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Samsung NC10-14GBK 10.2-Inch Black Netbook - 6 Cell Battery
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Product Description

Staying connected 24/7. It's what matters to you. That's why Samsung introduced the new NC10 netbook. Weighing a mere 2.9 pounds, it's designed to you online and on the go. Experience the freedom to surf the Web, shop and chat on IM with the Latest wireless technology. Zip through your online applications with a speedy new Intel Atom processor. A 93 percent Anti-bacteria full-size keyboard ensures you can easily IM, email and check out all your favorite websites. Store all you favorite videos, music, images and more with 160GB of storage, and enjoy them on a SuperBright 10.2-inch LCD. And with up to 8 hours of battery life, the NC10 brings you all kinds of staying power. 10.2 diagonal WSVGA (1024 x 600) Widescreen SuperBright Display Built-in 1.3 Megapixel Webcamera and Microphone Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 945 Built-in Stereo Speakers 802.11b/g Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR 10/100 Ethernet LAN 3-in-1 Card Reader - SD, SDHC, MMC Ports - 3 x USB 2.0, Headphone out; Microphone-in, VGA, RJ-45 Approximate Unit Dimensions - 10.27 (W) x 7.3 (D) x 1.19(H) Approximate Unit Weight - 2.8 pounds

Small and incredibly functional, the Samsung NC10-14GBK netbook is a stylish alternative larger laptops when you want to stay connected and keep working but need to travel light. Weighing only 2.8 pounds, the NC10 netbook gives you the freedom to do that and more wherever you are. It incorporates a stunning 10.2-inch WSVGA SuperBright anti-glare screen and normal-size, ergonomic notebook-style keyboard that makes it easy to compose long documents on the go. And the NC10's ultra-durable Protect-o-Edge casing can easily withstand the stresses and strains of everyday life, making this netbook the ideal companion for a mobile lifestyle.

Designed especially for mobile devices, the 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor uses a brand new design structure new hafnium-infused circuitry, which reduces electrical current leakage in transistors to conserve energy and gives you more time away from the wall outlet--up to 6 hours with the included 6-cell battery.

It boasts a range of advanced communications technologies, including an Atheros 54g wireless LAN (802.11b/g) for fast Internet access, a 10/100 Ethernet wired LAN and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR for connecting to peripherals such as your cell phone. It also includes an integrated digital motion camera, so it's easy to stay in touch using video-conferencing or live messaging. Other features include 1 GB or RAM, a 3-in-1 memory card reader, VGA output for external monitors, and three USB ports.

It comes preinstalled with the Microsoft Windows XP Home operating system, which offers more experienced users an enhanced and innovative experience that incorporates Windows Live features like Windows Live Messenger for instant messaging and Windows Live Mail for consolidated email accounts on your desktop.

Spec Check
  • 10.2-inch LCD screen
  • 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor
  • 160 GB hard drive
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB maximum)
  • 54g Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
  • Windows XP Home (SP3)
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds
The Intel Atom processor uses a brand new design structure that packs in 47 million transistors into a single chip sized at just 22mm (0.87 inches), and it uses just 2.5 watts of power--less than 1/10 of the 35 watts used by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor--for excellent battery management. This 1.6 GHz Atom N270 processor also includes a power-optimized front side bus of 533 MHz for faster data transfer on demanding mobile applications and a 512 KB L2 cache (which temporarily stores data).

This version of the Samsung NC10 comes with a 160 GB hard disk drive (5400 RPM), which offers enough to room to hold a an extra-large digital audio library of and still have room left over for movies, games, and a large collection of software. This Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive also quickens the pace with a higher speed transfer of data--akin to Firewire and USB 2.0.

The 1 GB of installed RAM can be expanded to a maximum of 2 GB of RAM,

You won't have to make compromises to stay productive with the NC10 netbook. The 93-percent full-size keyboard makes it easy to type no matter where you are. And it features an amazing Samsung innovation--Silver Nano Technology. By sprinkling incredibly small, nano-sized silver ion powder on the keyboard, it's impossible for bacteria to live and breed, creating a more hygienic personal computing environment.

Screen, Video and Audio
The 10.2-inch screen has a WSVGA resolution (1024 x 600) and has a 220nit brightness rating. It also has an anti-glare finish for great viewing angles in all lighting conditions. Video is powered by the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 945, which uses shared video memory with the main memory.

This notebook includes an integrated audio card with Microsoft DirectSound compatibility, and it includes two stereo speakers (1.5 watts apiece for a total of 3 watts of power).

