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Superman Returns
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  • Superbad
    It is a shame that with all the resources at his command this is the best that Bryan Singer could do.

    While the movie is obviously and heavy handedly about faith and the place it has in our cynical lives with Superman as a misplaced messiah, the choice of inserting it into the original Superman movie continuity did not benefit anyone. Because as the audience has changed, so have the characters and their circumstances.

    And therein lies the movie's main weakness. It feels old and silly. If I pay good money to watch Superman, I want to see him save the world. Beat unsurmountable odds and defeat a gigantic horde that threatens Earth, or a formidable foe bent on terminating our very existence.

    I don't want to see a ridiculous real-estate obsessed Lex Luthor. I want to see a man whose very intellect signifies the height of human potential, and yet he selfishly chooses to use it for personal gain.

    I don't care for an apocryphal super baby. Don't they know that marrying Spiderman is widely accepted as one of the main barriers between the character and his readers? Why get responsibility in the way of wish fulfillment?

    I don't want to see Superman fight an Evil Continent. I want to see him trade blows with Darkseid, outwit Brainiac or Luthor, heck, I'd even take Mongul. Fighting an evil land mass managed to sink below the Hulk fighting a poodle in terms of sheer boredom.

    And most of all: Don't EVER hire a young actor to impersonate an old actor. There is a reason Reeves was loved as Superman; he brought his own charisma into the character.

    Things they got right:

    Action sequences.
    Special effects.
    Discreet and well paced story telling.
    Kumar (Kal Penn) kicked Superman.
    Kate Bosworth. Gotta thank her parents sometime.

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  • brilliant, brilliant, brilliant
    i won't expend a huge amount of energy praising this film - others have done so far better than i could.

    i remember the first time i saw "superman the movie" as a child, and this amazing film succeeds as a most unsual hybrid of sequel, homage and, in some ways, a quasi-remake of the original film.

    popular opinion tends to hold that "superman II" is a classic film, but watching it through adult eyes, you'd be hard-pressed to seriously argue that case. a fine idea, with fantastic sequences - but a hammy train-wreck of a movie, as mangled after the dismissal of original director richard donner.

    i can only imagine that the inexplicable complaints about "superman returns," and the absurd statements of it being amongst the worst films ever made, come from the same folks who can't take a critical view of "superman II" and its ultimately embarrassing idiocy.

    "superman returns" echoes the dignified tone and character-driven emotionality of the original film, and does so with grace and respect for the source material. the casting of lois lane might be my only criticism, but brandon routh, kevin spacey, frank langella, and the rest of the cast step into their roles as if they'd played them the first time around.

    to those who didn't "get it" and would rather express over-the-top criticisms, without backing them up with intelligent explanation or examples, please stop trying to be film critics. your inability to objectively critique or string together coherent opinions should be cause for nothing less than embarrassment.

    if you are a fan of the first christopher reeve film, i strongly urge you to sit dow and take in the beauty of "superman returns," the only proper sequel to the original classic....more info
    Brandon Routh did a great job as the newest incarnation of Superman, despite the huge shadow of Christopher Reeves being ever-present in the minds of most fans ( judging by many of the reviews, at least ). Bryan Singer layered SUPERMAN RETURNS with plenty of action, laughs, thrills, and bittersweet romance. The acting was great ( Kevin Spacey was a riot as Lex Luther ), and the CGI work was spectacular. I can't wait for the sequel....more info
  • I miss the REAL Man of Steel!
    I wanted to love this movie, I really, really did. But I can't say that I do. First I'll examine the plot. Okay, Superman leaves Earth for 5 years searching for Krypton...hold on...why would he be searching for Krypton in the first place? He KNOWS it was destroyed thus this aspect of the plot makes zero sense. Next, Lois Lane has a child that is seemingly his yet she doesn't seem to know that Superman is Clark Kent. This totally destroys Superman's character as the all american boy scout and once again leaves me scratching my head wondering why. Next, Lex has a plot to make himself rich that sounds suprizingly like what happened in the first Superman movie when Luthor caused half of California to drop into the ocean.

