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Studio: Image Entertainment Release Date: 04/14/2009

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  • Different and fun
    This was a great movie. I liked it much more than the Jane Austen Book Club because it seemed more genuine to me. It's a fun, earthy look at Jane Austen characters and shows how much people haven't changed, despite vast differences in technology and social conventions. ...more info
  • A FUN, TWISTED VERSION of Pride and Prejudice
    If you are a fan of Jane Austen perhaps you have wondered what it would be like to live in Regency times, or to live like the beolved characters in her books, or to meet Mr. Darcy. I know I have!!!

    This movie is a light-hearted look if what it would be like if a modern girl from 21st century England, Amanda Pricem were to trade places with Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Already you should be able to tell that this is not a very realistic story!

    But what happens when Elizabeth Bennet is not in the picture and someone obsessed with Jane Austen and who is very out-of-place in the Regency World is? I'll tell you what happens . . . the story is completely backwards!! But only in the most delightful, funny, and very entertaining way. You have bad people who become good, good people that become bad, and secrets that Jane Austen probably never intended her characters to have. Poor Amanda has no desire to change the novel, yet her being there and Elizabeth not being there changes it dramatically. She tries to set things to rights and steer the story back on course but it doesn't seem to be working out for her. Now some Austen purists may find this movie ridiculous, impossible, and improbable; yet if you are open-minded and don't mind the idea of seeing a comedic version of Pride and Prejudice that takes a different path you will probably enjoy this movie as much as I did.

    I will note as others have, that a very great scene where Amanda is called upon to sing and she doesn't know any Regency Ballads so she sings a song from our time period, is missing of the Region 1 DVD's and if you are able to buy the Region 2 you may want to because I think it may be included on that one, if not there is always youtube.

    In addition, I would like to say that this is such a great concept, because I do believe readers love the experience of Jane Austen's novels and what a great idea to actually put a Jane Austen Enthusiast in a Jane Austen and give her a chance to win a Mr. Darcy. I think it is something most "Darcy Lovers" and Jane Austen fans can relate to. We are Amanda Price, we want to be her, we dream of doing what she is doing. My only hope is that they will contine and do another "Lost In Austen" miniseries perhaps "Emma" or "Sense and Sensibility" should be next. ...more info
  • An Adorable Parody!
    Which is what this is all about. Gently poking fun!

    Think Space Balls to Star Wars-Galaxy Quest to Star Trek, Blazing Saddles to westerns or Legally Blonde to all those pitiful jokes about dumb blondes!

    This is not to be taken seriously.

    It had some very funny parts. Loved when Amanda tells Lydia "not to get her hopes up" about Mr. Collins! I just about rolled off the couch when she said that!

    The only reason I give this story 4 stars instead of 5, is because Lizzy and Darcy were not together at the end as they should have been....more info
  • Well, It was watchable!
    I enjoy Austen and most of the movie adpatations including Clueless and Bride and Prejudice, but this was just too much! Little things bothered me a lot. For all that the main character was an Austen fan, she had little or no concept of how to handle herself in that time. Her clothes were way off the hook and the families acceptance of some strange, oddly dressed stranger just appearing was unbeleiveable. Plus her hair bothered me. I am sorry but young unmarried women in that time did not go about with their hair down! I couldn't even watch the whole movie, just got p$^&ed off and advanced through the scene selections to the end. Kind of a cool idea, lost a lot in the reality! ...more info
  • Okay but not great
    The movie was okay but not great. Jemima Rooper,for me, was not a good choice for the lead role in this movie. I found it hard to really care about her. This is not a movie I would watch twice. I've watched Pride and Predudice at least 25 times....more info
  • A chance to visit Pemberley...
    Imagine a 21st century girl who switches places with Elizabeth Bennet in P&P and finds herself trying to make her way in early 19th century England with all of its proper manners. Amanda drops into the P&P story complete with the Bennet family and Bingley and Darcy. She is dismayed to discover that when she's entered into the mix instead of Elizabeth, nothing seems to be working out quite the way it does in the book. Because she knows the plot after having read it millions of times, she tries to fix things with disastrous results -- story lines get mixed up, people marry the wrong people, etc.
    When Darcy turns out to be even more of a prig than she had imagined, she still can't stop herself from falling in love with him. There's a hilarious scene with Darcy emerging from a pond (at Amanda's request) with a wet shirt clinging to his chest that should make fans of the 1995 P&P movie giggle.
    Another fun part of the story is how Elizabeth is taking to modern times complete with computer and iPod. After what she's seen, she has a hard time going back to her old life.
    It's lots of tongue-in-cheek fun that I recommend for a long plane ride or a rainy afternoon....more info
  • Works as an homage to and a spoof of Austen and her fans.
    I'm holding up my credentials to verify that I am an Austen-phile and a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice. I even found fun in the Bollywood version ("Bride and Prejudice")! That said, I can state that this was a lovely twist on the classic novel, as well as an amusing take on what it means to be addicted to P&P, as so many of us are!

