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IPEVO S0-20 Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
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Product Description

The Wi-Fi Phone for Skype operates via a Wi-Fi wireless Internet connection. This gives you the freedom to make Skype calls anywhere in the world, when you connect to a secure or open Wi-Fi network (that does not require browser-based login or authentication).

  • Operate via a Wi-Fi wireless Internet connection. This gives you the freedom to make Skype calls when you connect to a secure or open Wi-Fi network
  • No computer required. It is a much simpler and comfortable way to make and receive Skype calls.
  • From locating contacts, making calls to reviewing call history, all the great features of Skype are right at your fingertips
  • Support all standard wireless network encryption protocols, including WPA, WPA2 and WEP (equivalent to wired LAN security levels).

Customer Reviews:

  • Poor item, like most other skype phones
    I bought this item believing what 2 previous users said. But apparently they were wrong. This item is not relieble, it mostly does not reconnect to a network which it connected before. It needs restart.
    Also I take it to work and take back home. So although it recognize the networks, it just does not connect, keep saying connecting. After restarting it 1-2 times, it connects with no configuration changes or anything.
    Battery life is like 24 hours, not 3 days.
    I had philips and smc skype phones before, they were bad as well (freezing, dropping offline etc) and this has similar characteristics.

    By far, best skype phone is Panasonic wifi, which is expensive but worth every penny. I own and use it too, but size is bit bigger and not easy to carry with you....more info
  • Great Phone!
    Got this phone today. Could not wait to fire it up. Phone is well engineered, and feels significant in you hand. Display is bright, and I have not been able to talk enough to kill the battery. Phone is easy to use and can be programmed to connect automatically to a wifi point it knows. I travel from home to work with it and when I arrive it automatically connects. I thought sound quality would be the killer, boy I was surpised! I still cannot beleive the quality that comes from this small package! I have own the SMC wifi phone from amazon and had to sent it packing. This phone is much different. If you are looking to purchase this phone and are hesitant like I was, don't be. You will like it!...more info
  • Good for my needs
    I decided to buy this because with my laptop, often I missed skype incoming calls. Sometimes I was using the laptop on the sofa and my headset was back at the desk, or maybe I couldn't hear skype ring because the headset was plugged in but I wasn't wearing it.
    After buying the IPEVO S0-20 Wi-Fi, I can pick up that call that I would have missed before. It is always on, always rings, always ready to receive.
    If I am talking to a "real" phone (land or mobile), the person on the other end says it sounds great. If I am talking to a person making a skype call on a computer, the other person hears a distracting echo. Even if I use a headset with the phone, a skype caller still hears a bad echo. This is from my experience, not a scientific test. From reviewer comments, the sound is much, much better than other earlier models of skype wifi phones.
    I haven't had much success using it outside the house, because everyone locks their wifi nowadays; nothing the phone can do about that.
    Others complain about no browser authentication or no speakerphone; those issues are true, but haven't been a drawback for me.
    So if you need it mostly for home (or have wifi passwords for where you go), and talk mostly with non-skype people, it works perfect....more info
  • Cannot Beleive!
    Decided to go with this wifi phone and even though I have never heard of this brand, I am shocked and thrilled to report that this product works better than what I expected. It took me around three weeks for searching and researching for a wifi phone that didn't get mediocre reviews and thanks to Cnet, I decided to go with this phone. Setup was easy and I was up and runnig in literally 2 minutes(not counting the 3 hour charging time). Call quility with skype is off the meter! This phone is strictly for skype and for what you pay for, it is worth it. I uses my skype number *bought for $60 a year, and the unlimited domestic calling plan ($4 a month) and I am in business. I live in Japan and as long as you have broadband internet and wifi fi router, this phone makes calling the states a breeze. I highly recommend this product to anyone not wanting to spend big money on big brands. Ipevo is going to do big things in the future. This phone is very small like a cell phone and I cannot wait to see what the future brings for this company....more info
  • Skype calls without a PC
    The Ipevo Skype Phone its a phone that connects to your Wireless network and enables you to use skype with out a Pc.
    This phone really works, calls are clear and has a good range depending on your router or home but it has good signal.

