South Park: The Complete Twelfth Season [Blu-ray]
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All fourteen uncensored episodes from South Park's twelfth season are now available in this exclusive three-disc set. In this collection, South Park follows the new President-elect from his acceptance speech to his first official day of duty as Commander in Chief. The boys keep busy helping a pop-princess who's down on her luck, negotiating a truce for striking Canadians, and preventing giant rodents from destroying the world. For them, it's all part of growing up in South Park.

Customer Reviews:

  • Widescreen for Blu-ray Version?
    The show is great, been a fan since the pilot. I can't understand why they would create a widescreen release for this show. They simply trimmed the 4:3 to get the 16:9. Also, the Digital Copy versions you can get online are only for WMP and some portable player that no one uses. They are not compatible with iPod or iPhone ... why? That is a huge huge market they are missing. Last, the case does not fit with the previous seasons DVD cases, so it looks akward on the shelf with the prior 11 seasons on DVD. First, they did finally get the text on the spine in the correct direction, so it looks funny on the shelf next to the other seasons on DVD. Next, the case size is smaller than the DVD case ... why would they do that? Seems to me the best thing would be to release them in the same box as the DVD releases, with some minor graphic changes for the blu-ray ... and just keep consistent with previous releases. I wish I could simply blast the distibutor ... you &^$(*&# suck!

    I am going to return and get the DVD release. Paying extra for 1080i and 5.1 was not worth the extra money. Besides you can't tell the difference when upscaling the DVD to 1080i. I was really hoping to be pleased with this release, but in the end the distributor let me down. ...more info
  • South Park Is On Blu-Ray
    South Park Is On Blu-Ray I'm excited that South Park is coming out on Blu-Ray and hope other animated shows will soon be doing the same. I was in fourth grade when south park came out back in 1997, now here we are heading into 2009 and the creator's of the show Matt Stone and Trey Parker are still coming up with stories based in immature humor but paired with intelligent and witty story premises very reverant to today's pop culture. The twelfth season is announced for the release date of March 10th 2009 (the new season starts March 7th) and will contain the following fourteen classic episodes as well as some special features that previous sets have been lacking.

    Britney's New Look - Rather than mock the mess Britney Spears was, this episode mocks those of us who put her there and those trying to take her place.

    Tonsil Trouble - Cartman ends up with aids, and he's hiv positive that he wants to find a cure.

    Major Boobage- Kenny gets high off cat urine and lives the 'heavy metal' lifestyle.

    Canada Goes On Strike- I'm canadian and love that they used us to mock the writer's strike of last year.

    Eek, A Penis!- Mrs. Garrison comes full circle. Or is that Mr. Garrison?

    Over Logging- Instead of commenting on natural resource over use like oil or forestry Matt and Trey decide to comment on our over dependency on the internet.

    Super Fun Time- A pioneer village field trip turns into the plotline of several hit eighties movies when terrorists take over the fun park and Cartman and Butters skip out.

    The China Probrem- Beijing Olympic's get Cartman paranoid of the Chinese while Kyle and Stan deal with the disappointment of Steven Speilberg and George Lucas 'raping' Indiana Jones for profits.

    The Breast Cancer Show Ever- Cartman becomes a cancer to Wendy, the only way to stop cancer is to fight it.

    Pandemic- The boys get Craig involved in a scheme that goes wrong, meanwhile Randy goes 'cloverfield' with his new video camera when furry monsters begin attacking.

    Pandemic 2- The Startling- I'm so startled, and so is Randy as Craig and the boys finish saving the world again with more unrealistic twists than the latest Hollywood blockbuster's.

    About Last Night- Instead of mocking the presidential candidates like everyone else we see a twist on their stereotypes when election night turns into a heist movie for the O'Bama and McCain tickets. Meanwhile the boys parents get out of control celebrating the 'change'.

    Elementary School Musical- I hate High School Musical, and luckily for me so do Matt, Trey and the boys. Rather than dance and sing a boy wants to play basketball but his dramatic father won't allow it.

