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Mirrors (Unrated)
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  • Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Angela Carson: Mirrors are just glass and silver, Ben. That's it. There's nothing behind them.

    Short Attention Span Summary (SASS):

    1. Ex-cop Ben Carson (Keifer Sutherland) is forced by necessity to take a job as a night watchman at a Department Store that has been gutted by a major fire.
    2. It doesn't take him 24 hours to find out that something's not quite right with his new job
    3. Sure enough, he soon learns that the Department Store was once a totally different type of institution, and that the man who burned it down had also killed his own family. Strangely enough, the large mirrors in the building have all survived the destruction.
    4. When the hallucinations start, Ben starts digging around, and discovers a clue - the word "esseker"
    5. No prizes for guessing that something evil lurks in the mirror world, and soon Ben's family become targets.
    6. It's up to Ben to find a way to save his family, and his time is almost up.

    This is a creepy, gritty sort of horror flick that will have you thinking twice about looking into the mirror, even if you've never before been able to pass one by without checking yourself out. A bit of gore here and there adds to the drama, but the spine-tingling bits occur in the quieter moments. The ending however, isn't so much anticlimactic as understated. Recommended for folk who like to get their creep on.

    Ben Carson: You gotta be careful of the water, it creates reflections!

    Amanda Richards...more info
  • If you'ved seen've seen Mirrors
    The effects are better in Mirrors than in 24, but the plot is the same. In 24 Sutherland tracks down imaginary terrorists to protect ignorant innocent people, and in Mirrors he hunts down the invisible evil spirit in mirrors that are attacking ignorant innocent people--including his family. He plays the same self-centered, psycho-dramatic character who knows he is doing the right thing despite his schizo-paranoid tendencies. He saves the day and the paranoid wacko becomes the hero of the day, yet again. The end. It is not that scary, and the suspense only picks up after approximately 50 minutes into the movie when a storyline actually develops. This is not a movie to see let alone buy, unless you are just as confused as Sutherland and his writers are as to what constitutes suspense and perplexed heroic characters. ...more info
  • Vengeful Ghost Deja Vu. Spotty.
    Ok. So here we go again with a "vengeful ghost" story.

    There were just some things that were a bit....inconsistent.

    1. How often do you really see a person running through a subway where EVERY SINGLE DOOR IS LOCKED? I understand that they needed a reason to kill the first character to get the ball rolling. But come on. That was stretching it a bit far.

    2. Can we really believe that this Dark Force (that was so omniscient that it could turn water into a death trap) who wanted back this nun was not powerful enough to find her in a convent?

    It was OK to burn up a couple of hours, but this is not a movie that you will want to see time and time again....more info
  • good horror movie
    now adays it is hard to find a good horror film worth watching but i must say that this is one. i am a huge horror fan and am very picky with alot of these horror films that come out now but this is a raw one right here. good story, good twist at the end and gory! did i mention gory! these pg13 horror movies now just spoil it now but this is straight horror at its best. i will be buying the blu ray myself....more info
  • Chalk up Another Lousy Asian Horror Remake
    Ugh, was this flick a bore! Jack Bauer running around with a flashlight in a burnt out department store while CGI cracks run through multiple mirrors....oooh scary. I actually got pretty angry watching this flick, as a fan of both Sutherland and Aja, I expected a tense and frightening flick. The talent is here, but completely wasted. The singature suspense found in most Aja flicks is completely absent. Kiefer Sutherland does his best morose Jack Bauer impersonation as a drug addled ex-cop trying to cope with a mistake made while he was still on the job. Finding a position as a night watchman in a burned out NYC department store, he suddenly finds himself facing down an evil force that travels through various mirrors and reflective surfaces. The characters are dull, the special effects are Sci-Fi channel original movie quality, and basic storyline is non-sensical. While Aja does inject a couple frightening scenes here and there, it's way too little, way too late to keep any interest.
    Avoid this sucker, re-watch an old season of "24" or "The Lost Boys" to see Sutherland on top of his game, or re-watch "High Tension" or "The Hills Have Eyes" to see Aja's better work....more info
  • Bad Movie
    Just saw this movie last night and was bad. The story jumped all over the place and it went all wrong. It basically involved this guy, who was a cop, and was having family issues. He took a new job, and the mirrors were responsible somehow for problems that were going on. From there, our "main character" - goes all around to find answers and save his family. If the plot sounds confusing to follow, it isn't because my summary is random, it is because that is the way the movie is. Another problem was the music in the film - it totally sounded way too over the top. Another problem was the fact that the movie had like 3 plots happening at once, and not enough time was spent developing any of them.

