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  • OK, let's split up, and keep the lights off so we can't see...
    "But Sarge, shouldn't we stick together? And turn the lights on so we can see them before they kill us?"

    "No, kid, that's just what they expect us to do. Besides, see the run time? There's still more than an hour to go in this flick. If we win quickly and easily, like we would if you had your way, this movie would only be 20 minutes long. How's the studio supposed to sell that?"

    "But Sarge, even though it's dark down here for some reason, you turned the lights on back in that room. The lights obviously work. Won't the audience notice that discrepancy?"

    "Kid, the producers and dirctor missed it during editing. The audience will too. You think the audience is smarter than the producer and director?"

    "I dunno, Sarge, I got a bad feeling about this movie. I mean, here it is 40 minutes in, and the only thing w've done is shoot the people we were sent in to save, and been scared witless by a dog, a mouse and a monkey. Well, if the dramatic music hadn't blared each of those times, we wouldn't have been scared, come to think of it. Is there ever going to be some point to all this?"

    "Yeah. Money. Money is the point of all this, kid."

    "Sarge! This is Johnny! Are you there?"

    "Yeah, I'm here, Johnny. Where are you?"

    "Sarge, I'm in the tunnel. Something was creeping up on me, and my flashlight went out right then! Can I turn the lights on? The switch is right here. Then I can see and not get killed! How bout it, Sarge?"

    "No way, Johnny. If we turn the lights on, we can see them and we can shoot them. Game over, movie over. Capiche, Johnny? Johnny? Oh well, looks like the reviewer is giving up anyway. We, that's 50 minutes of his life he won't ever get back. Better not give us 1 star."

    ...more info
  • Fun, entertaining, surprisingly well done.
    Okay so it's not Shakespeare and die-hard DOOM freaks might be a little disappointed...however if you want to watch a very entertaining, surprisingly decently acted action movie DOOM will NOT disappoint. I never cared to watch this picture when it was in the theater and even soon after it came out on DVD but after catching the end of it on T.V. I had to purchase the dvd and it is really a good time. Give it a shot....more info
  • Stick to "Aliens"
    To be completely fair I did manage to get into the first hour of the movie "Doom" (2005) before the wheels fell off and the mish-mash of a script managed to contradict itself once too many times. And any film that includes close-ups of Rosamund Pike ("Pride and Prejudice" - "Die Another Day") more than justifies its existence and the current $.19 price tag for a used DVD.

    Pike not only looks good, she is an excellent actress and injects some self-parody into the film, you can almost hear her wondering if her salary was worth having to do scenes with the rest of her talent-challenged ensemble.

    There isn't a lot of originality to be found here. Basically it is a big budget money-losing attempt to clone "Aliens" while throwing in a few names and inside jokes from the video game. As in "Deep Rising" (another money losing "Aliens" clone) a squad of mercenaries/Marines/Marines go to a luxury liner/space colony/research station and find that the passengers/ colonists/scientists have been wiped out by undersea/deep space/genetically-altered creatures. They attempt to destroy the creatures but most are killed.

    The hero is a maverick outsider played by Treat Williams/Sigourney Weaver/Karl Urban. The main villain is a slimy businessman/corporation representative/kill-crazy NCO; who endangers everyone. Comic relief is provided by wisecracking Kevin O'Connor/Bill Paxton/Richard Blake. The group encounters a female survivor played by Famke Janssen/Carrie Hein/Rosamund Pike.

    Unfortunately for "Doom" and "Deep Rising" the producers did not hire the writers from "Aliens". This oversight will have you wondering how they could sink this much money and effort into the making this movie, and put so little thought into writing the screenplay. Too bad really-because while unoriginal, the premise does have a lot of potential. There was simply a failure to execute so that after a promising beginning things bog down completely and it just becomes an exercise in excess; with endless boring battles between mercenaries with pop guns and monsters whose properties allow them to do anything.

    Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child. ...more info
  • Totally neutral
    Keep it simple. If you enjoyed the whole series of Doom computer games, then this is a must see, it is dark and sinister and spooky. Doom has lots of dark hallways and big guns, but no plot that matters. On the other hand, if you are interested in the whole genetic monsters versus guys with guns theme, you will find the Resident Evil trilogy far more satisfying; it has guns and genetically transformed humans AND a plot. ...more info
  • A Fun and Action packed thrill ride to Mars and back!
    Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) and Karl Urban star in a movie adaption of the ultra popular video game of the same name;and surprisingly it works very well.
    The Rock,known only here as The Sarge,is one hard nosed,by the book soldier.It seems there is a level 5 security breech at Olduvai Research Station situated on the planet Mars.It's supposed to be an archeological- only dig but a very selective virus has managed to infect several members of the site team.It's up to the Sarge,his right hand man John(Urban) and the rest of the military team to go to Mars and shut down and contain the breech.To get there all must travel through the "ark".This is,for lack of a better description,like a watery ball that comes up out of the middle of the floor and when one stands close enough,one gets sucked into and transported directly to the Mars site.
    Once the entire team arrives the adrenaline starts pumping for them and for us.They make their way methodically through the site labs,meeting up with scientist(and Urbans' sister) Samantha(Rosamund Pike).They go room by room and area by area until they start making contact with the "breech".As they "eliminate" one breech another eventually appears.It seems the lead scientists they are seeking are the ones responsible for much of the trouble and are infecting each other,but before they can fully comprehend this they are up to their elbows in trouble.
    The Sarge,unbeknownst to the others and even himself,gets infected early on by coming in contact with comtaminated blood.As things progress his behaviour becomes more and more agressive and erratic until he orders the murder of innocent and uninfected scientists and their families and even shoots one of his own rookie soldiers.During one of the last attacks on the surviving group Urban is injured and the Sarge is taken away.In order to save her brother Samantha injects him with C-24,which is a serum derived from the ancient indigenous population of Mars who have 24 chromosomes.This has the effect of not only saving his life but heightening and enhancing his physical and mental abilities to an unheard of degree.By this time The Sarge returns pretty much converted into one of the monsters they originally came to hunt down.A battle royale ensues which ends up back on Earth,but fortunately for the moment is still contained below ground.It is a back and forth fight for life, but the Sarge is sent back to Mars with a live grenade in hot pursuit,which destroys him.
    The movie does a good job of keeping the atmosphere dark and gloomy throughout its' 113 minutes and once the group lands on Mars the paranoic level remains high.It is so good in fact that it helps gloss over the weak spots that appear along the way,dialogue or plot related.
    One nice spot comes at approximately the 90 minute mark where for about five minutes the movie reverts to its' gamer roots and turns into a FPS(first person shooter) demo.We become Urban,whose rifle in the foreground snakes through the corridors and around corners shooting and killing each and every creature it comes into contact with.You almost wish you had a controller in your hand to take control of the action on the screen!
    This unrated and extended edition DVD includes several mini docs on the making of the movie,an extended FPS secquence,tips for playing the real game and if you have an X-Box you can play the Doom 3 demo right from this disc!
    Presented in a clear and clean anamorphic 2:35:1 ratio,this movie is a heart thumping,testosterone filled 113 minute thrill ride that is bound to please.There are no moral imperatives here or lessons to be learned or multi plot twists to unravel.You just sit back and let the movie wash over you and let it do what it was intended to do.
    Don't think.....just watch! ...more info
  • We're Gonna Need Something with a Little Bit More Kick
    For most males of my generation, much of the mid nineties were devoted to sitting in front of the computer playing the granddaddy of all shooters, Doom. Before the game, most video games were family friendly plat formers like Mario Brothers and even games that involved killing things like The Legend of Zelda, the killing was very cartoonish. But with Doom, you took a first person account of blasting hell spawn and zombies complete with blood spatter. There was even a time that there more computers that had some form of Doom on it than Windows. The game eventually gave way to the gorier Quake that featured multiplayer through the internet so you could now spend day on end killing your dorm mates.

    Then over ten years after its original release and a year after a third installment in the series hit computer screens a movie tie-in made it to theaters despite ever other movie that was based on a videogame has sucked massively. Well of course the one exception being Super Mario Bros. with Bob Hopkins playing the red overall wearing plumber. Okay, enough sarcasm. Transferring Doom into a movie is an odd choice due to the video game being a first person shooter with evil doers being the only other characters in the game. So some changes had to be made for the transition to the big screen. First instead of one space marine shipped off to Mars, we get eight. The biggest change though is that the evil doers don't come out of portal from hell. Where the actually come from in the movie is bit of a spoiler and I won't tell you where or how not because I don't want to spoil you, instead because it's extremely complicated.

