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Lakeview Terrace
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  • Save it for your "to rent" list
    While this is a great movie and the actors/actresses do a wonderful job in their roles, I felt this was one of those movies in which the previews gave it all away. Good movie to watch once, but not one of those to watch over and over again....more info
  • Shallow and lacks originality
    The only reason I picked this up I because I'm a fan of Samuel L Jackson, but found it a disappointing viewing experience. It's not because of the cast which I felt did a halfway decent job in their roles. It was the tepid script that lacked originality and was entirely predictable.

    The story centers around a young bi-racial couple, Chris [Patrick Wilson] and Lisa [Kerry Washington] who move into a nice suburban neighborhood. Their next-door neighbor is a cop, Abel [Sam Jackson] and he is not very happy with Lisa and Chris 'flaunting' their bi-racial relationship. He comes across as extremely prejudiced and from the first meeting between Abel and Chris, we can literally see the venom dripping out of Abel's mouth as he directs racist comments towards Chris.

    The couple try to weather all the annoyances from Abel - the glaring security lights directed on their bedroom, the strange acts of vandalism such as slashed tires etc, and of course the racist and other unfriendly, and at times downright menacing gestures from Abel. Chris refuses to sell, whilst Lisa is up for it, and the couple have other things on their plate besides an unbalanced neighbor - Lisa wishes to start a family but Chris wants to wait and this places a lot of tension on the couple [ their biracial union is also portrayed as putting stress on their relationship].

    Of course as with all other movies in a similar vein, things spiral out of control - Abel has a serious meltdown and all hell breaks loose, and we the audience have to grit our teeth and wait to see if Chris and Lisa make it out alive.

    The acting was average - I say this because the roles and the lines that went with the roles wasn't a stretch for any of the three leads. The actors basically had to work with the weak, at times implausible script, and this they managed quite well. The ending was just plain shallow and major disappointment.

    All in all, "Lakeview Terrace" breaks no new ground - if you've watched movies like "Pacific Heights' and "Unlawful Entry", you'll recognise similar themes here. It's worth a rental if only to watch Samuel L Jackson frothing his way through his scenes, but otherwise I'd pass on this lacklustre movie....more info
  • Help those who help themselves
    First, let me say I relatively liked Jackson's nutty take on this volatile cop persona. But, you never really figured out where Abel was coming from, he was bad, then he was good, then he was homicidal. I give it two stars for the majority of Sam's performance.

    But, I have a large problem with movies where the people in it won't help themselves. None of us are perfect - we all make mistakes. But when the protagonists do stupid, stupid things, time and time again, it drives me batty and ruins whatever connection I have with a movie. This generally happens in almost every horror movie released these days and many suspense flicks such as this one.

    I wont get into the specifics for those of you who havent seen it, but lets just say while Jackson's antics are extreme, they probably arent completely unjustified for these inconsiderate neighbors.

    It escalates, and when it does, the typical final confrontation breaks out. Always, categorically, does the protagonist manage to incapacitate the bad guy only partially, THEN PROCEED TO LEAVE HIM ALONE! Guess what happens?!? The bad guy gets back up and chaos ensues. Movie heroes don't watch a lot of movies, do they?

    This movie just pissed me off, and as others have said, the ending was ridiculous. How Patrick Wilson didnt get ventilated by the LAPD in the last scene, I'll never know. He should have. ...more info
  • Eye Catching From Start to Finish ;]
    This movie's awesome! Samuel L. Jackson delivered an amazing performance! He really made the movie. W/o his character and him playing it the movie would have sucked. Jackson was actually scary in this film because he was so racist and so sinister that he was willing to do practically anything to break up the interracial couple's relationship and scare them out of the neighborhood they just moved into. This movie was interesting b/c oftentimes in movies involving race issues we see the white male or white cop as the racist and the black ppl as the targets. In this movie it was the exact opposite and I found that very interesting.

