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Demolition Man
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  • Satire at its best
    If this flick doesn't demonstrate the absurdity of political correctnous, none will....more info
  • Great Comic Adventure
    This is one of the best action comedies ever produced. It features an all-star cast, with detective John Spartan played by Sylvester Stallone, his arch enemy Simon Phoenix is portrayed by Wesley Snipes, Stallone's love interest (the lovely Lenina Huxley) of course is played by Sandra Bullock, and if you look closely enough you'll even see Jesse "The Body" Ventura running around as a cryocon.

    Stallone plays a detective from 1996 known affectionately as the "Demolition Man", who finally puts away Snipes after years of work. Phoenix has the last laugh though, and Spartan is locked away as well for a crime he never committed. 36 years later, Phoenix escapes from cryoprison and John Spartan is thawed out to reluctantly attempt to reapprehend his old foe.

    This movie is packed with the great action scenes you expect to see from Stallone and Snipes, but what really sells it is the comedy. The movie never takes itself too seriously, and scenes like Simon Phoenix in the museum or the information booth, and John Spartan putting the moves on Lenina Huxley get laughs that would make Adam Sandler green. "Demolition Man" is just great entertainment as well as an old personal favorite, and it's obvious that the cast had a blast making it....more info

    If you are any kind of fan of Sylvester Stallone, you just have to get this movie into your collection!! He does his usual start to finish movie bang-up job of beating up on the bad guys, finding a love interest, and somehow "winning" in the end. Wesley Snipes just does a superb job portraying the "bad guy"!! He is a very ill-tempered killing machine with no regard to anyone's views. After being reprogrammed, while in cryostasus, he emerges as the ultimate killing machine wrecking havoc on a now peaceful society. So, now they have to go into the cryostasus prison and thaw out the ultimate cop. Yep, that cop is Stallone. As he gets re-educated on today's society practices, he must show the peaceful police officers of a new age and time, why he is the only police officer that may restore peace, while taking "Simon" (Snipes) down. It is a nonstop roller coaster of madness and mayhem as Sly finally gets his man and wins the tests of wills with Simon. Cool looking future world too....more info
  • Clash of the Action Figures
    Demolition Man takes a pointed poke at the dangers of an utterly passive, politically-correct future. Great special effects and excellent cinematography. The fight scenes between Stallone and Snipes are riveting -- kinda like Godzilla vs. King Kong but with more testosterone. And Sandra Bullock provides some much-needed comic relief as a malaprop-spouting rebellious cop of the future. When this was released, who would've thought that President Schwartzenegger was even a drug-induced possibility?! Lots of laughs and cool fight scenes -- the perfect guy film....more info
  • My own comments on Demolition Man
    This is a good movie that I keep watching. I liked the
    society where they ban smoking cigarettes. I can't stand it when other people are smokers. That would be interesting to have comics on people like Denis Leary's character or any of the cops not shown who pursue Simon Phoenix in a city wide manhunt. I have seen this movie a countless number of times. Especially there it is illegal to crack gum. Now that's rude and annoying. It's even illegal to chew gum in this society. One thing is that they never showed Sylvester Stallone vs. Jesse "The Body" Ventura just like we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger take on Jesse Ventura in the Running Man. They should have prequel and sequel books and comics....more info
  • One of my fav guilty pleasures
    Demolition Man is a very enjoyable action flick. Its very thought provoking and pure entertainment. Its definitely one of those movies I catch myself watching whenever it comes on tv. Sylvester Stallone was terrific as "no bull" hero,. And Snipes is very entertaining as the villain. Wrecking havoc with great one-liners. I am surprised director Marco Brambilla didn't have many future projects. I think he would have followed with a number of great action movies. Anyway, here is the plot.
    Its the future, the year 1997 (Be aware, this movie was made in 1992). prisoners are cryogenically frozen for their time sentence. During that time, they are all under suspended animation. John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) is the #1 cop and has reputation as the "Demolition Man". Why?, because he will go as far as demolishing a building in order to get the job done. Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) is the world most psychotic criminal. Spartan finds himself unjustly prisoned after finally pursuing Phoenix, whom he has been chasing for yrs. However in the process of catching him, several people were killed. Spartan and Phoenix are both sentenced to the "cryoprison"
    The movie then forwards to 2032 where the world has now become a much different place. Sex is outlawed, so are tobacco, alcohol, meat and anything unhealthy. Cars have auto drive, profanity is illegal. Guns have now become antics, and crime apparently has become a rare event. Simon is now about to undergo a parole hearing and surprisingly escapes and now continues to create terror and mayhem. The police quickly realize that they do not know how to handle Simon and realize the only person who can stop Phoenix is John Spartan. They have him released and team up w/ police officer Lennina Huxley (Sandra Bullock). As Spartan goes after Phoenix, he finds himself trying to adjust to the new world. But as he digs through the new world to find him, he learns this new world may not be as nice as it seems. He learns of its corruptness and that it may have not have been an accident that Phoenix escaped.
    With a plot, how could anyone not want to see this film? However my only real problem with this movie is that it's an Action-Comedy. A movie like this was not meant to be an action-comedy. Maybe a few good one liners here or there but that's it. The comedy in this film is really not that funny and just distracts you from the seriousness of the film. Simon Phoenix tends to have many goofy habits. Hell, he's more funny than terrifying. If Wesley Snipes had been more "Blade"-like in this movie, I guarantee it would have been one hell of a clash of the titans in the end. But other than that, its definitely an action film I recommend....more info
  • Demolition Man
    The DVD looked like new when I got it and nothing was missing. I received it within a week and the price was very reasonable....more info
  • Demolition Man.
    Can't wait to see this movie.Rated R for non-stop action violence,and for strong language.Canada:14A....more info
  • Not Just Another Dumb Action Movie
    This action-flick is an excellent satire, spoofing such themes as "political correctness", "moral correctness", & extremes in philosphy & thought, within the context of a live-action "comic-book"-type of story. Of cousre, it also has exciting, well-paced action sequences & fun (because they're so dopey) one-liners. The producers even manage to pull off obvious plugs for their sponsors in a funny, yet (ironically) plausible way. (Taco Bell is the ONLY restaurant left in "the future!" I also wonder if Armor Hot-Dogs & frozen vegetable & dog-food companies also sponsored, since their jingles are the "hit songs" in the future. Well, popular "oldies" at least, according to Sandra Bullock's character.)

