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SOG Flash II Folding Knife
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Product Description

The Flash has got to be one of the coolest knives ever seen. Forget its wicked-quick blade access, that it handles like a race car on rails, or that it locks up like Alcatraz. It just looks and feels extraordinary. The Flash family of knives feature SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.), which employs a powerful piston lock that is easily released with the new Arc-Actuator on the Flash II. SOG also had the foresight to incorporate an additional safety lock that gives added security when the blade is closed. Note that when the safety shows red... ...YOU ARE READY TO GO! The Flash comes standard with glass-reinforced Zytel handles and 1/2 serrated blades. Options include straight edge blade, black TiNi 1/2 serrated blade/clips/pivot, hard-anodized 6061- T6 aluminum handles. All Flashes come standard with SOG's patent pending, reversible bayonet mounted clip that ensures the lowest, most discreet carry possible. Zytel Handle Models: FSA-8 - Straight FSA-98 - 1/2 Serrated TFSA-98_- 1/2 Serrated, Black TiNi Blade, Pocket Clip and Hardware FSA-5 - 1/2 Serrated, TigerStripe with Black TiNi FSA-6 - Rescue

Customer Reviews:

  • Love my new knife
    I got this knife to replace one I had lost. I love being able to open it easily with one hand since that is a necessity for me at work....more info
  • nice knife
    this is a quality knife for the money and it is very very sharp...more info
  • Jokes and boneheads aside
    This is a great knife. I have several SOG knives and this is the one I carry every day. Razor sharp and the serration near the base of the blade is great for cutting rope, etc. The deployment mechanism is as close to a switch that you'll find. A slight thumb pressure in an opening direction and it "flashes" open. I've NEVER had it open accidentally. And if you are paranoid, there is a small flip lock for that as well. The clip is extended and hides the knife just under your pocket rim but places it in optimum position for quick access. Light, strong and SOG quality. By the way, if you are thinking the Flash I is just a little smaller, it's not. It is a lot smaller, almost a toy compared to this medium sized all around all purpose utility/defense blade. Buy it! You won't be sorry....more info
  • Excellent tactical knife!
    Bought 2 of these (the price was right!) to replace my S&W knife. I wanted something good looking, practical, and with spring assist. This knife is high quality, sharp as anything, and the assisted opening is a great feature when you are trying to open or cut something with one hand.
    It is very lightweight and the bayonet clip is very sturdy. That was a concern as my S&W was extremely well built. This clip is smaller, yet very strong. And the low profile carry is a bonus.
    If you want a great quality dependable knife, then you won't go wrong buying a SOG Flash II....more info
  • Sog flash II
    Hey everyone, this is my first post...
    I purchased the Sog Flash II as my first knife and I'll write about the quality of the knife and the advertised features.

    The Flash came razor sharp out of the box and is still that way. I don't know much about different types of steel, but so far there are no mark or anything on the blade.

    Blade play - The knife does have a slight lateral blade play. I have not yet tried to tighten it on my own so I don't know if that would help.

    S.A.T. - The assisted technology opens the knife very nicely. In my hand it feels like I push just enough and it will snap open, I don't need to push to hard and a little whimsy push won't do it so it wont' open on it's own. I've never had it open in my pocket yet or any time when I didn't want it to.

    Safety lock - Useful, but very small therefore not allowing one to turn the safety off and open the knife all with one hand. However, since it won't open in your pocket anyways, one doesn't really need the safety while they think they'll be using the knife.

    Handle - Very comfortable and I haven't slipped at all on it yet.

    Lock - So far it is 100% reliable, only thing is it takes slightly too much pressure to close it.

    Clip - Good tension. However it's starting to get a lot of lateral play and it's cracking the plastic at the bottom of the knife (due to the play). It hasn't fallen out though cause I imagine it is screwed in.

    Size - Very nice size, big enough to do whatever needs to be done yet totally intrusive. When I put it in the corner of the pocket I can't feel it there at all.

    Overall - A very good knife, sharp, strong and I'd recommend it. The only reasons for which I gave it 4 stars instead of five is the slight blade play and the play in the clip (since it's cracking the handle). It's certainly worth the money.

