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  • great action movie
    im not going to metion that some asspects of the movie are like skynet but there was some fresh movie acting and a few new turns .i thought this movie was a must see if you like action movies.
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    I was very entertained by the first forty minutes but when my friend told me it's a great film, I had my doubts, I waited for the film to settle down and then give it a rethink. One hour into the film, I was hoping it wouldn't stretch too long. Not because I was sleepy but because I realized what a poor script it is. And just when I started to think this Shia guy isn't as bad as I've always thought he was, I realized he is what is wrong with this film. The film is not clever at all. There are many scenes that last for less than one second, almost all are action filled. In the second half, it is a jumble of storylines, twists, concerned eyes, speed and self loveth logic. The actress was horried and so was pretty much everyone invovled in the plot. I don't understand what is wrong with three of my friends who loved this film. The lowest rating they gave it was an 8/10 and they almost looked hurt when I told them what I thought.

    Shia is not a good actor. He should go back and get a degree or two and try to save our economy. The actress has bad skin and made it difficult for me to concentrate on her dialogues. The film never really settles down and when it does it looks campy, cheesy and torturous. Believe me, by no strength of imagination am I the sort of person who considers his time of prime importance, but this film gave me quite a moodswing.

    I know it will be a hit and I'm happy the producers will get there money worth. I realize I like the other two films by the actor more. I think it was a waste of good resources. Wanted was better and tolerable.

    This is the sort of film that will make it big on movie rentals but it's just so badly directed.

    I loved Billy Bob Thorton in The Man Who Wasn't There but I must say the man gets really silly roles and aside from the Coen brothers collaboration, he hasn't done one single worthy film.

    I rest my case, the Entourage episode in the morning was today's highlight.

    bye. ...more info
  • Boooo....ring
    Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) is one of those guys who likes no one, and whom no one likes---especially his Dad. After his twin brother is killed in a freak car accident, everything goes haywire. Always broke, Shaw grows no more likable when he finds $700,000 in his bank account---and a huge selection of ammunition, weapons, chemicals and so on in his flea bag one-room rental.

    With the FBI on his tail, Shaw starts getting cell phone calls and flashing digital sign messages (along highways and in bus stations) instructing him to steal cars, disguise himself and swipe a small steal brief case presumably containing top secret digital weapons. Along this totally unbelievable route, Shaw is forced by powers unknown to work with Rachel Hollomon (Michelle Monaghan), a single mom whose son is threatened with death if she does not do as the identical unidentified female cell phone voice commands.

    Supposedly, Big Brother can watch every last move a person makes, so much so, that their lives are an open book, from the time they began to walk and picked a favorite color, until the present day. This gives a huge government computer, citing the U.S. Constitution, enough power to commandeer hundreds if not thousands of people nationwide to do its dirty work to overthrow the government, which the computer believes has abused "We the people."

    The entire plot, like the chain of command characters, is utterly absurd. The film is poorly acted. And the film is just plain --- boring. Skip it....more info
  • Transformers meets Bourne Identity
    There's a very short, fairly lame, making of featurette on this DVD. At one point somebody says, we wanted to make the action real, we wanted people to live the action, we wanted people to remember the action in this fim.

    Well, action you get. Acting and story, you don't. Yes the chase scenes are amazing, there's some hair raising action. It all looks like another LaBeouf movie, Transformers, without the really cool CG effects or robots. So that does make these chase scenes lame or cool, depending on what you like.

    Story, well you don't get much. This film tried to be a Bourne Identity mystery. Instead, it's just another silly potboiler thriller. It tries to be all Washington DC, consipracy theory, all seeing movie. Sadly there are so many moments where the shark jumps, it's impossible to believe any of the nonsense that goes on. There just isn't enough space to call out all the non-sequitors in this film. It's actually like many reviewers have said, Shia, why didn't you just let those calls go to voice mail? Unknown caller? You don't answer those calls.

    Oh there are some really mornonic homages to 2001 A Space Odessy. Aria, the evil computer, has a red ball that looks like Hal's. She discovers the plot against her through wave patterns in a coffee cup. They try to dismantle her by removing her memory banks. She uses a crane to wipe people away. It's all too awful really. 2001 was a fabulous movie, it's sad when a piece of not so good film making does things like this.

