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Roku Digital Video Player
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Product Description

The Roku player instantly delivers movies and TV episodes directly to your TV over the Internet. More than 40,000 choices are currently available from Amazon Video On Demand and Netflix with more being added every week. The Wall Street Journal, CNET, WIRED and other publications have given the Roku player overwhelmingly positive reviews. The Roku player is compact, and easy to set up and use. It comes with everything you need to start watching within minutes of opening the box - the standard yellow, white and red cables, both Wi-Fi and Ethernet are built in, wireless remote and batteries. Start watching instantly anywhere you have a TV and a high-speed Internet connection. Note: For even better audio and video using the Roku player with your HDTV, home theater or A/V receiver, look for the Roku digital video player plus premium cable pack at

  • 40,000+ movies and TV episodes available from Amazon Video On Demand
  • 12,000+ movies and TV episodes available with your Netflix subscription
  • Use your high-speed Internet connection to start watching movies in seconds
  • Connecting is easy - both Wi-Fi and Ethernet are built in
  • Works with virtually any TV - old or new - including HDTVs

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product
    This product is wonderful. We use it compliment our Netflix plan when we want to see something "now". The selection of movies contain a mix of recent releases but your best bet for getting new releases is via the traditional que process. However, they are also reacting to getting more and more new releases and you can always sort to see the latest Roku releases per week. Wireless setup is easy (I have a mac) and we have almost 200 movies in our instant que. We thought about an Apple TV, but now with the Amazon partnership (they do charge a fee) there really is no reason (unless you are heavy photo or podcast user). Love it and have several friends and family that are purchasing it after my recommendation....more info
  • The Roku box is a miracle
    First of all, it works out of the box and exactly as described.

    Second, it's as easy to set up as it promises.

    Third, with access to your Neflix freebies along with pay-per-view from Amazon, what's not to like? I will never use VOD on my ATT U-Verse box again.

    A few quirks, though.

    First, although there are categories for both Netflix and Amazon, there's no alternative to browsing. You can't search for stuff on the unit - you have to do that online. I'd sure like the ability to search using my Roku box!

    Second, it's odd that you can buy or rent movies from Amazon but not from Netflix. Don't get me wrong, I like the Netflix freebies just fine. But why can't I access the full library there?

    Still these are trifling complaints. The Roku box is a life-changer....more info
  • Great Alternative
    This is a great alternative if you don't have cable or if you like to watch movies without having to go to the video store. At $8.99 per month for netflix it is great for people on a budget. I had no trouble with the set up. You can view the movies entirely or by the chapter just like if you were viewing a DVD. ...more info
  • The coolest thing ever!!! Forget sliced bread!
    I love my Roku. My husband gave me one for Mother's Day and I didn't even know I needed it! Not only does it allow us to watch our Netflix movies easily on our big tv but it also has several other nice features. You can have several movies in process at the same time, so I can watch part of something and then switch over to something else to watch with my husband or the kids can watch something then I can just go back and pick up where I left off later! I also love the feature that shows exactly how long the movie (or tv show) will run and if you pause it, it shows how much time you have left to go. This is a must have item for anyone who has Netflix or anyone who likes to watch tv or movies. I want to get them for everyone I know!!...more info
  • Much better than a laptop
    I've been hooking up my laptop to the TV to watch Netflix movies for some time. If you've done this, you've probably had the same problem -- ground loop. Audio hum, horizontal lines moving down the screen. I spent $40 for an audio isolator, but I should have just gone straight to the Roku.

    No cables on the floor, picture is clearer than my laptop svideo output, and fast-forward / rewind features of the new Silverlight browser Netflix player, like screen shots to help you find the right scene. Like the browser player, it gives you the option to resume a movie where you left off.

    The only thing you can't do with the Roku is select which movies you want to watch -- it only shows the ones already in your instant queue.

    Setup was very easy. I had to use uppercase letters when I entered my router's hexadecimal WEP key (maybe it thought it was a password?). It links to your Netflix account by giving you a simple URL to enter into a browser (one time process), so you don't have to enter / remember your Netflix username and password.

