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  • More watchable than I expected
    Mirrors was better than I expected. It's as gory as I expected, but not as unwatchable as I expected. It's imaginative and creepy. The director would be perfect for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

    The story is decent and Kiefer Sutherland isn't bad but he's been better. The Amy Smart bathtub scene is over the top disgusting though. No, I didn't have a problem with her naked in a tub lol. But if you saw the previews, it's obvious what happens to her. I also wasn't crazy about the very end. But other than that, I was surprisingly entertained. ...more info
  • It has a surprising ending. That's the best thing about it.
    It has a surprising ending. That's the best thing about it. It also has a couple of startling scenes but not horrifying or suspenseful.

    Kiefer Sutherland can't save the film. If you miss it, you won't miss much.
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  • Unfinishable garbage
    The script sounds like it was generated by a computer, that's how lame and feeble the dialogue is. If you can get past the first half-hour of this puppy-piddle, either you have the patience of a saint or you are a blockhead. I am absolutely certain that no amount of spooky imagery that this movie has in it can justify making people sit through the lines in this junk. If you are tired of watching Ring-ish films with no plot or no-name directors who base a film strictly on CGI in that vein, then save yourself the rental money and just stay away from this and anything that looks like it....more info
  • Entertaining but predictable
    Mirrors is one of those movies which has so much potential but then falls flat. There were edge of your seat moments but the ending was disappointing after building up throughout the film. BnB Beatles Depot...more info
  • Mannequins and Mirrors
    I expected to be disappointed by this movie, but was pleasantly surprised. Kiefer Sutherland does a great job as the hero of this ghostly venture. Also, great effects and a few jump scares add up to an entertaining feature. Amy Smart does a good turn as the younger sister. And the finale where Sutherland goes mano a mano with an antagonizing spirit is well executed.

    One matter of consternation is that the movie's visuals are really grainy. I don't know if this was intentional, or simply that my system is lacking. But I expected more from a Blu-ray version of this film. ...more info
  • 24 Meets The Amityville Horror
    The only real reason I watched this flick was because of Keifer Sutherland. Sutherland's acting is by far one of the best in TV, and he proves that a mediocre horror story can be taken somewhat serious with good acting.

    Mirrors, which is a loose remake of a Korean film (Into The Mirror) tells the tale of recently retired L.A.P.D. officer Ben Carson taking a night shift job at an abandoned Dept Store. In this dept store weird and untypical things begin to occur and manifest; mainly through the mirrors do we see the horrifying nature of the film.

    The movie does bring out some good horror elements..But in all it felt a bit short. I felt as if the movie lacked true potential, it could have been much better if the story was written much like the original. Instead it's done the American way, which never really works...And the ending is not very original either. Rent only

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  • Chalk up Another Lousy Asian Horror Remake
    Ugh, was this flick a bore! Jack Bauer running around with a flashlight in a burnt out department store while CGI cracks run through multiple mirrors....oooh scary. I actually got pretty angry watching this flick, as a fan of both Sutherland and Aja, I expected a tense and frightening flick. The talent is here, but completely wasted. The singature suspense found in most Aja flicks is completely absent. Kiefer Sutherland does his best morose Jack Bauer impersonation as a drug addled ex-cop trying to cope with a mistake made while he was still on the job. Finding a position as a night watchman in a burned out NYC department store, he suddenly finds himself facing down an evil force that travels through various mirrors and reflective surfaces. The characters are dull, the special effects are Sci-Fi channel original movie quality, and basic storyline is non-sensical. While Aja does inject a couple frightening scenes here and there, it's way too little, way too late to keep any interest.
    Avoid this sucker, re-watch an old season of "24" or "The Lost Boys" to see Sutherland on top of his game, or re-watch "High Tension" or "The Hills Have Eyes" to see Aja's better work....more info
  • it almost had me
    demonic forces are automatically scary and kiefer sutherland is a great actor. he was very believable as the fallen cop struggling to get back his family and his life. when he takes a security guard job in a burnt out department store, we know he's in trouble because we know what happened to the guy he replaced.

