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  • Scary and Fun
    Reading some peoples reviews you would swear their Siskel & Ebert wanna be's ... I love Kiefer Sutherland so anything he's in i will probably like. I thought the movie was good, something new other than your typical slasher flick. I also really like Amy Smart, the Unrated version is a bit gory and Amy Smart's character dies in a bizarre creepy way. I enjoyed it, unlike The Unborn which was horrible and i just recently watched as well. I think Mirrors is worth adding to a dvd collection....more info
  • I'm Still Shaken
    This is a great movie I couldn't look in the mirror for a few days after seeing this movie!

    All I can say is whewwwwwwwwww!

    Bottom Line is I'm still shaken in my boots!...more info
  • A Very Creepy Horror Movie...
    Powerful performance, as expected, by Sutherland. Original plot and great acting make it a must see horror movie. A must see of any horror fan. Best of all it is a (A) movie so it doesn't need a lot of usless nudity to fill in the gaps in the plot. I was very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Creepy and not bad.
    CGI spoils it a little but smart directing by Alexandre Aja and supporting cast make this Asian horror remake very watchable.
    Kiefer leaves his mark, he's great in this, it may not be the best horror but at times it's creepy and entertaining.
    ...more info
  • Very Great Spooky Thriller
    I watch this movie practically every night. For two main reasons, first because Kiefer Sutherland is in it and second because I love thrills, chills and horror in movies. This movie was very creative when it comes to mirrors. I give it two thumbs up. The movie really opens up in a thrilling chilling scene where the prior security guard Kiefer will be replacing is running is the NYC subway station in Harlem from something creepy and winds up hiding in a locker room where he finds a small window which he hopes to escape through but to his "Oh F***!" surprise when he opens it he finds it is bricked up and he cannot get out. Being he has hit a dead end he turns around, apologizes to the mirrors and suffers the unthinkably brutal fate in store for him by the mirrors. And here is where the terrifying story opens! Watch on and enjoy!...more info
  • it almost had me
    demonic forces are automatically scary and kiefer sutherland is a great actor. he was very believable as the fallen cop struggling to get back his family and his life. when he takes a security guard job in a burnt out department store, we know he's in trouble because we know what happened to the guy he replaced.

    the idea of a supernatural entity living and traveling by mirrors is creepy but it wasn't enough to take this movie from a little fright to genuinely terrifying.

    the ending was a surprise so that was good but getting there was a little tedious. the dialogue wasn't as strong as the actor's performances. there was a lot of repeating where one actor would shout out something and the othe actor would repeat it shouting too. it happened enough that i started to laugh everytime one character echoed the other one. paula patton plays sutherland's wife. she was a little boring but i'm glad the moviemaker's chose to portray an interracial couple with no racial fanfare. the kids in the film were great. i recommend seeing this movie if you've got some time to kill on a lazy afternoon....more info
  • 24 Meets The Amityville Horror
    The only real reason I watched this flick was because of Keifer Sutherland. Sutherland's acting is by far one of the best in TV, and he proves that a mediocre horror story can be taken somewhat serious with good acting.

    Mirrors, which is a loose remake of a Korean film (Into The Mirror) tells the tale of recently retired L.A.P.D. officer Ben Carson taking a night shift job at an abandoned Dept Store. In this dept store weird and untypical things begin to occur and manifest; mainly through the mirrors do we see the horrifying nature of the film.

    The movie does bring out some good horror elements..But in all it felt a bit short. I felt as if the movie lacked true potential, it could have been much better if the story was written much like the original. Instead it's done the American way, which never really works...And the ending is not very original either. Rent only

    ...more info
  • The Unrated Version is "The Definitive" Version
    I rented this and it was pretty cool but a few scenes bugged me and I kinda laughed at how fake the fire looked in one scene in particular.
    The I said what the heck and bought it. I was surprised the version I'd seen was NOT the unrated version. I'll be honest the bath tub scene and the sheer scariness and brutality of it was enough to get me to purchase this dvd and for that I am not dissapointed, despite several flaw in both the script, the story and the effects. The thing that bothers me the most is this movie had the potential to be truly terrifying. From the trailer I saw it had potential written all over it and things got kinda fumbled on the potential part but i still an entertaining film thanks to Keifer and Amy Smart.

