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Collateral Damage [Blu-ray]
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Surging excitement and one-man heroics fuel this powerful action thriller from the director of The Fugitive and Under Siege. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a fireman whose wife and child are killed in a terrorist bombing and who obsessively tracks the mastermind (Cliff Curtis) behind it, from Los Angeles to Colombia to Washington, DC. The fanatic plans to strike again in Washington¡­but how? When? Where? In the scramble for answers, one thing is clear: Collateral Damage is a ticking time bomb of suspense.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's loyal fans get what they want in this routine but rousing revenge thriller, which pits the aging action star against a Colombian guerrilla terrorist. Schwarzenegger plays a Los Angeles fireman who witnesses the killing of his wife and young son, caused by the terrorist's bombing in a crowded L.A. pavilion. Despite intense scrutiny by FBI and CIA officials, Arnie infiltrates the terrorist's remote jungle compound, enlists the aid of the villain's seemingly trustworthy wife (Francesca Neri), and plots to foil another bombing in Washington, D.C. Director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive) maintains adequate plausibility even when Schwarzenegger's survival grows absurdly unlikely, and lively roles for John Turturro and John Leguizamo add welcomed spice to the movie's impressive display of military ordnance. Despite its formulaic plot and Arnold's advancing seniority, Collateral Damage still manages to pack an entertaining punch. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • pretty good
    Not the most realistic movie ever, but it serves its purpose: to make the viewer really angry, take them on a great adventure, and give them some sense of satisfaction. Unfortunately, like most movies that broach the subject, it depicts our CIA in a negative light. ...more info
  • It was Great
    Firefighter Gordon Brewer's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) family is the "collateral damage" of a terrorist bombing in Los Angeles. When the U.S. government turns to peace talks with the perpetrators instead of justice for his family, Brewer heads to Colombia intent on payback. But when he meets the wife (Francesca Neri) and child of his family's murderer (Cliff Curtis), nothing is as it seems, and all hell breaks loose in true "Ah-nuld" style....more info
    I think this is a top notch movie because Andrew Davis (the fugitive) did a great job directing this movie. He made Arnold's acting shine in this film, I was very impressed. The action was great, along with the great question like theme of the movie which is "what is justice?". The ending has such a great twist at the end, it blew me away......more info
  • It's Flex
    Usually I like Arnold. But unfortunately Sylvester Stallone is far more ahead than Arnold when considering performance.A very good one to watch....more info
  • Me arnold, me kill you now...ungabunga
    I give this movie a bad rating because of the way they messed up the ending. There is a very, very good scene at the end where he uses an ironic method to kill the bad guys.

    BUT THEN THEY COME BACK TO LIFE!!! So arnold picks up one of them and throws him head first through an electric curcuit baord, and then he chops up the other bad guy with an axe. Now remeber, he's supposed to be a fireman, not Connan the Barbarian!!!!

    This is just another typical Arnold flick where the movie producers make him look like a killing machine.

    and for those of you who don't know..."ungabunga" is a phrase from the old captain caveman cartoon....more info

  • Please, somebody stop Arnold...
    ...from making any more action movies! This film was a piece of garbage, lacking a good plot, good acting, good casting, and good storytelling. If you want an Ah-nold movie, go rent Predator or T2. This is, hands-down, the worst movie he's ever done. Including "Junior"....more info
  • Great Arnold Revenge ending!
    I won't bore you with the details. The story is kind of thin and predictable at times, but with enough foreshadowing, you see what's coming. The gratuitous scenes of Arnold getting the crap beaten of him (almost), leading up to the payoff conclusion, is great for those who hate seeing the hero take so long to exact revenge. In the end, the scumbag Columbian terrorist and his wife get their "just desserts." Ahhh...revenge is so sweet - Served up by our hero: The Governor of Kah-lee-fornya ...more info
  • Not one of Arnolds best movies...
    While this movie was entertaining, it definately is one of the weaker ones! My main issue is with the weak and unbelievable story line! While the action scenes are good, the story seems boring and like something we have seen many times before! An interesting twist or unusual plot line would have helped a lot! The overall mood seems mostly depresing to me!
    I can only give this movie 3 stars!
    ...more info
  • Entertaining, As Always, Especially With Francesca Neri
    Yes, another typical Arnold Schwarnegger film which translates to (a) interesting all the way; (b) very violent; (c) very far-fetched. Here, Arnold is just a plain old fireman but he turns into superhero, doing things only Superman or Batman could accomplish....but it's still fun to watch.