    Shia is really tiresome in this film. He's done nothing of note since Holes (Holes (Full Screen Edition)). It's very hard to take him the least bit seriously. Billy Bob Thorton is decent in this film, be he's also hit that stupid stride with his music playing. And it just seems to rub off in this film. He jumped character way too often. The only bright star, Michelle Monaghan, and only because she is beautiful to look at. Acting-wise, well some decent moments in this film.

    Technically, yes it was well shot. Yes we learn in that Making Of featurette that the car crashes were "real", they avoided CG as much as they could. And that is supposed to make the movie more thrilling and "real." Oh just give me back the CG, there was nothing all that special about the crashes. In fact the tunnel crash of the truck flying in the air - I couldn't understand how that airplane, with very little clearance, didn't crash right into that truck. Real or not, the slo-mo was way over used.

    This film is about 45 minutes too long. You could very easily run this film at 4x speed during the conversations and actually miss very little of the plot line. The chases were fine, about the right length. All the nonsense inbetween, cut it away.

    The single disc DVD has really bad deleted scenes. They all belong in the garbage can. There were only 4 scenes, one of which, I found hard to figure out what was different from the film. The making of featurette is around 4 minutes long, and is moderately interesting.

    Rate PG-13, violence, some strong language here and there. No nudity. No sensual scenes at all. It's a very chaste film. But, a ton of stuff gets blown up and crashed.

    Just didn't care for this film very much. The chase scenes were fine. The rest, trash can. Don't waste your time, watch the Bourne series over again, it's time better spent....more info
    This is the 2nd worst movie I saw this year. Body Of Lies was even worse.
    Hang your cell phone up on this one. ...more info
  • Entirely believable
    In the same tradition as Enemy of the State, this thriller was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I really enjoyed the blending of existing technology and the further step this film took. For all of those out there saying the technology in this movie is bogus, YOU ARE WRONG!! I have seen this technology with my own eyes and it does exist. I am refering to the tracking systems located in Department of Defense holdings. What is amazing to me was the intricate plot that the movie had. Anyone who thinks that this world of surveillance does not exist is living in a fantasy. Can someone say PATRIOT ACT??? But it was a cool movie with great action. I was glued to the screen in a way that I haven't been in a long time. Also a good film to display the great quality of your HD home theater. What else can I say, of all the newer movies out right now this is one you should buy. ...more info
  • Film prenant et divertissant
    Blu ray avec VFF et STF pour le film et les bonus. Bon film prenant et divertissant....more info
  • damn good show
    the show was a great one and it will be one of my familys favorites for a long time...more info
  • Omnipotent Government.
    _Eagle Eye_ (2008) starring Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monagan is a disturbing film which makes the predictions of 1984 look limp by comparison and offers a very real and imminent possibility. This film features a super-computer capable of controlling the lives and actions of all the citizens of the United States. Certain citizens are singled out by the computer for no apparent reason and drafted into the secret war being waged against the United States president for his violation of the Constitution. What is most eerie about this film, is the way it shows that technology has overtaken society and all actions and thoughts are capable of being monitored. In the film, both stars are singled out by the computer for various reasons and made to take part in the planned action against the president. Since technological devices (including cell phones, blackberries, computers, street signs, and overhead projectors) are ubiquitous in any given city it is possible for the computer to access the location of the citizens anywhere and also impossible for them to escape its grip. Thus, we learn how freedom is imperiled by emerging technologies which already are amongst us capable of controlling our very actions. As it turns out, the entire computer system has been implemented in an effort to fight terrorism. However, the costs prove to be enormous as it becomes apparent that in fighting terrorism all freedom has been lost. This film is certainly quite eerie when one considers the ubiquitous presence of spy technology in our society and the fact that every action is being recorded....more info
  • "Disobey and you die."
    Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) is an ordinary young man working at a copy center when he suddenly finds himself on the run from the FBI. A woman's voice on the phone has him racing all over the place and facing death at every turn. Running with him is a young mother (Michelle Monaghan) whose son will be killed if she and Jerry don't do what they're told. They make their way to Washington, D.C. and finally find out who is controlling their every move.