    The Ungroundable- Butters unwillingly joins the 'Twilight' crowd while the Gothic kids try to stop the 'vamp' craze at it's source, the local Hot Topic store.

    This season will also be the first released on Blu-ray as well as DVD, though it appears as standard full screen on the DVD, this Blu-Ray will be widescreen 1080i, which isn't quite 1080p but is still High Def ( i meaning integrated, p progressive), and will have 5.1 Dolby Tru Surround (DTS). Special Features announced are said to be:

    Six Days to South Park, A Day By Day Making of South Park
    Making Boobage: Behind The Scenes "Major Boobage"
    Behind The Scenes: "About Last Night"

    Matt and Trey will also provide the same mini commentaries they have provided on every season set since the complete third season. I wish they would go back and redo their commentaries for season's one and two (since the originals were unusable due to legalities) and rerelease those sets without the stupid intro's they originally came with.

    I'm glad to see Paramount and Comedy Central now releasing this show on Blu-Ray as it will make the already vibrant colors that much better, though some may understandably not want to pay more money for high definition alone. The South Park sets have stayed consistent throughout the release of the series (despite typo's on the first sets), they line up nicely on a shelf and always have humorously picked box art that fits the season. These sets make it as easy as possible to store your DVD safely and access them quickly unlike more recent Simpsons season sets that fans (including myself) have been disappointed with.

    This season is entertaining, especially the second run or last half starting with the 'China Probrem' episode. I'm happy to see the show hold onto the quality it built up to in previous seasons and perfected in season eleven, despite some slower episodes this season is just as smart overall and certainly as funny. This show has held up where other animated series have fallen apart or gone astray, I just keep hoping it won't slide like they did and want to believe the creator's will end it before it does. I also keep hoping they will come up with another Christmas episode soon.

    One of my favorite moments of the season was the boys watching high school musical to see what the hype was about and Cartman's reaction: "Well, I'm out guys. If this is what's cool now, I think I'm done. I no longer have any connection to this world. I'm gonna go home and kill myself. Goodbye, friends."...more info
  • Must have for South Park fans
    Bluray is worth the upgrade although I must admit I am surprised it still stretches over 3 discs. The high definition switch is noticeably better in overall image quality and the menu's are much more convenient.

    I would like to see all the previous seasons re-released on bluray....more info
  • A Slight Decline, But Still the Best and in HD!
    As a huge fan of South Park, I always feel concerned when the beginning of a new season hits. It's been obvious with shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy, and it still seems to evade this show. Of course, I'm talking about "jumping the shark". You see, after a certain amount of time, a show like this, one that has no definitive end point in sight and isn't following a linear story-line, will suddenly lose that pizzaz that makes it what it is. Many seemed to cry foul when we had the Britney Spears episode in this season, yet that was followed up by one of the greatest episodes in this show's history, Major Boobage. And I think this two episode chunk can be put to use to give the viewer a taste of the season as a whole. Although some episodes don't capitalize on their subject matter, they're still able to provide great satire. However, some easily make the best of it all and knock the episode out of the park. Yet, this is all opinion. I've seen many different opinions on the best of worst of this season, and I think that when a general consensus can't be completely reached, it's up to the viewer themself.

    Personally speaking, this is probably the weakest season of the show. However, I cannot express how silly this statement is, because this season was still better than 99% of any other programming on the TV. There's still not a single show that can even try to do what South Park does. South Park provides great characters, inventive story telling, and incredible, biting satire. It's able to do so much more than any show given the 30 minute time slot, and it knows it. So, here's a brief assessment of each episode. Again, as I stressed before, this season, more than any other, is subject to personal opinion and your opinion on certain episode's could vary from mine completely.