This Samsung NC10 notebook has an integrated 54g wireless LAN (Atheros) that's compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g networks--great for surfing at home on the couch or connecting to the Internet at hotspots around town. The Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.0 + EDR) enables you to communicate and synchronize with Bluetooth-enabled peripherals such as PDAs and cell phones. It has a multi-in-one card reader that's compatible with three different types of memory cards--Secure Digital (SD), Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC), and MultiMediaCard (MMC)--for maximum flexibility. Here's the full list of ports and external connections:

  • 3 USB 2.0 ports for connecting a wide range of peripherals--from digital cameras to MP3 players
  • Multi-in-one card reader supports SD, SDHC, MMC
  • 1 VGA monitor port
  • 1 headphone jack and 1 microphone jack
  • RJ-45 port for 10/100 Fast Ethernet connection

DVD/CD Drive
Because of its size, the Samsung NC10 does not come with an integrated optical drive, but optional CD/DVD read/write drives can be connected to the laptop via one of the three USB ports, enabling you to create your music mixes, burn movies to DVD, and more.

What's in the Box
This package contains the Samsung NC10 netbook PC, rechargeable 6-cell lithium-ion battery, AC adapter, and operating instructions. It is backed by a limited warranty for parts and labor for one year from date of purchase.

  • 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Windows XP Home Operating System, 6-cell battery with up to 6-hours of use
  • 10.2-inch display, integrated webcam, and 93-percent full-size keyboard

Customer Reviews:

  • Great little Netbook
    This Samsung is a great little unit. It is replacing an old Toshiba notebook I have. My wife and I have used it for a couple of weeks now (including a trip) and it's everything I expected and more. It's very well built and it's feature set is just right. The keyboard is excellent. My wife used to type for a living and she had no problems with it. The webcam works as advertised, and the bluetooth works great with a Logitech bluetooth mouse and the Motorola S9 headphones I purchaced separately. The one upgrade I made was to buy a 2GB memory stick which was easy to install (5 minutes). Overall, I'm very pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Great little computer
    I have had the NC10 for about a month now and it is a really nice little computer. If you are doing graphic intensive operations (e.g. gaming) this may not be the computer for you. However, I was surprised by how much this little netbook CAN do. I am currently running Systat, ArcMap, Office2007, R, and a host of other scientific programs, and the NC10 does just fine. Granted, the screen is pretty small and you wouldn't want this as your primary computer, but for the occasional 'work from home' day or travel... it is more than capable. The battery life is great and if combined with a Nano wireless mini-mouse, is a pleasure to use. The touchpad is certainly the weak point, but even it is not unusable... it simply takes some getting used to. The screen is exceptionally bright and easily seen in sunlight. Don't let the netbook designation put you off, this computer is capable of a lot more......more info
  • Super little netbook
    I am very pleased with ease of use, and it's compact size. Great for traveling. I would recommend it....more info
  • I have been researching netbooks for a while now and this one came out on top.
    I was waiting for HP to release the 2140 with the HD display but when they did, all they had as smart, pre-built options had a 6-cell battery. But wait, their 6-cell is not like the NC10 6-cell, theirs sticks down vertically which would cause quite a problem when inserting and removing from sleeves, bags, etc. I could have just purchased the 6-cell smart-buy option and buy an additional 3-cell as an accessory but they don't offer it as an accessory! I called HP and complained and they said my only option was to configure it myself with a 3-cell, but then it would have been $150 more (over $600 total) for less of a netbook!!! I was thoroughly fed-up. I also could have gone with HP's 1035NR but was so fed up with them that I didn't want to give them my business.

    My other option was the Lenovo S10, but didn't hear any good reviews on the standard 3-cell battery life. Again, I could have gotten the 6-cell option but it stuck out of the back of the netbook. The NC10 6-cell is made for the netbook and does not stick out at all; it fits flush, which is nice.

    I ordered the white version and it is a nice pearlized white. It is not shiny/glossy so it does not show fingerprints at all.

    The netbook came with a plain, standard, soft touch sleeve which is nice since now I don't have to buy a sleeve.

    I have used the netbook for a few hours over the weekend and it runs very nice. I went to and did a system scan and ordered a 2 GB RAM upgrade for $27.99 before shipping. The netbook is thoroughly fast already, but why not double the RAM when it's only $27.99 and really easy to install?

    Overall, I absolutely love the netbook and couldn't be happier with my choice. ...more info
  • LOVE this netbook!
    This netbook is wonderful. I happened to catch it when Amazon did the price drop to $398.80 and with free shipping and no tax, I'm very pleased with the deal I got. That being said, I could see myself shelling out even the $425 for it. First - aesthetics. It's absolutely flawless in just outside beauty - no honking battery or anything sticking out, a simple logo on the front, and a kind of silvery white finish.