    the idea of a supernatural entity living and traveling by mirrors is creepy but it wasn't enough to take this movie from a little fright to genuinely terrifying.

    the ending was a surprise so that was good but getting there was a little tedious. the dialogue wasn't as strong as the actor's performances. there was a lot of repeating where one actor would shout out something and the othe actor would repeat it shouting too. it happened enough that i started to laugh everytime one character echoed the other one. paula patton plays sutherland's wife. she was a little boring but i'm glad the moviemaker's chose to portray an interracial couple with no racial fanfare. the kids in the film were great. i recommend seeing this movie if you've got some time to kill on a lazy afternoon....more info

    I would not say that this is the best horror movie I have ever seen or that this is one of the best horror movies to come out nowadays, but I will say that it is one of the best to be released theatrically these days. I have read a lot of things about this movie ranging from classic to horrible and I have to say that I find this film to be some where in the middle. This was in no part a bad movie in fact it is a really fun watch for those who like these type of films, there are some genuine scares to be had, some good creepy scenes. Plus Kiefer Sutherland and Alexandre Aja together should make for a good movie right?

    Ben Carson [Sutherland] is a cop who is loosing his grip on life and at the same time loosing his family because of an unfortunate event in which some one was killed. He is living with his sister played wonderfully by Amy Smart [glad to see her again], and is taking a new job as a security guard at an old department store. Everything seems fine at first but little by little something is stirring and trying to tell Ben something, but what could it be and what could it want? It turns out that there is something in the mirrors and it wants Ben to find some one for him and if he doesn't his family is at stake. So the race is one between man and demon [yes that is what it is, sorry for the spoiler] one out to kill and one out to stop it.

    I have to say that I really was not disappointed with this movie after reading a couple other reviews [WP] that let me know ahead of time to lower expectations. Of course since Aja directed this there will be high [as in tension] expectations for the film regardless for any one who follows the horror genre. I have to say that while it is not as good as his past efforts it is still a really well put together film with great direction and deserves a fair shot. Still though his screenplay with Gr¨¦gory Levasseur based on Sung-ho Kim's film "Into the Mirror" is a little weak as far as dialogue goes, the story is there but the right words are not. It seems that the characters are kinda flat and missing something that makes them three dimensional. Still the tense moments do exist within this movie and are really well done and the film is shot perfectly as well. Another thing the film has going for it is the special effects, I have to say that the CGI is masterful and obviously the effects with the mirrors are great.

    As far as the acting goes producer/star Kiefer Sutherland returns to a genre that he was once a mainstay in some what. And while he once stole the show in things like "The Lost Boys" he is some what restrained in this one maybe that was the character though. Still I feel like something is missing in his performance particularly in the first third of the film. Still when the movie gets going so does Sutherland and that should be giving to his credit; he does do a good job with the film. Amy Smart does a great job as his sister and I have to say that her death scene is amazing, really one of the best things I have seen in a while. Paula Patton plays his wife who wants to help him but is still a little afraid of him does a good job in her role as well, as does Cameron Boyce and Erica Gluck who play the kids. And of course the person who is really the most important is Mary Beth Peil who plays..........well you will see does a great job and may steal the show as far as performance goes.

    I must admit that I thought this movie would give me a little more but it fell a little short, still it is an enjoyable movie that at least should be on your rental list. Some of you will probably enjoy it enough to buy it, I did. I recommend the movie to any one reading this but go in knowing that this is not a classic horror movie but much more so just a good time at the movies.
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  • The Unrated Version is "The Definitive" Version
    I rented this and it was pretty cool but a few scenes bugged me and I kinda laughed at how fake the fire looked in one scene in particular.
    The I said what the heck and bought it. I was surprised the version I'd seen was NOT the unrated version. I'll be honest the bath tub scene and the sheer scariness and brutality of it was enough to get me to purchase this dvd and for that I am not dissapointed, despite several flaw in both the script, the story and the effects. The thing that bothers me the most is this movie had the potential to be truly terrifying. From the trailer I saw it had potential written all over it and things got kinda fumbled on the potential part but i still an entertaining film thanks to Keifer and Amy Smart.