    After seeing his wife and kid blown up by Columbian terrorists, Arnold goes after the latter, traveling to the jungles of that South American country and taking them on! In the end, he's in Washington trying to diffuse another terrorist plot. He's amazing. What CAN'T this guy do? Yes, it's ludicrous....but it's not meant to be taken seriously, folks! It's just entertainment for fans of action movies, nothing more.

    There is a nice twist at the end of this story and it involves a very intriguing-looking woman, Francesco Neri. I just love that woman's face. She's also in "Hannibal" but I think the rest of her films are Italian. I would like to see more of her work.

    There are also some short appearances by two always-entertaining actors, John Turturro and John Leguizimo. Scharwarznegger's action films usually have a fair amount of tongue-in-cheek humor and those two actors help along those lines in this film.

    Overall, it's two hours of good escapist fare.
    ...more info
  • One of those glass half empty, glass half full Schwarzenegger films
    Collateral Damage is basically Arnold's Die Hard...although his character Gordy Brewer is a firefighter, NOT a New York Cop like Bruce Willis' John that automatically makes it a different movie, right? A movie with a lone firefighter standing up to terrorists versus a lone police officer standing up to terrorists is hardly the same movie at all, right?

    The politics of the movie are ham-fisted and cartoonish, and the release date was delayed due to the events of September 11, 2001. It's essentially a fantasy that preceded actual events, and there was talk of not releasing the film at all...but investors want a return on their investment, so it was released in 2002.

    The main problems with this film are:

    1). When a movie hinges on a "major plot twist," it makes it difficult to enjoy the movie a second time, because while you're watching the opening credits, you are already dealing with a "spoiler." There's no "payoff" got that when you watched it the first time.

    2). The "major plot twist" is every bit as ham-fisted as the movie's politics, and if you don't see it coming from a mile away, the chances are excellent that you don't watch many movies.

    3). In real life, when the lone firefighter follows you halfway around the world to seek vengeance and thoroughly disrupts your drug dealing operation, you don't toy with him. You pretty much eliminate him within moments of recognizing him. Firefighter Gordy is toyed with again and again and again because if the terrorists didn't toy with him, this would have ended up being a short subject, not a feature film.

    4). The plot gimmick of having Schwarzenegger tell the bad guy that he's going to kill him and then having the bad guy ask "When are you going to kill me" or "I thought you said you were going to kill me" (or some other variant) has been used in other Schwarzenegger films, and other action films that were not Schwarzenegger films, so there's a real slap-your-forehead "here we go again" moment when firefighter Gordy informs the bad guy that he's going to kill him.

    5). John Leguizamo's character is not believable, and this is far from his finest acting moment.

    6). In terms of movie terrorists, if Alan Rickman's "Hans Gruber" from "Die Hard" is a "10" on a "10 Scale," the terrorist husband and wife couple in "Collateral Damage" falls somewhere around 2.5 on a 10 Scale. That's also my rating for the film, but since we can only give 2 or 3 stars, not 2.5, I'm OK with the unintended extra half-star bounce.

