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In The Heat Of The Night
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  • "In the Heat of the Night" DVD
    This is one of my most favorite movies having been around when it first came out. I've recently upgraded to HDTV and bought a DVD to go along. So, obviously, I need to replace the VHS. No better place to start....more info
    I saw "They Call Me Mr. Tibbs" as a kid in the theater. I never saw this film and didn't realize "They Call Me Mr. Tibbs" was a sequel to this film then. I also didn't know that the TV show was based on this movie when it was first run. This Academy Award winning movie is a bit different than the show, but the basic concept is there. Poitier and Steiger are terrific in this film about a murder case and raciam in the south. The DVD transfer is very good....more info
    I lost track of how many times I've watched this movie over the years and yet, I still find it stimulating to my system. Taking place in the redneck driven byways in the Mississippi of the 1960's, not only does it make a sweeping social statement on racial bias and ignorance, but it's also one entertaining vision of cinema. Sidney Poitier is masterful as Virgil Tibbs, a "colored" homicide detective from Philadelphia, in the wrong place at the right time as a sleepy little river town comes to grips with the death of a big business man who was to be the holy grail of local commerce until his untimely death. It is Rod Steiger, however who burns brightest as a midlife police chief with no family and a metric ton of issues which he vents through misplaced anger and cools at night in a bottle of bourbon as he attempts to bring the murder case to resolution as quickly as possible, regardless of the truth."No pity. No thank YOU!" One of my all time favorites....more info
  • Great Film
    From the opening performance of "In The Heat of the Night", sung by the great Ray Charles, this film will grab your attention immediately and will grip you for the next hour and 3/4.

    Poitier plays a black northern dectective Virgil Tibbs, who is arrested in the deep south for a murder he had nothing to with. Steiger is a bigoted local Sheriff eventually forced to work with Tibbs to solve the case. Both the lead performances are truly mesmerising. There are a number of classic scenes in this film of which perhaps my favourite is when the Sheriff interviews Tibbs for the first time and finds he's a policeman.

    The film is very well directed by Norman Jewison and won 5 Oscars in 1967, including best actor for Rod Steiger. Quincy Jones also deservedly won a Grammy for his music score. The only extra is the original trailer, which is a shame. However the film itself is so good that the DVD has to have 5 stars regardless.

    ...more info
  • What Can I Say
    This movie is a classic and one that truly eans the title. Top Notch acting, fine mellow-drama and a mystery that still works today. This is the movie where the classic line of "They call me Mr. Tibbs" is uttered and it is still as powerful today as iut must have been upon its theatrical release. In my opinion, this is the movie that Sidney should have won the Oscar for (A Raisin in the Sun should have been a winner too, but he wasn't even nominated for it), and not the bland, Lillies of the Field, as he truly shows his power as an actor. Rod Steiger delivers a strong performance as well and the ending scenes (especially the one at his home) really cause you to think about who his character is in relation to his surroundings. If you haven't seen it, take a chance on thee purchase, yuou will not be disappointed....more info
  • Bad disc
    In the Heat of the Night is a bad disc.
    I can't display it. I think the regiocode is not good.
    Please send a new one. This is the first time I can't display a purchase by you.
    I am waiting for the confirmation you sent me a new one.
    Jos Sluis...more info
  • An actor's film
    3.5 stars. I've heard so much about this film over the years and of course I'm from the generation who's more familiar with the television show. For the year that this film was made-yes, the writer and director took a lot of risks. Poitier and Steiger gave career making performances...but I have to tell you, I was more than under impressed with the mystery portion of the movie and I had to re-play the ending twice to understand the killer's confession. When I analyze that-it seems to me Mr. Tibbs did little more than guess. I mean how would he know the girl would try to get rid of her baby? Why not try to get rid of it BEFORE you tell your brother? It wasn't like she was showing. Like I said the mystery has holes, but the individual characters were multilayered and fascinating to watch. Another example of how great acting can save a movie.

    ...more info
  • An all-time favorite
    One of my favorite movies ever. I have watched this movie dozens of times and never tire of it. It is truly great and deserving of all the awards it received....more info
  • The Best Murder Mystery Ever!
    A black Philadelphia detective becomes involved in a murder case in a small, bigoted southern town, much to the chagrin of the local, redneck police chief. An excellent production, adapted by Stirling Silliphant from John Ball's novel. Academy Award Nominations: 7, including Best Director. Academy Awards: 5, including Best Picture, Best Actor--Rod Steiger, Best (Adapted) Screenplay.

    Watch this movie whenever you can. It's really good and shouldn't be missed. There are sequels to this film. The third one I cannot remember, but the second one is called THEY CALL ME MR. TIBBS. I haven't seen them yet, but I am expecting that they are just nearly as good as IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.