    Now, on to the cast. Who are these people? They cast not one role correctly in this entire movie. I'm sure Tom Welling and the rest of the Smallville cast had contractual obligations that prevented them from starring in this movie but that doesn't excuse the poor choices made for all these iconic characters. Where is Christopher Reeve, may he rest in peace, when you need him? Or Tom Welling for that matter. I say go buy the original Superman movie and the Richard Donner cut of Superman 2 if you want to see some good Superman movies. Don't waste your time on this one. The only reason I own it is because I bought the Ultimate Superman collection which includes all the Superman movies....more info
  • He returns, but you might want to buy this on Blu-ray Disc.
    Now to be clear on my title. There was nothing wrong with this HD-DVD. The sound was fantastic, the picture was awesome. But as I am speaking Warner Bros. has decided as of May 31st. 2008 to stop all HD-DVD production so if you have to decide watch HD Format to back the industry has already done it for you. The movie itself is not so much a sequel or a prequal it is more homage movie to the original 1978 Superman The Movie. Now a lot of people have voiced their displeasure for this movie. Even hardcore Superman fans have voiced their displeasure of this film. I, on the other hand really enjoyed this film. Brandon Routh really embodies the dual role of Superman and Clark Kent. He really reminds me of Christopher Reeve in a lot of ways. If you listen he changes his octave of his voice when he is speaking as Superman similar to Reeve in Superman The Movie. Kate Bosworth got so much crap for her protrayal of Lois Lane. She is not as over the top as Margot Kidder but she still has that sex appeal and the same steely delivery that has made Lois Lane such an attractive character. Lastly, Kevin Spacey did a fantastic job as Lex Luthor. Again, he did not try to copy any Lex Luthor's before him (I.e. Gene Hackman (Superman The Movie) or John Shea (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) I found that his Lex is a combination of the two. Funny, when he wants to be but very cold and evil when he chooses too. Lastly, Bryan Signer, Dan Harris, and Michael Daughtry the creative team who also did the first two X-men films did a fantastic job with this movie. Bringing back the spirit of Superman to movie screens was a challenge but they did it very well....more info
  • Gone In 2006 But Now He's Back In Me
    I saw this movie in IMAX back in 2006. I didn't like Superman but he is the best (yes better than Batman). The whole plot of this movie is that Clark Kent hasn't been Superman in ages but now he's back baby. The first thing he does in the movie as Superman is saving a jet from crashing. It was originally that a space shuttle would ride on a jet back to Florida before its next launch so they decided to invent a way so you can carry the shuttle to a certain point then it would detach and head for space while the jet heads back to the ground. BUT, the seperating mechanism fails so the jet heads for space with the ship. So Superman heads up to seperate the 2 and save the jet from crashing. The only 2 lines I remember are as follows

    Superman: (weekly) wha-what is that
    Luthor: Krrrrryptonite!

    So I am probably gonna get this movie but I need to think first. ...more info
  • The "S" on his chest stands for sucks
    Honestly, I am a man of steel fan. I loved Superman I & II and even own the Richard Donner Cut of II. However, this is a disgrace to the man of steel. How dare they make Superman a dad, let along a dead-beat dad. It also brings to mind one of the worst lines in movie history, "I forgotten how warm you are." Everyone in the theater laughed at that. What, is Lois Lane in a competition with Anakin Skywalker at who can be the sappiest? Gag.
    As for the plot, eerily seems like Superman: The Movie's plot only instead of knocking California into the ocean They end up building land in the ocean. Same freakin' difference.
    This movie is an embarrassment. Don't watch it. Watch Superman I & II and like all other Supes sequels just pretend this abomination didn't happen. If there were a way to give negative stars I will. I hated this movie so much I went back to smoking. Thanks....more info
  • Return ... Super ... Ah ... make up your own snappy title here
    Finally, a return not only of the man of steel, but of movie makers who know what makes a superman movie great. No more billionaire Luthor wannabes. No more lame solar-powered superman clones. No more women getting inexplicably assimilated with silver circuit boards all over their faces. This is just a good-old-fashioned Superman adventure with a little humor, a little sexual tension and a whole lot of Superman doing what he does best.