    *For laughs watch how Samuel L. Jackson walks in the film. It is very funny. He walks like something's up his you know what lol...more info
  • A fair movie
    Lakeview Terrace was not a great movie, but it wasn't horrible either. It wasn't as much of a thriller as I thought it would be.
    Sam Jackson is good in this, as are the other actors.
    This movie is something you would watch if you had time to kill on a weekend afternoon and didn't want to think too much....more info
  • Not a bad movie.
    I gave this movie 4 stars primarily because of Samuel L. Jackson's acting. He is the obvious villian of this movie. But I personally wanted to throttle Keri Washington's husband. The way that he spoke to her and treated her as if she were a one-night-stand who trapped him, just made my blood boil! He behaved like an immature, pouting, teenager. I just didn't understand that. The movie itself, held my attention from beginning to end. I just feel that they could have done more with the ending. ...more info
  • Possible Spolier
    Samuel L. Jackson plays Able, a bad cop who can't stand his new neighbors who happen to be an interracial couple. He has a real problem with their relationship (his black wife apparently cheated on him with a white guy, and that really stuck in his craw), and he has no qualms about letting them know; he cuts their air conditioning unit lines, slashes their tires, shines security lights into their bedroom at night and hires someone to break into their house, etc. All these acts are not met without retaliation, but the new neighbors just can't seem to shake the bad cop because, as Able puts it, "I am the po-lice!" It's a frustrating movie, and having a neighbor like Able would certainly make me want to pack my bags and flee the premises. Definitely a fun suspense film, but there wasn't much else to the plot aside from the terrorizing. The film tried to be more about the couple being a family, but I didn't really care about them so much as I cared about how they were going to defeat Able in the end. And then end wrapped up too quickly. I thought there would be a little bit more of a happily-ever-after deal. Good for a rental. ...more info
  • Lakeview Terrace
    Quality of the video that I received was in excellent condition. The movie was wonderful and exciting.

    Would purchase from this seller again....more info
  • Good Twist
    We always see the white racist never the black racist. Finally the other side of the coin. ...more info
  • Tense thriller with a dumb ending
    From the previews, I was expecting Sam Jackson's character to be a one-dimensional villain, but thanks to the acting and the script, his disturbed mental state was completely believable and frightening. Rather than have the two main characters immediately go to war with one another, I admired how the film gradually built up the conflict between them. The first few confrontations, with subtle hints of racism and hostility, are carefully worded and brimming with tension. Paralleling the story with the spreading wildfires in the background is also a clever touch.

    Unfortunately, the ending, with its obligatory shootout/fight, is cliche and unbelievable. I would have much preferred a "Changing Lanes" (also starring Jackson) type ending where the characters realize how stupid they're being and quit before resorting to Hollywood violence. Jackson's character starts out ambiguous--mostly bad but with some traces of good left in him. It would have been more interesting to see the goodness push through, rather than have him be all-bad in the end.

    Bottom line: A tense, surprisingly intelligent thriller with a dumb, cop-out ending.

    Richard Yee, author of Deliveries: A Collection...more info
  • Why Did This Hit Theaters?
    This movie was lacking the luster that most Sam Jackson movies have. More of an edge. This movie was a cross breed of Training Day and Disturbia. The only difference is that this is a racist version. The main problem with this movie is that it never really picked up. Things happen that would be uncomfortable in normal living, but not until the end do we get that top notch suspense. Even when it came at the end, it was rushed and showed no emotion. With a crappy backstory and lackluster acting, this movie deserves nothing more than a one time rental. To sum it up in one word: Forgettable. ...more info
  • Interracial Transgressions
    For what it is worth the interracial couple of Chris and Lisa looked very silly together, with the both of them appearing lost and confused and not having the sense to know who's race they really belong to. They looked about as pathetic together as a black man does with a white women, which is really saying something. And while you can expect this type of thoughtless decision making from a hairbrained white woman, I cannot imagine a white man out there ever wanting to have a black child, which of course is why the main character Chris was so hesitant to have any at all. In my opinion, Turner's character(Samuel Jackson) cannot be blamed at all for showing his utter contempt and disgust for the both of them, and more power to him. I think it is completely unfair, however, that when the racial roles are reversed it is considered perfectly acceptable for a black man to show his complete resentment and objection to interracial couples while it is not at all acceptable for a white man to do the same. And as thoughtless and insensitive as this review may seem to many of the readers out there you would be very surprised to find out how many people would generally agree with me but do not have the courage to admit as much. I would give this movie three and a half stars because I found it to be fairly entertaining, while deducting a star and a half for it's very lame ending. ...more info