    You'll find the requisite explosions (and another plot twist in which the husband and wife are incinerated in a fireball while chasing a running lone firefighter Gordy on a motorcycle...WHO KNEW that among his other talents, Schwarzenegger has the ability to outrun motorcycles...OR ARE THEY?)...but this is one of those movies in which the filmmakers played to the cheap seats. It's not exactly a "so bad it's good"'s more on the side of "so bad it's just bad"...but if you like cheesy "Midnight Movie" types of bad movies, this might be right up your alley. My advice is to take the advice of "Otis B. Driftwood" in Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects (Unrated Widescreen Edition): "I set my standards pretty low, so I'm never disappointed." ...more info
  • Basic premise fails
    The dvd comments by the director come dangerously close to using the moral equivalence argument (for example seen nightly on CNN as spun by various Palestinian apologists to justify the PLO's latest bus,cafe or mall bombings) by suggesting at one point that "collateral damage" simply means civilians casualties as a byproduct of acts of "WAR". Conveneniently left out is the critical difference between civilians intentionally TARGETED vs lawful acts of self defense by a sovereign power TARGETING SOLDIERS OR "MILITANTS" when civilians inadvertently are killed.

    Except for one clever twist,the plot here is very weak, and the movie lacks even the usual one liners - for example something from Arnold example when the main villian dies. He in fact is silent, perhaps more realistic, but not what one expects from a typical Schaznegger movie.

    Biggest problem is Arnold is really not Arnold at all, and spends a good portion of the movie huffing and puffing - basically as the script calls for

    The typical viewer will not feel satified with the final outcome, the way for example one would in some of Steven Seagal's better revenge films. Scharznegger is too much fireman and too little Arnold - and this a relatively unexciting plot...more info

  • Not Arnold's best, but definitely one of his best!
    This is a great movie. It follows a man named Gordy Brewer who wants a team of Columbian terrorists dead after they killed his wife and son. He gets into lots of fights as well as lots of trouble, all the while saving lives and joining teams. Soon, he saves another mom and son, only to find out later the mom is the terrorist leader who put all this together. He stops her & her sidekick from escaping, soon getting into a fight with both of them. It's a long, brutal and difficult battle, but in the end Gordy wins(what would you expect from Ah-Nold?)Anyway, if you like action movies or films about hope and care, then this is the film for you. It's not the very best, but it is good. ...more info
  • Highly Underrated
    First, let me say that I am a huge Schwarzenegger fan, so that helps the score. If anyone else other than Arnold was doing the role of Gordy in this movie, I wouldn't rank the film that high. The DVD contains some extra features, all are fun to look at and is interesting. The film is very good. Many may not like it, but I do. Arnold plays as a fireman the loves his family, and loses them to terrorists. Arnold plays as an action star in a different way, and I think that most don't expect this from Arnold and don't rank this movie so high. You can easily put yourself into Arnold's shoes in this movie, and see how victims of terrorist attacks truly feel. You see Arnold come home and sit down very depressed as he lost what is most important to him, reporters call him wanting the story(they sound ever so excited to get it from him too) while you see Arnold angry and not wanting the calls. Eventually, you see him go and take matters into his own hands, because the government wont. This is where business picks up. While the movie is not up to standard in most of Arnold's films, it still contains more story, suspense, twists, and wonderful acting. Many can also relate to this by recent terrorist attacks in the U.S. i.e. the 9/11 attacks, or the sniper attacks. It is worth viewing, and should not be missed....more info
  • Arnie rides again...into familiar territory
    Arnold Schwarzenegger plays an LA firefighter who watches his wife and young son get killed by a terrorist bomb, and he swears revenge against the man who murdered his family. This more than routine revenge thriller showcases Arnold getting back into his action film groove after terrible flops like End of Days and Batman & Robin, and the action scenes are standard fare, but Arnold and the rest of the cast (including John Turturo, John Leguizamo, Elias Koteas, Cliff Curtis, and Francesca Neri) elevate Collateral Damage to be a much better film than it is. All in all, Collateral Damage certainly isn't Schwarzenegger's best film, but it's far from his worst....more info
  • Way Underrated, Great Acting from Arnold
    I have to say, my expectations were low going into this, but I was pleasantly surprised. I've seen a lot of Arnold's movies, some great, some not so great. This one is definitely near the top.