    As Amanda's actions in old time England started to turn the standard plot on its ear, I found myself enjoying not so much the plot turns themselves as the take on each character. Those of us who have read the book many times and seen all the incarnations expect certain things of each character. It was fascinating to watch how they would react to new events (even though the characters were unaware of how things SHOULD have gone.) Like other reviewers, I don't want to give these twists away. Some played better than others, I suppose, but I'll bet all of us Austen fans will like different things - and different takes on character - from other Austen fans. Still, the acting was fine, the ladies were charming, the men suitably hot.

    And speaking of us Austen fans, not only was it fun to put myself in Amanda's shoes (which would not fit me well), but I liked the amusing in-jokes aimed at Austen addicts. And if I'm including a little bit of a SPOILER here, the moment when Mr. Darcy jumped in the lake was delicious on many levels and showed us that the screenwriters were not only lovers of P&P, they possessed a devilish sense of humor. Post-modern indeed!

    I recommend this one as a fine way to spend a rainy afternoon. It made me want to form a club: we read the book out loud together, then watch all the incarnations, one after another, fortifying ourselves with a feast fit for Bingley's table!...more info
  • Lost in Austen
    Loved it,loved it,loved it!!! I even bought two extra copies for my sisters and have shared it with quite a few friends as well. I would buy more copies if my wallet was a bit deeper! Thank you, a great movie. Maxine....more info
  • Great
    This is an amazing take on a classic movie and novel that has been done in many different version updated and back in the day....more info
  • Every GIrls' Dream
    Lost in Austen allows the reader to actually enter the world of P&P. Every girl dreams of it, even if we don't admit it publicly, we all wonder if we could have Darcy for ourselves. Through Amanda Price, we the reader can finally succeed in this endeavor. Austen purists may look down their nose at the film, but to the plain ole' Austen enthusiast it is simply another wonderful twist on the best possible story. I wonder if there is more of the story in the works? I for one would love to see what happens next! Elizabeth? Darcy? Amanda? Caroline? Wickham? So much was left open, I for one hope they keep going! ...more info
  • Austen's characters in an Alternative Universe
    Hold on tight, this English mini-series walks a precarious line between being part very funny comedy, part drama, part romance, part fantasy in it's own right versus simply being outright offensive to Austenphiles and their beloved memories and characters.

    The plot is fantastic: modern girl, Amanda Price, no apparent relation to Fanny, pines for genteel age of 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Mr. Darcy'. Somehow, she exchanges places with a very willing, flesh and blood Elizabeth Bennet. What ensues becomes total chaos and unpredictability as Amanda's wish disrupts all that is sacred in the Austen world, and try as may to fix it- it just gets worse.

    How do the new characters compare? The parents and the sisters are fine giving us more indepth details of who they truly are, Mr. Bennet- reasonable, Mama- unreasonable, a tigress for her family security. Caroline Bingley(Christina Cole- soon to be in another English TV series-"Emma". Can you believe it!) is one of my favorites. Of course, she's sharp tongue and brilliantly malevolent. Mr. Collins probably the best Collins yet, more slimy and stupid; Wickham- handsome and really not what he seems; Lady Catherine(Lindsay Duran- remember her as Lady Burtram in 'Mansfield Park'-1999)stalwart as the grand matriarch. And Darcy? Elliot Cowan stays true to the misunderstood but noble hero's image. Tough boots to fill. My wife thinks he's great. Must be.

    Finally, the heroine(Jemima Rooper- don't know her- lots of TV work): to like or not to like? That is the question. She's no Elizabeth Bennet. But she definitely says what's in her head whether she wants to or not. She's awkward and out of place in both worlds, a bit obnoxious and uncouth. She desperately wants to do the right thing. Most of the time, she can't help herself let alone anyone else; lovesick and vulnerable, we couldn't help but root for her.

    This miniseries is very well shot with all the beautiful trappings of locations and costumes and good actors. Three hours long with a very good 40 minute "making of" segment in the special features.

