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Point of No Return [Blu-ray]
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Point of No Return is one of those Hollywood remakes of a European hit in which one can visualize a committee of studio executives sitting around and saying, "Okay, we know what made the original film unique and different and fun. How can we make that same movie and do exactly the opposite?" For-hire director John Badham (Saturday Night Fever) took La Femme Nikita, Luc Besson's undeniably sexy, original, and kitschy French film about a female assassin, and translated it into a calculating, mechanistic American thriller with no distinctive style. Bridget Fonda gamely plays the willowy street punk who becomes a high-society killer, but once that provocative irony is in place, the movie is pretty much a series of by-the-numbers action set pieces. Until, that is, Dermot Mulroney shows up as a love interest; but even that twist can't save this film. You're much better off with the original, subtitles and all. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • The French version was all we needed...
    This knock-off, while faithfully copying the original Besson masterpiece, lacks spirit and wit. Even worse, it attempts to transpose the French context - the inimitable style and elegance, the fear of a powerful state, etc. - into an American one and it just fails pathetically. Fonda isn't bad, but the original actress was far better, as was the Victor (the "cleaner") in Jean Reno.

    Take Femme Nikita over it....more info

  • Get some popcorn, and settle in for fun.
    Well, some of the reviewers of this picture have said the original was better, but I disagree. This is just a fun, fast, exciting picture, with a terrific perfor- mance by Bridget Fonda and an even better script than the original.

    Also, the use of Nina Simone's music puts this picture miles ahead of the first one--it makes the music an equivalent of Fonda's soul--the suffering and passion we hear in Nina Simone's music is what's going on in Bridget Fonda's heart. It's a dynamite movie. You will be damned happy you watched it....more info

  • Saw this remake before the original.......
    If everyone thought the same, life would be boring.

    I saw third remake with Bridget Fonda befor ethe original.....

    This is by a long way an only criticism is that some of the shoot out scenes are OTT.....but perhaps not much more than those with Jack Bauer in 24!!

    Loved it!!...more info
  • Courtesy of Bridget and Nina...
    Although lacking in some respects compared to the French original (you end up hoping that Bridget as assassin will pulverize her whimpering boyfriend with one of those big, big machine guns), Bridget Fonda as the star and Nina Simone with the soulful soundtrack give this movie the edge over La femme Nikita in at least two important departments. Bridget's performance here amazes me every time I see it--simultaneously believable as a feverishly trained assassin and a tragic hero so cute you just want to reach out and pinch her cheeks. But the highest marks go to the soundtrack. The writers of the adaptation wove in Nina Simone as a motif throughout the movie, well-complemented by 5 Nina songs, including "Feeling Good" and a cover of "Here Comes the Sun" tracked to the "relationship" scenes that /ALMOST/ make you forget how much you'd like Bridget to terminate her relationship with extreme prejudice..... Provides soulful reflection absent from the French original, and worth watching more than a few times for that reason alone. Pretentious naysayers say this remake has gone through the Hollywood ringer, but it's an A+ action-flick-plus-morality-tale spun before Quentin Tarantino made it socially acceptable for PBS-watchers to admit they like 'em. Give it a chance....more info
  • about the movie point of no return........
    Singapore videoshop is selling the code 1 of this film/DVD and managed to grab a copy and watch....hee hee. The story is about a killer woman being trained to become a helper of a police team whom later help the investigators to get rid of whatever bad people they they want her to accomplish before the investigator release her for her atone her mistake by helping the investigator in the end. A recommendation to those whom are interested in this genre of film/DVD.

    Review by:

    (Dr)Ang Poon Kah
    PhD (Prof) in political science from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in Neuroscience from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in Technology from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in Security System from Cambridge University and NUS
    PhD (Prof) in Computer from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in film from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in Business from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in Electronics Engineering from Cambridge University and NUS.
    Bachelor degree in computer studies from Techco University
    Zakkers film director
    ...more info
  • Completely pointless remake
    Decently acted, this American remake of Luc Besson's classic "La Femme Nikita" is still pretty flat, which is odd, because it literally copies the original nearly frame by frame, and the original has a truly magical spark and energy to it. If you've seen the original and then viewed this version, "Point of No Return" becomes an appalling experience that highlights the very worst creativity-by-committee aspects of Hollywood.

