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Falling for Gracie
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First comes love, then comes marriage...

At least, that was Gracie's plan at the ripe old age of fourteen. She loved eighteen-year-old heartthrob Riley with a desperation that made her a town legend. Even now that she's all grown up, the locals in sleepy Los Lobos won't let her forget her youthful crush.

And how can she, when she's face-to-face with Riley at every turn? The onetime bad boy has come back to town seeking respectability--but the sparks that fly between them are anything but respectable! Gracie's determined to keep her distance, but when someone sets out to ruin both their reputations, the two discover that first love is sometimes better the second time around.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great, heartfelt romance
    This romance was great! Both of the main characters had intense rooting value.

    Gracie Landon had been in exile since she was fourteen. She had found herself the star of the local newspaper's "Gracie Chronicles" after stalking her first crush, Riley Whitefield. The whole town of Los Lobos was aware of Gracie and her unrequited love. Her mother felt disgraced by her so-called friends and sent Gracie to live with her aunt and uncle. Gracie has come home after fourteen years to help with her sister Vivian's wedding plans. Gracie is a reknowned cake maker and has agreed to make her sister's wedding cake. In the process, she is trying to reconnect with both sisters, Vivian and Alexis, and her mother. All have family issues with which they are trying to come to terms.

    Gracie finds that she is still deeply attracted to Riley, who is back in town after traveling the South China Sea developing oil rigs. Riley is pursuing his own personal vendetta in the process of running for mayor of Los Lobos. But along the way, he finds himself captivated by Gracie, who always leads with her heart.

    This was a great romance from beginning to end!...more info
  • Sweet and Delicious!
    Combining her talents for writing and cake decorating, Susan Mallery whips up a sweet treat for her readers with her book, "Falling for Gracie." This is a delightful and lively story that is a sweet and delicious treat for springtime reading!

    Gracie has come back home to help one sister with her upcoming wedding and the other with her huband-crisis, all the while juggling her successful career as a premier cake-decorator to the stars. While she tries to get her siblings' love lives back on track, she comes face-to-face with her past love interest - no - obsession, Riley Whitefield. Despite both Gracie and Riley's hesitations, their interest in each other renews with passion and fun. Can a second chance at love truly happen in spite of past problems, interferring family and one annoying ex-wife? Check out "Falling for Gracie" and find out!

    As a former cake decorator, I was truly amazed at how well Susan Mallery describes the process of decorating wedding cakes. She knows her stuff, from how to put the cakes together right down to making the dozens and dozens of flowers that usually make up a fantastic cake. Well done, Ms. Mallery!

    Sharon Galligar Chance
    Wichita Falls TIMES RECORD NEWS...more info
  • Extraordinarily Funny!
    `Falling for Gracie' by Susan Mallery is a fabulous book. This book was on my shelf for a while and I just passed it over because of the cover. But when I took the chance ,I was hooked after the first page and finished it in wee hours this morning. The story is very funny with a hint of mystery and great love story. Gracie has huge `nutty' crush on Riley when she was 14 years old. She was sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle so she would disrupt Riley's wedding. The story starts 14 years later and both Gracie and Riley have returned to their small California hometown. There were so many laugh out loud moments - take a chance it will put a smile on your face....more info
  • fine second chance at love
    In Los Lobos, fourteen years old Gracie Landon fell in love with eighteen years old Riley Whitefield, but he rejected her as being too young while seeing someone else. Her antics got so out of hand that the local media coverage became known as the Gracie Chronicles; her family, in desperation, shipped Gracie off to live with relatives out of state. Riley married and divorced Pam while Gracie never returned to her hometown for the next fourteen years embarrassed by how she behaved.

    Gracie returns home for her younger sister's wedding, but plans to keep a low profile until her older sister coaxes her to help her find who her spouse Zeke is cheating with. Since he is Riley's campaign manager in his run for mayor, the siblings start there. However, Riley catches a mortified Gracie. She explains to Riley what she was doing. He needs to become mayor if he wants to inherit his uncle's 97 million estate and worries that a scandal by Zeke could hurt his campaign. As they work to uncover the truth about Zeke's nocturnal activities, they fall in love, but sensible Gracie refuses to take any risks when it comes to Riley and Pam is back causing further woes to make her seem unbalanced.