    This film is also good at teaching young people that racism is wrong and that racists are usually people that own farms, and that their family tree is basically a straight line.

    Don't miss this film. It's one of the best murder mysteries out there.

    I hope my review was helpful to you!...more info

  • The Performance Really Make This A Can't Miss
    Every once in a while does a movie come along that's not only intelligent but thought provoking and it really makes you take a look at government. This is one of those films. The movie itself spawned a wonderful TV show but the movie is by far one of the can't misses of cinema.

    It's so much more than the detective story it gets labeled as. And it boasts two of the best performances imaginable.

    The commentary on the disc is a good one. Pretty informative.This is a definite recommended movie from me.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • 3.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Though the film's atmosphere and performances succeed to a greater degree than the mystery story at its core, In The Heat of the Night is still an engaging and interesting film with fascinating character interaction and a true feel for the South....more info
    This movie was filmed a lot at night - 1st you have one suspect, then twists & it's a different, goes on & on. Will not give anymore must see. We have on VHS & DVD....The
    DVD looks like it was made today. Excellent movie! We highly
    recommend....more info
  • In the heat of the night
    I was very satisfied with my purchase. It arrived earlier than expected and it was in Excellent condition....more info
  • In the Heat of the Night
    This is a great movie, a classic for the ages. It has a wonderful story, black and white relations in the South, a murder, several suspects: with 2 fantastic actors playing off each other. In spite of the many reruns on TV, never dull my interest and enchantment with this film....more info
  • Great Murder Mystery with race overtones
    If you haven't seen this Academy Award winning movie from 1967, you are missing one of the best dramas regarding race relations and murder ever
    filmed. It stars Sydney Poitier and Rod Steiger. Poitier is a black
    northern policeman on vacation in the south, while Steiger is a police
    chief in Mississippi. When an important rich white man is murdered,
    Poitier is picked up at the train station because he is black and not
    a known resident. What ensues is suspenseful, funny at times, and has
    many twists and turns to keep the viewer guessing....more info
  • auspicious year...
    "In the Heat of the Night" won the Oscar for Best Picture of 1967. I was a Freshman in college that year, and all the talk was about "Bonnie and Clyde", a great film. "The Graduate" was doing the art-house circuit, and wasn't widely seen at the time. "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" was, at the time, considered ostentatious (a rich Black man marrying the daughter of a rich White shocking!); the fifth nominee that year was Rex Harrison's "Doctor Dolittle", but I don't want to talk about that. I find that, 25 years later, I pull out "In the Heat of the Night" to get my kicks from brilliant film-making, as well as good suspense and fine acting and direction. This was Norman Jewison's first nomination for Direction, and not his last. Some say he lost it to Mike Nichols for "The Graduate" because Nichols probably should've won for his debut film effort, "Virginia Woolf?".Maybe. Some say Rod Steiger won his acting Oscar because he lost in '65 for "The Pawnbroker". I doubt it. In my humble opinion, this was Steiger's penultimate role, a man who is so sure of himself, yet is taken down a peg by someone better. He will never show his insecurity, though you know it's there. I also believe, after watching this often, that Steiger's Gillespie is NOT racist, merely dealing with a racist environment. It's mentioned that he's the new sheriff, but it never says where he came from. This is good, because Steiger starts from scratch, builds a compelling character, shows a bit of lack-of-control, and it makes him nervous an wonderfully vulnerable. His mind is usually open. Virgil teaches him; hence, whatever happens later can only be for his benefit. Great characters. Poitier was in 3 good films in 1967: this one, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", "To Sir, With Love". I'm sure that, when nomination time came, his votes were divided. For this reason alone, I think he would've won. The performances of Lee Grant, Quentin Dean and Scott Wilson (he was in "In Cold Blood" that year) were stellar. The great old gospel singer, Jester Hairston, also had a small role; he dubbed the singing for Poitier's Oscar winning role in "Lilies of the Field" ("Amen!"). Interesting stuff! Sterling Silliphant's screenplay won the Oscar hands-down, a riveting narrative of a complicated book. The greatest thing about Steiger's performance is that you know nothing about him or his background when the film begins, or even when it's over. What you know is that he's stuck in a place he doesn't like and no one likes him; there are suggested gay overtones, especially when he's in his home and he and Virgil talk about loneliness. It's quite profound when he doesn't get the answer he wants. There's also the great Beah Richards, in a small cameo, as Mama Kaleba; a sweet but nonetheless reprehensible character; she was nominated that year for "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", as Poitier's wonderfully heart-broken mother, a fine performance. Yes, 1967 was a great year. "The Graduate" broke a few barriers; "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" broke some, and, certainly, "Bonnie & Clyde" made bad guys look good. Don't forget Richard Brooks' "In Cold Blood"...A great year, but I still think "In the Heat of the Night" is the film I prefer to watch....more info
  • The Birth of the Seventies Police Detective Flick!
    This film clearly inspired the kind of distinctive 70's era police detective films to come such as "Shaft" and "Dirty Harry" and even the great score by Quincy Jones evokes memories of the similar sounding ones connected with those two films. As a detective mystery, this film does a very good job in addition to being a social statement for viewers in the late 60's. Racism is a sign of insecurity as racists need to feel that there is a class of people worse or below themselves so that they can feel good about themselves. It was nice to see how much patience and restraint was shown by Poitier's character amid ignorance and just plain stupidity as he reluctantly goes about solving the murder and makes eventually a positive impression on the racist Sheriff.