    Buy the original "La Femme Nikita", deal with the subtitles, and whatever you do, stay away from the dreary and over-dramatized TV series of the same name. "La Femme Nikita" is excellent, even if you don't like French movies (and to be honest the dubbed version on the most recent editions of that DVD is reasonably watchable), you'll like this one....more info

  • A strange experience
    Yesterday I went into a British supermarket and bought this DVD called "The Assassin", because it had Bridget Fonda on the cover, as the star, and I thought she was great in "Jackie Brown". I thought the film was rather OK: interesting anyway. Then I tried to find it on Amazon. Nowhere! No such movie. 43 movies with "Assassin" in the title, but this wasn't one of them. A bright idea struck me, and I entered a search for Bridget Fonda. Up pops this film called "Point of no Return", with identical cover, and swipe me if it isn't the same film. What is the point of this retitle? No answer: no point.

    Now that I've read all the reviews it is a bit of a shock to learn that "The Assassin" is a frame-by-frame remake of a French film called "Nikita", unknown to me, and that the original is a zillion times better. Well, that figures. American remakes of European films are inevitably dismally inferior, since Americans totally lack that seasoned culture, wit, irony and understanding of human nature which has been developed over a couple of thousand years in Europe. "The Assassin", aka "Point of no Return", has now been ruined for me. I can see that it was all just to provide an opportunity to have Bridget dive in and out of the cabbages and mushrooms in the kitchen, generate a computer-enhanced explosion on the tenth floor, and step aside for the stunt-girls to perform some athletic kung-fu, high-jumps and fisticuffs. Too bad. I still thought Bridget was rather good in the part, and the story was sort of interesting: now I know why. Keitel seemed to be reprising (or anticipating? I'm not sure of the dates) his cleaner-up role in "Pulp Fiction". There also seemed to be faint echoes of "The Prisoner" --- once you're in you cannot get out. The reversed gender role-play seemed to be subversively signalling that a woman's a woman, even if she is a hit-person. Better than 2 stars, and I hardly ever give three. But I doubt it will get better with repeated viewings. ...more info
    The gutsy performance of Bridget Fonda is the only saving grace of this ultra-violent, nihilistic remake of the French hit LA FEMME NIKITA. Director John Badham manages to keep the action tense and suspenseful, but the writers expect a lot from viewers. How can one truly identify and/or empathize with Fonda's character? She's really a cold-blooded killer, with little grace or worth. Even after her Pygmalion like transformation, she is still the same ruthless woman, only we are now supposed to sympathize with her and wish her well? This reviewer can't do that. Gabriel Byrne struggles gamely with his likewise unlikeable character; Dermot Mulroney only manages to look goofy in his puppydog idolization of Fonda; and poor Anne Bancroft tries to be the cold, but caring, mentor. It's to Fonda's credit that she manages to at least get us in her corner, guiltily or not....more info
  • Point of No Return
    One of my favorite films - will watch again and again. And Dermot Mulroney, I never tire of!...more info
  • A movie that inspired so many ANIMES!!!! COOL!!!!!!!!!
    Im a big anime fan! When I saw this movie I realized where the Animes and japanese videogames get their ideas.

    The TEKKEN videogame series: The character Nina Williams is inspired by the character that Bridget Fonda plays in this movie. Her sister Anna Williams is La Femme Nikita and both are fighting to death because both movies were a Box-Office Hit! That's why they are rivals.

    ANIME: No wonder why ARMITAGE dress in red so often. The blonde girl in NOIR sounds very familiar. In the late 90's the killer girls in Anime always know martial arts and always carring a cool gun. Why killers girls use the silent pistol so frequently?. The killer girls always have an interesting sniper scene with very familiar camera shots. In some violent scenes you hear a woman singing in chorus.