    This second chance at love (at least on her part) is a fun tale as Riley realizes he is FALLING FOR GRACIE, but no one believes him including himself while she concludes that she still loves him and compares men to him. Though the suspense is soft as Mayor Franklin Yardley also has 97 million reasons to insure he is reelected, contemporary fans will fall for Gracie and Riley.

    Harriet Klausner
    ...more info
  • Falling for Gracie
    Ever since her teen-aged crush on Riley Whitefield developed into an embarrassing obsession that resulted in her being sent away from home, Gracie Landon has felt a need to atone to her humiliated family. It is no wonder then that she will spend weeks creating the perfect wedding cake for one sister and agree to help her other sister find out if her husband is cheating on her. Unfortunately, Gracie's brother in law is Riley's mayoral campaign manager. Thus, her investigation brings her face to face with the man for the first time in fourteen years. Both have grown up considerably. Despite the scandal their current involvement might cause should it be discovered, Riley agrees to help her investigate his employee. After all, he has a 97 million dollar inheritance riding on the outcome of the election. If his manager is doing anything to jeopardize that, he must know and stop it. He had not counted on falling for Gracie, or all the complications that arise from that attraction. History comes full circle in this tale of small towns, scandal, politics and love.

    *** With enough complications and coincidences to be something straight from reality, this book has a charm that will appeal to those wanting a light read. Seeing a long delayed romance come to fruition has a sweetness that surpasses that of one of Gracie's cakes. Though there is nothing earth shattering or profound to be found herein, if you just need an escape, this will take you where you wish to be. ***...more info
  • The sisty uglers
    I was pretty ambivalent about this book--it almost seemed as if it had been written by two people, and I liked one author, but the other, not so much. The two main characters seemed about as believable as the hero and heroine ever do in romances, and their dialogue was unforced and sometimes witty--all good. But the secondary cast of characters--no believability there. Gracie's horrible family reminded me of nothing so much as the evil stepmother and stepsisters in Cinderella--overdrawn, and a family highly unlikely to have produced the heroine. The final straw came at the end, when they suddenly, for no apparent reason, see the error of their ways and profess their appreciation for Gracie. At this point, I threw the book down in disgust--of course, I'd finished it by then, so it was a pretty meaningless gesture, but still. ...more info
  • Silly ....
    Although I like many of Mallery's books, this one was pretty awful.

    As for the political aspect, as rancid as our politics have become in real life, it just wasn't believable that the mayor would say the things he did during the debate. It would not happen.

    The overall story wasn't boring, but some of the dialogue and plot lines bordered on absurd. Case in point-the incident in Gracie's driveway-not only was it unimaginative and a juvenile thing to write for adults, it was ridiculous.

    But the MOST ridiculous scene had to be when Riley was carrying a cake and a cop tried to prevent him from leaving the building. He says "I'm going to have to call this in," and then we hear the voice from the radio say, "Hold him." That has to be the stupidest scene ever written in a work of fiction.

    ...more info
  • Absolutely Spendid!
    I adored this book so much! Susan did a amazing job with her characters this time and I truly felt a heartfelt connection between Gracie and Riley!

    Gracie returns home for her sisters wedding and is bombared with her past. As the town legend of the girl (stuck in her awkward phase) that gave her whole heart to heart throb Riley (a boy four years her senior), she was known for doing crazy stunts for him to take notice of her and dump the present girlfriend of his choice. At age fourteen she left the town to save her mother the shame only to return fourteen years later.

    Throughout this hilarious and witty novel Gracie runs head first into Riley and is twisted and turned into a delightful and charming tale. Riley, apprehensive that Gracie is still a childish stalker, has his own plans for the town of Los Lobos and Gacie isn't part of the plan!

