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  • Good premise, disappointing plot
    I loved most of the songs, the style of the city and the costumes of the more outrageous characters. The setting and the main premise are wonderful, the idea is brilliant and world is a dark, industrial delight.

    I hated the plot, which was predictably comfortable at best, banal at worst, and the characterisation, which was painfully 2D and made it hard to enjoy and empathise with Nate, Shilo, and the Largo family, who were an otherwise interesting cast.

    But in the end, I've watched it over 10 times since it arrived, and will watch it some more, because despite it's flaws it's a fun -very, very bloody- musical, and there's something irresistible about Repo! that I can watch over and over....more info
  • Re-Pwn!
    I bought this movie on a whim and I'm so glad I did. The cleverly scripted graverobber sets the plot with a very catchy opening song in this goth&gore-filled musical. All preformers did a wonderful job; I especially enjoyed watching the Repo Man sing as he "operates" on his patients. The story moves along with no boring parts. There is this one song, very teeny-bopper wannabe rock-ish that threw off the tone of the movie, but I think it was meant to piss you off because the little ingrate singing it gets shown their place. I had hoped for a bit more killing, but it's ok because the bloody scenes were executed with power and brilliance! If you're deciding between DVD or Blu-ray, go with Blu-ray, the price difference is small and the jump in quality is worth it for this movie....more info
  • dark musicals need work
    The imagery and ambiance was wonderful but the music left me disappointed. With so many great musicians all in one film, I guess I expected more, but they still don't seem to know how to make "dark" musicals sound good rather than cheesy....more info
  • Feeling Dizzy
    The music is spectacular. The design is beyond amazing. I do have a couple of problems with this though... The shots were all way too fast. Out of the entire movie, the longest shot was 26 seconds. It didn't stay on anyone long enough to capture their emotions. My other problem is with the girl playing Shilo. She can sing but was made to sing a little flat the entire movie for the sake of sounding punkish. Her part would've been so much better. A notable performance in this is that of Anthony Steward Head. He switches completely between his two personalities flawlessly....more info
  • amazing
    This is probably one of the best movies i have seen in my life i bought it 3 weeks ago and havent gone one day without watching it i like it so much i went out and bought the soundtrack

    ...more info
  • welcomed return of a neglected genre
    After only managing only a slight theatrical release with little or no money being spent on advertising general audiences are finally getting a chance to check out this exciting rock opera and it was certainly worth the wait.

    Slightly grown up Spy Kid Alexa Vega stars as Shilo. She is a rather frail young girl whose delicate immune system keeps her trapped indoors. Thankfully she has a loving, doting doctor father played by Buffy's mentor Anthony Stewart Head who tries to protect her from a world which could kill her. But Dad's secret side job, repossessing organs from people who have fallen behind in their payments could lead to everything falling apart.

    Sure the premise is rather silly but the movie has a interesting look and the novelty of little to no spoken dialogue. Everything in the movie is sung by the cast that does an excellent job of handling both the drama and the musical numbers. Head, Vega and the brilliant Sarah Brightman excel in their roles but the biggest surprise is that Paris Hilton does not bring the film crashing to the ground. When I saw her name, I automatically feared the worst but she actually does a solid job.

    The film does get a little gruesome at times but that should not come as too much of a surprise considering that it's directed by the man who has guided the Saw franchise from episodes 2 thru 4. The gore gives the movie a surreal touch that works nicely with the musical numbers.

    Although not a masterpiece this film fits in quite well on your DVD shelf with such titles as 'Rocky Horror Picture Show', 'Little Shop of Horrors' and 'Shock Treatment'. If you have heard about Repo and are interested than you will probably enjoy it.
    ...more info
  • Best Movie of the Year!
    This is by far the best movie of 2008. In November my husband and I drove to Berkeley to see it, stopping in Palo Alto on the way for Sprinkles cupcakes (about an hour out of the way).
    I thought that this movie was going to be horrible and I was going to hate it, but I was wrong. The only scene I did not like was the "Seventeen", and even that was alright in the grand sceme of things.
    The actors and talent in this movie are amazing.
    I say if you are going to buy this movie, go ahead and buy the soundtrack Repo! The Genetic Opera too. You'll want to be able to play the music and figure out if they truly are discussing bugs and what the future holds.
    My husband and I have seen this film four times now, and he only just caught some things the last time we watched it.
    It is deep and intense, and always leaves you wanting more. ...more info
    This movie is one of my new favorites. I saw it in theaters and just loved it. I wish there had been more special features on the DVD but the movie is still marvelous. So many different actors from diverse genres coming together to make a gory, beautiful piece of art. I hope the sequel and prequel get made! EVERYBODY, EVERYBODY! TESTIFY!...more info
  • Music + Comic books + Producers of Saw = REPO!
    This is an awesome movie. The concept is delightfully disturbing and it's pulled of brilliantly by all the production team.