    Two reasons why I didn't give it 5 Stars:

    First, Stallone's daughter is mentioned yet that matter is never resolved. (Why mention something if you won't follow through?)

    Second, since this is done in a "comic-book" style, as a personal preference, I would have liked to have seen Snipes' death left somewhat "ambiguous" (so he can come back & plague Stallone in a sequel!) That's just a preference, though.

    Of interest: The whole "Rip Van Winkle" frozen-cryogenic plot device used here is almost repeated in exact detail in "Austin Powers."

    Listen for Bullock's reference to Jackie Chan's movies BEFORE he hit it big in the U.S. & is it just me, or does anybody else notice that Wesely Snipes' "Simon Phoenix" character resembles the Joker?...more info

  • Are you expecting an oscar worthy performance from Sly?
    This movie can't be judged with the same standards as Monster's Ball or JFK, its Sly Stallone people. Considering this I would have to say that this movie isn't all that bad. In fact I (gasp) would say this is a good movie, not for its action but for its humor. If someone can answer the three seashell mystery, I will galdly give that person a substantial reward....more info
  • "This is the future. Where are all the phaser guns?"
    God, has it been 10 years already since this movie came out? I still remember renting it when it was first available on video and watching it about three times before I returned it to the store. It wasn't necessarily excellent for me, but the action and humor was what kept me coming back. That and Wesley Snipes. And it's very nice to see how well it's help up after all this time.