    Tonsil Trouble - After a botched tonsil related surgery, Cartman gets AIDS. Now, that's as far as I really wanna go in explaining this one because watching the story unfold in this episode is half the fun. It's funny to see that even though Matt and Trey have targeted AIDS before, they're still able to find new avenues for satire on the issue. Definitely a satire heavy episode that's a bit uneven, but it's down right hilarious. Grade: B

    Britney's New Look - The boy's and Butters decide to get paparazzi pictures of Britney Spears but end up trying to save her laugh after realizing the truth behind the hype of her current attention. I think I'm with most of the people that disliked this episode because it never seemed to capitalize on making some real comedy about this whole incident after the first 8 or 10 minutes. The ending, however, was pretty funny with an allusion to The Lottery. Grade: C

    Major Boobage - After learning of new ways to get high, Kenny begins experimenting with getting high off cat pee as cats become illegal. Wow, what a great way to make a comeback. This episode is easily one of the best of the entire show. The Heavy Metal scenes are a riot as is the ending and Cartman's story. All around amazing. Grade: A+

    Canade on Strike! - Canada goes on strike because they feel disrespected and under-payed, causing the boys to try and help by making money off the internet for a way to end the strike. Another great episode that brought the canadians back. The internet related scenes are incredibly funny and I really think they did an awesome job with this one. Grade: A

    Eek! A Penis! - Mrs. Garrison realizes that she was always a woman and tries to be changed back into a man while Cartman is put in charge of teaching in a downtown Denver school. A really good episode. Not quite amazing, but really good. The Mrs. Garrison stuff was hilarious and I think they did a decent job with Cartman's story as well. Could've done more with the Cartman stuff, though. Grade: B

    Overlogging - The Marsh family goes to California after the internet stops working. I thought this was another really great episode. The allsuion to The Grapes of Wrath was rather witty as was the whole issue of the episode. Great stuff! Grade: A

    Super Fun Time - While at a Pioneer Village, the place is taken hostage by world-class thieves as Cartman and Butters escape to play at Super Phun Thyme. Wow, another amazing episode. The Butters/Cartman dynamic was great as was the whole use of the bad guys from Die Hard. Entertaining and hilarious. Grade: A+

    The China Probrem - Cartman and Butters take hostage a P.F. Chang's after believing the Chinese are going to take over the world, while Stan and Kyle confront the deep dark truth of the rape of a close friend. This episode was a love it/hate it episode. For me, I wasn't thrilled because it carried the same jokes too far through the episode. It felt as though the writing was running dry on ideas. Grade: D

    Breast Cancer Show Ever - Cartman and Wendy fight after Cartman makes fun of Wendy's presentation on Breast Cancer. This, like Major Boobage, was a great return to form after another stinker. I kind of wished they would've done something with Stan's cut-short storyline, but none-the-less, it was awesome. Grade: A

    Pandemic (Parts 1 & 2) - The boys coax Craig into making a Pan Flute Band when they are departed by Home Land Security after Pan Flute Bands become illegal. However, the secret of the Pan Flute Bands will cost many lives. This was a good two parter, but it wasn't quite comparable to the likes of Go God Go and Cartoon Wars from Season 10. Again, I thought they could've maybe tried more avenues for jokes to make it better, but it was still pretty good. Grade: C

    About Last Night... - The truth behind the 2008 election is revealed as Stan and Kyle try to handle all the craze after Obama is elected. I really thought they put up the best comedic show about the election because they left any bias they might have out of the episode. The story of the two candidates was pretty good but I really wish they would've given more material to incorporate people like Kenny and Cartman into the main story more. Oh well, still awesome. Grade: B

    Elementary School Musical - The craze of High School Musical hits South Park and the boys try to deal with it, while Stan thinks the new kid in school may be trying to steal Wendy from him. A great way to come back from a slightly disappointing two parter. I couldn't think of a better way for someone to do a satire on this stupid fad. Grade: A

    The Ungroundable - The season finale has Butters thinking that vampires are now in the school as the whole vamp style hits the school. Similar to the previous episode, this, too, does a great job at satirizing a silly fad with younger age groups. It really does a great job as a big allusion to Salem's Lot while also bringing back memories of another season finale devoted to Butters, Butters' Very Own Episode. Plus, the beginning scene is hysterical. Grade: A