    If you had gotten to know his sister more, and really like her, perhaps she coudlve even had a bigger part? then the bathtub scene would have been that much more tramatic and gruesome and have garnered Keifer a bit more sympathy from us movie watchers. There's no reason at all togo with the theatrical version...Pity......more info
  • Disturbing imagery
    This was pretty good for Keefer. He is considered an actor for the small screen and made the step up to the big screen in this creepy horror flick. There is some disturbing imagery and some good acting. Keefer proves he can at least "hang" with big screen actors. And look forward to seeing him in more....more info
  • Poor picture quality. Good film.
    The worst picture quality of any blu-ray I own. Please buy the standard issue DVD, or rent the Blu-ray version of this film.
    This is a complete remake of a Korean film. A retired cop takes a night watchman job in a burnt out department store. The mirrors in the store are not what they seem. A creepy, well done horror film with some good scares.
    After getting over all the static in the darker scenes, I really enjoyed the film. The acting is fantastic, I am impressed by the entire cast. Even the children interact with the supernatural in a very real and believable way. The make up, set design and score(*) all work to enhance the story.

    * (be sure to have your audio remote in hand...the score and audio effects are much louder than speech)

    The effects were excellent save for 2 very brief cg fire shots. Some entertaining extras including a fun and informative commentary gave me many hours of entertainment. The pip picture quality of the extras is absolutely crisp oddly enough. It would get 4 stars at least if the image quality were better.

    I recommend the movie, but don't think spending extra for the Blu-ray is a good idea.
    ...more info
  • Major plot holes, but not bad overall
    If you like horror films, and/or Kiefer Sutherland, you'll probably like this. If it had a younger leading man, it probably would have been a hit with the younger crowd. As it is, the story isn't really sophisticated enough for adults, but it's fun, anyway....more info
  • ***1/2 Stars
    ***1/2 Stars
    A solid psychological/supernatural thriller with a handful of scares. With it's great special efx and at times very stylish Argento like direction A. Aja's Mirrors hits more than it misses. The movie is not perfect it does have some issues but not enough to over shadow it's better qualities. ...more info
  • Formulaic horror provides scares, poorly crafted ending
    'Mirrors' is not too different from many a horror film that graced the screens in 2008, with the exception that it had a (sorta) marquee name with Kiefer Sutherland. That being said, it's a little bit better performed than most of your weekly multiplex scarefests. That doesn't neccessarily mean it's a better movie overall.

    The movie follows ex-cop Ben, played by Sutherland, as a security guard for a burnt up department store/former hospital that is tied up in the courts because of insurance claims. The setup follows standard issue horror films: It's night, it's lonely, it's haunted..by something in the mirrors. The scenes in the store provide a good share of scares, and Sutherland isn't as dimwitted as typical horror protagonists.

    But aside from acting and some good scares, there's little else going on here. The story has a good setup, as we try to figure out why the mirrors are all haunted. While the movie tries to serve up an answer, there seems to be holes in the explanation. In an effort to create a shocking conclusion, the film makers settle for a weak puzzler of an ending that features a big visual goof that provides little closure. I won't spoil it here, but will say that the "shocking" alternate ending doesn't help at all.

    Mirrors is a slightly better than average horror film, but it's still going through the motions. Really, it's nothing more than an excuse to make mirrors seem scare, just as similar films have made basements, phones, and videos forever seem frightening. If that is its sole purpose, it's mostly effective....more info
  • A Hodgepodge of Hauntings
    I wouldn't exactly say that "Mirrors" reflects badly on its producers. It does deliver a few genuine scares, including one really shocking scene involving a woman, naturally, in a bathtub. (It's amazing that any of us ever bathes or goes in a basement, considering the lessons of horror movies.)

    However, the hauntings in this movie are a completely implausible muddle. It's no use trying to figure out exactly how, why, or where the avenging entity appears as it does.

    Also, the movie doesn't take advantage of its own projected setting. The epicenter of the haunting is supposed to be an old, burned-out department store. There's no accompanying commentary on the disc, so I don't know where these scenes were actually shot. However, most aspects of the store look like extravagant, unconvincing computer generations. If some actual abandoned building could have been found as location, the movie would have had much more atmosphere. This sort of film cries out for its location to become another character in the unfolding action - just as the old, abandoned Danvers Mental Hospital in Massachusetts became such a portentous character in the thriller "Session 9."

    This film does try to capitalize on the inherent eeriness of mirrors, and on the suspicion many of us fleetingly entertain - that the reflection we see in the mirror has a life of its own. Again though, "Mirrors" ends up with less by doing more. There have been a few movies and TV episodes that played on this concept, but that featured reflections that moved just subtly out of synch with their fleshly counterparts. Just this shade of lag time made the reflections truly riveting and unnerving. However, here the reflections go off on radically different tangents. The obviousness of the mayhem they are going to launch detracts from the suspense.

    So "Mirrors" suffers from too many demonic manifestations that are too flagrant and ubiquitous. Nevertheless, this movie is good for a few chills and shudders....more info
  • yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the only thing scary in this movie was the acting, whoever played sutherlands seperated wife was brutal, and kiefer was as bad an actor as the children, dumb plot too, this is a renter at best for a night with nothing to do, it will help you fall to sleep...more info