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The Dangerous Book for Dogs: A Parody by Rex and Sparky
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The Dangerous Book for Dogs asks a simple question: isn't there more to being a dog than wearing a mini cashmere sweater and riding around in a $400 evening clutch? What about the simple pleasures of life -- feeling the wind in your fur, digging up the grass beneath your paws, smelling another dog's butt? Isn't that part of the great joy of being a dog?

Written (with help) by dogs and for dogs, The Dangerous Book For Dogs provides insight on everything from the tastiest styles of shoes to chew to the proper method for terrorizing squirrels. It also contains portraits of noble dogs throughout history, the mysteries of cats and humans, and everything else your dog ever wanted to know but was afraid to askĘClike how to make toys out of human's household items, or how to escape from a humiliating reindeer costume.

Generously illustrated with drawings by cartoonist Emily Flake, this hilarious parody is for good dogs, bad dogs, and the millions of people who love them.

Rex and Sparky wrote this parody without authorization (because they are dogs and they do what they want.)

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • Husband even liked it!
    This book is too much fun! It was great to read aloud when the family was in town and my husband even liked it (he plays video games) If you have dogs you will love it too. It provides new insight to the world dogs let us live in....more info
  • "The great thing about your tail is that it's always there, ready for a good time."

    As we look back on the good old days, BD- Before Domestication- canine life was simpler, this humorous book a parody of the best-selling The Dangerous Book for Boys. If only they could speak in human tongue, today's dogs would explain how they yearn for those halcyon days of freedom, before they were forced to parade around in precious costumes or hide inside the designer bag of an owner- necessities, not accessories. And if they had a voice, these canines would demand a return to the times when dogs were dogs, frisky, smelly and joyful tail-wagger's, not those pretentious, over-dressed toys of those who would elevate them to people status. With such purity in mind, The Dangerous Book for Dogs addresses a history as childhood companions, fearless journeyers and the courageous dogs of war- essentially what it really means to be a "dog".

    In an age defined by excess and the boredom of routine, here is a call to rediscover adventure: "Things You Can Chase"; "Begging- A Primer"; "Courageous Dogs in History"; "How to Escape Humiliating Costumes"; "How to Choose and Bury a Bone"; Dog Jobs"; and "Five Things Every Dog Should Have". Lest any canine forget his responsibility as family entertainer, there are instructive chapters on "How to Make Your Owner Look Like an Idiot", "Creative Pee Stains" and "How to Ruin a Perfect Dinner Party". Sprinkled with lively illustrations by Emily Flake, "Rex and Sparky" have no great mission other than to remind we very goal-oriented humans to take time out from busy schedules and sample the basic joys of life- the welcome of a salivating pet after a long day at the office, a country walk with your best friend at your side and the unconditional love offered by a pure-hearted pet, sans costume and picky eating. Real dogs don't care how they look, they just want to "be" with their owners. There's a lesson here for all of us. Luan Gaines/ 2007.
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  • the bees knees
    I happened on this little gem while I was looking at new books that I might get my kids. Dangerous book for Dogs! My son had recently received the Dangerous book for Boys from my brother. I took a peek and it looked like a very well done parody. I was right. This book has met and surpassed my expectations. It is wickedly funny, so very funny because it really breaks dogs down to how you know they are thinking. Any dog owner/lover will understand that this book really was written by Rex and Sparky. Bravo! Good boys, what good boys you are!!...more info
  • Hysterical
    Great gift for dog lovers. I'm waiting for them to write one on cats....more info
  • A really fun book
    I bought this book for my adult children who have several dogs. They have enjoyed the book and said the book was hilarious....more info
  • The Dangerous Book for Dogs
    This book is absolutely hilarious, written from a dog's point of view and is so accurate. This is a must read for dog owners or anyone who loves dogs. I laughed and nodded my head in agreement throughout the entire book. A pure delight and very light-hearted read. ...more info