    I've enjoyed Shia LaBeouf before and was expecting another movie showcasing his boyish charm. Sadly, this film didn't give him a chance to really shine; it's just one frantic, chaotic, mad dash from place to place with a bunch of explosions and implausible escapes from death. The intensity level is always at 99% which leaves no time to really get to know LaBeouf's character. He's in a constant state of fear and we don't know why until the very end. The voice on the phone telling Jerry what to do and where to go has the ability to control any and all machines and systems he comes in contact with; this starts out pretty preposterous and goes all the way to "Huh?!"

    None of the incredible, non-stop action scenes could really happen, but if you love explosions and don't need a story that makes sense, this is the movie for you....more info
    Excitement and you get the bang for the buck... simply put don't miss it! It's fab-U-lous!...more info
  • Pleased
    The movie is great and I received it expeditiously. I am pleased with my purchase....more info
    ...more info
  • Amalgamation almost works
    "Eagle Eye" had some exiting action, there were some exciting stunts, some acceptable acting, but in the end the writing is what killed the movie. If you have seen, I, Robot (Widescreen Edition),Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete First SeasonWar Games (25th Anniversary Edition),or read the recent hit Novel Daemon you will have seen it done much better.

    On the other hand if you want to turn your brain off for an hour and a half, there are some of the worlds favorite actors moving around at a fast pace and visual movie, so it is not a total waste of time (if you do in fact have time to waste).

    2 ? *
    ...more info
  • Please leave your phone number and i'll cal back...
    I did hesitate to get-it, 3.5 star, the transformer dude in it, well it's a Spielberg movie, it can't be that bad, I find a special, I did get it use for almost noting. I did put it on my monster entertainments center and I couldn't sit comfortably deep in to my chair. The movie keeps e me on the edge of my chair almost the all time. Well it's not like transformer but it's a most see. Spielberg did-it again. Man I wish there was movies like that coming out every week. Na it would be too expensive.
    Excellent story maybe kind of dj-vue but so well done I couldn't see it coming, nice acting, allot of fast action, no time to think, non stop just do-it or die.

    I don't know why this movie didn't get a lease 4.5 star and be a block-buster. I recommend-it to anyone who like allot of action, suspense, perfectly acted and put together by a master in the field. I can care less of critics this is a good movie. I should get it in blue-ray, it's that good....more info
  • Great Escapist Entertainment
    After, having a huge success with Distrubia; director DJ Caruso & it boy Shia Labruf reunite for the equally impressive film, Eagle Eye. Caruso has had his share of flops (Taking Lives, anyone) but with Distrubia he pretty much hit pay dirt and will without a doubt, make movies for years to come. Eagle Eye reminded me of Enemy Of The State in a lot of ways, and being that I'm a consiprasit, I could identify with the film and its paranoia. Shia Labruf (who I'm not tired of yet) turns in another good performance and he easily shows why in the next three to five years he'll be on Hollywood A-list. The nature of the film doesn't require Shia to be a hard-core action star, he's just an everyman put in a situation he doesn't want to be in. Michelle Monaghan does all right in the film but she has yet to equal her performance in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The rest of the cast from Anthony Mackie & Rosario Dawson to Billy Bob Thornton all walk through their roles with ease. Eagle Eye is nothing more than popcorn escapist entertainment, and I can wait to see Shia in Transformers 2....more info
  • more than i expected
    is it far fetched??!! or could this really happen!!?? Big Brother is watching you with a whole new meaning! ...more info
  • eagle eye
  • Wamp Wamp....
    Terrible movie, saw it in theatres. Shi laBeof was good in Disturbia, but that doesn't mean he should play the exact same charecter the rest of his life...Plot is boring and extremely predictable, do not waste your time......more info
    This was a really good movie! I recommend you rent it and download it to get the best quality because the roku thing sometimes sucks if you don't have an hd laptop (or PC) because even with a high-speed cable modem like mine, the gigs don't support it and it gets choppy, but when I downloaded it instead, it worked awesome! Amazon rocks! Eff netflix! I'm using amazon every chance I get! I love you Amazon! And Shia LaBeouf is pretty frickin good in this. I don't usually go for these types of movies, but it is pretty good. It's no Minority Report, but it IS very thoroughly entertaining! I highly recommend it if you like the thriller "don't know what's going on until the end" kind of movie. Sit back and enjoy with friends or a date - they will enjoy!...more info
  • Action-packed, Gret Audio/Video
    This Blu-ray is great. The storyline is fun and entertaining, though somewhat predictable. The hi-def audio and video is fantastic.
    I highly recommend this film....more info
  • Frenetic action with themes of Matrix/iRobot/Minority Report
    From the very beginning of the movie the pace is set, and it doesn't stop. In fact, the two slow parts of the movie are the first minute and the last minute - everything in between is non-stop action that keeps your attention during this just under 2 hour movie.

