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Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q720 17.0-Inch Laptop
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Product Description

Toshiba Notebooks/Projectors (PQX32U-04P01N) Toshiba Qosmo X305-Q720. Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q

  • The NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS graphics processing system3 with Hybrid SLI multiplies your gaming performance at the highest levels of fidelity. An additional 1GB 1066MHz DDR3 of discrete graphics memory3 keeps the action moving.
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 Processor, 4 GB RAM, DVD super-multi drive, Windows Vista Home Premium
  • A massive 320GB high-speed 7200 RPM hard drive on this laptop gives you more of the storage you need, and faster chapter loading, too.
  • So you can punch of your movies, gaming and music with rich, immersive virtual surround sound, this laptop comes withnot two, but four stereo speakers, plus a built-in subwoofer.
  • Supporting full 1080p resolution, the Toshiba REGZA-LINK HDMI connector helps make your home electronics work together--using a single remote.

Customer Reviews:

  • X305-Q720
    I got this machine to replace my aging desktop that wasn't worth another upgrade. The day of the P4 is over. The specs on the Q720 are amazing and cost a lot less than my "state of the art' desktop did in 2003. This machine has done an excellent job of handling the daily tasks I throw its way: CAD, graphic design (CS3 and Corel X4), gaming, and digital DJing (M-Audio Torq).

    Although I am overall very happy with the system specs, there are a few things I do not like about the Q720. The glossy keyboard gets pretty nasty, a short battery life (to be expected, really), the max resolution is low for a screen this size, the integrated webcam sucks, there is no internal Bluetooth and the design on the lid is just awful. I already dealt with the lid by wrapping it with a custom decal I made at work. Call your local digitial printer/sign shop if you're bothered by the design.

    I consider most of the above problems to be rather trivial based on my usage and I still give this laptop a 5 star rating based on performance. The negatives of this laptop are easily compensated for by the dual NVidia 9800M GTS, 4 GB of DDR3, 64 bit OS, a Quadcore at 2.0Ghz and other little features such as wireless USB and a built in FM tuner. I also appreciate the quality sound hardware. After a few cosmetic alterations, the Q720 is the laptop that I was waiting for....more info
  • Excellent Gamers Laptop.
    I've had this laptop for a while now and have loved it every minute I've had it.

    Pros - The Dual graphics cards, the processor speed, 4 GB RAM, good display and very good overall machine everything works well together. Laptops of equal capabilities cost significantly more.

    Cons - Weight, Battery life, finger print magnet, lack of choice on colors (even just a black color alternative would suffice)

    Notes on buying from - I got the laptop from Amazon for a cheaper price then anywhere else I found it. The delivery was right on-time and the packaging was done very well to protect the product. I was hesitant to order such an expensive electronic device from an online third party distributor but was very impressed with how it was handled and the quality of the product.

    Graphics -
    The dual video cards running with just over 1g dedicated memory really make my games run smooth. I haven't experienced any lag in my online gaming since I started playing them with this laptop.

    Processor -
    The dual processor at 2.26GHz and 4G RAM are very efficient at handling anything I've tried to run on it so far, and believe me I've tried to push it.
    Note: you must load 64bit Vista version or it can only use 3Gb of the ram.

    Display -
    The screen is beautiful, it displays colors without any odd shadow spots or fuzzy areas on the edges. The only downside I've seen with the screen is on the default resolution settings without perfect vision some text can be a little difficult to read without moving your eyes closer then arms length.

    Hard Drive -
    The 320Gb HDD is ample space for a laptop.

    Optical Drives -
    The drive loads anything you put it in very quickly and quietly. I have not had the opportunity to test out the DVD LabelFlash, but it was just a weird addition to this laptop and I don't see myself using it much if at all.

    Bluetooth -
    The Bluetooth links up quickly and doesn't fluctuate, I use a bluetooth mouse and it feels more precise then my Razor Diamondback I use on my tower.