    The DVD was made professional enough, and while the menu looked great with all the bonus features, it wasn't enough to save this mess of a movie. ...more info
  • Scary and Fun
    Reading some peoples reviews you would swear their Siskel & Ebert wanna be's ... I love Kiefer Sutherland so anything he's in i will probably like. I thought the movie was good, something new other than your typical slasher flick. I also really like Amy Smart, the Unrated version is a bit gory and Amy Smart's character dies in a bizarre creepy way. I enjoyed it, unlike The Unborn which was horrible and i just recently watched as well. I think Mirrors is worth adding to a dvd collection....more info
  • (2.5 STARS) A Little Disappointing Horror Flick from the Director of "High Tension"
    A former NYPD detective Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) is hired as a security guard doing a night shift at a ruined department store that burnt down five years ago. Ben, still traumatized by one tragic accident, starts to see weird things there at midnight. And those things have something to do with mirrors that still remain in this dilapidated building.

    The story of "Mirrors" may be based on a Korean film made in 2003 named "Geoul sokeuro" (which I haven't seen), but the thriller's touch is definitely that of Alexandre Aja, known for his "High Tension" and the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes." Remember that his latest film as director includes more than one gruesome (and gory) death and some disturbing images.

    Unfortunately it seems Alexandre Aja is not interested in other parts of the film. Though the images of the run-down New York department store and its interiors (actually shot in Romania) are very spooky, "Mirrors" relies on a familiar tactic to scare you such as sudden big noises. Yes, I jumped in the seat several times, I admit, but this is not exactly what I had expected form the one who directed "High Tension."

    I am not perfectly sure that "Mirrors" was really the right choice for the director. The mysteries surrounding the mirrors and the strange visions Ben has are not very interesting. In fact Ben doesn't have to think much to get the answer. Besides, the film shows only half-hearted effort in its protagonist's character in spite of Kiefer Sutherland's energetic acting. I couldn't understand why he had to be so obsessed with these creepy mirrors when all he has to do is just quit the job.

    The film is not bad as some people say, but not great either. I hope Alexandre Aja will do better next time....more info
  • Decent Spooky Flick
    "Mirrors" has Keifer Sutherland as a night watchman at a haunted building.

    The casting for this one is puzzling. Sutherlands wife and child in the movie seem miscast, at best.

    The acting is decent and the storyline is decent. Overall the movie is, you guessed it...... decent.

