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HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-In-One Printer
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Product Description

Want a multifunction color printer that offers the convenience of wireless networking? Our Officejet Pro 8500 is right for all your small-office printing, faxing, copying, and scanning. You'll get professional-quality color at up to 50% lower color cost per page and using less energy than laser printers. Plus you can scan photos and documents (up to legal size) directly to folders?without a PC?using our Direct Digital Filing feature.

  • All In One Printer with Wireless 802.11g Networking
  • Laser Quality Speed Up to 15 ppm Black/Up to 11 ppm Color and Maximum 35 ppm Black/34 ppm Color
  • 3.4 in Touchscreen LCD Display and Up to 2400 x 4800 dpi Scan Resolution
  • 128 MB Memory and 348 MHz Processor Speed
  • 250-Sheet Paper Tray, 50 Sheet Automatic Document Feeder, and Automatic Two Sided Printing

Customer Reviews:

  • Great MFP!
    I bought this one over the CF1312 Laser because of the wireless AND the duplex printing and i'm so glad i did. this thing is GREAT for home, home office. Easy to scan something in with the autofeeder and save it as a pdf or email it to myself or others, really nice!...more info
  • Great for Home Office
    I recently purchased the HP Officejet Pro 8500. I based this on previous expereince with HP products and some of the other reviews. My experience was GREAT. The product was received very quickly, even though I used the free shipping method. Once I opened up the box, it took about 3 hours to have EVERYTHING working. This included wireless on my secure LAN, faxing, duplex printing and digital filing. Installation went smooth. Also, since my printer is sitting on a desk and not a printer stand, I do not have any problem with shaking or movement of the printer. Yes, the printer does make some noise, and the dry time for duplex printing is a bit slow, but overall this is a very good printer with a good set of features/functions for the home office. I would highly recommend this to any home or small office user.
    ...more info
  • outstanding
    This HP 8500 is advertised as an all-in-one, all-your needs are met kind of apparatus. It's a lot to live up to!

    The design is sleek. The monitor screen is easy to read - important for those of us who are visually challenged! It was extremely easy to interface with my computer - having IP support at my practice, I was concerned that it might be difficult to hook up, but, I even found it easy! It comes in a package with the necessary cords, printer/fax/copier, paper supply, printer cartridges, etc. The lengthy owner's manual is available on the HP web site. I didn't need it to interface this device, but, I sure did need it in using some of the software. The options are 2 1/2 steps beyond what else seems to be out there at this time. I spent the past week printing photos of my kidzos and the easter bunny. I spent a good deal of time printing color designs of architectural drawings, one of my hobbies. Keeping this printer in one of my bedrooms, I first tried printing with it sitting on the bed. It himmed and hawled and kicked and spit like a racehorse, just like the first reviewer experienced, so, I put it on a solid table and that solved that problem perfectly! It is a great backup color printer that I use for making copies at home. I don't have a land line so the fax capabilities couldn't be reviewed. I think that the speed is, well, a lot slower than black and white laser jets but better than many color printers. I wouldn't use this for black and white printing or copying in an office setting unless I had forever. It is perfect for making color images in a small office, home office, or home itself. Frankly, I wouldn't waste my time using this as a substitute for B&W laser printing. Give 'em another couple of years and the technology will arrive, but, until then, I'm content with using two printers. Of course, printed photoshop images ought to be printed with quality paper, which invariably gets used in the bin when printing low quality print jobs. For simplicity, appearance, quality, I have to give this a solid, "A". ...more info
  • Problem-plagued update of the 7310. Noisy, unreliable, and undependable.
    This is a revised review (May 31, 2009). I would downgrade the rating of this machine from three to two stars if the Amazon system would let me!

    In essence, it is your job to sweet-talk it into doing what it's supposed to do -- but doesn't want to. And you'll only win about half the time.

    The update:
    I'm a writer. I've now been using the 8500 for a month. The more I use it, the less I like it.

    * It frequently misfeeds more than one sheet at a time, causing jams. I have a nine-year-old HP LaserJet 6P that runs like a top and doesn't misfeed more than three pages a year. I just ran a job on my 8500 that called for 2 copies each, single-sided, from a 45-page original. It misfed five originals, which I had to manually feed.

