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  • Worst, impossible...
    This film is one of the worst that I never saw. Be careful, because the same artist, Farrah Fawcett, made another film, related with domestic violence that is a clasic and you don't have to loose it: The Burning Bed....more info
  • To help "Hey Moe"
    As far as I know the movie wasn't really all that edited for telvisison as I feel that there was no real graphic sex scenes. I feel that alot of the movie was mostly Language and violence. This seems like a continuation of "The Burning Bed", but it's not. It's a story of morals, and questioning the "Eye for an Eye" issue. Alot of elements from the burning bed come into play here where men feel entitled to dominate women, and that society is still backwards in their thinking of how a woman is to respond to her attacker. As the other 2 women with Farrah are telling her not to torture the guy who attecked her. There's an element here where woman's rights are attempted to be spelled out, but the question is will a woman listen? A woman who is wracked with a violent crime against her if she chooses to fight back will do so to the fullest extent, and then some. However, what the one characted was trying, and I mean trying to say to Farrah was that God would repay the man who attacked her that he would face justice. However, it was said in a secular tone. It's still suspenseful, but still too much of "The Burning Bed" in here. ...more info
  • A Character Study of Violence and Submission
    "Extremities" is almost like a filmed play, with a marvelous 4-person cast, and it keeps one's interest even though most of the action takes place in 2 rooms of a small house. This very low budget production may have many flaws, but it is at times riveting viewing. Farrah Fawcett followed her critically acclaimed "The Burning Bed" with this film, and once again proved that she was much more than a "Charlie's Angels" pin-up. Along with Fawcett, James Russo is Joe, a truly creepy villain, and Alfre Woodard and Diana Scarwid are both terrific as Fawcett's housemates. Woodard is one of Hollywood's most beautiful and underrated actresses, and gives yet another wonderful performance, and Scarwid is very moving as she tells her personal history, and how she dealt with a similar trauma.

    This is a character study of a depraved man who sets his mind on terrorizing a woman, first by assaulting her in a car, and then in a home invasion. The violence that ensues sometimes feels quite real, and the interest in the film lies mostly in the reactions by the 3 women affected by the psychological rape, and the fear of being killed by this monstrous man. It is a curious film about power and submission that doesn't always work, but the parts that do are excellent, and definitely worth watching.

    Written by William Mastrosimone based on his play, and directed by Robert M. Young, "Extremities" is 89 minutes long, is often intense, and has great interaction between its 4 fine actors.
    ...more info
  • Did I miss something???
    I saw this a few nights ago on regular late night tv, so maybe it was edited to death and I missed all the interesting parts???? All I know is that it seemed highly unbelievable... Spoilers follow....(...why does the rapist just walk in her front door...would you leave your door unlocked if you had just been attacked and the rapist had your driver's license?!!) Anyways...I couldn't get past that part through the whole movie, so maybe that's what made me hate it. I do have to give kudos to Farah Fawcett though, her acting was excellent and seemed very genuine...maybe she has been through some similar trauma in real life? ...more info
  • Tough, brutal film with Fawcett deserving of Award
    What is it going to take for Hollywood to recognise the artistry of Farrah Fawcett and give her the accolades and awards she is due?. No I am not biased being a fan. Here she is stripped of ALL glamour and make up and performs from the gut. If Charlize Theron could win an Oscar for Monster then surely Farrah deserved to be recognized for this performance, a repeat of a role she took in the Off Broadway production. Extremeties is the story of a woman to exacts revenge on a would be rapist and traps him in her fireplace. Much of the first half of the movie focuses on the abuse that Marjorie (Fawcett) endures at the hands of the 'rapist' (brilliantly played by James Russo) before she turns the tables on him and 'captures' him. Excellent support is provided by Alfre Woodward and Diana Scarwid as the room mates who become embroiled in the saga of whether to kill the rapist or call the police.
    Its a tough and brutal film which is hard to watch at times. But, its Fawcett who drives this movie with a solid gut wrenching performance that the influential TIME MAGAZINE described in their REVIEW thus: " her unadorned artistry singes" High praise indeed.
    It would have been great if MGM could have added 'extras' to this dvd...where are the commentary tracks or deleted scenes?...more info
  • excellent movie
    the movie was great and full is suspence will keep you on the edge of your sofa...more info
  • A realistic point of view
    Spoilers here:

    Let's see what would happen to Farrah's character, assault by the first degree, attempted 1st degree to 2nd degree murder, threaten to do physical violence, kidnaping. She's going to jail for a long time her forcing a confession does absolutely no good, no cops no witness, and it was by knife point with his miranda rights not being read. No cops were called on the scene no lawyer present. He gets away scottfree she goes to jail for 15 years the women that helped go to jail for helping her whether or not they were trying to help or not.

    Also the man can now sue all three women for mental anguish and win the sum of $150,000. I am by the way totally against rape and find it extremely appaling and rotten however what she did was pretty much the same. What makes the movie especially bad is they go call the police, who do you think they are going to take away?

    Hint it is a blonde suspect white looked to be in her thirties. The police would take one look at the scene and arrest her and send the man to the hospital. They may or may not arrest the man depending on if they can find any evidence on the attack.
    Maybe the idiot that created this movie should study law next time before making something like this again....more info
  • Farrah Fawcett is AWESOME!!!!!!!
    Farrah gives a powerhouse performance in this top notch thriller. She doesn't just get even, she gets revenge. This movie proves what a brilliant actress Farrah is, she is riveting in it. I highly recommend this DVD!!!...more info
  • Farrah at her best!
    A must see film starring Farrah Fawcett. I feel she is never given enough credit as an actress. This film is intense and shows another side of the ex Charlie's Angel. She orginally performed on broadway for a year with the play of the same name. One of her best films along with Burning Bed and Poor Little Rich Girl and Beate Klarsfeld "Nazi Hunter"....more info
  • Marjore!
    She beat her attacher off, with the BEST! This reminds me of (The Burning Bed)....more info