    Pretty typical of today's horror films. Potential to sizzle, but tendency to fizzle....more info
  • Not a Good Movie
    One of the worse horror movies i have eveer seen
    Don't waste your money to see this stupid movie...more info
  • SHOULD'VE done for reflections what Jaws did for the water(2.5 stars)
    ... but instead it did for Alexandre Aja's stock what the economic recession did for the car industries-- dropped it harder and faster than a hammer onto a sleeping and sexually abusive stepfathers skull. Much like my aforementioned(and tastless) comparison, Mirrors is such a forced mess that it makes you wonder just what the man behind two of the best horror offerings from the new millenium was going for? The film tells the tale of an ex-cop(played by Keifer Sutherland in complete Jack Bauer of TV's 24 mode) who takes a night security job at a burned up department store. We're not talking about just any run-of-the-mill Macy's here though, it's got a grisley and mysterious past! You see, during one particularly "creepy" Fall sale, the store decided to sell mock-neck sweaters under the false pretenses of being full turtle necks... AND ALL SALES WERE FINAL! Okay, maybe the movie isn't THAT bad, but it's plot from this point on is about as compelling. In actuality it turns out that the store was built over the remains of a mental hospital accustomed to shady going-ons(are there any other kind?) and it's up to our anti-hero(he's a pill and alcohol abuser and generally bad husband and father, hence the "anti" before the "hero") to figure out what's going on before his life completely unravels. From here on we get some great and genuinely unnerving moments involving the mirrors in the building, unevenly split with some extreme(and excellent) moments of grue. Here lies the films main problem-- direction. Not direction as in how it was filmed(Aja can shoot a great looking movie no doubt), but rather; direction as in where it's going and what it's deal is exactly. Is it a ghost story, a demonic possession film, a slow-burn haunted house tale, a brooding mystery? Oh it's all that and more! The problem is, it's not only highly noticable everytime the movie does a 90 degree turn and reinvents itself, it's also jarring(including a Hollywood style, action-packed, CGI-laden final showdown that's pretty lame). Calling Mirrors a movie(singular) would be a mistake, because it's actually movies(plural) rolled into a watchable but ultimately unmemorable 110 minutes(even though 109 of those minutes feature Keifer screaming at inanimate objects, which never gets old!). 2.5 stars, not one of the worst horror films of 2008, but far from one of the best(here's to Alexandre Aja bouncing back with his next offering Piranha-- although it is his 3rd remake in a row?!). ...more info
  • yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the only thing scary in this movie was the acting, whoever played sutherlands seperated wife was brutal, and kiefer was as bad an actor as the children, dumb plot too, this is a renter at best for a night with nothing to do, it will help you fall to sleep...more info
  • I'm Still Shaken
    This is a great movie I couldn't look in the mirror for a few days after seeing this movie!

    All I can say is whewwwwwwwwww!

    Bottom Line is I'm still shaken in my boots!...more info
  • What were they thinking?!
    First, just let me say that I am BAFFLED by all the positive reviews I've seen for this movie...are you people on drugs??

    I was SO excited to see this! It looked really great...and now that I've seen it, I want my damn money back!

    It started off good enough. The first half hour, 45 minutes or so...but then it went totally down hill. The story could have been great if they'd left it alone and stopped trying to add in all these different back stories that were REALLY unnecessary. It made me feel like I was watching 3 or 4 different movies at they couldn't decide on a plot. And in the scenes where our lead goes to Pennsylvania...I almost lost it. I could not stop laughing at how awful these 2 or 3 scenes were. On EVERY level. The acting, the dialogue, the overall things that happened in these scenes...RIDICULOUS and unrealistic.

    And the acting...the acting was AWFUL. By everyone! Paula Patton is, by far, one of the worst actresses I have EVER seen. She should NOT be allowed to speak...EVER. Even Kiefer Sutherland, the lead, did a pretty horrific job. The old lady near the end and Amy Smart were the best, believe it or not. It was just VERY hard to care about ANYONE in this movie.

    Back to the plot...there were like 3. Its like they couldn't decide where to take it, so they took it EVERYWHERE. Why not just decide on ONE plot and ONE story and try to make it really great? I guess that would be too easy. They've thrown in so much, I almost forgot what I was watching. It was so choppy and uneven and it had NO flow. The "twist" ending (which is apparently identical to the original korean film) could have been good, but they did nothing to offer ANY explanation as to why or how it just created another plot hole, therefore, it didn't work at all. There were a few things I did enjoy, a few of the effects with the mirrors were pretty cool...just a FEW...most were terrible and cheesy. Very bad CGI.

    I can't say that I'm too surprised given that this was done by the same guy who did High Tension (which could have been great without ALL the ridiculous plot holes and horrid ending) and The Hills Have Eyes remake (which was just awful in general. WAY too over the top and just a bad, ugly, gritty movie). Given that, Mirrors just never had a chance. Its no wonder to me why it seemed to just pop up out of nowhere, it wasn't screened for critics (which is SUCH a bad sign), and I strongly believe that if they hadn't found a decent, subtle, creepy way to market this would have gone directly to DVD. It should have.

    Overall, I think this movie probably started off as a really great do all remakes of asian horror films, but, like all those other went VERY wrong. Mostly because the writers seemed to have no self control. Everything but the kitchen sink, right?

    I saw 3 people I knew as I was walking out of the theatre and I convinced them to see something else.