    The speed is certainly nothing to complain about, so I'll be holding off on the 2Gb memory upgrade. The size is just right - it fits in one of my small purses like a glove, but I think it's much better to just get its own separate messenger case for more protection. Also, one minor flaw - it is a BIT heavier than I expected, which is a bummer in the portability.. but the size of the screen is wonderful and doesn't require much scrolling at all. Overall, very very happy with my new netbook!...more info
  • This is the netbook you want...
    I bought this netbook for a simple purpose, to use as I travel to manage my blog. I will carry this along with my work laptop to keep personal things separate. This is compact, but not too small. It has the video port and RJ45 internet port built in (unlike the HP model). It has three USB ports (very handy). It instantly recognized my bluetooth mouse without having to plug in the stupid dongle (or take up one of the USB ports). You can choose how big or small to make the partitioned D drive when you boot up for the first time (the partitioning directions are included in the handy cheat sheet). I made mine 0mb (that's zero) so everything is one contiguous C drive. It comes with a nice little slipcover (not a padded neoprene one, but very sufficient for my needs). It also has nearly zero bloatware. I ordered the memory upgrade direct from The unit works great. And I bought the blue one which looks very distinctive. I chose to buy the cheapest external CD drive (which was not very portable, but I wasn't seeking portability in the CD drive). I installed Office 2007, some other writing tools and I'm all set up. It surfs the Internet pretty fast (did not notice any degradation). The price is right, the size is right and the configuration is right (160GB and XP). This is the one you want....more info
  • Pink Computer
    I love this little smurf 'puter. It is so easy to carry around and everyone asks about it....more info
  • Excellent Netbook
    Purchased this netbook over the Asus and HP models after reading the customer reviews. Purchased with a Crucial 2GB 667 Mhz CT25664AC667 DDR2 200-Pin SODIMM Laptop Memory and Samsung SE-T084M/RSWD External Slim Slot Load USB Lightscribe DVD Writer (White). The memory was a very easy upgrade to do, less than 10 minutes. The DVD drive however, was another story. See my review under that product.

    So far, after a week with this netbook, nothing but great comments. Lightweight, speedy, keyboard easy to get used to, and adequate graphics. I'm about to go on a business trip, and will take this netbook over my usual laptop. I'm certainly going to be traveling light!

    ...more info
  • Samsung NC10 Review
    I love this netbook. I did buy the upgrade to 2GB RAM and this works better and faster than my laptop computer. Since buying I have been on several trips and am getting ready to go on another. This netbook is small and light, fits into the pocket of my carry on luggage, has an extremely long battery life and a great wireless signal.
    Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 6 Cell Battery, XP Home) Blue...more info
  • Great balance between portability and functionality
    This is a great little laptop. Nice balance. Just small enough for easy transport, but not too small to affect useability. Very nicely built. White model looks very classy with the pearl like finish. Very easy to upgrade to 2GB ram. Screen is as nice as the Macbook I purchased a year ago. In fact, overall I can see no reason to spend more then twice to three times the price for a Macbook (depending on the configuration). Sound is not bad, although you probably want to use a pair of earbuds for watching movies and listening to music. One big plus is the long battery life. Up to 7 hours. Combine the small size which is not unwieldy like normal size laptops, and the long battery life and you have the ideal plane device. It does not have a DVD drive built in, but you can buy one a very small one made by Samsung for around $50 if needed....more info
    I recently purchased this netbook and after ordering was very excited to recieve it in the mail. Almost two months later, the excitement has not subsided. This is a great little computer, and allows me to do all the functions I need to do. The only thing I would recommend is getting an external cd/dvd drive. I thought I could get by on just usb alone, but realized I was wrong when I went to import some of my cd's to iTunes. I mainly use my computer for email, internet, music, word processing, and photo storage. I have definitely been impressed by what this machine has to offer!!!...more info
  • Powerful little laptop
    I'm very happy with my Samsung NC-10 netbook overall. I purchased it with the additional memory upgrade. The battery life is great and the unit boots up quickly. If I have a complaint, it would be the volume control. I'm sure it is adequate with headphones, but on its own - it sounds a little wimpy. I love the color (blue) and I love its size. It satisfies all my requirements for a small laptop. ...more info
  • The first thing you should do when you receive this netbook -- run a screen test
    I purchased the white NC10 from Ritz Camera (an Amazon seller) about a week ago and received it yesterday. Because I had heard that some of the screens on the NC10s may have blotch problems, the first thing I did was run a screen test. One of the other reviewers recommended PassMark, which is free for 30 days. Anyway, I was completely jazzed to turn on my NC10 and, right away, I fell in love with it -- it really is worth all the hype. After getting past the set-up phase, I downloaded the screen test. Sure enough, two shadows appeared in the lower left-hand corner of the monitor. My heart just sank because I knew there was a possibility that I could get one of these monitors. However, unless you're really looking for it, you would never know that it's there. But it does show up on a white solid background, as well as on one of the gray patterned backgrounds. I contacted Samsung and their customer service is excellent. They provided me with a transaction number so that when I take it to UPS, they will box it up and ship it to the repair center for free. I was told that it will take around 4 business days for it to be repaired. I considered returning the product, but decided against it for several reasons. First, since it's a manufacturing flaw, there's still the possibility of receiving another netbook with the exact same problem. Secondly, the repair and cost of shipping is free. Finally, I purchased this netbook for $379 (using a coupon code), and I haven't come close to finding that price anywhere else. I also have to mention that this netbook is just way too cool! I don't want to part with it, but I'm sure the minor repair will be worth it in the end.