    NOTE: I know this movie is a remake of La Femme Nikita, This remake have more action but is NOT better than La Femme Nikita.

    P.S: Harvey Keitel acted better than Jean Reno as the cleaner. ...more info
  • Mediocre Remake of French Classic, 'La Femme Nikita'
    `Point of No Return' is an American remake of Luc Besson's great thriller sleeper, `la femme Nikita', with Bridget Fonda in the title role of Maggie/Nikita supported by Dermot Mulronny as boyfriend, Gabriel Byrne as the handler / Uncle Bob, Harvey Keitel in Jean Reno's role of the cleaner, and Ann Bancroft in Jean Moreau's role as the trainer of social skills and correct hair and dress.

    The track record on American remakes of foreign films is not very good, and this exercise does nothing to improve the record. One of the best things the American filmmakers did was to follow the original plot as closely as possible. And, every time they deviated from that plot and dialogue, they lost ground in comparison with the original.

    The weakest aspect of the movie is in the handling of the lead role. Fonda simply does not carry off the role as well as the original, played by Anne Parillaud. Part of this failure may be placed on the script, but Fonda fails to maintain a consistent underlying character in spite of the changes she has to make in response to her training. Even after two missions, Parillaud still lets the elfin little girl out now and then from behind the veneer of trained killer. In place of our sensing this innocent in the French version, the American rewrite has Maggie looking for an escape from her role of assassin much earlier in the film, thereby giving away the ending. Besson and his collaborators are much better at surprising us with developments in the film by minimizing the exposition. The Americans simply can't keep their hands off something that is already well done. For example, they bulk up the Bancroft / Moreau role to no good purpose aside from giving away the game. On the other hand, they skimp on Maggie's final assignment, where the script demotes her from someone who plans the whole operation to nothing more than an operative following directions. The tension is further reduced by changing the target from a foreign embassy to an independent spy, with no risk from involving a foreign government if things go wrong. This skimping also cuts down the screen time, lines, and business for Harvey Keitel's `cleaner' who perfectly recreates Reno's icy professional assassin's demeanor.

    Even some of the simplest changes reduce the effectiveness of this movie. In the great scene where Maggie/Nikita assassinates a man in a restaurant then flees to an escape route only to find it blocked is less effective simply because Fonda's little black dress covers about 80% more of her body than does Parillaud's especially skimpy and tight dress. The incredible sense of vulnerability in the French version is at least cut in half.

    Another major slip is when Maggie's handler is told she has to straighten up, and, unlike the French version, where she has but two weeks to do this, is given six months to clean up her act.

    I do not have the best eye for cinematic technique, but I am certain that the American crew simply did a poorer job of framing their camera shots. Almost all the French shots seem to be from a greater distance and seem to take in more detail than the American shots, with fewer obscuring shadows.

    Except for the fact that she is now too old for the part, this is the kind of role that should have been done by Jamie Lee Curtis. Just watch her in her little black dress scenes in `True Lies' and you can see how well she would have fit in.