    Tried and true, stick to the story, Austen fans will probably be put off by the changes and the slight offensiveness. But we laughed immensely. 'Lost in Austen' is it's own creation. Each episode is a surprise. Where is this story going? What unbelievable yet still somewhat reasonable actions do the characters intend to pull off? How will they wrap this all up?

    I'd give 4- 4 1/2 stars because I'm not very discerning at times about things of the heart, but this series has lots of heart and believe it or not, romance. My Elizabeth says to give it 5. Ok.
    ...more info
  • Most diverting!!! LOVED IT!
    I am a huge Austen fan so I knew I'd love this. I couldn't wait to see it when I heard about it. It was so funny and exciting. I didn't want it to end! I loved all the characters even more with new surprised popping up through out the movie. I think that any Jane Austen/ Pride and Prejudice fan will love this! I seriously watched this every day for a week after my first time watching it. I couldn't get enough! Now I'm reading the Lost in Austen book! :)...more info
  • Colin Firth move over! Elliott Cowan is THE ultimate Mr. Darcy!
    I have seen this twice on Oxygen and each time I find something new and funny and wonderful about this remake of Pride and Prejudice. While I love the Austen novels and feel that the Colin Firth version was quite close to the book, this one is so much fun! I can relate to Amanda when she says, "every time I have been with someone, it was you (Darcy)..." to paraphrase. I know that I have longed for a modern man who could be more like Mr. Darcy, so I'm so glad that this was made. If I can't find my own Mr. Darcy, at least I can revel in Amanda's escapades! I hope you love this movie as much as I do! ...more info
  • Cute Twist on Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice!
    I have read Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice many times and Watched the Long Version of Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle at least 100 times! This Newer Film with Jemima Rooper is Very Funny and will make you cry with happiness!

    I own all Jane Austen Movies and Pride and Prejudice is By far my Favorite Movie and Book!

    The Twist at the end of this newer movie will make you happy and joyful!

    Take Care,

    Kristi...more info
  • Greatest movie ever.
    If you like Pride and Prejudice you will love Lost in Austen; It is a new twist on an old tale. Austen fans get ready to see your favorite characters come to life as you have never seen before....more info
  • Great Twist on Austen !
    Wonderfully creative story mixing modern times with Austen's Pride and Prejudice characters. Well acted, lots of fun to watch !
    Highly recommended !! ...more info
  • Brilliant take on Pride and Prejudice
    This very modern spin on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is both brilliant and funny. Jemima Rooper is a fiesty 21st century Austen fan who suddenly finds herself in the middle of her favorite novel. Her attempts to keep the plot of the novel on track are amusing and touching. Elliot Cowan's Darcy seems a bit too stiff, even for Darcy. The supporting actors are all very good. Much like Austen's own writing, the dialogue is fast and witty.

    I am a long time Austen fan and love that this series does not hesitate to tweak and alter some of the core characters and events within the novel. My favorite changes involve the "truths" about Wickham. I've spoken to a few other Austen followers who don't like the liberties that ITV takes with characters and plot. Some viewers might be shocked by an annuled marriage, references to lesbianism, and the radical alteration to the ending we've known and loved for two centuries. I found the proposed annulment to be rather unbelievable, but I'm willing to suspend some reality in a movie that's already asked me to accept time travel into a fictional book.

    I watched all four episodes straight through, and I'm going to buy the DVD. If you're willing to watch some big changes to Austen's novel, I highly recommend this laugh-out-loud program....more info
    OH MY GOD this movie was wonderful and absolutely hysterical. If love Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and a good laugh...this movie is for you!...more info
  • Loved it!
    I had to watch it on the internet and plan on ordering my own copy as soon as it is available. I am a later in life Austen fan and adore both P&P (own both versions). But I loved the "spin" on the storyline and the actors did a fabulous job. ...more info
  • Dare I say it? -- absolutely fabulous
    What an entertaining tale! I found myself laughing at "Amanda", burning with embarrassment for her at times, and being completely GREEN with envy because she was doing what *I* have always wanted to do, ever since I first read "Pride and Prejudice" -- BE Elizabeth Bennett.
    Mr. Cowan's performance as Mr. Darcy puts Mr. Firth's slightly wooden version to shame. He has an exquisitely mobile face and piercing eyes, utilizing both to perfection when giving us a Mr. Darcy who is mannerly and elegant (that "aristocratic languor" Amanda speaks of) but inwardly passionate. Sublime performance. Very enjoyable and completely believable.
    WELL worth the watch, more than once. (Thank you, DVR. lol) Heartily recommended. ...more info
  • wonderfully creative abuse of Austen
    A wonderfully creative abuse of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" crossed with "Emma" as modern-day Amanda Price desperately tries to remake the matches in Regency England which her presence has ruined. Many of the characters are not as they seem, among them charming rogue Wickham. Every character is perfectly cast; even the bit parts add rich detail to the dramatic tapestry. Settings and costumes seem beautifully authentic and often simply beautiful. An absolutely delightful film.