    Admittedly, it is a bit heavy on the soap opera at times, but that is mainly because they have to be sure to re-introduce the characters to a movie-going audience that hasn't seen them on the big screen in 19 years. And not in a *good* movie for 26. But even with the soap-opera aspects present, this is a great follow-up to the first two movies, conveniently pretending that Supermans III and IV never happened. (As do many of the fans.)

    Spacey is wonderful as Lex Luthor. Gene Hackman played up Luthor's charisma and self-importance superbly. Spacey, however, creates a Luthor that can truly scare you with a glance.

    Superb movie, and I can't wait for the follow-up....more info
  • PLEASE reboot the Superman franchise!!!!
    PLEASE reboot the Superman franchise!!!!
    And I quote from the razzies..."Kate Bosworth is nominated for her ultra lame Lois Lane"!!! Who could say it better? PLEASE recast Lois Lane for the sequel if they don't reboot the franchise!!! Lois Lane is such a huge part of the Superman mythos. Why destroy her character like this? And please tell me, is Lex the only villain that Superman has? Enough already!!!
    PLEASE recast Lois Lane with Erica Durance, Charisma Carpenter, Sophia Bush (she's a year older than Bosworth), Jordana Brewster or Rachel McAdams (think of how she looked in Red Eye). Let one of these actresses put life back into Lois Lane! Bring back her spunk and feistiness!!!! This movie needs a reboot, not a sequel.
    Bring on a NEW villain Brainiac, Bizarro, Livewire, etc. and PLEASE recast Lois Lane!...more info
  • Not like this, not this way
    There's no chemistry between Clark and Lois, there's no depth between these 2 leading characters. No wonder why Brandon has so few lines in the entire movie. He and Kate have the charm of a kitchen table.

    Stay away from this boring movie, especially if you're a comic book fan....more info
  • Superman Returns for a Small-ville of romantic boys and not action fans
    Much discuss has raised around whether or not this is the movie we've have been waiting for. Bryan Singer is an amazing director, no question about that and his approach to the Man of Steel is very good, putting it ''back on track'' as the writers stated. Brandon Routh although not as charismatic as Chris Reeve, does the job and he is actually cool, thou the cape is still too big for him. Very cool special effects but...not outstanding!

    The movie did not live up to the studio's expectations so what went wrong? The problem is very simple: The difference between Singer's style and Michael Bay's for example is obvious: Singer shows slow paced action and Bay shows super high speed paced action. When we see Superman in action in the animated series and Justice League fighting and providing excitement you get entertainment. This movie fails to provide exactly that: action!!! That cheap talk about the sequel being that fast paced is just an excuse to say: ''sorry! We missed that here''. Being that we already had Superman-Doomsday where we see kicking butts this movie is all but disappointing. There is too much romance, cheesy, boring, and swamping. A boy who distracts Superman for what he really is: Earth's greatest hero. !! Oh and by the way: Is there another movie where the super hero had a son taking into account Supergirl, Reeve's Superman saga, X-Men, Dare Devil, Hulk, Electra, Wonder Woman, Flash or any other? No!!!! Simply no! That is nothing but stupid. Superman is defeated TWICE by Lex and by the huge landmass. He was treated by doctors in a hospital. I mean, give me a break! If this happened to him in this movie, Darkseid or Brainiac would simply clean the floor with him.