    The product itself (the DVD), though is a little disappointing. For anyone who has been as hyped on the soundtrack as I have, the sound quality is less than expected. It can be compensated for with a kickin sound system (as I have mooched for from friends) but on a standard TV, it does us wanting.

    I'm hoping that there'll be an extended edition re-release with better sound and extra goodies. In the meantime, enjoy Repo! the Genetic Opera....more info
  • Fantastic and Addicting
    Some excellent performances (Anthony Stewart Head, Paul Sorvino, and Sarah Brightman in particular), plenty of random gore, an excellent dystopian set with some steampunk thrown in... I don't really have complaints here, except with LionsGate for not giving it a wider release. I am disappointed that Paris Hilton's Come Up And Try My New Parts was cut, since she's hilarious and awesome in this (and, trust me, I've never, ever considered myself a fan of Paris Hilton).

    If you like Dead Alive, Rocky Horror Picture Show, things with the suffix '-punk' and enjoy music, this is definitely something to check out....more info
  • great rock opera!
    i saw this movie once and i new i had to buy it!
    I love horror/gory/bloody movies and i also love musical, so it was the perfect movie for me!
    I think it's the best rock opera i've ever seen, very original and the music is amazing!...more info
  • Repo The Most Unique Opera
    Repo is a one of a kind experience.
    It is not for people that can not handle some gore...
    The story is captivating, and the songs will be stuck in your head.
    Repo! The Genetic Opera...more info
  • Brilliant Darkness
    This movie has all the right elements: a good story line, good music, gore (for those who love horror, like myself), humor, and all-around creativity. The cast is excellent, and even Paris Hilton does a good job! The gloomy, post-modern, apocalyptic visuals are similar to movies like Dark City and Sin City. I have recommended this movie to many friends, and they have all reported having liked it very much....more info
  • Bloody Opera Fun!
    The songs- some are mediocre, some are well written. Sarah Brightman is fantastic, as is Terrence, Anthony Head and Alexis. Paris is even tolerable but she looks very uncomfortable in her own skin (which is ironic). I loved the story, I loved the gore, and it is visual eyecandy for fans of Saw, The Crow, Sin City, Dark City, Bladerunner, and anyone who loves seeing the world gone to hell in a handbasket.

    I don't recomend seeing this in theaters due to the fans have turned it into the next Rocky Horror Picture show and it's really annoying. But if you have a home projector, it's best on a larger screen!...more info
  • Goth musical worth every penny!
    Simply put, Repo:The Genetic Opera is a musical created for the Goth subculture. Great acting, fun songs, crazy plot, violent images, creepy lighting, excelent make-up....a verry entertaining film. For fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Sweeney Todd:The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street....more info
  • The next generation's Rocky Horror?
    I'd never seen a trailer for this, but my husband had and was extremely interested in it. All he could tell me was "It's a musical about repo-ed organs". Intriguing... So I googled it and saw Paris Hilton. Not so intrigued any longer. Yes, I was shallow enough and biased enough to write off a show because she's in it. But, my husband was out movie browsing and ran across a blu-ray copy. He snagged it and triumphantly brought it home for our viewing pleasure. I wasn't expecting much. How good could it really be? In a word: spectacular. First of all: Sarah Brightman. Extraordinary musical talent! The Christine Daae to define Christine Daae. Anthony Steward Head: I was blown away by his depiction of Repo Man. His split vocals to portray different aspects of his character's personality was an excellent touch. And, like another reviewer, I didn't even recognize Paris Hilton's character until extremely late in the film.

    The best way I can describe Repo! is an amalgamation of Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sweeney Todd and Phantom of the Opera. It's darkly sexy, comical, and full of sarcasm and irony. If you have a quirky or dark sense of humor, I am sure you'll find yourself giggling at the various antics of the performers. Some of the songs gave me goosebumps due to their dark haunted tenor and the skill with which they were sung. Others hand me tapping my toes, and others still (Zydrate Anatomy anyone?) were stuck in my head for days. It's definitely a keeper and I am extremely glad my husband brought it home. ...more info
  • The Worst Piece of %$#@....
    This is hands down the absolute worst movie I have ever seen (and that
    includes Zoolander)! Why Sing every ounce of dialogue in the movie?
    There is not one good SONG in the movie. If you loved Sweeney Todd
    you might possibly be able to tollerate this movie, but otherwise, stay far away!...more info
  • Testify
    Being a fan of campy musicals, such as Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment, I was thoroughly excited when I heard the premise for this film (and the fact that it had Sarah Brightman!). The film as a whole, on the other hand, was a huge disappointment. The premise surrounds a futuristic society plagued by infection and organ failure, run by a company that sells organs for a price. The catch is that if you can't pay off the organ you bought, the repo man comes to take it back.