    I recommend this book! It is the sequal to Susan's story about Jill!...more info
  • What a cute story!!
    Have never read a Susan Mallery novel and was very impressed with her imagination and whit. The humor and romance were another plus. Highly recommend this novel if you like any of Rachel Gibson's books. ...more info
  • Finally Gracie & Riley are together!!
    At 28, Gracie Landon has been away from Los Lobos for ? her life. At 14 she was "stalking" 18 y.o. Riley Whitefield her exploits were written up in the local paper "The Gracie Chronicles" she was sent to her Mother's family to get "help". She's back to bake the perfect wedding cake for her younger sister. Gracie creates wedding cakes and has even been in People magazine. Riley has been gone almost as long as Gracie and now he has returned as the heir to his hated uncle's very large estate if he can fulfill the requirements of the will. One being he's elected as Mayor of Los Lobos. Gracie's BIL, her older sister's husband, is his campaign manager so the enviable happens Gracie and Riley meet under strange circumstances-funny scene. Riley's ex-wife, Pam, the girl Gracie said wasn't the one for him, but he married her though when she told him she was pregnant and of course she wasn't so Riley divorced her and left town. Pam's back in town too. There's a mystery that Riley and Gracie have to solve -- someone is out to smear their names. We do get to watch a great romance develop between Riley & Gracie even get to see Jill & Mac and find out how life's treating them now. Ms Mallery has given us 2 wonderful romances with SOMEONE LIKE YOU and FALLING FOR GRACIE both are the best!! I so enjoyed!...more info
  • Loved it
    It was a great story. Gracie and Riley were a great couple with history. A 14 year old girl with an unrequited crush on an older boy 18 and banished from her small hometown. Who of us out there haven't had something like that but not quite as dramatic? Remembered my youthful crush and cringed.

    Thought Gracie was a strong heroine without being abrasive. She had to deal with the pressure of family and all their expectations, disappointments, and hopes. Gracie tried to mend a fractured family relationship by bending over backwards to keep her selfish family happy. Finally having enough she stood up for herself. Wanted to cheer for her.

    Thought Riley was great. A bad boy but with ulterior motives but his history was explained and he was there for Gracie when others weren't when she came back home.

    It wasn't a hard read and read it in one sitting. The villian in the story was pretty easily accounted for but that was a very small part of the story. The relationship between Gracie and Riley was the story for me and I loved reading about them.

    ...more info
  • I really liked Gracie
    I really liked the character of Gracie in this book. She was funny and sweet and she made the most of the bad situations she was in. Everyone around her was a complete "poop-head" as she likes to say. The hero,Riley was likable too, but I didn't feel as connected to him as I did Gracie. The side story was interesting and I didnt' feel compelled to skip over these parts which I normally do. My only complaint is that it could have focused a wee bit more on our couples scenes and made them longer rather than the scenes with her sniveling sisters and mother...that got to be a little annoying. Overall a good book and would recommend Susan Mallery as an author to check out.
    ...more info
  • Could have used a better editor, but still a fun story
    First I'll get the bad stuff out of the way.... there were many very noticeable mistakes in the book (a character who mysteriously jumps back and forth between being a grandfather and older brother, and a feature magazine article that jumps back and forth between a six page spread and an eight page spread to name a couple). Seriously, readers expect a publisher with the reputation and standing of Harlequin not to have such bushleague errors on the materials bearing their logo.

    Also, there are character reactions (the villains to be specific) that go far far beyond realistic and drift into melodrama, and the final "stunt" performed by the main character (Gracie) is just kind of lame. The reader has heard all about the character's reputation for being inventive and imaginative, and her final expression is just sort of ....meh.

    All of that aside, Falling for Gracie really is a fun read. The main characters (Gracie and Riley) are fun as well as funny, and Mallery writes them well enough to pull the reader into the fray. It's light and entertaining, and despite the mistakes, it makes for a fun read. If you want a life altering reading experience, this won't be the title for you, but if you are in search of something that will entertain and make you laugh, Falling for Gracie is a good choice. ...more info
  • Lovely and Sweet
    Falling For Gracie by Susan Mallery

    This is one of the best romances I've read! I've loved her "Sweet" series, so I was hopeful about loving this book too, and I was not disappointed in the least! It's filled with great characters, both of the main characters, the secondary characters are a delight, and I hope that they get their own stories told someday!

    At fourteen Gracie just knew that she was in love with Riley, and did everything in her soul to prove her love to him; going so far as to fling herself in front of his car to stop his wedding. The whole town knew of her unrequited because of a series of columns in the newspaper that chronicled her stunts. Sent away so as to not ruin Riley's wedding, she hasn't been back in town for 14 years. But now she's come home; a successful wedding cake decorator, she is home to help her youngest sister Vivian, with her wedding plans and to do her cake.

    But guess what? One time bad-boy Riley is also back in town. Now divorced, running the town's local bank, running for Mayor and looking for respectability. Just waiting for the opportunity to get out of town as fast as he can.