    On another note, I had a very difficult time removing the plastic insert in the SD card slot. It would not budge using the edge of my fingernail, so I finally had to get a butter knife to pop it out. However, in the process of doing this, it bent the chrome trim right above the slot. It was easy enough to push the trim back into place, but I wasn't expecting to struggle so much with removing that faux plastic SD card. Just a heads up in case anyone else has this problem.

    I also want to mention that the white is absolutely beautiful. The online pictures do not do it justice at all. I had a difficult time trying to decide between the blue and white, but ultimately chose the white finish because I already have a dark laptop. The white reminds me of the pearl white color that Cadillac uses on their vehicles. I don't really care about the fingerprint issue, but I still would have chosen the white over the blue if I had to do it all over again.

    Additionally, I don't really have a problem with the mouse pad or the speakers. I actually like the smaller tracking pad with the single seesaw-like clicker, and the tracker seems to be very responsive and easy to use. I also don't think that the speakers are that bad. I was expecting them to be really crummy from all of the reviews, but when Windows loaded and closed, they were actually fairly loud. But honestly, I didn't but this netbook for the speakers anyway.

    I hope this review helps some of you out there who are still sitting on the fence. The screen issue is a bummer, but Samsung is easy to work with and very willing to fix the problem. Again, you really wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for it. And even if they didn't have such a great warranty policy, I would still keep it in spite of this minor defect. It truly is a rare gem among netbooks!...more info
  • Wonderful little machine!
    I just got mine yesterday and have to say that I love, love, love it! I am a Mac person at heart and will always have one (currently have an eMac for my home office) but, more recently have had to own a PC for work. It's a Panasonic Toughbook. Love that, too, but needed a smaller PC for myself to keep work and personal stuff separate and so when I travel (not for work) I have a little something to bring along. This NC10 is just the thing. I bought a white one after reading several of the reviews that mentioned issues with fingerprints and the ability to see the keyboard. So far, after a day, I like the key size most of all. The keyboard is also so easy to use, though I have attached my wireless mouse to make it better for me. That's just a personal thing. I found that the NC10's touch pad is very sensitive and after I had put moisturizer on my hands I found that the cursor would not move at all. So wireless mouse will keep the touch pad clean, too. Price is right, size is right, looks great, portability is awesome. Honestly, it was a toss-up between the NC10 and an Asus, but after reading many many reviews, this one won by a landslide. Read both good and bad reviews for what you are looking for and you can't go wrong. ...more info
  • Fantastic laptop
    I did a lot of research and finally decided on the nc10. I purchased an HP Mini 1035nr which I kept all of 3 days, after deciding the battery life was horrible. I was getting about 1% decrease in battery per minute. The NC10 hands down kills the HP mini in both keyboard and battery life. I also considered purchasing the Samsung N120 which has a full size keyboard but after deciding that I really am only buying this machine for web surfing and e-mail or for travel there was no need to spend the extra $65-$70 dollars for the larger keyboard, upgraded speakers and battery life. I think 6-7 hours ought to do just fine. And from what I'm reading with folks who have the n120 thus far they "reasonably" expect about 8 hours not 10.5 as samsung states.
    I'm able to type very fast on the NC10 keyboard, much better than the hp mini. The nc10 build quality is fantastic it is also very quiet and cool unlike the HP. The screen brightness is great and I normally max it out but on this thing I can run about half brightness which also saves on battery. The wifi picked right up although samsung updater did update the wifi drivers which helped quite a bit. I did purchase the 2gb ram upgrade per amazon and this thing is really fast. I also own a Dell XPS M1210 with a 12" screen and keyboard and I honestly would put this netbook up against it in speed. The nc10 is very light and I really like the fact that I dont have a large battery protruding from the back. I would say if you are on the fence with other netbooks vs. the NC10, don't be just order it you will be very happy! I consider myself a fairly anal person when it comes to techie stuff and this has so far exceeded my expectations.
    ***Also if you are in the market for a netbook bag which can hold the NC10 and the charger adapter look into a Golla Mini Sleeve. This thing looks nice and can hold the netbook on one side and an adapter on the other inside pouch. The bag doesn't take up much room but is easy to travel with. Best buy carries them at the moment although the color options appear to be geared towards females. But you can also find them online on various auction sites. ...more info
  • Wish I'd bought it sooner
    I've had this netbook for 4 weeks now. I read, reasearched, and thought over my options for months and finally settled on the Samsung NC10. The oft criticized track pad is just fine after speeding up the setting a notch. And the speakers have a weird default setting on them, but after changing the settings the speakers are fine too. Loading software is a bit of a hastle with a jump drive, but not bad and I've seen no reason to buy a portable CD/DVD drive just yet. It just takes a little longer and you'll need a second computer to transfer the SW onto the jump drive from the CD. Though it's nice and light, the weight is oddly distributed as the battery weighs the most and kind of "rocks" the computer towards the back when it's on your lap...not a big deal. Actually, I'm just surprised that I didn't read that more in the 100's of reviews I read.