    Too bad the that's not really what the movie is about. The film centers around a rebellious 17 year old girl, whose father happens to be the repo man, but that's really just a plot device and has little to do with the intended story.

    The film is lavishly based off of Blade Runner and Rocky Horror without the charm or the catchy tunes. The music in this movie is not worthy to bear the name "rock opera" or even musical. There are one or two catchy songs, but I'll be darned if I can remember any of the words (and I'm one of those people who can come out of a theater singing a whole soundtrack).

    For a film I wanted desperately to like, it let me down terribly. If you're looking for a film with good music, camp, and about repossessing organs, then this is not the movie for you. ...more info
  • Amazon Needs To Warn Customers And List Region Restrictions On Blu-ray
    I'm sure this is a great movie.

    I pre-ordered it - checking very carefully that there was no Region restriction listed in Amazon's meta-data. (Majority of Blu-Ray discs are not region restricted).

    The disc shipped on the day it was released and arrived exactly when expected.

    Unfortunately. When it arrived it has a on the back cover the dreaded 1 in the octagon. I live in Australia which is region 2.

    I sent the disc back - unopened....more info
  • Missed the mark...
    This movie could have been great...great idea! However, the missed the mark. They should have looked at what made the Rocky Horror Picture so great. First of all, they sang every single word, which makes it boring. The movie is too gruesome in parts, and this was unnessary. Finally, the sets were unrealistic looking. Again, the premise was great, but they just missed the mark.
    I loved seeing Joan Jett in the movie, except her facial expression was a little bogus. She tried too hard to look tough.
    I really thought many of the singers were talented and thought Paris Hilton did a good job.
    ...more info
  • A very unique movie
    First off, I am not a fan of Opera or musicals. I happened to catch the trailer when I rented Saw 5 and just the looks alone made me want to check it out. I must say this movie was quite enjoyable. one of the most creative movies I have seen in quite a while. I was familiar with a few people from the cast and I hate to say it but Paris Hilton was that bad either. I would highly recommend checking this movie out....more info
  • Repo--interesting
    The rreason I bought it was because Sarah Brightman played Blind Meg in it.
    I found the story line good and rather engrossing, but I didn't like the graphic inserts. To me they detracted from the story and added nothing to the plot. I thought the singing excellent. It alone made the purchase worth while.
    The acting was good, though I did find Paris tather over the top. She didn't seem comfortable using the f-word, which her character did a lot.
    I'm glad I bought it, just as a sort of curious example of horror movies.
    Jane Gaschke...more info
  • Beautiful...and bloody creative!!
    First and foremost this film is a feast for your eyes. It is completely original, and acted to the nines by all involved.(Yes even Paris Hilton is really good in this)The soundtrack was nominated for a GOLDEN GLOBE and is very very deserving of that nomination..if not a win. I love musical theater. I have seen Phantom at least ten times, Les Mis at least seven, Rent four times, and so on and so on. I love Horror/splatter films, and the idea of the two wedding blissfully has never crossed my mind. I watched repo with no expectations but to see a "Horror Rock Opera" what ever that means. Well it means REPO. it was just brilliantly done. The music ranges from Classic rock, to punk rock to goth rock..and all in between. The only thing I have heard REPO being compared to was "The Rocky Horror Picture show" and though I love Rocky is not a fair or true this film takes itself seriously..deadly seriously
    If you like film, Musical theater, horror..or just want to have a good time watching something new with some friends...then REPO ALL THE WAY!!...more info
  • A Breath of Fresh Air (May Contain Spoilers)
    During a time when it seems like there are no new ideas for movies and the film industry is filled with remakes, sequels, and adaptations, REPO! The Genetic Opera is a welcome breath of fresh air. Though it is, techically, an adaptation of what started as a 10 minute two person opera, it has evolved into a brilliantly original film. The movie is a full fledged rock-opera with hardly a word of unsung dialogue. And don't let that put you off. This movie, while admittedly not for everyone, is a masterpiece of music, visuals, and wonderful actors and does have at least a little something for almost everyone. It is gothic, it has music, it is dark and twisted and has some gore, it has a touching story of a father's love for his daughter, it has comedy. It flows rather fluidly for the ammount of story being told and has a wonderfully diverse cast ranging from opera singer sarah brightman, to child actress Alexa Vega, to rock musician Ogre, to classicly trained actor Anthony Head, even to heiress Paris Hilton (who does a surprisingly good job with her character) The music is catchy, The story is original, the visuals are dark and astounding.