    One interesting scene was when Steiger's character invites Poitier to his home and starts out on a heart to heart with him showing how natural and possible a friendship based upon equal and mutual respect between races can be but then he catches himself when he realises that he had forgotten to keep him in his "place" and so abruptly ends a promising friendship bonding between equals to return to the "status quo" of discrimination. This poignant scene shows just how unnatural and ridiculous racism is.

    The problem with this dvd version though is that the picture quality isn't restored which leaves a number of imperfections in many of the frames and the sound quality is just mono quality; also there are no bonus features at all. This is still a good police detective story and a good social statement on the absurdity of racism making it a worthy Best Picture Oscar winner. Ray Charles is also very good in his rendition of the main theme song. Do however get a better restored version of the dvd which will also hopefully be released in Blu-ray format and give this dvd version a miss....more info
  • Two Great Actors in a Great Movie
    Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger almost set the screen afire in this film that deservedly won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1967. Superbly directed by Norman Jewison, the movie brings us into deepest Mississippi one summer midnight, when a northern industrialist with plans to build a new factory is found murdered in the middle of Sparta's main street. At the same time, Virgil Tibbs, a black detective from Los Angeles, is waiting at the station for the train that will take him back home from visiting his mother. This being Mississippi, and a black man out after dark, it must have been the black man who committed the murder, right? Tibbs is hauled into the sheriff's office and brought face to face with Bill Gillespie, the epitome of every redneck law officer south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Gillespie's reaction to Tibbs is first contempt (this is a black man after all), suspicion at his full wallet ("Boy, that's more in a week than I make in a month, now where did you earn that?"), and finally shock, when Tibbs hurls the response into his face, "I'm a police officer." Gillespie is further stunned to realize that Tibbs' contempt for him is at least as great as his for Tibbs, when he hears Tibbs telling his superiors over the phone "They got a murder on their hands, they don't know what to do with it." Tibbs' boss volunteers Tibbs's services as a homicide expert to Gillespie, who doesn't particularly want to accept, but he doesn't have much of a choice; the industrialist's widow says if her husband's murder isn't solved and fast, there won't be any factory anywhere. The resulting reluctant partnership between the two men is a pairing unlike any seen on screen; they resent each other but they can't solve the crime without each other; Gillespie needs Tibbs' expertise, and Tibbs needs Gillespie's protection from the local rednecks who want him dead. The movie wonderfully evokes the atmosphere of a small town in the deep south, the abject poverty in which most of the blacks in the area lived, and the attitudes of the whites in town that made it dangerous for any black man to stand tall as a man. At the movie's end, Gillespie hasn't changed his views about blacks, but he has come to respect Tibbs as a lawman and as a human being; and Tibbs comes to realize that inside of Gillespie's hardshell racist attitudes is a decent man struggling to show himself. The acting, the directing, and above all, Quincy Jones's magnificent score, made this one of the best movies of the 1960's and for years beyond....more info
  • Extremely Poor Quality of the DVD
    I was very disappointed with the "In the Heat of the Night" DVD. It had a lot of tiling and it was incomplete. When the tiling started, the audio quality was extremely poor. I would like my money back....more info
  • A great movie you can watch again and again
    All the classic elements, and some touchy subjects, (black and white relations in a small southern town) but acting from Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier make anything else irrelevent.

    Get your popcorn and drink, sit back, unhook the phone, and savor this tremendous film.

    And not to worry, you'll feel real good when it's over....more info

  • Great movie....
    Sidney Poitier made this movie what it was. Great mystery with a few turns that keep you guessing. ...more info
  • in the heat of the night
    Unfortunately--I Am unable to view this product because of some mal-function of the TAPE.Each time I'VE INSERTED IT INTO my 2 different vcr's plus my neighbors and finally a relative's --IT SELF-EJECTS!please advise.In an attempt to locate the I'VE RECEIVED PERSON UNKNOWN RESPONSE.We really want this vhs tape but are reluctant to pay for it again via advise and how may I return this one?

    Sincerest Thanks,don greathouse

    p.s very satisfied w/all other transactions...more info