    Basically every other reviewer has written a plot, so I won't bother. What I will say is that it's almost shocking to see an action movie (starring Sly, no less) with such a great and intelligent script. Yes, I said intelligent. You know those movies where the basic premise is so intriguing, but the outcome is anything but? Well, Demolition Man takes full advantage of it's admittedly silly set-up. How are two maniacs from the 20th century going to respond to an almost too-good-to-be-true Utopian society in 2036? Simple: with explosives, guns and plenty of naughty words. Whenever something isn't blowing up in this movie, we're treated to some very comical situations. Citations are given for bad language, Taco Bell is the only restaurant in San Angeles, three seashells have replaced toilet paper, the only "oldies" you'll find on the radio are commercial jingles, police are just as clueless as the next civilian on how to handle criminals and the list pretty much goes on and on. The humor is the bulk of why I like this movie so much, but the action is also pretty good.

    Stallone is given kudos for being able to keep a straight face throughout such ludicrous situations, and Sandra Bullock makes for a cute sidekick/love interest, but it's Wesley Snipes who steals the movie as psychopath Simon Phoenix. Sporting bleach blonde hair and funky looking eyes, he's great fun to watch. It's amazing how underrated this guy is; I don't think people realize just how good Snipes actually can be until they really sit down to think about it. Would the Blade films be as much fun if someone else were cast in the title role? Would New Jack City have been watchable without him? I don't think so.

    The DVD is okay; anamorphic widescreen, 5.1 surround and all that, but the features are typically slim for an early Warner release. I suppose a 10th anniversary edition is now out of the question; ah, well. At least we get a director's commentary and the film does look great.

    Great price, so highly recommended. Pick it up and take that 10 year trip to the past to visit 30 years into the future....more info

  • Action, sci-fi and comedy rolled into one
    Demolition Man is a film that can please just about everyone. The film mixes three genre's succesfully and has two great male leads, Stallone and Snipes. Snipes is more fun here because he gives a larger than life performance and Sanda Bullock provides a lot of one liners. Great way to waste a afternoon with the guys....more info
  • Great 90's Stallone if you're into that kind of thing
    This is one of those movies that motivated Last Action Hero to be made. That being said, it's a great representation of the genre. If you like the 90's action movies, this one should be a classic. It's got a good idea, and a fun premise. I'll admit, it probably isn't for everybody...but I really enjoyed it. If it's not too expensive you should at least give it a chance....more info
    This is an enormously entertaining film that is slyly intelligent, chock full of action, and quite humorous. The time is the future, 2032 AD. The location is California, and the police just ain't what they used to be, as the future is a sanitized, politically correct world, where only the most benign behavior is the standard by which all live. Even bad language is a no no. The police of the future have nothing in common with the police of the past. Guns are outlawed, as is all physical violence. Los Angeles is no more, having merged with San Diego into a new entity known as San Angeles, which is ruled by the architect of the new society, Dr. Raymond Cocteau, who is played with sage aplomb by the late Nigel Hawthorne. He is not, however, all that he seems.

    This is, indeed, a "brave new world" and Lenina Huxley, played with delicious comic abandon by Sandra Bullock, is a police woman who waxes nostalgic for the past. The LAPD is now the SAPD. Her colleague, Alfredo Garcia, played with Eagle Scout earnestness by Benjamin Bratt, epitomizes the new order of things. He is a Dudley-do-right without the wherewithal to set right what is soon to go wrong. His is a future where everyone's whereabouts are known to the police, as all are tagged with a device that allows the police monitor their whereabouts. His is a future where all obey instantly, and civility is the standard of the day. His is a future where all address each other by their full names. His is a future where meat is no longer a food item, the use of salt is illegal, and corporate franchise wars have left Taco Bell to reign supreme as THE restaurant of the time. His is a future where sex is a non-contact activity.