    The movie is set in the year 2057 during an epidemic of massive organ failures. Thanks to GeneCo people could finance organ transplants, but failure to pay means a visit from the Repo Man, the legal assain. The story is that of Shilo (Alexa Vega of Spy Kids), a 17 year old girl with a rare blood disease who is kept locked in the house by her over-protective father, Nathan Wallce (Anthony Stewart Head from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) so that she doesn't have to face the cruel world that lies outside her window. Little does she know that he is also GeneCo's head Repo Man. The complex story line emerges as GeneCo's founder Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino) discovers that he is dying and needs to find a worthy heir to inherit the company since he deems his own children, Pavi (Ogre of Skinny Puppy), Luigi (Bill Mosely), and Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton) unworthy of his legacy. To top things off, Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman), The leading Opera singer of the day, has decided that she cannot go on supporting a company that she does not believe in and decides to leave the genetic opera, much to geneco's dismay. But, a clause in her contract reads that if she leaves GeneCo she forfeits her eyes. Its a beautiful struggle for Shilo to finally break free of her father and try to save her hero Mag all while discovering the horrible truth about her father and herself. Throughout the events of this one night of discovery the character of Graverobber (co-creator Terrance Zdunich) narrates the story with wit and also has one of the most catchy and memorable songs in the whole movie.
    ...more info
  • Very cool
    I only watched this in the theater because Anthony Stewart Head (ASH) was one of the stars. I had no idea what to expect when me and a couple of my friends went. We were three of the four people in the theater...I didn't think that boded well. After getting over my initial reaction of WTF, I very much enjoyed the movie. I thought the whole production was well done and engaging. Everyone (including Paris Hilton) did a good job with the singing and the acting, though I wish Sarah Brightman had a bigger role. I think it compares very favorably to Rocky Horror in terms of being a rock musical. Oh! I should mention that it's not for everyone though. Not at all. It's very gory and bloody with dark undertones. In my opinion it's cartoonishly bloody and the dark humor is funny, but I know that some people are sensitive to that sort of thing. If you know that you don't enjoy that sort of thing, be strongly cautioned. ...more info
  • One of the best movies I have seen.
    How people rate best movie ever, its a hard thing to do, but a good key is, how many times people will watch the movie in a month. So far since buying the movie I have watched it 15 or so times, a friend of mine uses this movie as the new coffee, wake up in the morning and put in on to watch it once more over breakfast. I could rant about how awesome and everything but there are enough people and chances are you all ready know if you want to buy the movie, because chances are if you want the movie, you liked Rocky horror picture show, enjoyed Sweeney Todd, have been too, or are looking forward to watching Evil dead the musical and or (most likely and) have seen a good number of gore movies. (saw, hostel, machine girl, ichi the killer ect)

    So the short of it is, Awesome movie, as addicting as a movie can be, and will be a cult movie in the near future, the music gets into your very being and takes you along for the ride....more info
  • wonderful movie...
    I couldn't help but want to be in this movie while watching it! You get involved and drawn into there world. Go get the soundtrack as well it will blow you away!...more info
  • Super Fast!
    I will definitely buy from them again. I received Repo! two days ahead of schedule (which completely made my day!). ...more info
  • Awful
    When i heard about this movie I was pretty psyched. A movie about a company that repossesses organs sounded too good to be true. Then when I heard it was also a rock opera I knew I had to see this movie. After watching it I was amazed at how bored I was. The movie was not exciting in the least. The music was obnoxious. The acting was poor. The gore wasn't even good....more info
  • Repo man
    I am a little biased since I have loved Tony Head since I first saw him in a coffee commercial, but I thought this was a great movie. The music is addictive, the acting is perfectly tuned for the style of the film, and the graverobber is a total hottie. There is a lot of gore, but the whole movie is so over the top & clearly comic book styled that the gruesome bits don't come across as real or scary at all.
    I even enjoyed Paris Hilton as Amber Sweet....more info