    I suggest you all do the same....more info
  • Major plot holes, but not bad overall
    If you like horror films, and/or Kiefer Sutherland, you'll probably like this. If it had a younger leading man, it probably would have been a hit with the younger crowd. As it is, the story isn't really sophisticated enough for adults, but it's fun, anyway....more info
  • !!!SRORRIM
    I thought Mirrors was pretty good. Kiefer Sutherland does an awesome job, just like in '24'! There were some scenes that were kinda creepy. Although I was a little disappointed about the ending. If you love horror and Kiefer Sutherland, you might like MIRRORS!!! ...more info
  • Didn't like it at first, but it's growing on me *** ?

    *** ? Out of 5

    Release Date- August 15th, 2008

    Running Time- 110-Minutes

    Rating- R

    Screenplay- Alexandre Aja & Gregory Levasseur

    Director- Alexandre Aja

    Starring- Kiefer Sutherland, Paula Patton, Amy Smart, Cameron Boyce, Erica Gluck, Mary Beth Peil

    Upon my first viewing of Mirrors I really didn't care for the movie at all I suppose maybe my expectations were too high; I've been a fan of Kiefer Sutherland since I was 9-years old after seeing Young Guns and now with 24 he's easily one of my very favorite actors of all time and I think Alexandre Aja has potential to be a great horror filmmaker so with these two involved I expected a lot more. But watching Mirrors again I've gained a little more appreciation for the movie; while far from a classic it does serve it's purpose as a fun if not very flawed movie.

    The screenplay by Alexandre Aja & Gregory Levasseur for the most part was pretty good; the characters are fairly interesting and are developed a bit as well. While not the greatest characters in a horror movie they are more than faceless characters. There is a good amount of drama added in and actually I think the dramatic elements worked better than the horror. I found myself more interested in the drama and that is where I found the writing to be at the best. Overall the screenplay might be lacking in some spots, but I suppose it's better than most horror screenplays these days.

    After bursting onto the scene with Haute Tension, Alexandre Aja I feel hasn't lived up to his potential. While I did enjoy The Hills Have Eyes remake I also felt it could have been better. And with Mirrors he seems to be staying put rather than moving forward. The thing about Aja is that me makes violence really scary. In general when it comes to horror the violence isn't the scary part it's the build up, but Aja is one of those filmmakers that can make the violence really creepy.

    With Mirrors Aja does well I suppose; the pace of the movie is good I can't say I was ever bored during the movie, but I found the suspense and tension to be slightly lacking and that is the biggest problem. Aja can make a suspenseful movie. Haute Tension is proof of that. When the killer shows up and starts killing people in the house were some of the most tension filled scenes I've seen in a long time. But since Haute Tension I don't think Aja has lived up to that potential even though he's always right about to reach it. Again Mirrors is never really slow and always moves forward so in that regard he gets the job done, but it's just the suspense and tension lack at times.

    Unlike his other movies Mirrors is a much more character driven movie that relies more on the characters and suspense than that of the violence. I think Alexandre Aja does fairly well with the characters and his dramatic scenes are the ones that work best oddly enough, but his suspense scenes don't work as well. Essentially I think the biggest problem is Mirrors is one of those movies you watch then sort of forget. You know those movies you watch and than a bit later someone asks you about it, but you can't remember the details? Well that's sort of what Mirrors was like for me. While I did enjoy the movie the 2nd time around it's still sort of forgettable.

    The one thing we know about Alexandre Aja is the man loves his gore and Mirrors while violent is nowhere near the level of Haute Tension or The Hills Have Eyes, but the few gore scenes were quite brutal only brought down by some shoddy CGI. The jaw ripping scene was awesome, but the CGI was a little poor. That is tough to pull off, but Adam Green did in Hatchet without the use of CGI. But the gore was excellent, but the CGI slightly brings it down. I don't wanna spoil anything, but a certain character who was engulfed in flames was some really poor CGI it really looked bad. But despite some suspect CGI the gore scenes were pretty cool and the jaw ripping scene was the highlight.