    If you had gotten to know his sister more, and really like her, perhaps she coudlve even had a bigger part? then the bathtub scene would have been that much more tramatic and gruesome and have garnered Keifer a bit more sympathy from us movie watchers. There's no reason at all togo with the theatrical version...Pity......more info
  • A Hodgepodge of Hauntings
    I wouldn't exactly say that "Mirrors" reflects badly on its producers. It does deliver a few genuine scares, including one really shocking scene involving a woman, naturally, in a bathtub. (It's amazing that any of us ever bathes or goes in a basement, considering the lessons of horror movies.)

    However, the hauntings in this movie are a completely implausible muddle. It's no use trying to figure out exactly how, why, or where the avenging entity appears as it does.

    Also, the movie doesn't take advantage of its own projected setting. The epicenter of the haunting is supposed to be an old, burned-out department store. There's no accompanying commentary on the disc, so I don't know where these scenes were actually shot. However, most aspects of the store look like extravagant, unconvincing computer generations. If some actual abandoned building could have been found as location, the movie would have had much more atmosphere. This sort of film cries out for its location to become another character in the unfolding action - just as the old, abandoned Danvers Mental Hospital in Massachusetts became such a portentous character in the thriller "Session 9."

    This film does try to capitalize on the inherent eeriness of mirrors, and on the suspicion many of us fleetingly entertain - that the reflection we see in the mirror has a life of its own. Again though, "Mirrors" ends up with less by doing more. There have been a few movies and TV episodes that played on this concept, but that featured reflections that moved just subtly out of synch with their fleshly counterparts. Just this shade of lag time made the reflections truly riveting and unnerving. However, here the reflections go off on radically different tangents. The obviousness of the mayhem they are going to launch detracts from the suspense.

    So "Mirrors" suffers from too many demonic manifestations that are too flagrant and ubiquitous. Nevertheless, this movie is good for a few chills and shudders....more info
  • A thinking person's film
    Quite simply, "Mirrors" is the most terrifying movie I've seen to date. What is especially effective is the director's reliance on the viewer's intelligence to put the pieces together to discover the source and power of the evil entity behind the supernatural. A convoluted sentence to be sure, but it properly outlines the struts of the horror behind the mirrors.

    Just as in real life, we often do not get information in an orderly manner in a movie. We get bits and pieces which we must order into a reasonable explanation of what is not explainable. So it is with "Mirrors." Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) is the connected character, the one with the job in the burned out hull of a previous luxurious department store. Kiefer replaced the previous night-watchman, who appears in the first scene and is destroyed by horrific forces behind the mirrors. That's what I mean by displaced order. What one has to do with the other is the viewer's task to figure out, even as Kiefer does.

    The first 30 minutes are slow, even with grotesque violence, but as in any powerful horror movie, the effects must accrue into unbearable suspense. Kiefer exhibits a wonderful mix between crippling fear and strict determination to conquer what's behind the mirrors. His years as a NYPD detective pan out in obtaining information and evidence in tracking the source of the evil.

    Every mind-bending revelation of the story of the mirrors adds to the horror. He discovers that a state hospital for the insane was the original occupant of the site where the burned out department store stands. Experimental testing with mirrors caused the original troubles.

    Suffice it to say that Kiefer must find that testing subject before he can save his family. Save them from what? You may not want to know!

    "Mirrors" is a complex film which requires complex reflection (pardon the pun) to appreciate the tangled plot threads of the story. Special recognition goes to the young actor who plays Kiefer's son for his creepy scene toward the end. He had my attention! The weak link is Paula Patton, there just to be a haridan and to overact.

    The final scene elicits the greatest terror of all. Again, the viewer must be responsible and competent in paying attention to all the details. If he or she does, "Mirrors" is a very rewarding, if horrific viewing experience. That final, haunting scene will stay with you for a very long time.
    ...more info