    There in lies one of the big problems with the movie, its way too complicated for a film based on a game where all you had to know was kill anything that moves. When the marines hit Mars, they run into a bunch of scientists that bog down the dialog with way too many big words that you needed to take upper level biology and archeology courses in college to understand. The other big problem is you can't see anything, ever. The lighting in the movie is so dark, even when the evil doers come on screen it's hard to be scared because you have no clue what you are looking at. The only part of the film that old school gamers can appreciate is they discover of the BFG (my censors won't let me tell you what it completely stands for but "B" is big and "G" is gun) and the segment where film takes on a first person view. But even those inclusions would make it worth sitting through the rest of the film....more info
  • OK... but then again
    For all Doom afectionados, this movie is NOT what you'd expect.
    If you were expecting the Hell version of Doom, forget it. I was quite disappointed in the logic behind not using the game theme. Medical experimentation gone awry has been done so many times, some quite well such as Resident Evil, and some not.
    So why not just say that in the excavation of the moon, a portal was opened allowing alien demons to come forth? Sounds too simple to me and yet it was not done that way.
    So much for the Doom story.
    As for the movie? It was actually enjoyable. If you know nothing of Doom, this movie actually works. The special effects were quite good.
    The acting was half way decent. The Rock did a good job, as did Karl Urban. So if you are looking for a thrilling sci-fi gore fest, this may please you and the story line does work, but not for the Doomsters out there.
    ...more info
  • For Lovers of Video Games
    DOOM, believe it or not, is based on a video game! With all the literature of the world, all the fine screenplays that are stacked on the shelves, all the creative stories that languish in the 'not for profit probably' bins, it seems a raw commentary on today's movie audiences to spend millions of dollars on a game everyone who cares already knows. But, movies are business and box office demands take precedence.

    As the narrator of the film states, 'In the year 2026 archaeologists working in the Nevada desert discovered a portal to an ancient city on Mars. They call this portal the Ark. Twenty years later, we're still struggling to understand why it was built and what happened to the civilization that built it' is the apparent 'story'. What follows is a series of conflicts between killers transforming into beasts right out of Hieronymous Bosch and Francis Bacon only to bloody up the claustrophobic computer generated interiors with occasional transmogrifications into mercurial clouds only to reappear. Much slaughter, much eye dazzling color manipulation, and ever so little story line fill the screen. The participants in this real time game are The Rock (he needs a role that uses his talent), hunky Karl Urban, Dexter Fletcher, Rosamond Pike, and Richard Brake - all squashed around the set by director and head gladiator Andrej Bartkowiak.

    Though not meant to be, this film can actually be fun to watch as a hilarious parody of scientific world events. Visually and content-wise it wears thin after about a half hour. Grady Harp, November 06
    ...more info
  • Where's the Light Switch?
    With the $70-million that was spent on the 2005 video-game-inspired film "Doom", you'd think that director Andrzej Bartkowiak would have used better lighting so that the audience could actually see what was going on more clearly. On second thought, given that this predictable film was little more than 100 minutes of "shoot the mutants", it's pretty clear that Mr. Bartkowiak may have kept the lights dim in a dismal attempt to avoid personal embarrassment. As to the film's plot, it can be summarized in a single sentence: a group of ¨¹ber-soldiers lead by their "Sarge" (played by The Rock) travel to Mars to stop a bunch of scientists that have inadvertently transformed themselves into flesh-eating mutants after injecting a criminal with DNA recovered from ancient humanoid fossils found in a Martian archaeological dig. So, there's tons of shooting, a lot of screams, gallons of fake blood & guts being tossed about, a Martian sewer and a teleportation device that looks like a small-scale version of "The Sphere". Others who starred in this forgettable rubbish include Karl Urban (¨¹ber-soldier John Grimm) and Rosamund Pike (as John Grimm's sister named Sam). Why these two actors would stoop so low as to participate in "Doom" defies logic.

