Mattel SCREATURE Interactive Dinosaur
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  • Lifelike and realistic with ferocious sounds
  • Screature uses an infrared sensor to sense and attack his prey with your help
  • If you can control Screature, he will respond loyally to your petting, but if you pet him in the wrong place, Screature attacks
  • Set him in room guard mode and Screature will guard all your stuff
  • Screature a mean little predator with a big appetite

Customer Reviews:

  • Screature
    My son really wanted this toy, so for his 8th birthday we got it for him. He was excited at first, but as time goes on (not even a month) he has lost interest in it completely. My girls that are 3 play with it everyday and he doesnt even care. It is pretty durable, I just dont think it is everything they say it is in the commercial....more info
  • Don't waste your time or money...
    Doesn't work like it's supposed to. Ordered one through Amazon and the thing spit water one time and that was it. Purchased one locally at a store and it did the same thing. Exchanged that one and the 3rd one did the same. Needless to say that's it. Obviously there's a malfunction when it's supposed to spit the water. My grandson loved it but was very upset when it didn't do what was advertised. Don't waste your time or money.Mattel SCREATURE Interactive Dinosaur...more info
  • My 2 year Old Grand son
    Although he loves watching it, but still he is afraid of it when it is active. Guess in a while he will warm up to it. Great toy for older kids....more info
  • Confronting Fears
    This toy is a little creepy, as others said before, but that's what makes it cool. Why do kids like Dinosaurs? Because they're scary. They startle the imagination with what it must have been like on Earth those days, and this toy does exactly that. My 3-year-old and I came across it in Walmart, and yes ... he WAS afraid of it, but hypnotically drawn to it at the same time. He wanted to explore those feelings, and I belive that's why he watches the Monitor Lizard episode of Zaboomafoo EVERY SINGLE DAY. He reads Dinosaur books for the same reason. I decided in the end not to get this toy for him right now ... maybe when he's older. The sounds are VERY life-like, and the movements are diverse. There are 12 unique sounds, and many combinations of movements. It reacts to "petting" and to motion ... making it a VERY life-like creature. I consider it a stretch toy for those wanting to explore dinosaurs. To be honest, the toy even scared me a little bit. Which, after all, is what dinosaurs should do, right? ...more info
  • Didn't function properly
    I bought this toy for my 5 year old grandson. He really seems to enjoy it. However, it squirted water about four times and then quit squirting. Changed out the batteries but it still didn't work. All the other features work ok except the squirting mode. [...]...more info
  • It didn't work!
    We bought this for our grandson but we found it didn't work very well at all, nothing like the video. The sensor that is supposed to make it "attack" didn't work and we couldn't get any water to spray out of it. The "wing things" on the side didn't open and neither did the mouth. We thought maybe it was the batteries so we put new ones in but it didn't help. It wasn't very "lifelike and realistic" at all. Unless, we just got a bad one, I wouldn't recommend this toy at all!...more info
  • Its pretty cool
    I bought this toy for my 3 yr old son because he loves dinosaurs. He liked it but is a little afraid of it because it seems kinda real to him. It makes noises when your not touching it, not to mention it "bites". :) I'm not sure its worth what i paid but its a pretty cool toy. It'd be better if it walked!...more info
  • Too Much Fun
    I wanted to buy this for my 4 year old nephew - but he thought it was a little creepy. I thought it was so cute I bought it for myself and now have it on my desk at work. We have all had so much fun with it and others at work say they plan on buying one as well. Also, my nephew changed his mind about the creepy aspect once he figured out it squirted water....more info