    ...more info
  • This should remain LOST
    It is not to be borne! This was a wretched adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. The only redeeming part of this movie was the character of Mr. Bennett, who happened to remain a constant. I was excited to watch this, being an Austen enthusiast, but wish I could have my three hours returned to me. I enjoy a good adaptation, but this was not one of them. The main character was annoying to begin with and continued to worsen throughout the movie. The soundtrack becomes burned on one's memory, with tendrils of smoke wafting through the air. Many of the most witty lines are often rushed and mumbled so that you cannot understand them. The plot was unbelievable and as the movie progressed, the characters would seemingly flip mid-stream as to their convictions. My family and I all enjoy P&P and all of us feel betrayed by this farce. We did find it rather fitting that the second portal between the two worlds happened to be a Port-a-Potty - and perhaps, this movie should remain there.
    If you are to watch this "spoof," please bear in mind that it is not like the original. One of the lines uttered by Amanda Price is "Jane Austen would be rolling over in her grave like a cat in a spin cycle," could not be more appropos....more info
  • Lost in Austen
    Loved the movie! So unexpected! Wonderful sets and actors. This new addition makes an Austen fan happy....more info
  • Lost in Austen
    I found this movie by accident when searching online for Austen books and movies. I watched the trailer that was provided and it looked fascinating. It was!! It was totally different than anything ever done with an Austen story. It was very entertaining and even though it was already three hours, I could have watched more. It was done to entertain and have fun with the story and done well. We would never want Austen's stories to ever be changed but this was a time travel story for someone who loves Austen's books so much she ended up in one!...more info
  • Delightful!
    For any Austen fanatic, particularly lovers of Pride & Prejudice, this is a delightful treat, with a brilliant conceit, brilliant cast, beautiful art direction, extremely witty dialogue. This played on A&E, I watched the episodes in reverse order and decided it was a must have, must share production. Highly recommend....more info
  • Witty and surprising
    I ordered this with some hesitation as some of what has followed in the wake of the rising interest in all things Austen has been rather ugly. I really enjoyed it though. There was enough "real" Austen that you recognized the characters for who and what they were. Even when they deviated from the plot, it seemed to be quite in step with the way the characters had originally been written. ****(spoiler alert) who couldn't believe it of Lizzie to want to head out on a big adventure in modern London ~ or that she would adapt very well once she found herself there? To be honest, she was always way before her time in many ways.*****

    Of course Darcy and Lizzy both were willing to do what "duty" called for -- but how much more fulfilling was the ending that was supplied. There was also so much laughter and real affection between the characters (and who didn't love the water scene?)

    I thought that this was just going to be my "girl" indulgence, but my husband and son actually joined me for the last two thirds of the movie and really liked it as well. I am usually one who loves the idea of staying true to the book. This is one of those examples that kept the spirit of the book - instead of the letter of the law (as it were.)

    It was a wonderfully fun movie and I look forward to watching it again and again.

    ...more info
  • A Disappointment
    I really looked forward to seeing this movie, since I have been a big fan of Jane Austen for many years. Unfortunately, I felt the movie did not live up to my expectations. I was perfectly willing to suspend reality to go along with a modern British woman being popped into Pride & Prejudice, but the character, a self-professed Austen lover, just didn't feel right. Amanda Price claims to know Pride & Prejudice almost by heart, but then incongruously whips out her lip gloss on the way to the ball. She curtsies like a horse, and flashes her cleavage at Mr. Bingley (what little girl didn't play at curtsies when she was young?). She shoves food in her face like a glutton, while the Bennett sisters daintily nibble away at their breakfast, averting their eyes. We get to watch her bumble like an idiot that knows nothing about the time period, and it just made me feel embarrassed for the character and for the original novel, especially when she gets drunk at the ball and pulls out a cigarette (didn't Amanda Price comment that she loved the book for the manners??). Even Mrs. Bennett comes across as harsh and nasty instead of pleasantly silly. I think I would have bought into the movie if a little more care had been taken to write how a true fan would have acted, instead of some random rocker chick from London. It all just felt wrong to me, like the director was trying to get a laugh with all the stupid antics. Was this supposed to be a comedy?...more info
  • Definitely for Jane Austen Fans
    After a somewhat tedious start, one slowly is able to enter into the conceit of time periods being inter-changeable. Once that has occurred, the story takes off delightfully to an unexpected but acceptable conclusion. Definitely for Jane Austin aficionados and for those who enjoyed "Pride and Prejudice". If you are not yet acquainted with Jane Austen's books, this may give you a foretaste of future delights, as you may choose to explore her work.