    Kiefer Sutherland plays Jack Bauer um I mean Ben Carson and Sutherland like always gives an excellent performance, but it's as if he made a wrong turn on the set of 24 and ended up on the Mirrors set. Sutherland is pretty much playing Jack Bauer. The final act is where it really shows if you just walked into the room and saw this on screen your first thought would be 24. First thing I wanna say is Jack Bauer is one of the greatest characters of all time and Sutherland plays the role to perfection, but he has a lot of depth and range as an actor and it's a shame to see him reduced to pretty much playing the same role.

    Paula Patton as Amy Carson also provides a solid performance and that brings me back to the drama element. I liked the basic idea with the characters even if a little clich¨¦d, Ben Carson is the troubled ex cop sort of a broken down man and he is separated from his wife. While we have seen this done plenty of times in all genres, I think it added a lot of depth to Ben and Amy Carson and that's why I said I think the dramatic scenes is where Aja & Levasseur get it right in their writing and where Aja does excellent as director.

    In closing Mirrors isn't a bad movie it's never really boring, but just lacks the suspense and tension. Don't go in expecting Haute Tension, but if you don't expect too much you'll probably enjoy the movie. Hopefully Alexandre Aja can reclaim what he did with Haute Tension. But he needs to chill with all the remakes. Mirrors, though makes for a fun time, but sort of forgettable.

    The Blu-ray is amazing. The picture and sound quality are excellent, the picture is sharp and the colors are excellent. Of all the BD I own Mirrors easily ranks as one of my favorites....more info
  • A thinking person's film
    Quite simply, "Mirrors" is the most terrifying movie I've seen to date. What is especially effective is the director's reliance on the viewer's intelligence to put the pieces together to discover the source and power of the evil entity behind the supernatural. A convoluted sentence to be sure, but it properly outlines the struts of the horror behind the mirrors.

    Just as in real life, we often do not get information in an orderly manner in a movie. We get bits and pieces which we must order into a reasonable explanation of what is not explainable. So it is with "Mirrors." Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) is the connected character, the one with the job in the burned out hull of a previous luxurious department store. Kiefer replaced the previous night-watchman, who appears in the first scene and is destroyed by horrific forces behind the mirrors. That's what I mean by displaced order. What one has to do with the other is the viewer's task to figure out, even as Kiefer does.

    The first 30 minutes are slow, even with grotesque violence, but as in any powerful horror movie, the effects must accrue into unbearable suspense. Kiefer exhibits a wonderful mix between crippling fear and strict determination to conquer what's behind the mirrors. His years as a NYPD detective pan out in obtaining information and evidence in tracking the source of the evil.

    Every mind-bending revelation of the story of the mirrors adds to the horror. He discovers that a state hospital for the insane was the original occupant of the site where the burned out department store stands. Experimental testing with mirrors caused the original troubles.

    Suffice it to say that Kiefer must find that testing subject before he can save his family. Save them from what? You may not want to know!

    "Mirrors" is a complex film which requires complex reflection (pardon the pun) to appreciate the tangled plot threads of the story. Special recognition goes to the young actor who plays Kiefer's son for his creepy scene toward the end. He had my attention! The weak link is Paula Patton, there just to be a haridan and to overact.

    The final scene elicits the greatest terror of all. Again, the viewer must be responsible and competent in paying attention to all the details. If he or she does, "Mirrors" is a very rewarding, if horrific viewing experience. That final, haunting scene will stay with you for a very long time.
    ...more info
  • Reflection of Fear
    I saw the Theatrical version the first weekend out and thoroughly enjoyed MIRRORS.I did feel that something was missing, and once again the Unrated Version has proven to be the gold standard.MIRRORS UNRATED packages both the Theatrical and the Unrated together, so you can see the two edits of the film on the same disk.Fabulously Eerie with its supernatural elements, the story brings you through the experience as we come to the final terrifying twist in the story. The disk is made for a 5.1 setup with its great audio, and specifically its ghostly audio that adds much to its spectacularly spookiness. Kiefer's performance brings up a brilliant scare. Its an excellent watch.
    DVD: Great extras.I don't agree with the deletes but thats the fun of the movies. The making of show a great deal of how this scare-fest was put together. HAVE FUN !!!...more info
  • "Jack Bauer Vs. The Mirrors"---Decent but Flawed Adaptation of South Korean Horror film "Into the Mirror"
    Produced by Korean filmmaker Eun Young-Kim and directed by Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension), "MIRRORS" isn't exactly an official remake of the South Korean horror film "Into the Mirror" (aka. Geoul Sakeuro, 2003, directed by Sung-Ho Kim) but it does have pretty strong similarities (most specially the opening credits) since it is based on the Asian horror film. The "Americanization" of Asian Horror films are usually a miss more than a hit--with Aja at the helm as director, Eastern subtlety, slow suggestive, methodical creepiness is replaced by aggressive, grand displays of special effects--such a show-off approach does improve on the original when it comes to pace but doesn't necessarily make it a better film.

