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My Best Friend's Girl
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  • I LOL, will you?
    Personally I thought it was great, the lack of story, the rude and horrible things said and done, but that is exactly what I was looking for when I purchased this movie. ...more info
  • Cute, funny, predictable
    Good guy, Dustin (Jason Biggs) can't get the girl. Lucky for him his "cousin" Tank (Dane Cook) is a professional bad boy that specializes in being the worst date ever. The plan is for Tank to take Alex (Kate Hudson) on a nightmare date that opens her eyes to what she could have with a good guy like Dustin. Needless to say it all backfires, Alex and Tank find romance. The catch is will Tank's past catch up with him and blow this relationship apart?
    The actors have good chemistry and it was paced well. Personally, I don't like the premise of the movie but that's not something I'd give it a lower rating for. I did lower the rating because although the movie is cute there was only one laugh out loud moment for me, so my end review is it's a good movie to rent but not one I'll add to my collection.
    ...more info
  • Funny Movie
    I for one thought this movie was funny, it kept me laughing and wanting to see more. i don't understand why people would just turn the movie off i mean might aswell give it a chance cause i do think it's a good movie. Far too many people judging this movie on Dane Cooks comedy..And for all the people offended by the movie all i say to them is: It's Dane in there go figure there's going to be crude humor involved.
    I would say great movie and i'm glad i saw it....more info
  • Despite my cynical side,
    I happened to enjoy this film. Dane Cook has done a fantastic job in his character. I haven't seen much of him but he truly is the heart and the soul of the film if I'm being honest. Just like his character's relevance there is something about his on screen presence and attitude that will keep you intrigued.

    I'm not the biggest Kate Hudson fan and despite her choosing many mindless films in the recent past, I must admit I liked her quite a bit in the film. This is You, Me and Dupree minus the apologetic, cheesy, wind blown humor. I must admit she's sexy in her own way, not that mentioning that will add poignancy for all readers.

    Jason Biggs. He's come of age. His character's way of dealing with woman and the inherent shyness and direct head-to-mouth dialogues reminded me of myself. Not for one second did I feel he's overacting.

    I know this is not an action film but I couldn't help but notice just how well all accidents happen in the film. How J.B falls, the slapping looks so real and the sound is just perfect. There were about two/three songs in the film that I truly liked. Namely, Separate Ways by Teddy Thompson and Best friend's Girl by The Cars.

    Anybody who enjoyed 2005's Waiting will enjoy this film. If you're looking to give a comedy film a try, you might as well rent this dvd. IMDB has a criminally low rating for this film but imdb, just sometimes, a little more especially with comedies, is never quite right.

    Alec Baldwin - Well it's good to have him play a short role in the film but I wasn't impressed at all.

    Do comment. Cheerio.
    ...more info
  • Very Funny!!!
    This movie had a lot of funny moments! I loved when they show the 10 things that Tank does to ruin the date. Dustin hires Tank to treat his ex-girlfriend like crap so she'll go back to him, but she starts falling for Tank. There are hilarious situations throughout the film, like messin' up a wedding, going to a pizza place named 'Cheesus Crust' and much more! If you like dirty comedies, you'll love MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL!!!...more info
  • This movie's not going to suck itself
    Whoa ho ho! Freakin raunchy, hilarious, offensive--just a great adult comedy. This was my favorite laugh-riot since SUPERBAD.

    Most of Dane Cook's movie's have been pretty abysmal. He comes through this time as the chauvanistic "closet romantic".
    He stars as Tank Turner, the dude that will go out with your ex-girlfriend and be a complete total prick. Theoretically make her realize how great she had it with her former partner. When he tries this technique with his best friend's girl, it backfires. He falls for her pretty hard (pun intended).

    Can't blame him when it's the hottie hot hot Kate Hudson. Tank has met his match, and this story is a prime example of how nice guys finish last.

    With all the derogatory insults and degrading acts toward women, this film won't appeal to many people. This does have a heartfelt message though. Plus it deals with friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, understanding--yes, it momentarily wavers torward chick flick material a tad, but not too much.