    The setup is easy the phone guides you thru the process and in a couple of minutes you have your skype account ready.
    I use it with an unlimited plan to call to the US and canada and with this plan I get an US number so it works as a land line too.

    One thing I noticed is that if in your skype account you have a more than one phone number for a contact only the first one will appear.
    You cant send text messanges or chat.
    And even though it works great the materials look a little cheap and maybe a litte overpriced but compared to other skype phones this is quite good.

    One thing that is really good, is that you can update the firmware directly from the phone via wifi so you dont need to download anything from your computer.
    ...more info
  • Bad sound quality, cool phone.
    I am writing this review on the same day that I am returning my IPEVO for Skype wifi phone to Amazon. I received the phone over a week ago and have found the sound quality to be rather lacking. I have skype in and out and when speaking to people via skype out and in they have reported to me that they can hear their own voice echo. I do not hear it, but multiple (3) people have reported the problem to me. I have also used my laptop and skype for the iphone on the same wifi (10mbps) connection without a problem. I purchased the IPEVO to use when my computer was turned off and the iphone did not have skype open, as I have a skype in telephone number. This would have been ideal, given that it does not require the computer to be turned on.

    Other than the voice quality and the constant echo, the phone wasn't bad. It was much smaller than I thought it would be though. It was almost too small. It is also light as a feather. It feels a little cheap in the hand, but looks super cool. The dock was nice, as was the packaging. I think if they could improve the voice quality it may have been a winner. For now, I'm going to just use the computer until someone else comes out with a skype phone with rave reviews....more info
  • Best Wi-Fi Skype Phone
    I bought this phone, because other 2 skype phones that I tried Netgear and Belkin had very bad sound quality and connectivity to my Wi-Fi network. When I found that IPEVO just made available Wi-Fi Skype phone I knew that these people are going to put the best they can in this phone, and I was right. Pros:- Good Design- Very Easy to setup (5 steps)- Keyboard Keys are very soft to press. - Layout of the Keys is intuitive, similar to Cellphone, which is very intuitive and easy to make a call.- Larger Bright Screen- Good battery life- Sound quality is amazing.- Headphone jack. YesCons:No SMSNo SpeakerphoneI have to say thank you IPEVO for this good quality skype phone. I wish this would be available long time ago. Also thank you for the USB Splitter gift, i like it a lot....more info
  • impressed
    Darn good phone. Some range limitations (I get about 30 feet) which frankly may be my five year old router and not the phone. Sometimes have to make two attempts to log on, though again may be my router issue.

    Only one real criticism: the 2.5mm jack is for STEREO headphones and not a mono headset. Requires a 4 contact (three black band) 2.5mm male jack. This information is not available online, in any advertising nor in the owners manual....more info
  • An over-priced phone that does not work at home.
    Those 5-star, raving reviews about this product must have been written by the company's employees or stakeholders...

    Day 1: wireless signal on the phone is at full bar. Pg 3 of the manual says: "For example, to talk to one of our friendly San Jose customer service representatives, dial + 1 408 324 0148." I called it and got an ear-piercing fax tone. 8\

    The phone: (1) does not download Skype contacts automatically; (2) gets disconnected from Skype every hour or so, and despite having auto sign-in enabled, the phone cannot connect back to Skype and must be manually signed back in (which means punching in your Skype PW one key at a time, each time); (3) the automatic software update is turned on, and the phone insists that the software is up to date, even though the system's settings show a Skype software date of 11/2008 (it's now April 2009!).

    Aesthetically, the phone is pleasing: approx. 4"x2"x5/8", very light weight, charcoal grey plastic, comes with a small charger and has a 2.5" headset jack. Functionally, it has been useless in my house (my D-Link router supports a/b/g/and draft-n protocols, and the phone easily connects to it). If you read the FAQ on IPEVO's website, the listed problems are blamed on something other than the phone (i.e. incompatible router, etc.)