    Watching the French version two or three times over is a better experience than watching this once.
    ...more info
  • Bridget beats you to the punch
    If you want a gritty film thats has a good storyline and fabulously acted parts then this is the one for you.
    Bridget plays a ruffian, a drug abusing lowlife who has taken part in a chemist shop slaying whilst her gang was looking for drugs.
    She is sentenced to death. They kill her by lethel injection.
    Then she wakes up, she has been offered a second chance in life but there are rules, she must behave, obey the rules and follow orders. Gabriel Burne plays the agent that recruited her and its his job to see she flies right and gets with the programme, the main incentive being of course the fact that she is already legally dead, if they wanted to kill her now for misbehaving no one would know any different.
    She has a talent for killing, use of weapons and escape, some of the extravagant things they have her do are amazing! Until she comes to realise one thing - she HAS changed and wants a second chance at life.
    With a cameo role of 'the cleaner' being played by Harvey Keitel and other major stars this film, including the enchanting Nina Simone's vocals, this is a must see action film for all.
    Bridget gets it on.
    You will be impressed....more info
  • Hollywood, you've done it again
    Another horrid remake from our friends in Hollywood. Why anyone would try to re-make a perfect movie casting a Fonda is beyond me. It was destined for disaster before it even began. Please, if you want to see a wonderful action adventure, do yourself a favor and see "La Femme Nikita". Don't waste your time or money with "Point of No Return"--it's a sickening commentary on what Hollywood thinks they can get away with in a sad attempt for profit....more info
  • Kiss my Assassin!
    Alright, let's do this one up on the bounce and by the numbers:

    1) Bridget Fonda is red-smoking hot. Fire-breathing dragon hot. Albeit in an angular, toothy kind of wait, which, don't get me wrong, is just fine.

    2) Bridget Fonda plays Maggie, who, with some Pantera-lovin' buds break into a pharmacy to get a little Better Living Through Pharmacology, unleash a little jihad on the owner, and get themselves into a firefight.

    Everybody gets riddled with bullets, except Maggie, who, in the wretched bowels of withdrawal and all-twitchy-like, greases a cop.

    3) Note: did I mention that "Point of No Return" is a big-studio remake of Luc Besson's utterly insane, bump-n-grind brutal, deliciously bleak and nihilistic "Nikita"? I did not? Shoot me. No, no, put down that Steyr sniper rifle, I'm kidding there Cowboy, sheesh...

    4) With that in mind, all you need to know is this: studio director John Badham (who directed, ummm, the cinematic marvels "Bird on a Wire" and "Short Circuit", which proves he's a real, er, edgy dude) churned out what amounts to a shot-for-shot remake of "Nikita". Only it's like the carbon dioxide remake of "Nikita": odorless, colorless, and tasteless.

    5)Alright: so Maggie gets hauled into a supermax facility, deep-sixed by the Government, manhandled a little too much by Super-Duper-Secret Agent Bob (Gabriel Byrne, starting his slow slide from sneering, edgy brilliance into avuncular B-movie actor Hell), erased from the Big Book of Life and super-shuttled down a little Orwellian "memory-hole", and offered a choice: Society made you, baby. Now we'll give you your Murder 101 Training, and you can be a sanctioned killer.

    6) That's about it. It's basically "Nikita", without the hip and happening and totally ominous techno-score, without Luc Besson's surreally grim edginess and sublime cinematography, with New Orleans dubbing for Nice (without even the fun of a Hurricane, or a shoot-out at the Superdome, which might have enlivened this turd). It's like "Nikita" with all the fun and style and gratuitous killing bled out.

    7) That said, Fonda looks good writhing around on a bed in her Hello Kitty panties.

    8) Oh, and Harvey Keitel shows up in an Enzo Ferrari, I think, though I was way too liquored up by then to care. Do you care? He's channeling The Terminator by way of a tax accountant, and was way too goofy to live.

    9) The original "Nikita" showed me something I'd never seen before: an Indonesian diplomat literally getting flushed down a toilet. This one showed me something I've seen many times: an edgy, nasty, grimy, kinetic foreign flick getting flushed down the remake toilet.

    Terminate with Extreme Prejudice.

    JSG...more info
  • Leaves a lot to be desired; watch it once and only once.
    In my recent review of the CD soundtrack for this movie, I suggested that Point of No Return may be a film in which the music outshines the on-screen action it is written to accentuate. In this case I feel that most if not all of the movie's faults lie with Bridget Fonda.

    Bridget may carry the famous Fonda name, but when it comes to acting, a movie like PONR makes it appear as though she has a lot of talent and potential---the majority of which she isn't using. (This became more apparent to me after I saw her in "Single White Female", but that's another story.)