    On to the GREAT THINGS.... The battery life is unbelievable! I have to admit, I suspected the touted 6-8 hours as totally exagerated. It is not!! It's a pretty snappy little computer... faster than my Sony VAIO desktop for sure. And I haven't even upgraded the RAM yet. (Tip: get rid of MacAfee immediately! It really slows the netbook down.) I love the portability. I also like that it looks professional, not like a toy as some of the netbooks do. I honestly wish I'd just bought it sooner without all the second guessing and comparing I was doing. This is abslutely the best netbook out there. I'd pick it again!...more info
  • Best 10" netbook on the market
    I spent about three months reading netbook reviews--both professional and consumer. I decided on the Samsung NC-10 after reading so many positive comments about its keyboard, called best-in-class by a number of publications, and its excellent battery life (bested only by the Asus Eee PC 1000HE). I'm a college student and I use my computer to take notes during class and for research/typing papers. The Samsung has exceeded my expectations for these uses and I imagine it would do the same for any college student.


    Very good screen: above average viewing angles, very bright, razor-sharp, and not glossy.

    Excellent keyboard: good key placement, standard-size right shift key, comfortable size, and excellent tactile feedback.

    Excellent battery life: I've averaged 7.5-8 hours per charge with the "Max Battery Life" power usage setting. I like that Samsung chose to include a 6-cell battery as standard equipment. The point of a netbook, to me, is extreme portability with "all day" battery life. The other netbooks that ship with a three- or four-cell battery good for 2-3 hours of battery life seem inadequate.

    Very quiet: the system fan is barely noticeable in a quiet room, and not noticeable at all during a college lecture. The hard drive (Samsung branded) is extremely quiet both at idle and during head seek operations.

    Solid build quality: all panels and covers are properly aligned and feel well-anchored.

    Sound quality (when using headphones): the internal sound card produces clean sound with plenty of bass when using headphones. There is no noise/electrical interference with the sound output.

    Well-designed cooling system: all the laptops I've owned required care so as not to cover up the cooling system air intake on the bottom of the system. Samsung has instead placed a row of air intake vents along the front edge of the system (under the touchpad). It's much easier to avoid blocking these vents, and as such, the system stays cooler.

    Easy access to memory socket: unlike many netbooks, this system has a memory socket access cover on the bottom of the system. Simply remove one screw, pop the cover off, and you can easily upgrade the memory. Some netbooks require significant disassembly to upgrade the memory, but that is not the case with the NC10.

    Convenient pre-set power usage profiles: there are three Samsung-designed power usage profiles in addition to the standard power usage profiles included with Windows XP. They are: "Max Performance," "Normal," and "Max Battery Life." These profiles will sacrifice battery life for performance, balance the two, or sacrifice performance for battery life, respectively. I've found them very handy to have...I use Max Battery Life most of the time, but switch to Max Performance when I need to multitask or do something otherwise CPU-intensive.


    There honestly aren't many, none of them are unique to Samsung, and they were all expected when I purchased the computer.

    Tinny speakers: the speakers are very tinny, are mounted on the bottom of the unit, and don't provide much volume. As mentioned above, though, the sound output is perfectly adequate when using headphones. I wouldn't imagine many people buy a netbook for its speaker quality. Use a set of headphones if you like to listen to music.

