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Rhoda: Season One
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp (music) Release Date: 04/21/2009

It’s easy to see why Rhoda fans are ecstatic that the series has finally appeared on DVD (with all 24 first-season episodes on four discs), a mere 35 years after its broadcast debut. Shows like this are the comedy equivalent of comfort food: uncomplicated, reliable, not very spicy but tasty and filling. Sitcom meatloaf, you might say. Spun off from Mary Tyler Moore by co-creators James L. Brooks (whose formidable resume as a writer, director, and producer also includes The Simpsons, Taxi, and movies like Broadcast News and As Good As It Gets) and Allan Burns, the show finds Valerie Harper’s Rhoda Morgenstern returning to her native New York after a decade in Minneapolis. What begins as a short visit turns into a full-blown homecoming when she meets and immediately falls for the manly-but-sensitive Joe Gerard (David Groh); Rhoda at first lives with dowdy, amusingly neurotic sister Brenda (Julie Kavner, later to achieve considerable fame and fortune as the voice of Marge Simpson), but we’re barely a third of the way into the season when she and Joe decide to tie the knot.

Debuting in 1974 (it ran for five years), Rhoda is an interesting reflection of its times. Harper’s character is a feminist ("Thank you, Ms. Magazine," she says when Brenda congratulates her for taking the initiative with Joe), but still old-fashioned enough to balk at moving in with a man before they’re married. Sexual revolution notwithstanding, references to sex are chaste and fleeting. And in this pre-PC era, the show is unabashedly, old-school ethnic, with its broad Bronx accents and Rhoda’s stereotypically hovering, meddling, hard-to-please Jewish mother (hilariously portrayed by Nancy Walker). But if it seems a little out of date, Rhoda makes up for that simply by being funny and likable; the hour-long "Rhoda’s Wedding," one of the highest-rated TV episodes of its time, is a riot, featuring Harper’s former Mary Tyler Moore mates (Moore, Ed Asner, Gavin MacLeod, Georgia Engel, and the inspired Cloris Leachman) having an absolute field day. And let’s not forget show producer Lorenzo Music as the drunken Carlton the Doorman, never seen but often heard via intercom. The sole bonus item is a paltry reminiscence with Brooks and Burns but none of the actors. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • Video quality
    There was always, even in the original broadcast differences in how the MTM shows looked. I remember this being brought up in the 70 and it was stated that some were filmed while others were video taped and that the picture looked different depending on how they were made. Now we are talking about the originals.

    I have purchased the new Rhoda DVD set and I am very pleased with what I have seen so far, about half of the series. The way people had been talking, I thought I was going to see something like how some of the old George Burns and Gracie Allen DVD's are.

    I agree that I do wish all the shows had been unedited. That is something I think all releases of all series should be forced to do so that the consumer gets something that they couldn't get for free on their local station or on a network like TV Land.

    One other note, while the Wedding episode is complete, they have altered the accordian music seen in the scenes before and after the wedding. The last scene originally had "Lady of Spain" playing as the background.

    Aside from the shows not being perfect in all ways, I will say this set is enjoyable to watch and fun as well. It may not be what fans would have hoped for, but trust me it could have been a lot worse. I would recommend this to fans of the show....more info
    Those looking for laughs and some of the best writing on television need Rhoda: Season One (Shout! Factory).
    From the very start of every episode, Rhoda Morgenstern gave you reason to love her when she affectionately warns "New York, this is your last chance!"
    This is a historic set, for its marks the 35th anniversary of the sitcom's debut; in 1974, Rhoda became the first The Mary Tyler Moore Show spin-off. (Leachman's Phyllis came in 1975; Ed Asner's Lou Grant in 1977.) Rhoda began when she goes home to New York for a visit and unexpectedly meets hunky hubby-to-be Joe (David Groh) and decides to leave Minneapolis for New York City.
    In the first season, Rhoda and Joe fall in love, get married and set up life together in spite of the non-stop meddling of Rhoda's overbearing mother Ida (played by that quicker picker-upper Nancy Walker); her needy depressed sister Brenda (Julia Kavner, now lending her nasal vocal talent to Marge from The Simpsons); Carlton the Doorman (heard but never seen, he was "played" by Lorenzo Music, one of the show' writers and producers) and Rhoda's loving but ineffectual father Martin (Harold Gould).
    The ratings roof-raiser one-special special "The Wedding" reunites Rhoda with her old pals from Minneapolis-Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner, Cloris Leachman, Gavin McLeod, Ted Knight and Georgia Engel. Remember Rhoda, wedding dress, subway? We're howling as we type!
    Rhoda remains fresh and funny. Time has been kind to her, perhaps of (a) the brilliant scripts, (b) the brilliant acting (c) the universal appeal of love and the healing power of laughter.
    She is woman. Hear her roar.
    Then roar back. With laughter.
    ...more info
  • At Last!
    I have been waiting for Rhoda to come out on Dvd for So long! I am always amazed when I go the store and see dvd releases of tv shows that are new shows, but you can't get all the seasons of MTM (the BEST comedy on tv, EVER) Who decides what shows are put out? I mean come on, the crappy shows seem to come out as soon as the current season ends! I enjoy reading all the reviews on amazon because I can tell you are all true fans of the show. My review is simply this: I loved Rhoda so much that I will take whatever they put out. I think if you reallly loved the show, it is worth the money. I already bought and watched all of season one, now I am wondering how many YEARS until season 2?? I wish they would simply offer the entire series on day one. I would buy it no matter what they charged for it. (For Rhoda & MTM only) I was very dissapointed in the "extras" with Rhoda. I too would like to have seen some interviews with the stars of the show. (I wonder if they will put Valerie out on dvd?) The season one dvd of MTM had the best extra stuff but then the other seasons had nothing much. Oh well. I am so angry over the bright idea to release the entire series after we bought seasons 1-4, but alas, I will buy it because these sitcoms of the '70's are worth it to me. Especially RHODA. She was always my favorite on MTM and I was so happy she got her own show. I did wish that they had just killed Joe off instead of divorcing them though. Rhoda waited too long for it to not work out, but that is just me, lol...more info
  • So Glad I Bought This!!
    After reading quite a few of the reviews on here, before ordering, I wasn't sure what to expect once I received my order.