    It has plenty of profanity, some nudity, and plenty of great one-liners.
    Like this..."oh, she's a 2-bagger, you need a bag over her head, and yours in case one falls off". heh-heh, classic!
    Plenty of other crazy insults, definitely not a flick to watch with your kids.


    Just for comparison, I laughed more with this than STEP BROTHERS, ROLE MODELS, or ZACK & MIRI'S. That's just me though.
    ...more info
  • awesome movie
    My boyfriend and I saw this movie when it was in theatres and LOVED IT! We were both laughing the whole time, dane coook is great in this movie. It is pretty obscene, so certinly not recommended for kids, but i thought it was was a great date movie. Definatly worth the money and the xtra features on the DVD are pretty fun to watch too....more info
  • not funny.
    Unfortunately, we barely made it thru this whole movie. I personally liked Good Luck Chuck, as I have no issues with nasty humor and it usually totally entertains me. I watched My Best Friend's Girl with my boyfriend, who loves funny movies -- he most recently favorite is step-brothers. I myself like romantic comedies and really like listening to Dane Cook's stand up stuff, so I thought it would be a great choice for both of us. We both watch a lot of movies and we're not above loving fun "bad" movies.

    I really like Kate Hudson & Dane Cook, I can deal with Jason Biggs. But this movie was just..boring and not funny!! My boyfriend looked even more bored then I did. I found myself going for the fastforward button and he would look at me with a sigh of relief.

    Dane Cook was over-done and trying to push boundaries but in the end just looked stupid. Jason Bigg's character was pathetic and I felt so bad for him that when awful things happened, it wasn't amusing. Kate Hudson was fine -- but she was just her typical character to be honest. Very similar to her other romantic comedies, she's the "awesome hot girl". The only thing I really enjoyed about it was that it was filmed and set in Boston, so it was fun recognizing where they were being we live here.

    It was predictable and not in a good way. I won't tell you how in case you're still looking forward to seeing this movie. The characters seemed to get in long drawn out talks and you knew where they were going so we skipped over a couple of conversations between Dane Cook and Alec Baldwin. We'd give it a chance to see if it'd be funny, but it wasn't -- so here comes the fast forwarding.

    In all, I don't think this movie not being good can be blamed on the cast. Cook and Hudson definitely had chemistry and did the best with what they were given. It was well cast and the directing was fine and it made Boston look gorgeous. It was most likely the writing and story -- can someone please come up with something thats original and NOT predictable?? I would really appreciate it. =)

    UPDATE: the special features were good. I really liked the one about filming in Boston and how Dane Cook was a real asset being he grew up in the area. There was also a cute one about the cast and crew's dating tips as well as one about proms and the prom scene of the movie. Sadly, there was no gag reel, which is something I really look forward to in the special features section of DVDs. ...more info
  • My Best Friends Girl is very funny by Ray Sipe
    Watch Video Here: ...more info
  • Build a Bridge People...
    This movie is hilarious... period. Yes, this movie is mindless. Yes, Kate Hudson plays the same character over and over again. Yes, the plot is not nearly as deep as the Silence of the Lambs or Les Miserables. Yes, this movie has horrible language and over the top sexuality. Beyond that lies some amazing, laugh out loud scenes that will have you keeling over. It specifically says how raunchy this movie is in all it's advertising so please get over yourself if you are touting how offensive this movie is. It's amazing that people will watch a movie that advertises how offensive it is and then complain when they are offended. If you want to laugh hard, get this movie. ...more info
  • Good Luck Chuck 2: The Nightmare Continues...
    This movie was horrible. I didn't laugh at anything. I am still in utter shock that Kate Hudson would choose such a horrible role for herself (well, I can't say SHOCKED...I mean, she DID star in Fool's Gold, right?) and that Dane Cook continually lands acting gigs despite his complete lack of acting talent. He's a funny stand-up comic and I sometimes even find myself quoting some of his routine material with friends, but his acting is subpar and he seems to be stuck in this obnoxious, crude, pervert persona that he terrified audiences with in Good Luck Chuck. I can't wrap my brain around his meatloaf pock-marked face being a leading man in a film...especially opposite someone as cute as Kate's almost sacreligious!