    Avid movie watchers will see themes from other movies embedded in Eagle Eye - a story that revolves around a military artificial intelligence that monitors pretty much EVERYTHING. From mobile phones to surveillance cameras to electrical and utility grids, the AI monitors the United States and reports back on possible threats to the security of the country. Typically these threats are reported to the Department of Defence, but the AI is empowered to act upon them in any way necessary.

    The AI has a similar feel to Flight of the Navigator - an "all-seeing-eye" that can roam around the room looking into globes that provide information and communication. There are also water elements in the AI room that are reminiscent of Minority Report, and "all powerful" elements like War Games.

    The characters are thrown into the world of terrorism, government conspiracy, and are pitted against the FBI and the Department of Defense as a strange voice on their phones directs their every move (against their will). What will they do to not only save the son of the female lead, but as we discover, save the entire power structure of the United States from a supposed terrorist threat?

    This movie features INTENSE car chases - with all the associated explosions and collateral damage. Most of these effects are NON-digital as you learn in the behind the scenes featurettes on the DVD. This adds realism and excitement to the movie. There is also a very intense chase scene in the baggage handling facility of an airport that will leave the viewer thinking they are on a wild roller coaster.

    I found myself on the edge of my seat during much of the movie - even with all those memories of past movies with similar AI themes. This one makes it fresh by wrapping a new set of action sequences and character development around the AI in a new and exciting way.

    You'll also want to watch the gag reel on the dvd for an absolutely hysterical sequence between Billy Bob Thornton and Rosario Dawson - not to be missed.

    Genuine acting, exciting action sequences, and tasteful special effects give this movie four full stars from me. The only reason I did not give it five full stars is due to lack of originality in the AI concept....more info
  • Great Movie
    This is a great movie. I loved it when I saw it in the theater, and couldn't wait to see it again. It came earlier then expected. ...more info
  • Great Movie
    Very good movie. Lots of action throughout the entire movie and the quality on blu-ray is excellent!...more info
  • Excellent Movie Great Blu_Ray Quality
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. Although I did get this at a great price from Amazon, the delivery time was ridiculous. If they cant get me a movie quicker than this again I have my doubts if I will order anything else from them. ...more info
  • A Techno Thriller
    I always enjoy movies that intertwine futuristic technology and crime. This move reminds me of IRobot because it the ending. Some of the parts were a bit cheesy, but overall it was a not too phony movie and provided an enjoyable time....more info
  • Eagle Eye (Blu-ray)
    Movie - 4.0

    When I first saw the trailer, I had no clue what the movie would turn out to be other than some kind of conspiracy-thriller. To my surprise, I saw it in theaters with a friend and enjoyed it, mainly for the chasing around, but also for the characters and the subtle philosophical conspiracies of privacy, control, and over-reliance on technology (which a lot of these titles usually do). In particular, I really like Jerry Shaw (played by Shia LaBeouf) and the way he progresses through the movie. His journey strikes me as a sort of intrinsic desire that everyone has to try their hardest in order to make an honest living, with some of us making it higher on the social chain, while others are.. well, not so fortunate. Not that there's anything wrong with a social gap, for the pros and cons of every person are unique and useful in their own way (as we see in this movie). I just think his initial circumstances and the results by the end of the film make for an entertaining, yet heartwarming experience. The one problem I do have, however, is with the suspension of disbelief. Now, I'm all for the outrageous and unbelievable (this coming from a guy who watches anime), but the concept of ARIA just feels a tad too out-of-touch with reality. Everything in the movie before "her" actual appearance feels so realistic, almost gritty. Then to be presented with what "she" is kinda' takes away that built up realism. And because of that, I recommend that if you haven't seen this movie yet, that you take it with a grain of salt and consider this more of a popcorn flick, rather than a full-blown conspiracy-thriller with real-world machinations. Keep your imagination open and you'll probably enjoy it.