    All I can say is that I think the picture quality is fine. I've watched the first 2 dvd's without any problem, at all. My tv is from 9/03, so I don't have an LCD or plasma tv. My tv is 25", not a flat screen or anything, just a plain old tv.

    Considering this show is 35 years old, I think the picture quality is amazing, and just feel grateful to even be able to purchase this show, at all.

    I think some of the critique on here was pretty harsh, but then I bought this show to relive a show I first came to love when I was 16 years old.

    It stands the test of time for me. I think any future buyers of this show will be happy with their purchase. I sincerely hope that all 5 seasons are available for purchase....more info
  • What do you mean by the original Masters are damaged?Poor Rhoda fans get jipped.
    How can show produced from 1974 to 1978 a phenomenal hit first run and in syndication and no one took care of the original prints. That makes no sense why are some shows pristine and others damaged?The first four seasons of the Mary Tyler Moore Show look great how can its sister shows produced later look so crummy and have their original stock not taken care of.Its a darn shame we have to accept this lousy quality transfer of a popular show however its not the first time the viewers have been disappointed by inferior quality produced dvds on the store shelves now.Sadly for now its either by this or nothing so we ended up buying it anyways.Even with its flaws this is a funny dvd and makes it seem its 1974 all over again....more info
  • Not Shout Factory's fault for the horrible transfers...Again FOX attacks!
    This star ratting is based on this set put together and distributed by Shout Factory.
    The Image of the film transfers on this set ARE just disgraceful.
    Each episode contains film dirt, spec's color fades and video tape damage runs as these episodes aren't taken from film to digital, but rather analog tape to DVD. These episodes look as they were taken from some public domain source.
    Now Shout Factory does note in the start of the DVD that these episodes contain glitches and this is from the best possible source material available. You see Fox owns all of the MTM catalog and had granted Shout the rights to distribute this show and so Fox is to blame for the transfers of this series set. Fox those greedy jerks probably figured that they will give Shout poor material intentionally so that It would give them (Fox) a security to be able to produce a proper Film to DVD transfer in the future for some double dipping, But as MTMSThe Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Seriesfans know that most likely will never happen.
    Fox really sucks as a consumer home entertainment company.
    Hmmm I wonder what the lettering on the box that states "35th Anniversary Edition" really means here?

    Thanks to Shout Factory for at least trying and bring what they could to the fans. Shout had done very nice transfers for "That Girl".
    ...more info
  • .......this set is NOT THAT BAD really
    the truth is, after watching the dvd set...i've come to the conclusion that this is EXACTLY the way i've always seen the show anyway! it's no better and no worse. if there hadn't been all this hubbub about it, i never would have even noticed (or i should say cared) because not once would i have otherwise stopped enjoying the set because of "cuts" and "quality". i'm giving it 4 stars because this is rhoda for god's sake! i got the same happiness watching these dvds as any other time i watched the show (and that's why i bought it). it would be wonderful to have all my favorite shows remastered digitally, but that's not going to happen any time soon. and this beats the hell out watching the show on vhs! believe a true rhoda fan...don't let this issue prevent you from enjoying this dvd's not that bad....more info
  • I Love RHODA! La-la-la-laaa-la, la-la-la-la...
    The RHODA: SEASON ONE DVD set is fun to own because unlike the "Mary Richards" character from The Mary Tyler Moore Show - The Complete First Season, "Rhoda Morgenstern" was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She was tough, abrasive, and had that strong east-coast accent and full of self-deprecating humor; the total antithesis of "Mary Richards." In fact, the opening sequence spoofs the MTMS opening with Rhoda throwing her hat in the air but it hits her chest and falls to the floor instead, unlike Mary's that goes soaring. I always got a big kick out that!