    Kate Hudson's character had to have been written by a man. She's like some sort of blonde career woman who suddenly decides she wants to be a sex-maniac so she randomely starts sleeping around and living it up! It's definetly double sided that we live in a world where our leading man can sleep around and no one even bats an eyelash at him, but when a female does it she instantly comes off as slutty...but, it works for all the characters in this film. They are all Hooch bag, crab infested skank-balls.

    Lizzie Caplan did a clever job as Kate's nymphomaniac roomie who gives her pep talks about banging "bad boys" and getting laid more... I just don't personally live in a world where it's encouraged to sleep around and be a whore-monster face.

    Jason Biggs was the same old American Pie, Jim character, that he always is. Goofy, annoying, and unlucky with the, nothing much new here.

    Overall, I am actually going to ask for my money back at my video store for this rental (we get 7 free 'I HATED THIS MOVIE AND WANT A FREE RENTAL' passes a year) because it was so bad. I actually contemplated turning it off halfway through but instead decided to leave it on while I did some work on my computer.
    ...more info
  • Dane Cook's Best Role Yet, "Hitch" In Reverse!
    I didn't think Dane Cook could top "Good Luck Chuck," but I was wrong. This movie, he is an a-hole to give women dates of pure hell in order to make them realize that they made a huge mistake to leave their boyfriends, let alone date Cook. The points for me were the counting, or countdown of the worst moments of the date, especially the wedding scene. I say to you, if you like a-holes, or if this makes you think of a close friend or co-worker, get this movie!...more info
  • Funny and Clever
    You're going to either love this movie or hate it. I find Dane Cook's humor smart and creative, therefore I appreciate this movie. The premise is very funny and the dialogue is also fun and well thought out. Two thumbs up from me....more info
  • Funny, offensive yet great Bostonian BD
    I have not been the biggest fan of Dane's as he has become poisonous to rental/sales revenue lately, but after watching this comedy I have a different appreciation of his talents. I have read and heard how offensive this film is to some people but I would venture to say no one will be trying this film (now) that does not already know - if you get offended by chauvinism and egocentric male pigs in film, just skip this altogether. This is not a first date film, or a tenth date film, this is a Boston guys film all the way.

    The BD contains both the rated full screen 101 minute version (yeck) and the unrated wide screen 113 minute cut. I watched the extended cut and was very impressed with the quality. Lionsgate went all out on preserving a plethora of beautiful Boston exteriors and landscapes in hidef. Both the day and night wide shots looked extremely detailed and rich. The 7.1 was not used too extensively but when Johnny Cash's "Man Comes Around" song overtakes the channels (wedding scene) I was sold on this one. Admittedly, 2 Live Crew's overamped song in the car tested the higher channels, but with over 30 different songs listed, your system's speakers will get a decent workout.

    The featurettes total around 30 minutes and give some nice insight on Boston filming and production; 3 of the docus are short and forgettable on dating, chauvinism and prom stuff though. The deleted scenes could have been left in and would have made the film 2 hours long, but still laughable. I could not access the MoLog and associated features but they sound fascinating, including being able to import graphics and text into the film, along with the usual BDLive fun.

    I gave this a higher rating because of the whole BD package: great preservation, good sound, awesome soundtrack (especially with Cash and the Cars), funny/informative commentaries, and for making an obviously crude, yet laughable film. Be aware that you cannot play the menus in a mixed crowd either (offensive language and text on screen), and that would be the main shortcoming of the BD are the unfriendly menu navigation screens and no "play all" options in any of the screens. In other words, for the amount of extras and menus, you would think they would make them easier to navigate and use....more info
  • ?
    have not seen this film yet but heard it is funny.
    that said I find it sad when an obscene film is now a perfect 'date' film.
    that is its self says so much for why we are where we are in standards and morals...or lack of.......more info
  • Very Fun Comedy
    If you like any members of the cast, or just like a good comedy, this movie delivers. It's not perfect, but it's not trying to be. For my money, it made me laugh quite a bit, and that's all one should ask for in a comedy. It's not for kids, mind the R rating, which it earns through moments of strong sexual content and tons of swearing. The soundtrack is really very good too - including the title song which will get stuck in your head for days after!...more info