    Video - 4.5

    Eagle Eye is presented to us by DreamWorks in MPEG-4 AVC with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. As I mentioned about enjoying most of the grittiness early on in the film, the visual style represents that feeling very well. About half the of movie takes place in dark areas or at nighttime, so blacks levels are very important and do not disappoint. Dark clothing, shadows, and pitch black darkness separate pretty well from one another, giving the overall film a great sense of realism and depth. Accordingly, daytime and well-lit scenes also do an adequate job of displaying colors and contrast, exposing the finer details in flesh tones, backgrounds, objects, etc. Some inconsistent levels of grain are present through a few shots, making this just short of demo material. But given that the movie itself isn't even supposed to be that flashy, it's an excellent transfer, nonetheless.

    Audio - 5.0

    In addition to a near-flawless video encode, DreamWorks also provides a VERY capable TrueHD 5.1 track. Dynamic range in combination with LFEs are most present during chase sequences and are accompanied by a bombastic musical score composed by Brian Tyler, who uses quite a bit of percussion, giving the overall sound stage a nice oomph to the sub-woofer. Directionality goes from subtle to chaotic in the blink of an eye when on-screen action gets hectic, sending all sorts of sound effects from left to right, through the front, and back to the rears. Dialogue is crisp and clear (yes, even Billy Bob sounds coherent) with zero dropout or discrepancy. I was pleasantly surprised at how great this sounded, given it's not even an all-out action flick. The car chase scene is reference quality.

    Extras - 4.0

    I always love seeing well-made production segments. It shows me just how much work and effort goes into creating a film, giving me a greater sense of appreciation for what everyone in this industry seeks to accomplish. While not as lengthy or in-depth as it could've been, the extras on this BD were enough to win me over. The large majority of these extras include various interviews with director D.J. Caruso and other cast/crew, some brief commentary about the eerie reality of government privacy invasion, and then a few spots on design/shooting locale. There's also a 7-minute gag reel, which I found hilarious given what Billy Bob was saying towards the end of it.

    Overall - 4.5

    Eagle Eye presents itself very well for a large majority of the movie. It's an exhilarating conspiracy-thriller with lots of chases, plot twists, and even a little bit of character development. That being said, the last small chunk at the end is a bit far fetched in comparison to everything prior. But if you're willing to think outside the box and accept the unconventional here and there, you'll enjoy this. Top that off with an almost-perfect video transfer and reference quality sound, and you've got a high recommendation on my part....more info
  • Boy, Have We Seen This Movie Before
    Lots of spoilers here, but then, isn't this movie just a pastiche of a hundred others?

    Billy Bob channels Tommy Lee after Harrison Ford. Shia a scruffier Matt. When computers go bad, but this time with a creepy female voice. And don't forget, speaking of bad, The Patriot Act. Hundreds of Chicago police cars in spectacular pileups. Drones destroy with incredible accuracy. We're all being watched, we're all being monitored and it's all a seamless net of spying. Overachieving brother, slacker brother just waiting for his moment. And, of course, father finally recognizes slacker gold.

    How does it all end? The usual way, cleaning the couch of popcorn kernels still in the grasp of a pleasant mindless buzz. ...more info
  • Great Action Flick
    It was a little slow getting started but, then it really got rolling.
    I would watch it again....more info
  • Subliminal message
    "Eagle Eye" doesn't deserve the thrashing it got at the critics' hands, although at first sight, it certainly seems to. On the one hand, it's more like "2001"'s HAL gone postal on a national scale; and on the other, ARIIA is the voice of We, The People, as she stated in the story. In "2001", HAL did what he did based on what he knew and what he thought was best for the mission. Here, ARIIA also takes over for the purpose of protecting the Constitution and actually obeying it: when the executive branch endangers the nation, it becomes nil and void. The only problem is ARIIA took the violent route and became the villain through its destructiveness. Instead, she should have used her power to broadcast the opening scene of the story on the nation's TV screens everywhere and have patriots stand up to the executive peacefully. That would have been a true tour de force on the part of the movie makers. ...more info