    Now, this may not seem that bad, and it isn't, but in comparison to the previous eleven season of South Park, there is a slight sense of the show declining. Personally, I don't think fans have much to worry about, as the show will probably end with the 15th season the contract goes to, and it will take a lot longer for this amazing show to end up like The Simpsons. A very good season to an amazing show. Not much to complain about....more info
  • One of the better seasons in the past couple of years.
    First let me say, it's about time we have South Park on blue-ray. Second, Season twelve is a very good season. This show has sadly been going down in quality and original story ideas, but this season sure turned things around. Episodes like 'Major Boobage', 'The China Problem' and 'About Last Night' were hilarious and really made this season great....more info
  • Finally South Park in HD
    As one of the many people who doesn't get Comedy Central in HD, I was extremely excited for South Park to come to Blu-Ray. It's just nice to be able to watch this hilarious season on my TV without it looking like crap. ...more info
  • Season 12 on Blu-ray, the series continues to push the button and I can never see Indian Jones the same way ever again...
    South Park Season 12 on Blu-ray is raw and absolutely hardcore!

    And this season dares to go "there" and push the button and will more than likely provoke a reaction. But come on, its "South Park" and you wouldn't accept anything less right?

    "SOUTH PARK: THE COMPLETE TWELFTH SEASON" becomes the first "SOUTH PARK" season to be released via the Blu-ray format in all of its uncensored glory.


    "SOUTH PARK" gets its first High-Definition treatment on Blu-ray and is presented in 1080i. As much as people may wonder why not "1080p", considering that "SOUTH PARK" is not exactly a series you are looking for extreme special effects or action scenes, the 1080i does a great job in showcasing the color. Vibrant colors pop and overall, picture quality is clear with no grain or major artifacting. Picture quality is very good!

    As for audio, audio is presented in Dolby TrueHD English 5.1 , English 5.1 and Stereo. If anything, the Comedy Central intro really puts your front speakers for a challenge with its heavy bass. But overall, dialogue is clear and again, this is not a series where you would expect any major uses of audio. But dialogue is clear and understandable. Music segments definitely are heard quite clearly and more pronounced, especially the episode of "Elementary School Musical" which is a music-based episode.


    Both Blu-ray Disc and DVD versions come with the following special features. Although the "Behind the Scenes - About Last Night" is a featurette featured in HD.

    * MINI-COMMENTARY - Every episode has good length commentary by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The two definitely give insight to every episode and what prompted to have the storyline and what was in their heads at the time. Especially an episode such as "China Probrem" where the two were definitely upset with the fourth Indiana Jones film and talk about what would happen if Spielberg or Lucas were to approach them about the episode. Also, another episode featured Matt Stone sick and a doctor giving him a steroid that delayed the cold in order to give him enough time to do the vocals for an episode before he gets sick again. Really good insight for the commentary.
    * Disc 1: Making Boobage: Behind the Scenes of "Major Boobage" - This feature showcases Kenny and Randy Marsh's scenes which pay homage to "Heavy Metal" from storyboards and commentary on those "major boobage" scenes.
    * Disc 2: Six Days to South Park: A Day-by-Day Making of South Park - This feature surprised me because it features six of the staff discussing how the episode "Super Fun Time" was created. I was aware that in a country like Japan where in an animated series, an episode is completed right on the day of when it is supposed to be aired and sometimes arriving minutes before airing. But I always figured in the US, these episodes were made way before it was to air. But watching this featurette, you get an idea how the staff and crew working six days a week. Each day is broken down and you get to hear what the crew does for each day. From drawing out storyboards, then black holes, animating, voice work, final touches, etc. An informative featurette.
    * Disc 3: Behind the Scenes: "About Last Night" HD - A 20-minute featurette featuring the producers commentary of the episode. Unlike the "Six Days to South Park", this features on one day and the crew talking about the 24-hours they had to do this show because it aired the day after the Presidential elections and thus had to fix a lot of the show based on who won the elections and get it out to the Cartoon Network in time.

    "SOUTH PARK" is one of those series that I've watched since my college years that I can't seem to stop watching. No matter how far the series goes, how offensive the series may get, I don't really get upset. It's because the series is known for pushing the button and taking things as far as Comedy Central will allow them.

