to clear personal and ancestral karma,enlighten our souls and much,much more...I highly recommend you go to [...] and learn more,these are opportunities all souls are eager to grab...don't miss them!!

    Love Rick...more info
  • "The Power of Soul" transforms personal, financial, economic and social hardships.
    We live in a time of great transition on Mother Earth. Our economy and our financial markets are undergoing radical shifts. Many people are losing their homes, their jobs, their sense of comfort and financial security.

    The old ways of operating in society and on Mother Earth are no longer working. As part of the human race, we can no longer continue to be greedy, self-centered, selfish and materialistic. We are experiencing climate changes and natural disasters at an unprecedented rate. We see political unrest and shortages of food and resources around the globe. Those that are sensitive know we are in the midst of enormous changes. How do we cope with the fear and uncertainty of the times we live in?

    The answer is surprisingly simple, read the "Power of Soul". In no other book will you find soul secrets, soul knowledge, soul wisdom and soul practices that will transform your consciousness, enlighten your soul and transform every aspect of your life. Do the practices, absorb the teachings, this is the formula to transform your life. "The Power of Soul" will teach you the true purpose of your life. The knowledge and practices will transform your life from a sense of uncertainty and fear to service and gratitude for humanity and all souls in the Universe.

    Please join this global movement to heal your own soul, mind and body. Heal your loved ones. Heal our planet. Transform your consciousness and the consciousness of humanity. Transform the consciousness of all souls.
    Read and practice "The Power of Soul".
    ...more info
  • Magic Moments In My Car!
    As I drive through town, my car feels like it is light as a feather while I am listening to Dr. Sha's reading of The Power of Soul. There is so much ancient and easily-used wisdom given from his readings of this great book. The healing vibration of his voice makes this audio book very different from any other one I have ever heard! In the next century, I predict that this book will be an extremely valuable commodity. I am going to buy as many as I can and save for my heirs. ...more info
  • Divine Immunity Keeps My Friend Healthy
    This is an amazing story about the power of soul and Divine downloads from a friend of mine who went to a book signing with Master Sha in October 2007.

    His Story:
    "Like I told you in person, I can't believe that since meeting Dr Sha last year, and having him bless me with a Divine Immune System, that I actually have not had so much as a COLD since then. Normally I would have had at least one pretty bad cold, plus maybe another occurance of Bronchitis, or at least the flu in 1 year. It's been over 20 years since I haven't been sick in over a year!!

    I believe that Dr Sha's gifts have helped boost my immune system more than I could have imagined. And I can turn it on anytime I want to. That is truly awesome!
    Thank you so much."

    My friend traveled extensively after receiving his download from Master Sha. Bicycling in Hawaii for several weeks, then in New Zealand for several months. He is currently in Australia, touring the country from East Coast to West Coast. Still without a sniffle! He told me that when he feels like he might have overdone it, he turns on his treasure.
    Way to go!!!

    Thank you Master Sha & Thank you Divine for keeping my friend in good health.
    ...more info
  • Profound Blessings of the Power of the Soul
    If some area of your life is stuck and you're in a hole, this book offers both a rope and a ladder. The short, simple exercises and examples cover all aspects of life .....and best of all they work. I cannot thank Master Sha enough for bringing this profound wisdom to humanity. My life has been so blest since been reading his books. This book, The Power of Soul, is by far his greatest gift yet to all of us. Thank You...more info
  • The Power Of Soul by Zhi Gang Sha
    I have only recently been introduced to the teachings of Dr Sha and this book has gone a long way to elucidating them in a very thought provoking and comprehensive manner. I urge all seekers of spiritual truth to spend some time pondering within its covers. Like me, it may even challenge those of you more steeped in unconventional understandings of the spiritual path. Either way by practicing some of the techniques offered, you may also find, that regardless of the somewhat repetitive recipes, there is something uncannily powerful about the results you can achieve....more info
  • Rejuvenation
    After my sessions of doing energy work with clients, I would feel drained. Since reading the Power of Soul it has changed my life. Now, I call Master Sha's connection into my lower dan tien to replenish and it rejuvenates me. I am more revitalized. This book and teachings are what humanity has been waiting for. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....more info
  • The Power of Soul - An Amazing Book
    The Power of Soul by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is a very easy reading book that gives you many one sentence secrets and downloads to heal, bless and transform your soul, mind and body to help you in all aspects of your life. The chapter on Karma was especially interesting in that we are all connected in our relationships with our family and friends and even co-workers at work because of karma in the past and that we must work through those relationships in this life. Master Sha's book has helped to transform my life and I hope it will also help to heal, bless and transform your lives as well with the many practical practices in the book. ...more info
  • Experience a "Personalized Workshop" on Soul Power
    This latest book by Dr Sha guides us on journey revealing more knowledge, secrets and treasures of the Soul. You will receive unlimited blessings to your soul, mind and body via his core teachings and spiritual wisdom and divine revelations. You will learn and apply practical, hands-on techniques for self-healing and healing others. You will receive permanent Divine Blessings [Downloads] which can be transmitted to you just by following his instructions in the book. And, this is just the beginning. You have 24/7 access to continually read, practice, apply, explore whatever resonates within you. This is the perfect opportunity to create customized and private "workshop" designed and directed exclusively by your Heart and Soul which you can attend over and over again. I highly recommend using the audio book as a companion in the Power of Soul experience. ...more info
  • Great book, great One sentence secret.
    There are lots of one-sentence secrets in the book. These simple sentences contain profound wisdom.
    Here is an example: "The purpose of the spiritual journey is to serve others."(Page 97) As I saw this sentence, many questions just became clear to me.
    Once a time, a lady who was very serious about her soul journey said to me that the most admirable masters to her were those who were reclusive. For a long time, I held this kind of thought too. This is because I try to separate the spiritual journey from the physical life and I though they can't exist together. And I believed to pursue on the spiritual journey, I must avoid the physical world.
    But if all masters are reclusive, how could the ordinary people find them, find the teaching? Many Christians tell me that to be saved is to believe, nothing else. When I read this sentence, I realized that why Jesus' devoted students, Peter and Paul, cost their lives to spread the teaching of Jesus. Did not they believe in Jesus? If belief itself could make them saved, could bring them to God, what was the benefit of spreading teaching at the cost of lives? From Master Sha's teaching, the higher you soul standing, the closer you come to God. Another one sentence in The Power of Soul - "You are serving. Heaven is uplifting your soul standing".
    In the book, many chapters are about healing, rejuvenation, relationship and even finance and business. Are these spiritual? Now they are yes to me. We really cannot separate the spiritual life from the physical life, because we have a body. In Tao De Ching, there is saying like this: The only reason that I have trouble is that I have a body. If I do not have a body, what kind of trouble can I have? In the book, "The physical journey is to serve the soul journey." Now it makes sense to me why Jesus taught people love, to care of others. All these are to serve. The high level spiritual practice is to serve others.