    * The machine will not send images from a standard SD card to my computer (a nearly new new Dell), as the HP's image management software cannot be made to function. Period.

    * It also acts a lot like a cat: frequently stopping to preen itself -- clunk, whir, beep, whir, thunk, repeated every 30 seconds -- taking a self-check time-out which generally lasts for three minutes) right in the middle of a print job. An office-quality production machine, it isn't, despite the $350 price tag.

    * I have tried everything, but can't get it to monitor the ink levels of the four cartridges, as it is supposed to. The last one (an OfficeJet 7300) ran this function like a top. With the 8500, none of the recommended FAQ "fixes" worked for this problem. Reinstalling the printer didn't help, either

    The original review:

    I've owned about 20 HP printers. The laserjets are generally great and problem-free. This inkjet all-in-one one is an upgrade of the 7300 all-in-one series which I liked, though it, too, had problems, namely, skewed paper transport resulting in unsharp images, even after HP replaced various parts (notably the duplexer).

    The 8500 wireless looks hot. It prints fast -- very fast. But with FOUR ink cartridges now required, it printed misaligned images from the start. When it wakes up for the day, it clunks and whirs and thunks forever like an old, worn-out washing machine. It has no tolerance for printing on pre-perforated Avery glossy business card stock: it jams 100% of the time, destroys the sheet, and requires the patience and precision tools of a brain surgeon to extract the chunks of paper which have jammed it. By day five of ownership of my 8500, the print heads were already misaligning, producing unacceptable color banding in areas of solid color. If you print a lot of photos, this printer may be very problematic for you.

    It chokes if asked to run both as a wired (LAN or USB) AND wireless printer in order to served both wireless and hard-wired computers. The manual says nothing about this conflict, and I temporarily toasted the settings of my Linksys wireless router by also plugging in the 8500 to a hardwired LAN.

    Make sure you buy the extended warranty offered by Circuit City if you buy it there (they won't fix anything if it goes wrong, but you'll get your $$ back as a Circuit City prepaid debit card) after you return the defective one at your own cost to a Circuit City replacement center (about $25 in UPS costs you pay after you pack it up). And my experience shows that almost no high-end HP inkjet printer will ever outlast its extended warranty. Hence, if you buy the extended warranty, you get a free replacement printer every two or three years -- want it or not!

    Allow an hour or more to install the software. You'll need at least that much time. And then plan to spend three months learning what to REALLY do when it doesn't perform as it says it does. Getting it to work with three or four computers over an in-house wireless network (like mine) will drive you drink. I finally had to call in a $95-an-hour Microsoft Level III-certified technician to get it talk to the computers as the 7300 had -- without the professional tecchie's help.

    And if you loved the older HP all-in-ones (as I did), allot about a week to figure out how to do now what you had finally mastered on your old one. The new software for the 8500 image management system is a pain in the....... neck.

    I'd love to love this machine -- it's got lots of good features -- but it is just another unavoidable burden on the already over-burdened mind of this writer. ...more info
  • Excellent Multifunction Offering for a Home Office
    I've used HP printers for decades now-- from an ancient Lasarjet II (now that was a workhorse!) to my first home printer, which was an HP inkjet. I've always found them to be reliable and sturdy.

    What I really feared though, was that the increase in complexity due to the numerous functions would cause an increase in potentional problems.

    It's been several weeks though since I set this up and the problems have been minimal (crosses fingers). The set up was easy as usual. Our network is both wired and wireless. The wireless functionality went without a hitch. I am not ready to scrap the printer at each workstation because it's annoying to have to go to another room to check pages. But I have no problems with the printer part of it. I did dump the FAX machine because this one was better than my old Brother which did not play nice with a number of other fax brands.

    The scanner is pretty good doing legal and regular paper sized scans. It's not as fast as my dedicated sheet fed scanner but a good back up. My software recognized it just fine.