    Arnold plays a firefighter whose wife and son were killed by terrorists. This is actually a multidimensional character. He is enraged by the killing of his wife and son and wants revenge, tries to be a killer as well, yet at his core, he remains a man who wants to save lives. I was reminded of how good an actor Arnold can be.

    Yes, some parts of the plot are a stretch, but frankly, no more fantastical than the story of a kid from Austria becoming a huge Hollywood star, then California governor, all after getting through the door by way of bodybuilding. This movie came out around the time Arnold began to let his political aspirations be known, and I can't help but think it's politics that colors many of the negative views expressed here. Also, this movie definitely took a hit at the box office given its subject matter, following so closely on the heals of 9-11.

    If you're on the fence with this one, don't get turned off by some of the poor reviews here. Check it out. Citizen Kane or Chinatown it ain't. But it is a thoroughly entertaining action movie, with a little bit of depth and shades of grays....more info
  • Where's The Action ?
    I Bought This Movie On DVD And Now I Wish I Didn't . First Of All Where's The Action And Adventure ? The Movie Is More About Arnold Searching For The Terrorist Who Killed His Wife And Child Than About Him Getting Revenge On The People Who Did It. I Expected To See Arnold Shooting It Up And Kicking Butt . Instead I Got Borring Dragged Out Scene's Of Him Going To South America , Getting Lost , Kidnaped And Then Ecscapeing Before He Finally Get's Back To The United States And Tracks Down The People Who Did It . The Only Action You Get Is In The Last 30 Seconds Of The Movie , When Arnold Kills The Terrorist's . Why Would You Pay 19.95 $ To See 30 Seconds Of Action ?? Forget It ! Save Your Money And Stay Away From This Borring Put Me To Sleep Movie ! ...more info
  • Standard Arnold...
    Yet another mindless action movie for superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. The action this time is a little less exciting, but there is enough here to please his fans. Schwarzenegger plays a fireman whose family is killed by terrorists. Now he's out for revenge. Pretty standard plot for the dumb action genre. The problem here is the failure to produce any new twists into the formula. What the movie needs is a little more action and a little less story....more info
  • No surprises, but fun anyway
    Okay, this is one those flicks that got pushed off because of 9-11, though it's actually so underwhelming, you come off wondering whether those execs should have just thrown caution to the winds and released it anyway (they could always blame when it flopped). Actually "damage" is so fear of risk, it's incredible to think that they sold it to Schwarzennagar (did I spell that right?). Our hero plays Gordon Brewer, a fireman whose son and wife are killed by a terrorist blast left by a Colombian guerilla known as "El Lobo" ("The Wolf", not "The Sheriff"). His wife and kid weren't the targets of the blast - just unfortunate but hardly unexpected "collateral damage". A firefighter by training, Brewer turns vengeance-minded assassin, determined to get into civil-war-torn Colombia, penetrate a huge province held by the Guerrillas, and take-out El Lobo himself. A novice, the script allows for Gordon to make mistakes that quickly alert both El Lobo and a CIA-backed army to his presence in Columbia. The script also fleshes out an irony that makes Brewer more valuable alive than dead to the guerrillas (who will ransom him once they inevitably capture him) and more priceless as a corpse to the Yancqui (another gringo corpse will remind American leaders that you can't negotiate with terrorists). Otherwise, the flick is pretty much a disappointment - it's not visually exciting, there are no incredible stunts or scenes, and no memorable catch-phrases (a scene in which Brewer, in chains, meets El Lobo face-to-face for the first time only reminds us of a much better scene in "True Lies"). There's a self-serving CIA officer played by Elias Koteas who would have been great either as a guy who was Brewer's reluctant sidekick or a guy we knew would easily sacrifice him (instead, the character just remains two-steps behind; there's a great exchange between the two shortly near the end of the movie, but it only hints at how much more fun it could have been). In the end, Koteas's character is one more the script purposelessly wastes (along with Johns Leguizamo and Turtorro). The Wolf himself is no fun - he's young and undefined. Supposedly they added some substance to his character to humanize him, but he's neither much entertaining nor believable as a bad-guy or a misunderstood revolutionary. The story is a miracle considering how nonsensical it is (Gordon plans his insertion into guerilla-held territory, but his plans on how he's going to off the terrorist (considering he's got no idea where he is or how well protected he is) are incredible. Either way, it's a botch, but one that's fun enough to sit through....more info
  • Another good action flick from the king of action
    At 55, Arnold Schwarzeneggar is still an icon in the action movie business. He is to action movies as water is to instant cake mix: just add Arnold. In every movie he stars in, he is given an excuse to explode, destroy, and kill as many bad guys as possible. After 20 years, his signature formula still works. Collateral Damage was originall supposed to be released in October of 2001 (in theaters), but terrorism themes in the movie led to its postponement, due to the September 11 attacks. This movie isn't great, but because of Arnold, it's worth my time....more info
  • Justice!!!
    Firefighter Gordon Brewer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is about to meet his wife and daughter at a restaurant on a sunny afternoon when a bomb explodes in close vicinity of his family. Gordon loses his family and a Colombian terrorist nicknamed "The Wolf" takes responsibility for the bombing. The official investigation is suddenly being stopped by diplomatic action taken by both the Colombian and US government, and Gordon's last sanctioned wish to bring "The Wolf" to justice is halted. Gordon decides to take action and see to that he can provide justice for the terrorist who killed his family. Collateral Damage is an ordinary action film that tells a heroic tale about a mans struggle for justice....more info
  • Still doin’ some “Damage"...
    Suffering from a major case of bad timing, Collateral Damage, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action adventure film, was set to be released, when 911 occurred. Due to certain plot similarities that somewhat reflected real life events, the film’s producers delayed its release. When the film finally appeared in theaters, it swiftly slid into oblivion.