    When her character isn't asassinating people, she's either lounging around listening to Nina Simone or trying to maintain a relationship with a man she loves but knows she'll lose due to the nature of her work.

    Watching this movie makes it extremely difficult to believe that an entire cult TV show on the USA network was inspired by it. The concept is somewhat screwed up anyway: a recovering female drug addict training to be Superhitwoman while receiving lessons in table manners from Anne Bancroft. Bottom line: watch this movie if you like gun toting women and don't care if the acting is often shabby....more info

  • the worst remake i've ever seen
    Think of everything that was good about 'La Femme Nikita', remove them all and replace them with every poor Hollywood action cliche in the book. Unwatchable....more info
  • ehh
    so this movie was okay... but mainly i was just confused . its the story of a woman (fonda) from the streets who is "saved" by a kind of mafia-like group who demand that she become both a lady and an assassin in return for her life . they leave her alone until they want something from her, so when she attempts to continue her life, she keepts getting interrupted by unfortunate phone calls at the most inopportune times telling her to go to the window and shoot the man in the blue hat with the uzi under the cabinet . so yeah it was okay . the original french version "la femme nikita" was better . but dermot mulroney was good as the deceived and confused boyfriend and gabriel byrne was better as fonda's assassin-trainer and boss . but still ho hum...more info
  • Only Harvey Keitel Fans Need Bother With This "Point"
    I only saw "Point Of No Return"(The American remake of the French film "La Femme Nikita") because I read that Harvey Keitel has an interesting cameo in this movie. After one viewing, I have to say that this cameo is the only worthwhile element in the whole movie.

    Street punk Bridget Fonda is sent to prison and supposedly executed for unintentionally killing a police officer. Fonda is "brought back to life" by a secret government agency that trains her to become an assassin.

    "Point Of No Return" is nowhere near as intelligent, exciting, or heartfelt as the original "La Femme Nikita" or its Hong Kong remake, "Black Cat." Fonda brings nothing to her character. "PONR" is just another plastic Hollywood action movie.

    Harvey Keitel is the only saving grace of this film. Unfortunately, he only appears for about twenty minutes near the end of the movie. Keitel's performance as Victor the Cleaner, a stone-faced and almost robotic hit man, is solid proof that acting is far more than merely reading lines. He has only one line of dialogue, but exudes an awesome and creepy presence. Keitel kills people and pours corrosive acid on corpses without flinching an eye. His performance rivals Jean Reno's portrayal of a similar character in the original "La Femme Nikita."

    "PONR" is only for Harvey Keitel fans. For a great female hit woman movie, see "La Femme Nikita" and "Black Cat."...more info

  • I can't belive the ratings on here.
    This movie is one of my top 5 favorite ever! I am a movie collector and a fan of Hit Man movies and I think this movie is great. I would have liked a little affair/love scene between her and her teacher but what can you do. They left me day dreaming about him making love to her like a wild animal, That actor is so sexy. I did see the French version and it was good too. But this one is by far my favorite version....more info
  • And if it ain't broke...
    What on earth posessed the director of this film to make it? With the exception of a few 'twists', this is a shot for shot rip off of Nikita, which is about a million times better in just about every way. I found myself literally closing my eyes in parts cos I just couldn't bear to see these actors make fools aout of themselves. If Luc Besson was dead, he'd surely be rolling in his grave. And LB, however much they paid you: it weren't worth it.

    And whose idea was it to have a nerdy harvey Kietel playing Victor the cleaner? Trying to capture the wooden efficiency of his vastly superior predecessor, jean Reno, kietel fails miserably & just ends up looking wooden. This was just a joke.