    To anyone who actually paid good money to watch this 1-star film in a theater, you have my deepest sympathy. To anyone thinking of purchasing a copy of "Doom" on DVD, please notice that there are a ton of used copies available for very a cheap price. That alone should tell you how "good" this film is....more info
  • Well, I enjoyed it. =)
    I was sceptic as most before seeing this movie. Personally, I would have rather watched a funny flick. But once I saw the first monster it started rocking my socks. The plot line does stray away but yet not too far from the original computer game. I would say that this movie is "based" on the game doom but is not a reenactment. Most people are probably expecting the movie to rekindle old memories of the computer game. One part of the movie makes you think of the actually game. But overall as a heads up, you will be disappointed. As for me I loved this movie just because of the action and the fight scenes. It really thrilled me. If you really don't care to see a game based movie at least watch this one for it's sheer action. Also, it makes you kind of think...would you turn into a monster if you were in the movie? Would you kill innocent people that had been infected even if they could be saved? HAHAHA The movie makes you think about that and it's cool in that aspect! =P The extras on the DVD aren't half bad either if you get the two disc edition. ...more info
  • Excellent movie!
    This movies is one of the best movies I've seen based on a video game....more info
  • DOOM (Unrated Edition) [HD DVD]
    Good movie. The game is better. If more of the movie had been from the game perspective like it was partially near the end then it would have been AWESOME.

    Of course the PC version of DOOM 3 would be better if they allow joysticks and/or game controller pads. I suck and keyboard & mouse combo!
    ...more info
  • No Hell, No Soul Cube, No Shotgun - Doomed
    When it comes to game-to-film adaptations, we all know not to expect much: casual viewers are left confused as to what in the world is going on, critics are left to assume that the game is just as bad as the movie, and gamers have the pleasure of watching a favored franchise being systematically picked apart by writers who feel their story is more compelling than the source material and directors who have never even laid hands on a control pad. Short of Uwe Boll films and the earliest of live-action attempts ("Super Mario Bros.", "Street Fighter: The Movie"), no adaptation does a better job of showing just how incredibly unrelated a movie can be from the game it's based on, in the worst possible way.

    In "Doom", a unit of marines (led by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) is sent to a research facility on Mars in response to a distress call in the year 2046. What they find is a base devastated by a monstrous force spawned from genetic experiments trying to replicate magnificent finds of the on-planet archaeological site...

    You'll notice that I didn't mention hell at all in my summary. That's because in the movie, it has no place or relevance - thus, we have the biggest mistake the film could make. "Doom" without hell is like the Arthurian legend without the sword in the stone: it effectively neuters the story of its driving force. Indeed, the actors seem to drift rather aimlessly throughout what begins to feel increasingly like an "Aliens" rip-off...without the cool monsters, of course. Only a handful of Doom3 creatures are represented (the imp, the hellknight, and the pinky demon), and even they lack the abilities that made the game such a big hit - they just look like guys in rubber suits, without the terrifying speed or strength of their CGI counterparts.

    With faithfulness to the game not a priority, you'd think that director Andrzej Bartkowiak ("Romeo Must Die") could at least give the film a healthy dose of action to keep it alive, but this is not the case: with the minor exception of the Rock/Karl Urban ("Out of the Blue") showdown at the end of the film, it's all poorly-lit gunfighting where the marines hit nothing. The acting is also a complete shot in the bucket: though Johnson earned himself a Razzie nomination for the film, it's Urban, Rosamund Pike ("Die Another Day"), Richard Brake ("Hannibal Rising"), Razaaq Adoti ("Resident Evil: Apocalypse"), and the rest of the cast that do the worst jobs with their roles - then again, you can't really blame them, seeing as they're little more than kill-by-numbers characters.