    While this film never had a fair shot in its theatrical release, there are some reasons to give it chance in the home video market. It presents a slightly different view of Arnold, from what we have seen in the past. This time he is fireman, Gordon Brewer, whose wife and child are killed, in a terrorist strike against the Columbian embassy in Los Angeles. They are part of the “collateral damage”. It is a bit of a switch to see Schwarzenegger in shock, mourning the loss of his loved ones. But soon, he is back on familiar ground, sneaking into Columbia, set on killing the terrorist responsible for the explosion.

    Th film has an interesting cast. Versatile actor Cliff Curtis, from New Zealand, plays the terrorist leader Claudio Perrini, nicknamed “El Lobo” (the Wolf). He has been seen in many recent films, including “Training Day”, “Blow” and “Three Kings”, in various ethnic roles. Here again, he is very good. Despite playing an utterly ruthless man, he somehow does not inspire intense feelings of hate. His unique method for dealing with incompetence, involving a snake, is not for the squeamish. The Wolf is at home in the jungles of Columbia, and in the streets of an American city. A most dangerous man.

    Italian actress, Francesca Neri, plays Perrini’s wife, Selena. Her presence, along with her son Mauro, serve as reminders to Brewer, of the family he has lost. Selena makes several critical moral choices, that shows her determination to do what she feels she must. Brief, but noteworthy performances, are turned in by two others. John Leguizamo plays a loudmouthed heroin grower, who has dreams of a musical career. And John Turturro, steals the few scenes he appears in, as a jumpy, hustler type, mechanic.