    They tried to humanize the hero, which is ok but too much melodrama and not action which leads to this: annoying. Actors playing fools like Kitty (in resemblance to miss Teschmacher) and betraying Lex...c'mon...the Lex from Smallville simply wipes them out of Earth but here this one just plays funny. A criminal mastermind playing funny! That is but absurd. There are many elements (like Cyclops) that are annoying, distracting and boring, just because they are friends with Singer. Singer owns to the fans, not to his friends. So my Superman fans, kudos to Bryan Singer for his interpretation but we demand ACTION, FAST SECUENCES! That is why it failed with the studio. If you see X-MEN III although not the best of the trilogy it has action and fights. Because a super hero movie in a drama format simply does not work. So if you are a Superman fan as well as I am go and get it, it has some entertainment and good subjects but if you are waiting for THE MOVIE, that it still has to come. They thought they got the movie but did not take into account how much the animated movies have developed the character, not to mention Smallville too. Hopefully they will exploit what this is really about in the sequel; otherwise the Superman character will be, as in the movie, defeated. Even worse the heroe, for the fans and generations to come, might be forgotten due to a boring ultra romantic stupid movie.
    ...more info
  • Decent but fails to capture the essence of Superman
    This is a good movie with 100 times better special effects than the 1977 version, yet it fails to capture the essence of Superman as the 1977 version did. This movie is yet an another example where superior special effects do not make up for inferior character development.

    What makes Superman super?

    Is he super because he can bend steel, fly faster than a plane, and run through walls? Would Superman be super if he had used his powers only for his personal gain?

    Superman, as the 1977 version so beautifully conveyed, brought hopes and dreams to youngsters during the Great Depression. Despite his powers, he is very human inside. He is capable of insecurity, anxiety, jealousy, love, and even hate. What sets him apart, however, is his willingness to do the right thing even when the tempation to do otherwise is great. He chooses to hide his powers and not use it for his personal gain. He chooses to sacrifice himself for humanity who often rejects him as an outcast. What makes Superman super is his unyielding moral character against all tribulations and temptations.

    The movie casts aside character development and relationships that make Superman story so compelling. Smallville, the TV version of Superman, is popular because it focuses on the trials and tribulations of becoming Superman. It also focuses on Superman's relationsips with his earth parents, his high school sweetheart and best friend, and his alien father Jarrell. This movie mostly fails to capture that magic.

    Lois Lane's character in this movie is too simple. This movie could have expounded the reasons why she loves Superman. Is it because he is such a good news story? Or is it because he has superpowers?

    Overall, this is a decent movie worth seeing. But too bad the movie could have been far better, deeper, and visceral if the producers had focused on the true super qualities of Superman....more info
  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its.. a colossal disappointment.
    You gotta wonder what went through director Bryan Singer's head. After pretty much re-inventing the comic book movie wheel with the first two X-Men movies, he wisely stepped away from the franchise (resulting in the bloated dross that was X-Men: Last Stand), deciding to concentrate on a new superhero film, starring the world's best known hero.

    And guess what? It's even WORSE than the film he walked away from.

    For starters, Singer (along with seemingly the rest of the world) seems to think that the 1970s Superman movie, and in particular Christopher Reeve, are the only representations of the DC comic book. What's the first thing you read about new Supes Brandon Routh, what's the first thing people had to say about him? "Oh, he looks JUST like Christopher Reeve!" SO WHAT? Why is it so essential to stay fixated on those movies? Why do we never hear references made to the Kirk Alyn Superman? Or George Reeves, who (arguably) made an even bigger impact in the tights than his similarly named counterpart?

    But I digress. So, Superman Returns, then. Taken five years after Superman II (with Superman 3 and 4 being nixed from continuity - hmmm, messing around with continuity and carelessly discarding what's come before it? Yup, it's based on a DC comic, alright), we find that, for no real reason, Superman flew away for five years and let Lois Lane grow both more attractive and several years younger. That was nice of him. And wouldn't you know it, he's not back five minutes and already Lois is in dire peril - how did she survive all this time without him?