    Balance issues with standard 6-cell battery: you must take care when using this system on your lap. The 6-cell battery causes the weight balance to be near the back of the machine, so the system could easily tip backward off of your lap if you're not careful.

    All in all, this computer does exactly what I need it to do. Again, I only listed the "cons" because they are some things to be conscious of before you buy this computer. I used to be a Toshiba loyalist, but I'm so pleased with this Samsung netbook that my next full-size laptop will likely be a Samsung, as well. I feel confident in saying that this is the best 10" netbook currently on the market. It is more expensive than some of the competition, but the price is worth it. Samsung has engineered a great machine and chose not to sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. ...more info
  • Everything I wanted in a netbook!
    I wanted something really small and really light with a decent capacity @ at a good price. I did upgrade the memory to 2GB. The only complaint if I absolutely had to come up with it is that the exterior gets fingerprints and smudges on it easily. This is a nice system so I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Little but OH-MY how cool
    Bought this unit after research as a replacement for a clunky, heavier than necessary laptop and after some fiddling (replaced the 1 GB ram with 2 GB, erased the drive and installed XP-Pro and set it up to access my office exchange server) and ended up with a two + pouind work device that is easy to carry, easy to use and has great battery life. It is easy to connect to WIFI coverage and does all that I need.

    My friends bought other (ASUS/DELL) units and complain about battery life and drive capacity (both have solid state 16 and 32 GB) while my 160 GB drive doesn't miss a beat. To complete this travel unit, I added a short USB cord to download to my Kindle (I live outside the Whisper network) and a blue tooth mouse. It is just about perfect....more info
  • Great little machine
    This little computer is exactly what I wanted: portable, fast, convenient for travel and taking to class. The sound quality is great.

    My unit came with a problem: the screen would flicker randomly while lines would appear horizontally and disrupt the image. I sent it in to Samsung tech support free of charge and a week later I had it in my hands again, running perfectly....more info
  • Great Little Netbook for the Traveler
    I got this notebook after reading all the glowing reviews on it. I am literally wrapping up my first trip with it and typing this review on the Samsung from my hotel room.

    I wanted something that was small and lightweight to do my email and browsing on while away and the Samsung performed as expected.

    The almost full size keyboard was no problem to type on. I minimized the taskbar to get more screen while browsing. As some comment on the trackpad takes some getting used to but is manageable. In general I used a little tiny travel USB mouse which was fine and made things easier as I'm not a trackpad fan anyway.

    Battery life was very good. Wifi worked fine here at the hotel out of the box.

    I got mine in blue and it is sharp looking. I also got the RAM upgrade and the neoprene CaseLogic case that everyone recommended here. It fit the little mouse and power supply just perfect but left no room for anything else.

    Overall I am very pleased with this little laptop which allowed me to do all my email (I use gmail) and other web related work. I was able to login to my home computer via gotomypc on the Samsung without any issues or performance problems.

    For anyone looking for a good little netbook I would recommend this product. IF I had to pick any con to it I would say the speakers could be a bit louder but if you plan on listening to any real sound just attach some earbud headphones to it and listen that way.

    ...more info
  • Great travel solution
    Got this for travel. Easily slips into a shoulder handbag, thus eliminating the need for a separate computer bag. Shrunken keyboard and screen are quite acceptable for short periods of time. Battery life is impressive. Fine for watching downloaded movies. Croaks a little when streaming some web video. Speakers not sufficient to hear well unless you plug in headset. ...more info
  • Great Netbook
    If you are in the market for a netbook then the Samsung NC10 should be at the top of your list. Although slightly higher priced then Asus and Acer, the Samsung feels well built and has a 93% keyboard size. I looked at Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and the Samsung offered the best quality and features compared to the rest. The features I like are:

    1.) Screen- perfect size, crisp and bright.

    2.) Keyboard- at 93% normal size the Samsung offers best in class. I'm able to type fine on it after a few times getting used to it.

    3.) Battery- the 6 cell battery offers great performance and I often get 7-8 hours with normal use. The samsung has a battery setting change where you can choose between minimal, normal, and high performance. Changing the setting adjusts the netbook screen brightness and cpu power to conserve battery life, when needed.

    4.) Build quality- laptop feels very solid.

    5.) Upgrade- easy upgrade of memory. I bumped mine up to 2 gigs.


    1.) Touch pad - its a bit small but not bad.