    Chronologically sandwiched between the "Alone in the Dark" and "Bloodrayne" films, it's easy to see why the movie has already been put out of the minds of most people who've seen it. With the only memorable scene in the film being the lengthy first-person killing spree near the end of the film, there's really nothing to keep viewers attached to the film, unless they're die-hard fans of The Rock. While it's not quite as bad as Boll productions, it's nonetheless not worth the DVD that holds it, and doesn't deserve the respect of gamers.
    The 20-minute special feature report on the actual game series is cool, though......more info
  • doom
    All around a fun movie. Hard to get involved with characters but they are entertaining. especially the guy in the wheelchair. (watch what he changes into) also, was it me or was that girl who stars in it high as a kite. I mean look at her eyes. Her pupils are totally dialated. Me thinks someone is a coke fan and not the kind you drink!!!!!! The end is for true doom fans!!!! Gotta watch this if you like the game or the rock. Also, to see what I mean about the girl, you have to watch in hd somehow. So much detail. ...more info
  • Could Have Been Great, Just OK
    I am a fan of almost Sci-Fi movies and video games, so am predispositioned to rate even "bad" movies as at least watchable. Sadly, this is the group Doom falls into. The premise is fairly straight forward and those who played game will likely enjoy seeing the monsters "fleshed out" (pun intended :-) but it loses a lot in translation from game to movie.

    "The Rock" turned in a strong performance and perhaps saved the film almost singlehandedly. The special effects were great in some parts and fairly weak in others, which leads me to believe that there was more than one production company working on the CGI elements.

    Overall, it is watchable and even enjoyable if you are fan of the genre. ...more info
  • dissapointing, but not complete garbage
    Everyone keeps saying you can't make good movies based on video games, but I disagree. Yeah some games should stay as games, mario and double dragon for example. However a lot of new games coming out nowadays have a pretty indebth plot thatI feel would make a good movie. But that requires the film makers to actually care about the source material. Which the director and screenwriter of Doom obviously didn't. I'm not trying to be obsessively nit picky saying the movie has to be exactly like the game, not at all.I mean I can understand taking liberties with the story line a little bit, add a character here change a character there, but there are just somethings you dont change. Like the monsters. WHY make them humans that are now mutated? (A guy named Pinky turns into the Pinky sorry mutant LAME) Doom was never about mutations. Doom was about demons from hell, PERIOD.I mean that was the biggest thing of doom and its atmosphere, especially in doom 3. the upside down crosses, the pentegrams and demonic symbols, etc. etc. Its like if they made a game based on Aliens, but instead of fighting Aliens you fight robots. I mean seriously, they might as well have called it Resident Evil In Space. For all of you who are wanting to know what a good movie on Doom would be like, read the original Doom book. It was creepy and entertaining. And it followed the doom mythos perfectly.

    I'm not going to say this movie was without worth, it was a decent time waster, and entertained for an hour and a half, but as a Doom movie it sucked.

    No one watches a movie called Doom expecting an oscar winning performance, so I'll say the acting was fine, i made it through the movie without gagging. Although I was hoping that the Rock could find the charisma he so aptly uses in the ring and apply it to film, not the case.

    Special effects were good, but once again, did you watch resident evil? Then this is the standard you should expect for this movie. Nemesis looks hauntlingly familiar to the so called baron of hell in this movie.

    There is one thing I can say that I actually liked. Originally when I read about it in the paper, I just shook my head and thought it would be the stupidest thing ever. However the first person view portion of the movie was actually done pretty well done. Cheesy, but it was cool. It was basically the only thing in this movie that set it apart from the other sci fi rehash movies out there.

    As a movie based off the game Doom, I give it 1 star. They could have read the Doom book and scribbled a plot from that and it would have been ten times better for the Doom fans.

    As just a movie in general, entertainment wise, I would say 2 1/2 to 3 stars. It did keep me preoccupied for that hour and a half. ...more info
  • OK, action film, but game roots aren't tied in that well.
    What can you say, it's a competent guys with guns shoot at monsters while running around in tunnels type flic. Completely unoriginal but in its way entertaining. It's paced quite well with some atmospheric moments as the marines try to find out what's going on. The switch to FPS (First Person Shooter) mode as a homage to it's game roots is contrived and a bit pointless, but I suppose it seemed a good idea at the time. It does have flaws, at the beginning Sarge is sensitive enough to give the option of avoiding the mission to Reaper, one of his team who has bad memories of Mars, by the end he's a homicidal tyrant who's happy to shoot his own team members for disobedience. It also has a "Sewer" tunnel system that would have looked outdated in Victorian England, why is it on Mars and what the hell did they need a chain saw for, did you see any trees ? Probably aspects of being true to the game they should have dropped.
    In the end it's an unpretentious action movie, it has a plot of sorts and does pretty much what it set out to. It's not up to Aliens standards, but then again what is. It isn't going to change your world, but it doesn't deserve the one star reviews it's been getting either. ...more info
  • A Stunning Failure
    First of all, I'm a huge fan of the videogame series. Second, I don't understand why anyone adapting a videogame to a movie seems to decide beforehand that the movie is going to be dumb. Videogames aren't dumb (the good ones at least) and so that little prejudice there shouldn't be carried over into the movie version systematically. But now to the movie...