    FF / Rewind is fast when using my own wireless router (in adjacent room, quality reads as maximum = 4). When I use my neighbor's router (quality 2) I have to wait 2 minutes for buffering after a backward seek. Same experience as you get with a computer. I get better reception when the box is tilted or on its side....more info
  • If you have Netflix you NEED this box!
    Install was a snap, I told the box I had Netflix and it presented a code which I logged on to Netflix and entered. Within seconds anything in my queue that was available to play online was listed on my TV.

    I quickly went back on line and loaded the play now queue and now I have a massive collection of movies to watch on my TV. I programmed my Harmony remote for the Roku and was all set.

    This really solves many problems I was having with Netflix. We like to get stuff for the kids, I like old movies and documentaries and the wife likes the new releases.

    Now I let my wife rule the queue for delivered DVDs and I can use Roku to load up on all the old movies I enjoy and kids material.

    Well worth the money, easy to setup, easy to use and cheap. ...more info
  • TERRIBLE customer service
    I ordered the product and then changed my mind about 2 hours later. There is NO way to cancel the order. I emailed, and heard back from the company the next day telling me they didn't know who I was! Today I got an email telling me that the player is on the way... What horrible service....more info
  • I like it
    The reason I bought it is the wireless network support. It work perfectly, and the setup was seamless, even with my WPA security. Although I must say that the image quality is not so good with Netflix. But this is a Netflix problem. I tried previewing HD movies from Amazon rental service, and the quality is perfect. But, unfortunately, they are not free...

    ...more info
  • Roku Digital Video Player
    The Roku Digital Video Player is a great value. It works just like Roku and NetFlix said it would. The quality is as good or better then DVD. I love it....more info
  • I am now getting the most out of my Netflix subscription!!!
    If you are a Netflix member you need to have this box. It fills the time between my DVD's with great older movies. The watch instantly selections seem to be getting better as time goes by. My kids love to watch all the family movies that are available. It is much less expensive than its competitors and works exactly as expected. I wish I would have got one sooner!...more info
  • Sets the standard for this type of device...
    This device is just a winner. Really quite a technical achievement -- bleeding edge devices NEVER work this well for so many people.

    We have used this thing in different rooms, with different configurations, and it just works! We have a cheap 4-year-old wireless-G router and the Roku finds it and streams HD through it with rock-solid performance. That is no small accomplishment -- our HD Tivo, which cost three times as much as the Roko, has consistent trouble streaming Netflix content even through CAT6 cable.

    Now that Roku is adding more streaming sources, beginning with the Amazon rental service, I think this is a game-changing little box. It's not hard to envision people dropping their expensive cable/satellite and just buying their programming a la carte and streaming through the Roku.

    I love our Tivo, but with a streamer that works this well, the Tivo may be doomed. There will be no reason to keep a hard drive full of programming at your house as soon as someone figures out a way for you to save your own repository on the net -- and then stream it through the Roku....more info
  • Amazing
    Roku Digital Video Player

    Took it out of the box and was up and running in less than 5 minutes. Using wireless connection and it's fabulous....more info
  • I'm in Love with Roku
    I just sent a e-mail to Roku to see if I bought another -- I could put it in the Kids room--would it play 2 moves at the same time ?......more info
  • Best $99 you'll ever spend
    I've had mine for a year now. I can honestly say its the best $99 I've ever spent on home electronics....more info
  • Best entertainment bang for the buck
    The Roku is the best money one can spend for immediate video entertainment. Opens up a world of choice!...more info
  • Do yourself a favor and buy Roku!
    I absolutely love this fabulous piece of technology! Great picture quality, great selection from Netflix (over 12,000), saves me money and trips to the video store, easy to set up and use, hassle-free, small, great price. If you have a Netflix account, you should definitely make this purchase. And if you don't have a Netflix account, and you love movies and tv shows, sign up for Netflix (as low as $8.99/month) and get this great device. You will love it! Be sure you have broadband connection of at least 1.5 mbps.

    ...more info
  • Good product. Shipping irks me.
    I enjoy the Roku player. It is a great idea and it will become even more valuable to me if they are able to add additional entertainment sources in the future. I know that the Hulu thing isn't gonna happen but there are some other worthwhile channels out there. The one thing that leaves a bad taste in my mouth is the shipping. For $15 it should get to consumer in less than 10 days....more info