    I remember watching the reruns in the morning when I was kid and stayed home from school when I was sick. Since then, "RHODA" has always been a favorite show of mine.

    Valerie Harper (Rhoda), Julie Kavner (Brenda-the sister), and Nancy Walker (Ida-the mom) were terrific together and had great comedic timing and that's what makes the show so entertaining--even today. Mary Tyler-Moore (Mary Richards) and some of the other cast members from "The Mary Tyler-Moore Show" appear in cameos.

    I deduct one-star because the quality isn't that great. "Shout Factory" did a wonderful job in cleaning the show up but there's still dust and scratches on some episodes, and the small edits on some are obvious because of continuity errors. But that's not the company's fault as they did the best they could with the surviving footage and it doesn't really take away from the enjoyment of watching the show itself.

    The set comes packaged in a box with two plastic DVD sleeves that house 2-DVDs each, with 24-episodes in all, including the one-hour episode "Rhoda's Wedding." There's also a pamphlet with episode name, air date and description, along with guest star info.

    Also included is a special feature entitled "Remembering Rhoda" (running time about 10:14-minutes) with James L. Brooks and Allan Burns talking about the show.

    Some trivia: Julie Kavner is the voice of "Marge Simpson" on The Simpsons - The Complete First Season. "Rhoda" is a spin off from The Mary Tyler Moore Show - The Complete First Season, which I believe has the most spin-offs from one show. Actors Harold Gould and Nancy Walker who play Rhoda's parents would each guest star on another successful sitcom The Golden Girls - The Complete First Season though they weren't on at the same time. Nancy Walker also directed Village People - Can't Stop the Music....more info
  • Finally, it's WORTH IT!
    Why "cut off your nose to spite your face"? This set is great and is worth purchasing. If fans don't support it, we will never get anymore and most likely it will never be seen again. I really believe that Shout's very good effort is worth some edited for syndication episodes rather than not having it at all. Please buy it. It's really a great set and it's so much worth having this than nothing at all....more info
  • A Must Have!!
    I have waited many years to have this dvd and I was very happy with it. Some negative reviews that the dvd was less than perfect didn't deter me from buying. Sure hope that the masters for the remaining seasons are in good enough shape for them to release them and soon!...more info
  • Cut Episodes in Set, but Nostalgia Wins
    It is too bad Shout Factory couldn't get better materials for the episodes of Season One from FOX, but that is what they were given, I am sure it was very hard for SHOUT factory to release the First Season as is, but I think if we were in their place and knew all the variables for this release some of us would not be so harsh towards the release. it has been noted on some websites they hope to get better materials for a Season 2 release if it can happen.

    I have watched the first 4 Episodes and just sitting down and seeing the show again the first time in about 2 years for me was so great. It was like visiting old friends. This show is truly great and all issues aside the writing directing and casting make this series shine.

    It isn't the greatest release the show deserved but I still recommend the show highly, it is wonderful to watch again. ...more info
  • I Will Take This "Rhoda" with JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When I saw the news that Rhoda Season One was coming out on DVD back in December 2008, it made my week. I penciled in the release date on my calendar and anxiously waited for April. Not long before the release date, I started seeing news about how the episodes had been edited from the originals, and people were canceling their pre-orders. I did not cancel my order and I am glad I did not!!! I am very pleased with the Rhoda Season One DVD box set. I know that I am too young to remeber the show as it aired originally in the 1970s, but I became fond of the show, as well as all the other MTM shows, in the 1990s by watching them on Nick at Nite and later on TV Land.

    I urge Shout Factory to continue releasing all of the remaining seasons of Rhoda on DVD, edited or not. Of course, to please original fans, please do your best to improve the subsequent season releases on DVD. BUT- I wll take Rhoda any way I can get her. The season one set was not the color and audio quality of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but I think the shows are hilarious, even edited, and that the picture quality is good. You can still see all the great 70s fashions and set decorations clearly. There are a few jumps in the tape, especially on the Christmas episode, but I only saw this as a problem on about 3 of the 24 episodes.

    Again - please continue to release all of the other seasons of Rhoda on DVD...SOON!!!! It is such a great escape for the working girls of today. ...more info