    ...more info
  • Amazing Austen
    I loved this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. It was interesting to see the characters I love in a new way. Mr. Darcy was beautiful as always! ...more info
  • editing nightmare
    The series "Lost in Austen" is fantastic. This DVD is not. The editors cut out about half of the material. If you didn't see the original, you don't know that the reason that Charles says he would go downtown when he's lonely is that Amanda sang Petula Clark's "Downtown". It also makes no sense for Mrs. Bennet to say that Amanda is a bad influence on Lydia, unless you had witnessed the (cut) scenes where Amanda makes comments that Lydia uses later.
    It is a shame that the whole series is not on the DVD. It really was a great production....more info
    Jemima Rooper has the remarkable talent of being absolutely fantastic in the most dreadful shows! That being said I just gave the only reason for watching this morbid little curiosity of the molestation of Jane Austen's classic, "Pride & Prejudice".

    Purists will best be warned to close their eyes & ears....more info
  • It was just "OK"
    I caught some of this on tv recently, can't remember the net work. I, myself, am an anglophile and die-hard Austen fan, and I have to say that this one wasn't worth the time I spent watching it. I can see by the reviews that many have liked it. My disappointment could be that anything other than the original work is a poor substitute. I thought the story line was lacking, unbelievable, and boring. Simply put, I thought it was pretty stupid. I watched it for about an hour or so, and then switched to the gameshow network. Even THAT was better than sitting through this awful awful movie. I give it 2 stars, because the actors seemed to be very talented. It's too bad that they now have to be forever associated with this piece of work....more info
  • Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful
    I can't say enough good things about this movie. My favorite part was fining all of the "Easter Eggs" hidden in it. There are so many fun and subtle references to the 1995 version which is universally loved. I think there should be a drinking game made for it. When you see one, you should drink some port. ...more info
  • Great Fun!
    A unique storyline for everyone addicted to anything Pride & Prejudice. The only negative to this US released DVD is that there is an entire scene deleted (I understand due to copyright issues?) where Amanda sings "Downtown". With that portion deleted, the reactions following make no sense.
    I recommend anyone buying this to go to YouTube and watch the missing scene.
    I would request to Amazon to push the company that released this DVD to obtain permission and rerelease a "complete" version. I for one would buy it!

    I wonder if there were any other portions deleted.......more info
  • Clever funny dialogue
    I thoroughly enjoyed the premise of this movie which plays with paranormal time travel and changing reality. Jemima Rooper as Amanda has very funny lines and predicaments that she lands in that were extremely funny and from which she has to extricate herself with wit and hilarious results. She commands an excellent portrayal of her lovable character with candid comedic facial expressions that did me in. One must listen carefully to her 21st century mind trying to download into 19th century England. I loved the dialogue and particularly enjoyed Mr. Bennet's exasperated demeanor and humorous anecdotes about his life. All in all, the actors are all wonderful, and you will love Jemima Rooper's character. The movie is in keeping with the Austen themes of romantic characters with only romance on their minds....more info
  • A must see
    The reason I ordered this dvd was because I was watching the series on PBS and I just couldn't wait a whole week for the next episode, yes, it is that good. There are many twists to the story that made it funny at times. One of the things I like about it, is that I can relate to main character, I too wish to take part of the story and meet Mr. Darcy. I don't know what Jane Austen would think about it but as for me I liked it. It was highly entertainning. The only dissapointing part is that there is a deleted a scene but I was lucky to find it in YOUTUBE....more info
  • Love it!
    A fun and entertaining take on a classic. My only gripe with this DVD is that it didn't come with very many bonus features. Nevertheless, I definitely recommend this for any Austen fan....more info
  • Thouroughly Enjoyable
    Must have for Austen lovers as long as you take it with tongue in cheek as I'm sure was intended. I watched this on TV and bought it as a gift for my daughter who loves everything Austen....more info
  • A really great movie.
    I really thought this was a really good movie and it's one of the kind you wouldn't expect. It has great comedy in it and the character's are really good. I'm definitely going to buy this when I get the chance! For anyone who is a fan of Jane Austen/Pride & Prejudice, I would definitely recommend this to you. It is a fun movie. Well worth the watch and/or buy....more info
  • Mr. Darcy in a Wet Shirt Again? Yes, Please!
    With the recent renditions of the Jane Austen novels for BBC like Chinese food, I find I was briefly satisfied but now I am hungry for more. More Jane Austen!...So imagine my delight when I stumbled across this new ITV production "Lost in Austen"....