    Would recommend for a home office or a very small office set up where a central printer wouldn't be an inconvenience. I haven't really noticed any downside although I will update this review if something happens in the future....more info
    I purchased the printer to replace an Epson that failed thinking the larger ink cartridges would result in savings. After installing the software drivers and connecting the printer to my desktop via the same USB cable that the Epson was hooked to I attempted to use the printer. I first tried a test print and it wouldn't print. I then tried to print a pic using the included HP Imaging S/W and it locked up the desktop. I tried this several times and always got the same result....the computer would lockup and never respond again requiring a re-boot. I then went to my laptop and found the printer attached to the desktop on the network. I linked to the printer using the network and loaded the drivers. Once the printer was available I tried to print from the laptop using my old photo printing application (older version of HP photo printing software) which worked perfectly in this mode to my old Epson printer. At each and every selection (print, properties, change paper type, change paper size, etc.) the program would go to "Not Responding" for 5 to 10 minutes and then would come back. After 45 minutes I was actually able to print a pic!!! UNACCEPTABLE. I went to HP's website and tried to update the driver but after the website "evaluated" my installation it said "no new updates are available". I then called HP Customer service and after being on hold for 55 minutes I gave up. The printer is back in the box and is going back today. I really wanted to use this printer because I like the large print cartridges but 45 minutes to print one page from my laptop and locking up my desktop every time I access the HP software is unacceptable. I guess I'll just buy the cheaper Epson all-in-one....more info
  • One Great Feature-Filled Printer!!
    The HP OfficeJet Proj 8500 Wireless All-in-One Printer is just that...ALL in one. This is about my 5th HP Printer and definitely by the best by far. And, it lives up to most of what is stated in the ads and documentation.

    We've printed off many a document, many a picture/graphic and many a customized Announcement, Brochure, etc. All have turned out wonderful!

    The size is still small enough yet feature packed. Having duplex capability (printing on both sides of paper) is now used quite often and saves paper, the environment, etc. And, having to load paper less due to the large paper tray is very nice too. There is one problem though that we are having. We are not able to print duplex on the Mac laptop used in our household. It allows you to select duplex but somehow ignores it. We will look for updates.

    The fact that we are printing more and not having to change the ink cartridges (or paper) as much is really nice. I believe the claim of using 50% less ink is very true. The ink cartridges come regular and "XL" versions. Even though the regular use less ink, I recently purchased an XL Black cartridge. It offers twice the ink but at a fraction of an additional cost. Definitely more value, though the price of these is toward the high end of the budget.

    The scanning is quite different than in the past on an HP All-in-One as the program on the PC is more sophisticated. I have been able to scan larger documents and images. That's a real plus. And multiple page scans is an awesome feature! However, I cannot do this wirelessly for some reason. It seems to require having the USB cable attachment for some reason. This can be inconvenient.

    The correct setup for scanning a document to a PDF and Emailing it seems to be elusive. Same with having a network file share that can be used. If those were easier to establish, the printer would rate a 5-star.

    One more thing I noticed. On past HP Printers, they were of the variety for printing photos as well as regular printing. I like the fact that you could have photo 4x6 paper ready along with the 8.5x11 printer paper. With the 8500, that's not the case. You must swap out one for the other. Just a little more work than before.

    ALL-in-all, a feature rich, useful, environment friendly product provividing great value. Thanks HP. And thanks Amazon for having the product available on your website.

    ...more info
  • Mostly ok, but some AGGREVATING issues
    I've had this printer for about a week now. I'm in the middle of purchasing a home, so I need to print/sign/scan/email a lot of documents. I purchased a "pro" level printer, expecting to get a device that works without adding to the stress of a home purchase. Boy was I wrong.

    The Good:
    * Printing is lightning fast
    * Scanning is reasonably quick
    * Duplex printing and scanning
    * Wireless networking a snap to set up and works reliably
    * Mac and Windows compatible

    The Ugly:
    * The first unit I received was DOA (wouldn't power on) and had to be returned.
    * When you turn the item on for the first time, it takes 20 minutes to "calibrate", wasting a lot of ink in the process.
    * Next, you download the drivers. A whopping 360MB for Windows, or 170MB for Mac. For printer drivers. Absurd.
    * The software for both Mac and Windows is pretty heavy and confusing.
    * When scanning to email, don't bother with bigger documents (a 20 page document simply wouldn't work).
    * You cannot chose whether to scan black/white or color from the front panel on the printer
    * When you turn the unit on, 9 out of 10 times it goes through an AGGREVATING 2 minute "self test", wasting some more ink in the process
    * This gets worse because you have to power cycle the unit often, as it crashes easily
    * The power save mode is very erratic. We have the unit in our bed room, and it wakes up *at random* in the middle of the night.