    By trying to help her other sister Alexis, poor Gracie meets Riley once she stalking the bad boy of Los Lobos again? Will she be able to resist him? Will he be able resist her? Will love be better the "second time around"?

    The plot is wonderful; the story moves briskly and is filled with mayhem, misdirection, mystery and manipulation. This novel and the "Lucy and Ethel" type calamities will make you laugh, the love scenes are spicy and erotic and the mystery will drive you nuts.

    A very, very satisfying romance for anyone who believes in the power of second chances.

    If you like Jennifer Cruise, Susan Donovan, or Susan Elizabeth Phillip's , you may love this Susan too.

    ...more info
  • Warm, Wonderful and Witty....You'll Fall for Gracie Too!
    Falling for Gracie was a warm and spirited book. It was refreshing to read a romance filled with humor, warmth and strong characters. There were many lessons to be learned in this book a few being honesty, integrity and the art of communication. A very sensual romance, one I will read, over and over.

    Gracie's character was strong, spirited, fun, intelligent, and warm even though her family had sent her adrift. Riley, how does one describe an alpha male at his finest? Tall, dark, handsome, aloof and by his past...mistrusting, tormented and angry.

    How Gracie and Riley come together begins with their knowing each other in their past but now they meet again and sparks fly, while the entire town looks on and becomes involved in their romance.

    I highly recommend this book. It is one of Susan Mallery's finest.
    ...more info
  • A fun and sexy contemporary romance
    When Gracie Ladon was 14 she became famous in her hometown, Los Lobos, California, for her obsession with 18 year old Riley Whitefield. She followed him everywhere and proclaimed her love for him. Finally when he was forced to marry his pregnant girlfriend, Gracie's mother shipped her off to live with her aunt and uncle. Now after 14 years, Gracie is returning to her hometown. A well known wedding cake designer, Gracie has been asked to make the wedding cake for her younger sister's wedding. Her family refuses to see that Gracie has grown up. Her mother and sisters seem to be waiting for Gracie to make a fool of herself again and Gracie feels as if it wasn't for needing to make the wedding cake they wouldn't have invited her home at all. Riley returned home shortly before Gracie only to discover that his uncle left him millions of dollars. An inheritance he can only receive if he is elected mayor of Los Lobos. When Gracie and Riley meet again as adults they are surprised to find that they are attracted to each other. Riley can't believe that the pretty and confident woman standing in front of him is the girl who used to terrorize him. It doesn't take long for passion to flare between them. But Riley's unscrupulous opponent is determined to use Gracie against Riley in the election and someone seems to be deliberately trying to ruin Gracie's business. Can Riley and Gracie figure out who is behind all the sabotage and get Riley elected mayor?

    Falling For Gracie is one of the best Susan Mallery books that I've read. You quickly come to care about Gracie and want her to finally get the guy, save her business and kick some sense into her family. Sexy and fun, Falling For Gracie is a book I can't recommend highly enough.

    Reviewed for Enchanted in Romance
    ...more info
  • Terrific story with winning characters
    Gracie has come home to Los Lobos against her better judgement, to "help with" (or as she believes," be slave labor for") her sister's wedding. Once home, she's immediately faced with the crush of her teenage years, Riley, the man for whom she became a legend for her pure, unrequited borderline-stalker girl love.

    In addition to navigating her way through dealing with Riley, she has to decipher what her role in her family is, how to deal with a selfish younger sister who's on again, off again wedding drives everyone nuts, an immature older sister who is intent on catching her husband in an affair, a meddling mother who wants nothing more than Gracie to stay quietly away from Riley, a blossoming business as a wedding cake baker, a town election in which Riley is campaigning for mayor, Riley's true reasons for running for mayor, an entire history of newspaper articles on her teenage escapages remaking an appearance in the local paper, a former avowed 'enemy' (er, the woman Riley married and divorced) suddenly acting nice, and on top of all that, discovering who is out to ruin both Riley and Gracie. You'll never quite know what to expect, except entertaining adventures as Riley and Gracie fall in love.

    I only gave this four stars because though this was a FABULOUS book, Riley's "changing" moment could have been a little more defined. But even with that, it was one of the more enjoyable, light-hearted romanced I've read in a long time....more info