    The action scenes in Columbia, while sprinkling in some elements of reality, are mostly standard Hollywood productions. There is no mistaking this for John Sayles’, “Men With Guns”. Plenty of gunplay and explosions all around, as Brewer finds he has “bitten off” more than he can chew, taking on the guerillas in their home grounds. Arnold’s computer graphic assisted ride through the rapids, and falls of a river is a quick thrill. Schwarzenegger should stand out among the natives, but he almost never seems the object of attention or curiosity. When the Wolf leaves Columbia, to launch another terrorist attack, this time in Washington D.C., the scene returns to America for the finale.

    There are a few twists and turns, with deception and duplicity on all sides. The finish is standard Hollywood fiction, and full of excess and implausibility. Collateral Damage is a change of pace for Schwarzenegger, but perhaps not as significant as the producers claim. The action is solid, with some creative special effects. The performances, by the principal cast, are enjoyable for the most part. And we almost reach the end, before Arnold delivers some one liners. Gramme Revell's score adds positively to the mix. The DVD features a standard making of featurette, as well as an informative, low key commentary by Director Andrew Davis. Like all of us, Arnold is getting older, but he is still a capable action hero....more info

  • Better than most of what Hollywood puts out.
    So many movies seem to have pretty people and music but not much plot, Collateral Damage is different. I thought the part about a terrorist strike in the U.S. was pretty well done, as was Brewer's reaction to seeing his 'family' killed. The behavior of our government all through the movie also struck me as being just the way the politicians (and CIA field types) would behave. I did like the way the FBI agent seemed more supportive to Brewer, some guys really would be that way. I do think that our hero's preparations for his trip to Columbia (what was he going to do down there, beat the guy to death with his bare hands?)could've been better and most of the Columbian action seemed pretty silly to me. Brewer keeps stumbling and falling around, most of us would, but the unlikely part is the way he keeps getting beatings that would surely break or at least crack some bones. I actually did't mind that the good guy never touched a gun, he sure made a mess of things with his improvised devices. The back in the U.S. action scenes had a couple of surprises and I thought seemed more believable to me, no impossible beatings but a lot of pretty sensible action. This is the first Schwarzenegger as an American movie that I've seen that doesn't ignore his still obvious Austrian accent, there's a joke or two about that in the story. I wouldn't mind watching this one again....more info
  • arnold lost most hair i turned it off sooo bad
    wow so bad it hurts
    i mean baddddddddddddddddddddd
    arnold looks like he just got outa heart surgery
    lou ferrigno looks a lot better at this age
    wow plot really out there
    fireman goes into jungle
    then u got the guy from the pest as a bad guy lol
    first dvd ive ever turned off...more info
  • Not Bad
    Not bad for his 2nd to last film. I'd say this was definately better than Terminator 3, which was somewhat of a letdown. Arnold plays a real guy in this movie who has a real personality, unlike in some of his others. He is also humbled a little more, and by that I mean he gets the crap beat out of him in some scenes, so don't expect a Commando re-hash. I'd say that this also has alot of meaning compared to Arnold's other beat-em up shoot-em up flicks. But, you won't be let down with the action that is also included in this film, it's just more meaningful. I think you'll like this if you like Arnold, but also appreciate intelligence and substance. If you liked True Lies, you'll like this....more info
  • Terrible; Even Arnie's Humor Absent
    Arnold could not afford to lose his sense of humor in his acting roles because of his extremely limited range of acting ability. Unfortunately, that is exactly what he does here. He also needs the directing talent of that action wunderking James Cameron, with whom he did his best work. Andrew Davis is no Cameron. Arnold also is too old for this genre. If is going to continue to act, he is going to have to try some other kinds of roles or be the "senior" with a younger actor as an action duo. These are all big problems but the biggest of all is the stupidest, most implausible script imaginable. I don't mean the beginning of the film where there is a terrorist act to launch the movie into overdrive. We all know that is plausible. No, I mean Arnie's going to Columbia to take on the terrorist man-to-man and, incredibly enough, the terrorist's wife and child as a potential new love and family interest. This movie just gets worse and worse with every passing minute. Hubby hated it too....more info
  • Average Arnold Vehicle
    Although the big media hype was in not releasing it as scheduled in late 2001, it's just a normal, average Schwarzenegger action film. On the up side, the plot doesn't include the bad puns of Commando, or focus solely upon special effects or a death a minute. There's a plot, Schwarzenegger plays it straight, serious, and very, very well. The effects are good, but do not overwhelm the story line. And there's a plot twist that you simply do not expect.