    I follow Master Sha, extremely appreciate his teaching and love his books. Like all Master Sha's other books, The Power of Soul is a combination of knowledge and practice. Doing practice as instructed (typically 3 to 5 minutes) when reading the book, gives you the benefit just like you are with Master Sha in his workshop.

    Read many times, get inspired many times and transform the life further.
    ...more info
  • A real guide for anyone on a Soul Path
    No matter where you are starting from, no matter what your goals are this new text by Master Zhi Gang Sha provides concrete instructions to get you there. His simple methods include effective meditations for purification, boosting energy, clearing blockages, opening your heart & soul and so much more. If you have been on a path with other teachers, the depth of this teaching will be immediately apparent. If you are just starting out, they easy to follow instructions to simple practices will bring joy quickly to your day. Really, don't miss this one! ...more info
  • Power of Soul
    Very Enlightening. A must have for healers and those on a soul journey of empowering themselves and others to heal. ...more info
  • A remarkably comprehensive book on the Soul
    I have been meditating, reading spiritual books of many traditions, attending retreats, and listening to spiritual leaders for nearly 40 years. I found this book to be a very compelling read. It addresses every facet of spirituality I have ever heard of and then some. The Soul Transplants contained within this book are an entirely new phenomena. This is a new era in spirituality. I strongly encourage anyone interested in spirituality to consider this intriguing book....more info
  • The Reference Source for your Spiritual Enlightenment!!
    The Power Of Soul is the most important reference source you will find for your spiritual development. Master Sha reveals secrets for you and your soul journey.
    These secrets are necessary knowledge so that you can hasten your enlightenment by making less mistakes in your life.
    Master Sha also provides you practices that are explained in the book to speed your enlightenment and assist changing your karma.
    If you don't have time to read, I reccomend the audio CD book which I found to be very convenient.
    Love and Light!!
    Craig...more info
  • A breakthrough for one's consciousness
    This book is not just an ordinary book. It is well beyond any book ever written in words before. This book will raise one's consciousness as if one was sitting with an enlightened master and learning the hidden secrets of meditation,the soul and inner growth. It is amazing to imagine as I read the words in this book that I am not sitting next to the master himself. The words are so miraculously healing and every sentence is so tangible. I find myself reading each chapter numerous times to make sure that I have received the essence and the magic in what the author is telling me because it is obvious how important each word is for the soul's journey forward. This is a not-to-miss book if one is serious about one's journey toward enlightenment of the soul in this Soul Light Era....more info
  • The Power Of Soul, Zhi Gang Sha
    Being a student of Master Zhi Gang Sha for a couple years now, I was familiar with and immensely enjoyed many soul transplants and soul treasures, but still find it most intriguing to learn more and more about their value and benefits. What an "aha" and incredible feeling to know now. that I can give Soul Orders to my soul to heal. Master Sha shares this incredible secret in The Power of Soul book just recently released. The book shares how to transform your soul intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, to heal, rejuvenate, prevent sickness, transform relationships, finances and even transform your soul journey. A masterpiece for the serious soul journey student. I encourage you to read it, practice it and live it. Janet...more info
    The Power of Soul is a must read for anyone who seeks spititual growth and also for those who wish to embrace 'The Age of Aquarius' or 'Soul Light Era'.

    If we seek alignment with our own souls (the 1st master, in the Alice Bailey teachings) we can then identify with the Oversoul, i.e. our essential oneness. All souls are one with the Oversoul and in our personal soul alignment we help foster our connectedness to all life and help to bring about the long awaited world peace and the kingdom of God on earth.

    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the influence that these teachings and pratices will have on the future of all humanity.
    Thank you God, Thank you Dr. Sha, and thank you, the reader....more info
  • In Demand at the hospital
    This is a fantastic book, easy to follow and understand. Even for those people with absolutely no medical background. Yes, I work in healthcare, but that does not apply in this situation.
    The great thing is that ANYONE can follow the self-healing instructions.

    I brought a copy of this book to read on transit, on the way to work. Later that day at lunch time, I lent it to a co-worker. She then in turn, showed it to another person who also wanted a copy to have and to read. I promised that I would get a few copies so that they could share with their loved ones. This book also comes with a free cd for Rejuvenation.
    What a great gift to share!
    ...more info