    2.) Video- when in normal or power save mode, watching video can be a bit jumpy at times. If you boost up the performance to max then the video seems to stream much better.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with the Samsung and would highly recommend it. The black model does have a glossy type top that shows finger prints so if that bothers you then another color may be in order. ...more info
  • Great little machine
    Does everything we wanted in a netbook. Light, good-sized keyboard and monitor. More than adequate speed. Readily connects with available Wi-Fi systems. If you can live without cd-rom, why pay anything more?...more info
  • Great Netbook
    I bought my NC10 about a month ago now. I have been very pleased with it so far. I did upgrade the memory from 1GB to 2GB - it's a very cost-effective upgrade with memory as cheap as it is now. It performs well, you can even do some light gaming on it. I mostly use it to surf the web, email,, etc.

    If your in the market for a Netbook, you can't go wrong with the Samsung. And in reality, I'd dare say it's one of the best ones on the market....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    Battery last up to 8 hours with the lowest bright setting. I upgraded the memory to 2gigs and it runs really well. Keyboard is spaced out enough where my fingers can type comfortably. Lightweight and durable build. It seems like it is constructed well. Speakers are on bottom, but what can you expect? It is a netbook that is built for portability! Perfect for a student like myself!...more info
  • Great little mini laptop
    I purchased this product about a month ago and I love it- its compact and light. You can handle it with one hand. The keyboard is like the average PC keyboard. The booting is fast and downloads are quick. The screen is sharp and bright. The best part is the battery life. If you are looking for overall satisfaction, then this is the one. The volume is a lot to be desired, but that is easily fixed by adding speakers....more info
  • Great Little Computer
    I read online reviews, watched You Tube reviews, and saw a few of the competition models before determining the NC10 was the one I wanted. I am extremely happy with my purchase. The battery life is incredible. I installed my old unused copy of 2002 Microsoft Office and purchased a cheap optical mouse so I could get some work done. Worked beautifully. I've also used it at several location away from home and using wifi to connect to the internet has never been a problem....more info
  • downgraded just because lack two small screw holes...
    For me this is not only a traveling machine but -given its good performance and big enough keyboard- it is my office computer as well. That is mainly possible because the small screen is not a problem at all provided the computer is connected to an external monitor through its VGA output (tip: even nicer if you use it in the "extended desktop" mode).

    But here is the completely unnecessary bug: the VGA output does not have the two holes for screwing the VGA cable. You still can connect it, but then the VGA cable (that is usually heavy and stiff) stays loosely connected, providing frequently a poor image - something you have to correct frequently by adjusting the cable manually (what certainly will also end up shortening the life of the VGA output).

    This daily annoyance is what makes me give only 3 stars for a product that, otherwise, would be a five stars for me....more info
  • Don't buy this netbook if you want to use audio chatting or VOIP.
    This is the absolute worse gizmo I have paid money for that you cannot use to talk to someone over Skype, Messenger or any VOIP program. The audio with digital USB headphones is just horrendous and even worse with analog headphones connected to the I/O ports. My advice is not to waste money on this, particularly that Samsung support is somehwere in the 3rd world where nobody knows zilch and they just waste your time by asking you the same questions over and over again. If you do not want to chat using this netbook, then it is a pleasant surprise, but expect to throw it away rather than deal with Samsung support....more info
  • WOW!!!!
    I recently bought the Samsung NC 10 netbook and all I can say is WOW!!!! This is the best netbook for me because of the following reasons:

    1. The screen is nice and bright and the right size.

    2. I love the weight of this netbook; can put it in my large purse for travelling. I did buy a blue leather slip case for it on Amazon and I am so happy with the fit.

    3. It runs very quiet and does not get warm on your lap.

    4. I love the color-Blue

    5. Excellent battery using it in normal mode.(6-7 hours)

    6. Does what a regular laptop can do for most people:
    reading and sending e-mail, surfing the internet, writing letters and memos, seeing PowerPoint slideshows, banking, and shopping.

    7. I can take it anywhere!

    8. Fast wireless connection.

    9. This was one of my best purchases this year because my laptop was getting way too heavy to travel with. Now it will not be a problem.

    10. Sound is very good; excellent with headphones!

    11. Excellent keyboard.

    As far as cons: I really don't have any. Yes, the blue does show fingerprints. So I have a small cloth that I use. The touch pad seems a little small at first, but you will soon get used to it; OR use a wireless mouse, which I do.