    Ben Carson (Keifer Sutherland, "24") is a problematic ex-cop, he has a estranged relationship with his wife, Amy (sexy Paula Patton), has two kids and he is bunking with his baby sister Angela (sexy Amy Smart) until he gets back on his feet. Ben gets a job as a watchman in a burnt out department store called "Mayflower". Strangely, the burnt out store has unusually well-preserved mirrors--there is something sinister about them. When your reflection dies in the mirror, then you suffer the same fate. Demons from the past want something from everyone who had ever taken the job as night watchman--now, Ben must get to the bottom of the mystery of "Esseker", before it is too late to save himself and his family....

    With Alexandre Aja at the helm as director, then the expectations from horror fans will be expectedly a little high. I suppose the best way to approach "Mirrors" is by lowering your expectations. Aja cleverly only keeps the opening act, the climax, and the main premise from "Into the Mirror". This U.S. unrated version is more visceral and does have more blood and gore than the original. "Into the Mirror" does have a relevant social commentary that added some essential "meat" to its plot. However, the original also does have quite a number of dull moments and too many missed opportunities, with a subplot that is totally underdeveloped. Aja's approach is kept simple, it approaches a more visceral and violent approach with more effective use of special effects. The computer-generated set designs in the American version is also a lot creepier than the brightly lit, newly re-opened store in the Korean version.

    The main premise of "Mirrors" and "Into the Mirror", you guessed it, are mirrors. There are legends involving mirrors as another walkthrough to an alternate world, and that mirrors can used to capture hidden "demonic" entities. This legend was partly touched on in the opening act of "Constantine" and this film further expends on this premise. The plot also hits on some medical theories about schizophrenia and demonic possession. The laws of the "mirrors" may not be totally defined or fleshed out in this film but it does provide a good idea for a scary experience.

    The problems with "Mirrors" begin with the script and the dialogue. Considering the assumed limits of Aja's English knowledge, the dialogue is pretty much obligatory and very dry. Also, the part with Ben's estranged relationship with his wife Amy is too perfunctory. I'm not sure, Sutherland managed to express some emotions but the style is too similar to his "Jack Bauer" portrayal that makes the "meant to be" scary scenes a little funny with a predictable climax after the encounter with the nightmarish ghoul. I really felt as if Aja meant for it to be this way but ended up hampering the film a little. The family tension also overstays its welcome after awhile and Ben`s trip to the backwoods was too formulaic and too reminiscent of Asian horror films. I rather thought that the powerful social criticism and the subtle doses of satire in the Korean version may have assisted the film's screenplay.

    Despite the uninspired script, the film is competently directed. I was impressed as to how Aja managed the shots, I would imagine that it would be a little difficult to shoot a film with a lot of mirrors (thank goodness for CGI) and Aja's set designs were creepy enough. The set ups for the gore scenes were well-directed and the film does have its share of unsettling images. The film's greatest strengths will have to be the opening scene, the one with mangled jaw, the flashbacks with a young Anna Esseker and Ben's first night in the burnt out building; accompanied by an ominous score by Javier Navarrete, the film does have its suspenseful moments.

    "Mirrors" is a more decent attempt at an Asian horror re-imagining despite its many flaws and the weaknesses of the script. I was just disappointed that the mythos of the mirrors themselves and of doppelgangers weren't more efficiently explored and settled to just become one more "visually inspired" horror experience. The climax is also very predictable. "Mirrors" is perfectly watchable although it is definitely forgettable and wouldn't stand out.