    While we're on the subject of Superman III and IV being wiped out because they were, well, crap, let's get one thing straight; the entire Superman FRANCHISE, including those holier than thou first two movies, aren't exactly perfect either. There are dozens of howlers in those movies, from Superman flying around the world so fast he turns back time (um, why not just do that for EVERYTHING bad that happens?), to Superman kissing Lois and WIPING HER MEMORY (it's Rohypnol Man!). Are we to pretend those things didn't happen as well?

    Anyway, in this one, what follows is a plot so ludicrous and half-baked you often wonder whether you should laugh or feel insulted. True, Superman is the most boring, two-dimensional character in comics, but even he deserves a better story than this. Spacey, a great actor, thinks hamming it up and yelling is all you need to be a great villain (if we're going to be obsessed with the 70s films, Gene Hackman was a much, much better Luthor), the chemistry between Lois and Clark is non-existent, and let's get to the REAL one-fingered salute to the fans, the franchise and the comic books themselves. If you want to avoid spoilers, look away now..

    Lois has a son from "another guy." Who, after playing piano with the nicest kidnapper in the world, suddenly reveals he has SUPER POWERS TOO. That's right - it's actually Superman's son! Not only would this be a biological impossibility, (wouldn't Clark's Super Sperm, just, you know, blast right through Lois?) but it also kills the entire series STONE DEAD. So, what, are we going to have SuperBoy in the next film (and make no mistake about it, Superman Returns is an obvious attempt at a franchise starter)? So we're basically going to ignore decades of continuity and just make stuff up for no reason?

    And then there's the fact that Superman isn't exactly, well, Super in this film to begin with. Yeah, he does some (nice looking) stuff like catching airplanes and having bullets bounce off his eyeballs, but when it really comes down to it, all he does it sulk, pick things up, and then get the snot beaten out of him by Luthor. Um.. awesome.

    It's a mess. A boring, pretentious, worthy mess. Which, in the days of spot-on comic book adaptations like Spider-Man 2 (and most recently Iron Man) is simply unacceptable.

    Send it to the Phantom Zone....more info
  • Why we ALL need Superman
    Superman is by far my favorite superhero and best onscreen adaptation of all the comic book characters. I have been a fan of the original Superman and was quite skeptic of this movie knowing that the great Christopher Reeve will not be Superman, but the movie did justice to the originals. It is visually stunning and has everything a Superman movie should have. Brandon Routh had an eerie resemblance to Reeve which mad him totally convincing as Superman almost immediately for me. Also Lex Luthor played by Kevin Spacey was genius! This movie is definitely a great addition to the Superman legacy. ...more info
  • Coasting on 70's fumes
    It took me a while to get a clear focus on what this movie was about, and why the fans were so divided over it. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull has helped me put things in perspective: either you grew up with the original movies and you dig old-timey nostalgia, or you don't.

    The intolerable thing about Superman Returns, however, is its unjustified praise. Optimistic it may be, but that's a far cry from "inspirational". Superman saving a jumbo jet and then touching down in a BASEBALL FIELD? That's desperation, my friend. Talk about unadulterated Americana. Superman has always been representative of the United States and its ideals, but what I'm getting from this film is like high-fructose syrup.

    As a standalone movie, its still not very good. I blame Margot Kidder for her abrasive, unattractive take on Lois Lane, because now there's nowhere else to go but up. And Kate Bosworth is definitely more attractive. Sadly, she looks barely twenty five and definitely miscast in the role of a sassy reporter. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor is passable. I would prefer a bit more depth to his character, but who am I to fight city hall? In the silver age comics, Lex was always a nutty villain and his schemes made absolutely no sense. I guess I've been spoiled by the Smallville TV series and its unique portrayal of a dark genius.