    I an so enjoying this netbook and would highly recommend it!!! I did research all of the current netbooks for about a month before purchasing the NC 10 and this one is a winner!!!...more info
  • Love this Netbook
    I purchased this netbook about two weeks and I really love it. I did a ton of research and read just about everything on available netbooks. I decided to get the Samsung based on all the great reviews I read about it, especially here on Amazon. I looked at the Dell Mini 10, the HP mini 1000, the MSI Wind. Since I travel all the time, I needed something that was light enough to travel with yet, was powerful enough to handle all the things I need for work. There seemed to be issues with all the other ones I liked at, except the Samsung. There is a great support on-line community that offers good suggestions too. I am not highly technical, but can get by with a little help. I'm not going to do anything fancy with it. If you are debating about a netbook, I highly recommend them and I highly recommend the Samsung. I love it....more info
  • all I expected then some.
    I am a person who enjoys equipment that works well and looks good. I shopped carefully for price, performance fit and finish before I purchased the NC10. I went to a retail store to look at netbooks. ASUS Performance is supposed to be good but the finish is not as nice as the SAMSUNG. And when I read reviews of service ASUS did not measure up to SAMSUNG. I got 5 to 6 hours operation out of a charge. But actually I can use the AC. The main benefit is the NC10 is truly a portable computer. I have retired my HP Laptop....more info
  • Would buy it the next time
    I've been using NC10 for a couple of months. Moreover, my unit is equipped with a built-in GSM/UMTS/HSPA modem which is a great advantage indeed and gives the user the real connectivity freedom as you're no limited to WiFi's available. My wife owns an MSI U100 which I had been operating previously. NC10's pros in comparison with MSI U100 are the built-in modem mentioned above as well as a better battery and keyboard. Cons is the display which is not as bright as on the MSI....more info
  • Really lovin' my Samsung!!
    As a nursing student, this netbook fit the bill! It's light enough to fit into my purse or backpack. I get compliments on the pink color, but mostly I'm asked about its performance. While it is not a fast as my Mac, it is gets the job done. The keyboard is surprising comfortable. The only issue I don't like is having to hit the function key for some letters on the keyboard. Anyone know how to change that function, no pun intended, PLEASE let me know. ...more info
  • Thrilled with my Samsung NC 10
    After so many overseas trips and either intruding upon my colleagues for access to internet and email, or, after many trips to the hotel desk for access to their business office, and, needing to place a telephone call home from Japan and elsewhere, I finally determined that my last trip without small, very portable access to all of the above was indeed my last! I must admit that I had been thinking about something very small like HP or Dell, but in exploring reviews of many netbooks, I bought the Samsung NC10 on the basis of a video review provided by Laptop Magazine...I am absolutely thrilled with my choice! The keyboard is just ever so slightly under full sized so I can type accurately with ease...and the 10 inch screen is fabulous! The screen is very bright and clear, and it can easily be seen at a wide angle (and I'm one of those nuts that is using my netbook without even taking the plastic shipping "screen shield" off...battery life seems to be great!!! I'm using mine at normal power mgr settings, and I do indeed believe I'm getting seven hours of usage as advertised (with the standard supplied battery...I do shut down completely after each use, and the NC10 boots up very quickly). I am not a great fan of using touchpads though this one, while on the small side, works well. I am instead using a new Logitech Nano laser that works beautifully, and it has the new and very small transceiver that barely protrudes from one of the three netbook USB ports. With the standard 1GB memory and 160 GB hard drive, this is fast enough (you can upgrade to 2GB very easily)and more than large enough for me! This little thing is great! I'm now using it while I'm watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, and it's great because I can do everything with it, and barely take my eyes off of the game!
    ...more info
  • Fantastic netbook
    This netbook is amazing. I usually do not write reviews here but I must make an exception for this little netbook. I have been using it for the past 3 weeks and it doesn't stop amazing me. The portability, compactness apart, the machine seems to have excellent build quality like others before me wrote about. Connecting to Wi-Fi is effortless with no dropped connections. I'm planning to upgrade to 2GB RAM but for the moment, the 1GB seems to be good enough. Haven't faced any machine sluggishness with the limited applications I use which are email, web browsing, photo and music management. Even after hours of usage, the netbook underside doesn't heat up as much as my 13" Macbook. The fan also seems to be extra silent. I haven't tested the battery life as yet since I tend to use the power source whenever I can. But getting 6-7 hrs life out of this little machine seems very much possible.

    Overall, this little netbook is good value for the higher price you pay for it. I had the Asus 1000HA in mind previously but this one was easily available here in India. I had also read the rave reviews about this product here which titled my decision towards buying this one. No regrets about buying this one. Highly recommended.

    UPDATE 4/22/09 - Replaced the 1GB RAM with 2GB. The process was a breeze and is fairly simple.Have been using the netbook basically for web-surfing since then, so cannot comment on overall speed increase but I did find a considerable difference while opening some applications and files. A recommended upgrade....more info