    Recommended with caution to horror maniacs, but a RENTAL to experienced viewers. [3 Stars]

    ...more info
  • Mirrors
    Holy Smokes. If you like Demons and Possesion and having the fur scared off of you, this is the movie to see. It is very disturbing.. This one will last in my mind for a few days. Maybe even a few years. WOW!!!!...more info
    Keifer Sutherland has become a force to be reckoned with. Not only does he have one of the hottest shows on television in 24, he's made a series of films that have been hits as well. While his latest may not have broken records at the box office, it does offer some truly terrifying moments, something that is rarely seen in a world that prefers gore over scares in horror films. MIRR0RS may have a bit of well done special effects gore as well, but the story itself and the telling of it offer some truly scary moments.

    Sutherland stars as Ben Carson, a police detective down on his luck. Involved in a questionable shooting, he is on leave without pay. Drinking led to a separation with his wife and family. On medication, trying to get back on his feet, he takes a job as a night watchman in the burned out hulk of a building that once housed the biggest and best department store in the city.

    It seems that one of Ben's predecessors attempted to burn down the building a few years back, driven mad and killing his family prior to doing so. Now Ben steps into his shoes and those who followed, walking the halls of the blackened building making sure no one breaks in or damages it further.

    But something is strange here. Handprints on mirrors that seem to be everywhere in the building and visions of burning victims make Ben begin to question his sanity. Using the instincts honed by years on the force, he begins to investigate deeper into the building. The arrival of a package sent to him by the murdered previous night watchman leads Ben to look into the arsonist who burned down the building.

    The trail of clues gives Ben the sources that he needs to get to the bottom of things. But at the same time, the evil that resides in the building, in the mirrors, takes its toll. It murders Ben's sister in one of the most gruesome scenes found in recent years. And then it sets its sights on Ben's family, his ex-wife who thinks he's losing it and his two innocent children.

    As Ben races to find a solution to this puzzle, the evil in the mirrors gets closer and closer to his family. A discovery in the water filled basement of the building offers more clues, but time is not on Ben's side. With one way to put an end to the misery, Ben does all he can to save himself and his family.

    This movie works on so many levels. The mystery that finds Ben trying to find out what caused all of the happenings at this location is well thought out and believable in a horror film way. His dealing with his alcohol problem and trying to get his life together form an integral part of the story as well. And the family placed in jeopardy not because of his police work but because he lucked into the wrong job holds the viewer in suspense as well.

    The cast does a great job here. Sutherland shows torment and anguish well, working to cope with the most amazing scenes that play out before his eyes in the mirrors all around him. Underused is Amy Smart as his sister, offering solace and reaching a gory end. Paula Patton as wife Amy shows the biggest range going from shrill non-understanding wife to caring mother to supportive spouse all in one film.

    The effects are marvelous here. Not just the mirrors themselves that curve and poke when the evil is revealed but the gore effects are mind boggling. It's twisted but you can't seem to take your eyes off when Smart's death scene plays out. The sets for the store are magnificent and as much a part of the story as the rest.

    MIRRORS may not be for everyone. If you scare easily, tie yourself down while you watch. There are plenty of jump sequences and twists to give you nightmares of your own. The story unfolds well and the pacing makes you never look to see if you're close to the end yet. It's a well made horror film that offers scares. And that takes some doing in today's world.

    ...more info
  • Very Great Spooky Thriller
    I watch this movie practically every night. For two main reasons, first because Kiefer Sutherland is in it and second because I love thrills, chills and horror in movies. This movie was very creative when it comes to mirrors. I give it two thumbs up. The movie really opens up in a thrilling chilling scene where the prior security guard Kiefer will be replacing is running is the NYC subway station in Harlem from something creepy and winds up hiding in a locker room where he finds a small window which he hopes to escape through but to his "Oh F***!" surprise when he opens it he finds it is bricked up and he cannot get out. Being he has hit a dead end he turns around, apologizes to the mirrors and suffers the unthinkably brutal fate in store for him by the mirrors. And here is where the terrifying story opens! Watch on and enjoy!...more info