    UPDATE (Week 1): have had the phone for a few days now. It finally downloaded my Skype contacts, and only disconnects (without being able to automatically reconnect) 2-3 times a day, until the battery runs out (battery life is ~20-24 hrs on standby).

    UPDATE (Week 2): IPEVO's tech support confirmed that the phone is meant to be used no farther than 30-50 ft from the WiFi router. That explains why if you live in a large house (i.e. more than 1 story and larger than 2000 sq ft), the phone will disconnect from the router as you roam around even though the antenna gauge shows full bars. This brings up the next major flaw: both the antenna bar and the battery gauges are completely inaccurate. In my case, the battery is completely drained after a day of standby only, but the gauge shows full battery charge until the phone goes dead.

    I e-mailed IPEVO for the RMA, which is a very inconvenient process (first, you have to e-mail them with the problem; next, they'll e-mail you back an RMA word document, which you must fill out and fax or e-mail back; then, they'll give you an address to send the phone back to. The RMA form has a bunch of fields that don't match any of the fields on IPEVO's own invoice, so I hope they won't use that as a technicality to reject my RMA after I mail it).

    The bottom line: don't buy this phone, unless you don't mind dishing out $15-20 out of pocket for shipping (receiving the phone and RMAing it). Also, Fry's sells the same thing for $129, so at least you can "test drive" it without paying for the shipping.

    I bought the GE 2830 Skype phone with 2 wireless DECT 6.0 handsets from Fry's for $60. Even though it's gotten HORRIBLE reviews everywhere, I'm loving the unit. The cradle plugged into my Vista 32 machine, the software it comes with found my Skype without a hitch, and now I have near-flawless Skype service throughout the house (there is a faint hissing sound in the handsets, which reminds my of my Motorola Razor 3 phone). The phones have intercom capability, EXCELLENT roaming range, speaker-phone that works very well, and people on the receiving end say the quality is crisp and clear. It also can be used for both regular house line and Skype simultaneously (using a cheap Skype usb port, one could use the phone for 2 different Skype accounts, so you can have 2 dedicated lines on the same phone). Also, each handset uses AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries (included). ...more info
  • Echo problem...Ipevo needs to work on the problem
    I had this phone running in minutes; it downloaded all my contacts very responsive, and finds Internet hotspots very fast and even connects to unsecured spots. it even has the nice feature to store country code + 1 so we dont have to dial the full number but when i tried using the phone; the person on the other side would hear their echo so as per the manual troubleshooting and various reviews i reduced the ear piece volume upto 1 bar but the echo was still there. i have Comcast with 16Mbps Download and 8Mbps Upload. my Vonage voip has no problems even tried a different wireless connection to my neighbors and it still had echo. so has nothing to do with Internet connection. I returned the Phone..just does not work if there is echo ...more info
  • Best WiFI phone
    Seven days after I placed the order the Ipevo So-20 arrived. Prior to purchasing this phone I had done quite some research and read a lot of reviews of similar products. I also had to return a wireless phone connected with a USB toggle. The reception was terrible.
    Immediately after opening the Ipevo package I placed the battery into the compartment and recharged the phone for three hours.
    After the battery indicator bar was full I pushed the power button and waited for one minute. Right away the phone found my home network and loaded the Skype and land line contacts. The sound quality is the same as I experience from a regular phone. It's amazing how many networks (hot spots) are available in my neighborhood. Most of them require a key, but there's always a public hot spot.
    I think this phone is the best on the market! Thank you Ipevo!
    Martin Graafland,
    Sausalito....more info
  • No more echo with my new unit
    A wireless Skype handset running on its own - yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. I had been quite happy with it, until one day my parents mentioned they could hear some echo on their side. I checked the troubleshooting section on IPEVO website, but just couldn't have luck getting problems fully solved. I called the customer service for help, and got a new unit returned. Problem seems to be solved with the new handset since no more complaints heard....more info
  • The down side of the IPEVO S0-20
    I purchased this phone based on the reviews for this phone and its competition. This was the only phone I considered because of the bad reviews for the other wifi phones (belkin & netgear). This phone has many positives which you can read about on other reviews. My issues are as follows:

    1) Phone uses a NOKIA standard headset jack. This means that if you want to use any other type of headset, you can't.
    2) If you buy a NOKIA headset and you plug it in, the phone won't ring - actually, the phone does ring but ONLY IN THE HEADSET. Which means that if you don't want to wear the headset all day long (even when you are not on the phone) you won't hear the phone ring.
    3) the battery indicator shows a full battery until the phone dies - it's useless.
    4) contacting IPEVO's customer service is not exactly rewarding. I asked which headsets worked with this phone and they could only give me one NOKIA model that they knew worked with the phone. I asked them if it was possible to change the setting on the phone so that the phone would emit the ring rather than the headset, they answered that when the headset is plugged in, the headset will emit the ring. Why bother asking any other questions?
    Because IPEVO doesn't publish the fact that they only use the NOKIA standard for their headset jacks, I thought the phone was defective and incurred additional costs in exchanging the phone with the seller.
    It's too bad, because the underlying phone appears to be good but since I rely on my headset as much as I do, I am now returning it. ...more info
  • Great product with a few limitations.
    I decided to buy this phone because Ipevo has a great reputation, and I wanted a wifi phone to use as a landline. This phone definitely gets the job done.

    - Great reception.
    - Allows you to have skype access 24/7, without your computer. Combined with a skype number, you can get rid of your landline.
    - Good battery life. Plus, it recharges on the cradle.
    - Quick redial, access to contacts etc., just like a cell phone.

    - No speakerphone.
    - My battery indicator doesn't work, and I can't tell that battery is low until I get a message.
    - Had some difficulty connecting to my wifi network, but got it to work after I connected manually.
    - Can't send skype SMS messages.
    ...more info
  • peace c r a p
    its a peace of C r a p , very little did they improve, I rate it a #1, I rather go with Ipod Touch or Iphone because they have a Skype app plus Wifi & Browser for Ipod touch you can buy a Microphone & a ear mic, Skype apps are in a lot of new pocket devices & phones. Ditch the Cell Ipod touch Wifi App for Skype wifi ever every where. good luck in your Search Ip phone.

    drops lines a lot.
    Dosent connect all wifi.
    wireless headset problems
    ...more info
  • The Best!
    I am not a "review" person but I felt compelled to post my review after reading the one-star review. It's all too often that people jumping to conclusion on new technology or new product without thoroughly investigating the issues. How I know? Because I am a Network Engineer.

    Here is my story: I grew tired of lugging a laptop around the house just to talk on the Skype, so I started shopping for a Skype phone. The design of other brand names was a big turn off until I saw Ipevo S0-20 featured in an article from The design was both attractive and functional. I thought to myself: well, this is it.

    I ordered through and it came quickly. The first impression was good: the LCD is vibrant and bright, the menu is straight forward, the button response is solid and they are easy to press without making mistakes. Though the size is a little small (even for an Asian) and I had to wrap my fingers around. I was delighted when I quickly established connection to my five-year "OLD" Netgear wireless router. I called wife and the voice quality was great! She could hear me loud and clear and same went for me. I have been using the phone every evening for one to two hours constant talking since I got it and it has been an awesome phone. One thing I noticed that the phone may not get charged unless it is turned off. It's not a big deal as I usually turn off the phone each night and leave it in the cradle.

    I think my laptop is happy too because it is freed from the Skype duty!...more info
  • Some echo at the other end, needs a browser at coffee shops
    Very neat phone, good LiPo battery. Better range than the Netgear equivalent.

    People I call complain of an echo where they hear their own voice come back.

    Does not have a web browser, so places that charge you to access their wireless network are impossible to access....more info