    Overall, a very flawed product. For the money, I would have expected a more mature and better designed product. ...more info
  • My HP Officejet Pro 8500 has unacceptable high pitch noise
    If it wasn't for the high pitch noise, I would give this printer 5 stars - it really is a terrific printer.

    I have decent hearing and I use it in a quiet home environment. The printer is making a constant non-stop high pitch noise when it is on, even when not printing. The noise comes where the power cable connects to the back of the printer. No matter where I place the printer in my home office which is 10 x 13 feet, I hear the noise. It is absolutely driving me crazy and I can't stand it any longer (it's only been two days to give you an idea of just how annoying the noise is to me).

    Not everyone can hear the high pitch noise. I think it depends somewhat on how good your hearing is. For me, it is really a nuisance. I am not happy about it because I really liked the printer, it made great quality print outs and the ink is cheaper than toner.

    To make sure it wasn't just my printer, I went to 3 different large box retail stores, and all of the HP 8500 display models were emitting the same high pitch noise. I could even hear the high pitch noise in one store despite having loud TV's blaring in the background. I will be returning this printer. No matter how great I think the printer is, it cannot overcome this major problem in my opinion. Surprisingly, only one other person has mentioned this in their reviews.

    I did an Internet search and found a couple of similar complaints with this particular model. I guess most people do not hear high pitch noises....more info
  • Very good, (almost perfect.)
    Purchased the printer through Got a great price that was unbeatable. Fast shipping and a hassle free transaction.
    Printer works great. Experienced no problems loading the software on to a wireless laptop running Vista and a desktop running XP. Since there are numerous reviews here already regarding the pros and cons of this printer, I will spare the details.
    My only complaint; there is no support for printing envelopes (My old HP 5500 even had that capability!)
    Overall, very satisfied with the printer.

    Update 05/23/09. HP website claims envelopes (No. 10, Monarch, DL) can be printed. Unfortunately I received no documentation with the printer regarding info on copying or printing envelopes.
    Still very satisfied!

    ...more info
  • great machine
    This machine is great for the small business. It is easy to use with the touch screen. A little difficult to set up. Make sure u put paper in very carfully the first time, it didn't want to print out the first paper, so I called the company and they had no help, so I was going to send it back and when taking of the back I noticed a jamed paper, took it out and the thing has worked great ever since.

    I am waiting to see how long the ink lasts, if like they said I will be really happy with my purchase.

    The wireless feature is the greatest, If u have a lap top dont buy without the wireless feature....more info
  • Problem with alignment & networking, returned unit
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 Wireless All-In-One. New product and had everything I wanted (ADF, duplex,fax, network (also wireless but I did not want that). And altho I also liked the Canon, I thought the HP would be much better with ink usage. But several problems. First, out of the box on initial power up/setup, before ever connecting to the network, print head alignment failed. Try again - failed. Unit would copy but there was some misalignment. On phone, HP tech support tried for an hour, no success, said to return unit. I assumed a replacement unit would be OK.
    But before returning, tried network setup. Not initially successful, but when I tried static IP, finally got going (HP instructions never suggested this). Unit would print fine, but could not scan. The HP scan software would say "can't find unit". But the embedded web server worked fine and print worked fine. Very frustrating. After hours fooling around trying to make scan work, I returned the unit.
    Conclusion to my experience: I bought the Canon MX850 (network but no wireless). Very solid unit. Much less expensive. Initial setup - fine. Connect to network, went very smooth, first to initial computer and then to 2nd and 3rd computer. Canon instructions much better than HP's and overall setup much easier and quicker. Very happy with performance, good print, fast enough, quiet. NOTE: The MX850 is a bit hard to find as it is being replaced with the new MX860 (the MX860 is smaller and has wireless but overall seems similar to the MX850, and actually litte less expensive)....more info