    Hope that was useful....
    Cheers...more info
  • Buy It !
    This knife is AWESOME.nothing fancy, very utilitarian, the pocket clip is WAY BETTER than most tacticals I have seen - it keeps it perfectly ready in my back pocket, but doesn't stick out, so it just looks like i have a pen next to my wallet. the lock is very positive, and the SAT is super sexy, you'll find yourself opening and closing it like you're 8 years old, it feels so cool.Not exactly a pretty knife, its much more at home in your hand or your pocket than in a display case, but so are most good TOOLS.If you're in the market for this type of knife, this is a good solid choice, five stars!...more info
  • Best built knife I've ever owned
    I'm not really into knives...I lost my smaller folder & was looking to upgrade to a bigger,better knife.I don't know alot about knives...but I do know a quality product when I see one. This knife is quality. Just recieved knife yesterday. Sharp right out of the box, light weight & a really good,sturdy clip attached. A great buy!...more info
  • don't pay extra for shipping
    Don't pay extra for faster shipping. I did and my order was pushed back 4 days, Why does Amazon fudge the shipping? I'll stick with my usual vendors. At least I can call them and talk to a person....more info
  • This isn't a bad blade
    I recently chose a Kershaw Skyline over the SOG Flash II. For less money, the Kershaw is about half the thickness, yet the blade is of comparable size. The simplistic design of the Kershaw does not have latches, springs, and safeties to fail. I will say that the SOG has the superior deep carry belt clip.
    ...more info
  • Like a hot knife in butter.
    This is probably the best knife of it's type being produced today. I like the locking mechanism which prevents unintentional opening. The design was well thought out, and fits well in my hand. The blade assisted opening (S.A.T.) is very convenient.

    My only reservation is that the blade is slightly smaller than I am use to. I prefer a knive with a blade closer to four inches. However, this blade stays remarkably sharp....more info

  • As legal a switchblade as you can get
    The Sog Flash is definately worth the money. Its high points are solid construction, a pretty secure safety, and of course, the lighting fast one handed opening. The clip conceals the knife quite well. It comes extremely sharp. All in all, i'm completely satisfied....more info
  • A pleasure to open
    I bought the Flash II from more than six months ago and enjoyed the folder very much. I use it as a mundane utility knife, but I can just sit there with a smile on my face and open the knife again and again.

    The sharpness was good out of the box. I torture the blade by opening envelops and cardboard boxes. The knife stayed sharp fairly long before needing a resharpening. (side note: all serrated knives will take longer between sharpening than straight edge just because serration gives more cutting surface)

    I like the Flash II over the Pentagon elite because F-II has a handle shape that helps prevent my hand from slipping onto the blade. I only gave four stars because the zytel handle does not feel solid. the handle does not have a metal inside. the whole handle is synthetic so may flex.

    SOG makes F-II very good....more info

  • Blade Did Not Open
    I obviously have a defective unit because the blade is locked down and will not open. The blade safety is off but the safety slider does not quite cycle as clean as it should, meaning it is stuck in the "safe" position. Also got a Trident from SOG to see which I like better and it opens fine.

    Quite surprised that a new knife from a "premium" manufacturer would arrive unable to open. You would think for the price they would at least have someone open and close each before packaging to make sure they work. Missing a small defect I could understand...but something so fundamental tells me quality control is grossly inadequate. What else did they miss?

    Mine is going back for good....more info
  • Sog Flash II
    This knife is absolutely great for an everyday carry (EDC). The opening is smooth and the handle is light. I would highly recommend this knife....more info
  • Very nice for the money.
    I researched this knife before buying it. I like the fit and finish of the knife. It seems to be well balanced and fits and feels good in my hands. Its razer sharp right out of the box. This knife opens smooth and swift. The only thing I found that could be improved some is the belt clip, its sturdy and heavy duty but some times it is hard to get off of the belt or even harder if clipped over the edge of your pocket. I am getting use to it and its getting easyer the more I use it. Over all it's a great knife for the money....more info
  • Great Father's Day gift
    Very impressed with the quality, weight and function of this knife. the blade edge is extremely sharp, the pocket clip is aggressive enough to keep it in your pocket yet allow retrieval without struggle. the blade assist works flawlessly, with presentation of the blade being a one-handed affair. a great knife at a killer price....more info
  • Great Knife
    Great knife very sturdy great price.

    You do have to tighten the blade and clip every so often....more info