    The down side is there's an undertone of typical Hollywood government conspiracy baloney, but the more egregious parts may have been edited out. As it stands, there are things that are just plain silly about the State Department and CIA sub-plot. And the scene where the FBI terrorist investigation guys are told by a CIA guy that when they have "full security clearance," then "Intelligence" would cooperate was a sardonically funny example of the screenwriter's profound ignorance of his own government.

    It's ok, but frankly, I prefer True Lies, Total Recall and Conan the Barbarian....more info

  • Watching this movie causes brain damage
    Collateral Damage was Arnold Schwarzenegger's next to last movie before entering California politics. It's a good thing he changed careers. A few more stinkers like this and he wouldn't continue to work in Hollywood. Yes this is another of the movies that belong in the Lesser Schwarzenegger pile right under the 6th Day and Batman & Robin. Brain Damage is a better title for this movie because you'll need to be in order to enjoy this movie.
    Arnold plays surprise-a guy named John (again-don't these action heroes have any other name other than Jack or John? No Daves, Earls, or Lyles around to kick butt?) who is a firefighter who saw his family murdered by terrorists. He decides with no military training or skills to go into the Amazon rain forest to seek out the terrorists and kill them. The film tries to be complex, but goes nowhere fast. I wound up checking out of this movie around the hour mark and came back to see the ending only because nothing else was on TV. True to formula Jack kills the bad guys after spouting the clever clich¨¦.
    Watching Collateral damage will give you brain damage. Avoid this waste of time at all costs. For a good bad action movie fix get Deadly Heroes, American Ninja, or American Ninja 2. Or you could get one of the better Schwarzenegger movies like Commando, True Lies, Terminator Total Recall or T2.
    ...more info
  • Commando 2001: Arnie Goes to Columbia
    First of all, let me get something straight, Collateral Damage is a bad film and is not even on the same plane as Commando as action movies go in general. That being said, there are some flashes of the old Schwarzenegger in Collateral Damage. This time Arnold plays a city firefighter whose family is killed in a botched assasination attempt. Arnold watches it all unfold before his very eyes and becomes obsessed with finding "El Lobo" or The Wolf, the man responsible for killing his wife and son. Which leads him to the jungles of Columbia where he tries to hunt and kill El Lobo. There are some plot twists along the way and eventually Arnie finds his way back to the States. The film as a whole works much better when it is set in the United States. The flow is better, the story is clearer and the goal is obtainable. The sequences in Columbia are muddled and confusing. To make matters worse, needless characters are interspersed with little or no value to the story (ala John Leguizamo and John Tuturro). The ending was surprisingly satisfying which made me think back to the glory days of Commando, Terminator and Raw Deal. There is a whole lot less violence in this Schwarzenegger installment than most but it is used in effective spurts. Anyway, the ultimate payoff is there but the journey isn't worth the reward. Cable fare at best....more info
  • Better than expected, but not as good as it needs to be
    Collateral Damage threatens to become a good film on several occasions but never quite makes it. Partially it's due to the post 9/11 re-editing that played down the innocent civilian casualties in Arnie's quest for vengeance on Colombia terrorists, but more because it seems that the script was probably rewritten a few too many times to accommodate the Austrian Oak. Some swipes at the duplicity and counterproductive nature of American intervention in South America survive as the war hits home, but the film is ultimately content to turn its revolutionaries into cardboard fanatics (not to mention throwing in a ridiculous scene with a snake in case we don't get the point) and go for the big bangs. Still one of its stars better pictures of the last 12 or so years, though....more info
  • Schwarzenegger at it's best again and against terrorism...
    This is an outstanding action movie that was due out over a year ago but because of 9/11, it was delayed. Was it worth the wait, you betcha!!! This movie has suspense, plot, interesting characters and enough action to satify the diehard fans of Arnold. The villian is very sinister as he killed his wife and kid. One should know to never do that to his family, or they shall pay dearly at the hands of this superhero. You got to watch the snake scene and the scene where Arnold does the Mike Tyson routine, which i watch over and over again. This is how you do it Mike. The visual landscape of Columbia is remarkable and very realistic. Can one survive after falling from the top of a waterfall? I wouldn't want to find out.