    The Rock, that's always a bad choice, but when you compare his performance with the overall movie, he's the last thing in "Doom" that you'll think is misplaced.

    Mars. The movie supposedly takes place on Mars, but the ONLY THING you'll see of Mars is the first shot of the movie, and then nothing else. As some other critic said: "It's like being in Las Vegas and never leaving your hotel room." I'd add that it's like that, provided you paint your windows black and shut the blinds.

    The plot. Believe it or not, but however simple the plot of the videogame Doom is, this movie doesn't even use it fully! In the game, scientists based on a satellite of Mars somehow open a dimensional gate to Hell. That's the game's plot, in its essence. This movie manages to cut that. Forget about Hell, now it's just genetic experiments that turn humans into zombies. Yes, zombies. There are zombies in the game, alright. These zombies also eventually mutate into imps, which also are in the game. But there is NO OTHER type of creature (actually, there's one more type, but no explanation on why everye mutates into the same except that person). Nothing. And naturally, they don't go to Hell at all. The result is that this movie is closer to a sorry mix of Alien 2 with a B zombie movie.

    The game had tons of interesting ideas and visuals, concepts, music, etc. The movie doesn't use any of these. All it did was basically assume that Doom was a dumb shooting game and that its fans would run to the theater to watch more dumbness. That was a mistake. Eventually, the movie has very little in common with the universe of the game Doom.

    "Doom", the movie, is a complete failure. One usually lowers his expectation for a movie based on a videogame, but this time you'll need to lower them even more. "Doom" is not just a bad videogame-based movie, it's a bad movie in its own right. It's boring, unoriginal, unengaging. Even the action scenes are dull. It's mindless entertainment minus the entertainment.

    I am really upset that whoever make these movies cannot work the material to something more noble. The Doom game had a much more interesting universe than this, and countless possibilities. How hard is it for a director to start by following the actual original plot and expend on it? How hard was it to have the characters visit hell? If you're going for a stupid movie, at LEAST try to make it entertaining, even if it's dumb as a brainless bird. ...more info
  • Entertaining if undemanding Sci Fi/Horror
    I must confess that I have regularly played all three versions of Doom but would echo the sentiment expressed by some earlier reviewers that the film is really an adaptation of Doom 3, with its demon invasion of a Mars colony. Like all of the games though, the most common monsters on view in the film are Zombies and Imps. You see some of the more exotic Doom regulars such as Pinkys etc as the film goes on.

    Like Doom 3, a band of crack marines are sent to Mars to sort out the demonic horde that is wreaking havoc. Leading the team is a tough, no nonsense sergeant played by The Rock. Karl Urban (Lord Of The Rings and The Chronicles of Riddick) is a tormented marine hero who apart from taking on the monsters, also has to look for his sister who is among the staff on the devasted base. Amidst the carnage, the actors play out their roles fairly well, and manage to give the viewer some interest in their fates...

    Is is a masterpiece? No. Is it an entertaining and undemanding piece of Sci Fi/ Horror hokum, packed to the ceiling with gore and good SFX? Yes it is....more info
  • Please read my review
    This movie was amazing!! A lot of action and love the actor The Rock!! Creepy monsters and the fact they leave their tongues on your throat and you become a zombie. Some parts can be gory like when an infected scientist took a big bite on a rat. The beginning was kinda creepy and really great to watch! But I got 2 questions, what happened to the scientist that had a bleeding ear and he was holding someone's severed arm, he just disappeared. Second question is that what about to the un-ficted people in one room? Did they just leave them? But still, this was well-done, The Rock dies in this movie. ...more info