    Of course, on this Blu-ray (and also on the DVD) edition, these episodes are uncensored and are filled with profanity. But it's what makes "South Park" the type of series it is and personally, I find it refreshing to have an animation targeted for adults.

    "SOUTH PARK: THE COMPLETE TWELFTH SEASON" definitely dared to go farther in surprising people with its content.

    With the first episode to kick of the new season with Cartman contracting AIDS (for the episode titled "Tonsil Trouble") from a transfusion mishap during his tonsillectomy and then getting back at Kyle (who ridiculed him) by injecting his blood with AIDS into his mouth while he slept was shocking.

    And then each episode after the other such as Britney Spears blowing off her head for the episode "Britney's New Look" but kept alive and yet everyone around her thinks she is fine while Kyle and Stan are in awe that these people don't recognize that she blown her head nearly off.

    And to see the kids testing out of how they can get high by "cheesing" by having their face behind a male cat and using another cat to provoke it, thus making the male cat pee on the person's face and making them get high. To the episode of "China Probrem" and watching Steven Spielberg and George Lucas constantly raping Indiana Jones.

    As for the first Blu-ray release of "SOUTH PARK", looking at the Blu-ray and DVD specs of bonus features, they both have all three special features and commentary. The only significant difference is that the Blu-ray is featured in HD. Also, the Blu-ray does come with a way to obtain a digital copy of "South Park Season 12 (a code for one to download the episodes).

    A lot of the episodes from the twelfth season has generated plenty of comments of "oh, crap...that is so f'd up". But it's all about comedy and if one is sensitive to these jokes, then "South Park" is definitely not for them. But for those who have been long time fans, we enjoy the series and enjoy seeing how far Parker and Stone can go. "SOUTH PARK: THE COMPLETE TWELFTH SEASON" goes even farther than previous seasons and pushes the limit of what can be shown on cable television. And again, each episode is featured in its uncensored glory on Blu-ray and DVD.

    I've found the series entertaining then and entertaining now. It's not a series to take seriously, it's a series you just want to sit back, laugh and be surprised of what Parker, Stone and crew have prepared for you. Prepare for some surprises in this twelfth season and more of the "oh, crap that's f'd up" sentiments but in an entertaining, "South Park" kind of way....more info
  • South Park in HD
    South Park is better than ever now that it's in HIGH DEFINITION! The Blu-ray looks killer...more info
  • "Eek!!!"
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: after twelve seasons, you'd figure that an animated comedy would have gone stale (I'm looking at you Simpsons, no I'm not afraid to say it). With South Park though, you'd be wrong. The twelfth season of Comedy Central's bread & butter series finds Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and the rest of the town's citizens in more insane situations. "Britney's New Look" finds creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker putting their own spin on the train wreck that is Britney Spears, and also has no shame in pointing the finger at who helped make her who she is today, all the while having some insane fun doing it as the boys attempt to help her out. "Tonsil Trouble" gives Cartman a taste of his own medicine, "Major Boobage" finds Kenny with a strange drug problem while paying tribute to the animated classic Heavy Metal (right down to the animation style), and "Eek, a Penis!" finds Mrs. Garrison wishing to be a man again (and features one of the most hilarious moments you will ever see with a singing mouse and his, ahem, attachment). Other episodes go so far to feature some undercurrent themes, whether it be the writer's strike ("Canada Goes on Strike"), our dependency on the internet ("Over Logging"), the Olympics and the butchering of Indiana Jones ("The China Problem"), and even the election ("About Last Night"); while some episodes poke fun at hit flicks like Cloverfield ("Pandemic 1 & 2"), High School Musical ("Elementary School Musical"), and Twilight ("The Ungroundable"). The only weak point of the season for me personally was "Super Fun Time", but other than that, the twelfth season of South Park is flawless and hilarious. All in all, South Park hasn't stopped being funny and even socially relevant, and here's hoping that it never does either. ...more info
  • Why 3 Discs???
    This is not a citicism of the show itself, which rocks. However, why in the world do they use 3 discs when a Blu Ray DVD has 50 GB of storage? Are these special HD editions of the shows? More likely they are using extra discs to create the impression of "value." Just what I need, more clutter....more info