    The movie was directed by Andrew Davis, who also directed 'The Fugitive' starring Harrison Ford. He knows how to direct action/suspense movies to a tee, but i'm kinda wondering why there are so many great deleted scenes that was left out. Maybe it was too long which is why you should rent the DVD version to see those scenes too. There is a reason why both Ebert & Roeper gave this movie 'Two Thumbs Up!'. Once you see it, you will know why. Highly recommended watching for fans of Arnold, who is at his best again....more info

  • Collateral Damage with Arnold Schwarenneger
    Collateral Damage is the great and partially real action film in which Arnold Schwarzenger plays a fireman hell bent on getting his hands on the Terrorist who killed his wife and kid and many other citizens near a shopping mall.

    With the attacks on Sept 11 , movies have tried to cash in but Collateral Damage is different. Arnold even dedicated the movie to firefighters everywhere in an interview with Byron Allen.

    The movie is brilliant in showing what only what the motivation behind terrorist attacks , but the depiction of slow agencies like fbi to counter these terrorist attacks.

    Basically, the FBI and CIA tell Gorden Brewer(Arnold Schwarzennger) that they are working to bring down the terrorist who killed his family, when in fact they have no good leads on the suspect.

    Rather, than sitting on his butt, and waiting for the FBI to do something, Gordon takes the law into his own hands and seeks to get justice for his family by going into Columbia and getting ''The Wolf''(Cliff Curtis) as the terrorist is called.

    There is a great scene in which Gordon goes crazy and literally beats the hell out of a cold-blooded radio news reporter who says that the victims are pure garbage by saying their ''collateral damage''. The radio reporter explains the reasons behind terrorist attacks but shows no feeling for victims. I loved this scene, because this reporter clearly has no remorse for the dead. He probably has no family of his own, and doesn't know the meaning of life, except to cover his own.

    Now you might say to yourself what's the difference between Arnold's character (who is going for justice) and the terrorist well here is the big difference from Arnold himself: ''The difference between me and you is that I am only going to kill you''.

    Unbelievable action and twists at the end, that you're literally be on the edge of youre seat, and just when you think the movie is over.... it's not !!!

    Director Andrew Davis not only gives a fact type based movie based on Columbia, but also a factual based type movie that deals with Terrorism and the lessons that we must learn to see that things like this don't happen again.
    In fact, most people will remember the horrible case of Wall Street Reporter , Daniel Pearl, who was executed after the U.S. failed to meet the demands of the Middle East terrorist holding.

    The U.S. should have gone after these terrorists like the way Arnold does in this movie. but then the U.S. does not have a great track record when it comes to nailing terrorist even going back to the 1970's the U.S. supported and backed up
    madmen like General Pinochet in Chile and dictator Samoza in Nicaragua. Both of them killed hundreds of people with U.S. backing and funding.

    Still though ''Collateral Damage'' is a great action film that you must see.
    ...more info
  • not arnolds best but could've been better
    i thought this movie was great as a terrorist thriller, the action was decent but pretty weak at times and could've been better, the story was good having terrorists kill his family and then he comes right after them in columbia in a great adventure, the action scenes were a bit dull for an arnold movie but still i enjoyed it for the adventure & suspense....more info