    Webcam/internal microphone -
    The webcam is extremely clear and everyone I have used it with say that it does not jump or static at all even with fast or jerky movements in front of the camera. The microphone is pretty good, sometimes I'm told I sound distant. It is very good about canceling out sounds coming from the laptop. I still prefer my headset over this mic however, it just isn't quite as clear as a headset.

    Media buttons -
    The touch buttons at the top of the keyboard are a little odd to me, I try to keep my hands away from the top of the keyboard because they are so sensitive to any touch.

    Sound -
    The four main speakers and the subwoofer are great, I don't know why they put the subwoofer on a laptop but it does add a nice feel to a game when you've got it in your lap.

    Battery/ AC Adaptor -
    The AC adaptor is a massive 5Ibl brick, but considering what it's powering that isn't too surprising. The battery in this laptop is nearly worthless, you can adjust the settings as to what is actually running when you switch to battery power, but this still will only get you thirty to forty-five minutes of power. I only use the battery if I am switching rooms or plugs. If your battery dies while you're running your laptop it switches to what Toshiba called lockup mode, you have to plug the AC adapter in get a good 15-20 minutes charge on the battery. Then remove the AC and battery for 1 minute reseat the battery do not plug the AC in and power it up to get it out of Lockup mode. Annoying, but supposedly it protects your system from negative side-effects of loosing power while running. Something else of note, The back side on the bottom gets VERY HOT very quickly, make sure you have good airflow or a cooler pad.

    Software -
    I've barely found any use for the preloaded software, The Speech system is useless without training yourself to speak abnormally. The Norton and Office trials are full access trials which is nice, but ultimately useless after 60 days. The full version of Microsoft works is also very pointless unless your just using it for personal stuff, most professors or businesses wont except MSworks formatted documents. I haven't had a chance to test out the Face recognition, Disc Creator and Ulead DVD movie factory.

    Weight/Size -
    This is a beast of a machine, though it is a laptop you almost can't treat it as such. It weighs 15.09Ibs which is very heavy for a laptop. It also is extremely large on most of its dimensions. It is a 17" screen but when it is closed there is an additional 1/2" of computer in front of the screen, so it is too big for 90% of all laptop bags that would hold a 17" laptop. It is also 2.5" plus feet on the back side which is too thick for most pouches that laptop bags use to hold the laptop in place.

    Design/Colors -
    The only color this laptop comes in is flashy, if you like that kind of thing it works. If you don't you don't have any other options. The keyboard is overly shiny, it shows every single fingerprint and after an hour of working on an essay my keyboard looked five years old and gritty till I polished it over with a lentfree cloth. The touchpad uses a heavy duty surface, but this causes it not to register your movements all the time, sometimes you'll slide your finger across and the mouse will stop moving for a second halfway across the screen. Not a big issue but annoying when it stops just short of what you're trying to get to. It also does not have a scroll pad or wheel which is just an inconvenience. I have taken to only ever using my external mouse. The display screen is also a finger print magnet. I don't recall ever touching my screen, I use the edges of the monitor to open and close it, yet there are prints on the screen in many places.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Laptop
    I've brought this laptop a little over a month ago and haven't been disappointed. It is a fingerprint magnet, but what isn't these days. Just requires a little bit of extra care to keep it clean. It runs all of my software and games with no problems at all. It was a little bigger then I expected, but that isn't a issue for me. Battery life is short, but when you look at what hardware you are running, you can't honestly expect the battery to last 2,3,4 hours. Other then that, I am pleased with this machine and think that it is well worth the price....more info
  • Great item
    I love this laptop!!! It is super fast and has more options than I realized when I purchased it. The number pad on the side is a great feature that all laptops should have! Graphics are amazing! Lots of people have complained about's worth every penny!!...more info
  • Great sound and picture, speed, and a little heavy
    This is one of our laptops and we love it. It is on the heavy side and has short battery life, but we use it as a replacement for a desktop tower--so it works for us. We have a smaller Toshiba for on the go, etc. The speaker quality is AWESOME. WE are not techies, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but we are happy with our purchase going on 8 months or so now. :)...more info