    I was hoping for a bit more of Singer's trademark "realism" (like in the X-Men movies), but there's none to be had here. I can't blame him though; few would be brave enough to smash apart the continuity from an age-old, beloved movie. Still, he could have afforded to take a few more risks here. Superman baely has any lines in the movie; he just parrots Christopher Reeves and Brando's lines from the original film! I kept waiting in vain for him to develop some kind of personality. Give me a break!...more info
  • Even w/out Christopher Reeves, this movie stands strong
    You know, I {never} wanted to see this movie when it came out - but, after buying a copy for $1.00 at a dollar store, now I wish that I had. I was very skeptical at 1st, "a Superman movie - NO Christopher Reeve - how dare they make a movie, what a disgrace, what would Christopher Reeve think about this, if he were still alive???" - But, let me tell you this, for $1.00, I gave it an honest chance - and, boyyyyyyyy was I ever WRONG!!! Mr. Reeve would most definetly be proud of this movie, I surely would like to think. With the same feelings and emotion that Mr. Reeve brought to 'his' Superman - so does Brandon Routh to his. Lots of very intense action - this movie has now become 1 of my all-time favorites. Give it an honest try - you might find yourself very surprized - like me!!!...more info
    When I saw Superman Returns in the theaters, I had hopes that it would be Superman with a more realistic edge to it (to reflect the darker Superman suit), basically a character driven drama with action in it kind of like Batman Begins. What we got was more of the same campy, unrealistic, nonsensical approach that produced Superman III, IV, & V and the last 2 Schumaker Batman movies that almost killed the franchise. I actually heard people groan several times DURING the movie and afterwards there was DEAD SILENCE. I haven't heard that kind of lack of response from a packed theater for a Super hero movie since I saw the last Hulk movie. To put it bluntly, IT STUNK!!! AND now I'm hearing that there is another one in the works? I would tell anyone who is interested in this not to waste their money, unless, that is if you like campy movies and a good laugh. Buy either the first TWO Superman movies (both are on blu-ray), or better yet, buy BATMAN BEGINS (coming to Blu-ray in July) and see how a REAL super hero movie SHOULD be....more info
  • Yeah, Not Likin It
    After a horrid third film and a suprising fourth, superman returns for a fifth film. Dont get me wrong i am a superman fan. but i read the comics and was very disappointed with the suprising release of Superman Returns in 2006. I was one of the first into the theater and one of the first out. The Film focuses on special effects and not story OR superman. The story is short but they maneged to twist it to last two hours. Brandon Rauth does an OK job but is not believable as The Man of Steel. I was very disappointed with its release after waiting such a long time for a new age film. this time they did it to new age and took away story for Effects....more info
  • it takes more brains to be batman,it`s more fun to be superman
    Superman Returns is a very good film that could have been better.It is a very spiritual,emotional and magical film.Superman has the POWER OF THE GODS.He is like an angel from heaven wth superhuman strength and power that he uses to protect himself, save people and fight evil.Superhuman strength and power come from a SUPERNATURAL GOD.The airplane sequence is exhilerating and spectacular.Brandon Routh is perfect as superman,Kevin Spacey is excellent as Lex Luthor.Bryan Singer is a genius film director.I wish Kate Bosworth looked like Victoria Silvstedt or Elle Macpherson or Bollywood Indian film actress Ishaa Koppikar then Superman would have a very beautifull and attractive Lois Lane.Superman returns is very romantic and entertaining.The part when Superman tells lois she says "the world doesn`t need a savior",but every day" I keep hearing them cry out for one" is touching.Superman Returns is a great supernatural,fantasy film.Highlander,Wishmaster 4,and Superman Returns satisfy people`s hunger for spiritual entertainment.Superman is immortal,invincible and more powerfull than the HULK.


    ...more info
  • Is it TrueHD Audio? Yes!
    I recently re-purchased this movie because mine was just Dolby 5.1. You just can't have that with a movie like this. Dolby 5.1 sounds like you're watching a movie at home, while truehd audio sounds like you're at the theatre. Obviously, the better your home theatre system, the more apparent the difference. Yes, though, this is in fact dolby truehd, and is worth buying again....more info
  • Please Superman, return again and again and again...
    Sci-Fi, Superman, a long time favorite is back. Lex Luthor is insane as usual. The story is great. We are left wondering and hoping for a sequal, with Lois Lain and superbaby....more info