    The violent past intrudes on this sanitized future in the persona of Simon Phoenix, played with over-the-top abandon by a blond Wesley Snipes, who, like a phoenix arising out of the ashes, is freed from his cryogenic prison and unleashed upon an unprepared SAPD. Clueless in the face of such testosterone charged violence, the SAPD arrange to have twentieth century super lawman John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) released from his own cryogenic prison in hopes that he will be able to deal with the chaotic nature of Simon Phoenix and stop his senselessly violent rampage. Lenina Huxley is teamed up with Spartan in order to help him adjust to this brave new world. She is over-the-top with happiness at this development, as her fondness for nostagia will be sated by the opportunity to get up close and personal with a blast from the past.

    Needless to say, Spartan and Phoenix clash, as old warriors are wont to do. There is enough violence, mayhem, and action to satisfy the most die hard fans of this genre. What happens will not disappoint the viewer, as old scores are settled, inequitable situations are righted, and a brave new world gets a little fine tuning for the better. This action flick, sci-fi crossover does not fail to entertain, and it does so more intelligently than most films in this genre. Make no mistake, however, while Wesley Snipes gives her a run for her money, it is Sandra Bullock who steals the show with her drolly delivered dialogue, her deft comedic timing and innate charm. Sylvester Stallone, as wooden as ever, is not even a blip on the radar....more info
  • Really good movie, stupid lexicon
    John Spartin did not do the crime but he did do the time (30 years in a cryogenics facility to be exact). All of that changes one day when the authorities in power the Police Department of San Angles lets him out.
    The only catch is that his arch nemesis
    (a certain psychopath named Simon Phoenix) has escaped from prison.

    How will Spartin survive in a world of (as is so aptly termed in the movie) a bunch of robed sissies" With expressions like "Murder Death Kill" and "Her lifeforce was terminated" and "Be Well". This language really ticks me off.

    My impression-This what I consider to be the last good Sylvester Selone movie. He has had a couple of decent ones since, but not many that can pull off the difficult task of being action packed and funny.
    I also happen to love Dennis Leery. Even though if I were being honest I'd have to say he stole a good deal of his material from the late-great Bill Hicks.

    Leary's performance along with Snipes provide some badly needed comic relief. Along with the action that makes this one of the better sci-fi movies of the 90s....more info

  • Space and beyond.
    Demolition Man starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes is pretty far out in terms of storyline and science fiction. Thank goodness for Sandra Bullock! Without her spunk and likability, this film would be just another stinker. The gadgets and costumes keep this movie worth watching but otherwise than that, it's ultimately a film not to be taken to seriously. Good luck!...more info
  • "The Time Machine" Revisited
    The Earthquake of 2010 impoverishs Southern California. By 2032 all cities from San Diego to Los Angeles are merged into one continuous urban metroplex. Societal rules also change. Physical touching is discouraged to prevent disease transmittal and permanent coupling, everybody is excessively well-adjusted, and constant nagging surveillance instantly corrects any politically-incorrect behaviour -- everybody is passive. Social rebels live and starve in the sewer system. Then supercriminal Simon Phoenix (satan rises again?) escapes from cryoprison. The police release maverick policeman John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) from cryoprison to recapture Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). John Spartan must fight Simon Phoenix according to the rules of 2032 -- not a fair fight.

    "Demolition Man" is a remake of H. G. Wells' "The Time Machine". In both "The Time Machine" and "Demolition Man", a maverick from the past journeys into the future to save humankind. H. G. Wells' masters are cave-dwelling primitives and his attractive surface-dwelling slaves live in Eden, while "Demolition Man's" masters are psychological bullies, its attractive slaves live in an overly-controlled Southern California environment and its dirty rebels are hunted in the sewers. The goal in both fictional societies is total control over human populations.

    "Demolition Man" is filled with flamboyant action and gratuitous violence -- both Stallone and Snipes are in great physical form. Sandra Bullock plays Lieut. (Aldous?) Huxley, Spartan's partner who has some good moves of her own. "Demolition Man" is a fun action movie that should *not* be dismissed as fluff. Too many people are willing to solve all our problems, leaving us to sleepwalk our lives away....more info

  • Could have been better
    In the future, everyone lives in harmony; no one smokes, swears or dies of unnatural causes; and popular radio stations play advertising jingles from the 20th century. That is, until Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), 20th century mega-criminal and all-around bad guy is defrosted from the cryogenic prison and goes on a rampage. The peace loving futurites can't cope with the situation, so resort to defrosting John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), the man who originally captured Phoenix but who was also arrested for killing over 30 civilians in the process.