    If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. I suggest you watch Nikita, & stay well way from this shocker. Cringeworthy stuff....more info

  • What was Harvey Keitel thinking?
    La Femme Nikita La Femme Nikita La Femme Nikita This re-make only goes to prove Hollywood thinks its American audiences are a bunch of morons who won't read subtitles. See La Femme Nikita instead. Anne Parillaud (french version)makes a convincing and sophisticated natural born killer while Bridget Fonda looks like a doe trapped in someone's headlights....more info
  • Much better than Nikita...
    I just leved this movie, she's just georgeous!!!!
    A lot of action, great scenes, well done!...more info
  • The American Nikita (A DVD review)
    Being an American, I have to say I like this version of the French classic better. Most importantly, the American version has slightly better plot elements that make more sense. Maggie (Nikita) is also more vulgar which would suit an American teenager better. It is also more action packed and has some great performances. Other than some small changes and a major change in the finale, this version follows the French version right down to the dialogue. Not much in terms of extras, even the production notes are short. The video and sound are excellent. I like both versions of the film, French and American, for what they each bring to the story....more info
  • Velveeta vs. the elegant French cheese
    The original French movie, La Femme Nikita, was a wonderfully innovative film: highly stylized, punkishly sexy, edgy-Euro-cool, hard and soft in all the right new places. The original also featured some of the most exciting close-quarter-battle action sequences ever filmed.

    Well, PONR doesn't do that. Instead, it's the sanitized, Hollywoodized, tame remake for the American masses.

    WHO MIGHT LIKE THIS MOVIE: If your idea of culture is prime-time TV and Readers Digest ... if you're suspicious of foreign movies, and you can't stand subtitles ... well then, PONR may be the version you prefer.

    WHO MIGHT HATE THIS MOVIE: Viewers who liked Ronin, The Little Drummer Girl, and so on, should avoid this Chef Bore-a-roni meltdown. To fans of European films, in particular, watching Point Of No Return may well feel like eating cardboard: it can deaden the senses. You may feel as if Velveeta corporate headquarters had hurriedly launched a for-the-masses imitation a fine French cheese, just to score some market share points. Avoid....more info

    Yes, La Femme Nikita is the real classic. But after repeated viewings on cable, this movie sneaks up on you. For all of its commercial hype and fake glamour, there are guilty pleasures throughout, not the least of which is the emotional core of the relationship between Bridget Fonda and Gabriel Byrne. Dermot Mulroney is also winning in his underwritten role. The wild premise survives the remake, because it is just so compelling and dramatic, and Anne Bancroft steals every scene she appears in. Give it a try, on its own terms....more info
  • Bridget Fonda Shines!
    This film has a simple plot but it is credible to be a suspense-filled masterpiece. The violence though can offend some audiences. Bridget Fonda, however, delivers a credible, wonderful performance as a woman who is haunted by guilt of taking the lives of people into her own hands. Once again, Dermot Mulroney plays romantic lead to Fonda as well as Gabriel Burney who gives strong support in the film. Simple it may be, this movie belongs to Fonda who gives a sensitive performance that even drama audiences will love! It's off-beat but Bridget Fonda fans will surely love this one!...more info
  • Good Action Pic But Lacks French Cynicism
    I think the French really know how to make a crime movie. We seem to go for the thug angle, whereas they bring on the elan and panache.

    I am a real Bridget Fonda fan, even though I hate her mother and every movie she made except when she played herself in "Klute." This is, a one reviewer stated, virtually a frame-by-frame remake of the original French. So are a lot of films from Hollywood, but that does not make it inferior.

    This is movie is not inferior because the acting is not inferior. Gabriel Byrne isn't as good as in "Usual Suspects," but his portrayal is still excellent as Fonda's (Maggie's) tutor. The one to watch is Harvey Keitel as Victor the Cleaner. His version is much superior to that of Schwarzenegger's concept. Don't you just like how he gets rid of the irritating guy banging on the trunk of his car? Wouldn't it be great to do the same thing at a super market? And how about those glasses? It's all in the acting.

    The minor irritant is Mulroney as the boyfriend. What a limp biscuit. It's like he knew the only way he could get Fonda in bed was by acting with her in a movie. I think I was available in 1992, but nobody called me, meaning they had to settle for him....more info