    What!? Time travel mixed with Jane Austen? Pass me my salts and loosen my stays!
    Being released soon on DVD....Pre-Order from Amazon!? Yes! Yes! Must. Have. NOW! WANT!

    "Amanda Price is sick of the modern world. She yearns for the romance and elegance found in the books by her favorite author, Jane Austen. But she's about to get a rude awakening as one fateful evening, she is propelled into the scheming 19th century world of Pride and Prejudice while that book's Elizabeth Bennet is hurled into hers. As the book's familiar plot unfolds, Amanda triggers new romantic twists and turns within the Bennet family circle as she clumsily tries to help the sisters nab husbands and even captivates the tantalizing Mr. Darcy herself. But what about Elizabeth...and what will become of one of the world's greatest love stories?"

    Of course my favourite rendition of Pride & Prejudice is the Colin Firth BBC-1, A&E version...But to be lost in the novel? And really, Ladies? Who does not want to see Darcy again in a wet shirt?

    So, whether tis good or tripe....I shall order this and with the eager delight of a guilty pleasure watch a modern girl enter the pages of a beloved novel..and yes, kisses ....ardently so...with Mr. Darcy!

    UPDATE~!! i got the DVD today! gosh i love Amazon! And yes dears it was delightful! Fun, frolicking, and yes, very entertaining!! I want to watch it again even! ..There was one point I was thinking "how in the world is this going to END?!" and I love it when a story takes me to places where i can't easily predict the ending and am happily surprised by it!...and I was! I'm such a wus...I cried. Gah!...more info
  • Switching Places Reinvented
    Switching places with a Jane Austen character is something that should be done more often, if done this well! It was so fun to watch and I really did not want it to end. The twists and turns to the original story are refreshing and entertaining. This was a fun watch and highly recommended from one Austen fan to others....more info
  • I loved this movie
    When I went to buy this movie it didn't catch my eye all that much, but I was traveling and needed something to watch. I absoultely fell in love with it. I was already a Pride and Prejudice fan, but after watching this movie I have just become sucked into it. It made me go out and buy the book and more of Jane Austen's books. I highly recommend this movie to a women who truly believes in love. ...more info
  • Awesome Austen
    Cannot wait for the movie version! Wish it were a series I could enjoy weekly. Very clever idea. If you like Jane Austen, you will enjoy this....more info
  • Ingenious fun for Pride & Prejudice buffs
    I thoroughly enjoyed this series, but its charms are probably best appreciated by Austen fans with a working knowledge of the Pride and Prejudice story. A lot of the fun of the series is seeing how the P & P plot is derailed when Elizabeth Bennett exits and modern-day Austen fan Amanda Price enters the 19th century world of Austen's novel. Although I am an ardent admirer of Colin Firth's Darcy, I think that Elliot Cowan acquits himself well in the role, and Jemima Rooper brings the right combination of insouciance and insecurity to her modern, fish-out-of-water heroine. At times, the execution is uneven. Amanda is often unnecessarily clumsy in her attempts to influence the other characters, and some of the resolutions seem contrived. Overall, though, I thought the series was ingenious and I was kept in suspense to the very end wondering how Amanda and Elizabeth would "fix" the perverted plot.
    ...more info
  • best movie I have seen this year!
    I just watched this movie this week and I stayed up most of the night watching it from start to finish. This was so well done. I was sitting at the edge of my seat watching it. I loved the wet t-shirt scene too. I am buying this right away. If you love pride and prejudice, you have to watch this one. I love how she is magically put into the book. I wish I could do that! I think anyone who loves Jane Austen's books will just absolutely love this movie! Bravo!!!!!...more info