    "Demolition Man" is an enjoyable film that had the potential to be better. With Daniel Waters (who also wrote "Heathers" and "Batman Returns") as one of the script writers, the script does have moments of his trademark black humour, but not enough to hide the fact that this is a typical, big-budget studio action film. The cast of the film is incredible and includes, among others, Stallone, Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt, Nigel Hawthorne, Rob Schneider and Denis Leary, but many of these actors are criminally underused (especially Leary, as the rebel leader, who only appears for about 10 minutes in total). Nevertheless, the vision of a future so perfect that fun has basically been outlawed is interesting and Snipes is in the role of his career, hamming it up as the villain.
    ...more info
  • Are 'crime' and 'violence' being fostered by the powers that be in order that they be allowed further control over our lives?
    Later in the 21st Century, the meek truly have inherited the earth. There's no crime, and sex is done by virtual reality. There's no exchange of 'bodily fluids' -ick!

    Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), a criminal frozen in the 20th Century, escapes in the 21st Century and goes on a crime spree. John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), a top cop also frozen in the 20th Century, is thawed out to catch him. Police Lt Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) is assigned as cop John Spartan's Chaparone.

    Sandra Bullock does a good job playing a polite eager lady of the 21st Century. She has an interest in the 20th Century so she's quicker to recognize violence or intimidation than her cop peers, even doing a karate move, which she laters explains come from, "watching a Jackie Chan movie". She's playing a nice girl who carries a big stick I guess. Later in another movie, 'Miss Congeniality', Bullock would play a tough cop, undercover as a nice beauty contestant. Sandra Bullock has a nice performance in Demolition Man. Bullock is this movie. This is a SF movie tho, where everything that is up is down, and where sometimes movie makers seem to comment on apparently taboo issues of the present. Bullock received only a 'Razzie' award for her role here.

    It turns out, the head honcho in the 21st Century, Dr Raymond Cocteau (Nigel Hawthorne), actually released criminal Simon Pheonix on purpose - so he'd cause mayhem and give the goverment an excuse to further control peoples lives (which could seem strange considering there's no crime, littering or violence already). One thing about the future is the same - behind the scenes there's a rich powerful bad guy who is really the cause of all evil.

    I was entertained by Demolition Man and probably in love with Sandra Bullock, when, near the very end, I realized, 'hey, is this what is going on right now'? Are crime and violence being fostered by the powers that be in order that they be allowed further control over our lives?...more info
  • barely mediocre
    This is the only Sylvester Stallone movie I ever saw in its entirety, and that was because I was stuck on a bus trip between Chengdu and Chongking. It is pure formula junk, with not a jot of originality or anything that rises about banal violence, simplistic good guys and bad guys, and spectacular effects. I would not recommend this to anyone who wants more than the crudest, most brainless Hollywood entertainment, but then, that is why I have avoided Stallone films....more info
  • Very good.
    This movie is a sort of RoboCop 3 comic adventure. John Spartan, a soldier of our time, was arrested because he was accused responsible for the lives lost in a building that exploded. A new method of imprisonment was found and he was put in it. He was encased in ice. His enemy Simon Pheonix is too imprisoned, and years later, Pheonix escapes and reeks havoc in the futuristic la-la land Los Angeles. The only person capable of beating him is Spartan because in the future there are no guns except in museums.
    This is a humorous, action packed but somewhat light-hearted action/adventure. Stallone and Snipes play awsome enemies against each other. This film is rated R for uh...uh...good question. The content is so limited. I guess there's some very mild language, gunplay and somewhat intense sexual content. Why not PG-13 at least?...more info