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Addicted to Love
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  • Dark Comedy in Need of a Few More Laughs
    Quirky dark comedy, isn't quite successful but tries for something different and nearly succeeds.

    It's a comedy about stalking and getting revenge on your ex-lovers. Meg Ryan plays against her type and succeeds with a well cast Mathew Broderick as her accomplice in criminal behavior. Meg Ryan wants revenge on her ex-boyfriend and Broderick wants his ex-girlfriend back. Their exes are dating each other and Ryan and Broderick join forces to stalk their former lovers and in the process get to know each other. There's some real slow parts and the obsessive cruelty of Meg Ryan's character gives things at times too dark an edge-but I appreciate films that don't play it safe like this one.

    Don't expect the laughs to be too plentiful and enjoy this quirky film.

    It marks the feature film directing debut of actor (After Hours)Griffin Dunne.

    If you liked After Hours and King of Comedy, you'll probably enjoy this one a lot.

    Chris Jarmick, Author of The Glass Cocoon with Serena F. Holder....
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  • Broderick and Ryan at their dark comedic BEST!!!
    I first saw this film a couple years ago when it first came out but didn't pay too much attention to it. A couple of weeks ago I actually had time to sit down and watch it and I was amazed at Meg Ryan's versatility in this role. It was so nice not to see her in her usual "Miss jilted tomboy" routine. I was even impressed at the tone in which Matthew Broderick set in this movie. He was just the perfect amount of nasty and nice, vulnerable and sneaky. I thought the chemistry between Broderick and Ryan was sensational. I really hope they do another dark comedy together!...more info
  • Mey Ryan is Charming!
    I love this movie. Reminds me of how refreshing and lovely older movies are.

    Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick, spurned by both their lovers has decided to take revenge. It was both hilarious and fun to watch. Methods of revenge are extreme and well thought!

    Good Movie!...more info

  • Deeply disappointing
    I bought this DVD in the UK because it was cheap... and because it had one of my favorite actors, Matthew Broderick, in it. What a pile of PANTS! Basically, Broderick's boring golden-girl of a mate, Kelly Preston, goes off to New York on a teaching stint and instead of coming back to him, sends a Dear John letter through her father. Of course, you can tell what happens next....Broderick rushes to New York and starts spying on his girlfriend and her new French lover...

    This is not a great film...the cast is awkward and lopsided, the plot is ridiculous, and the dialogue not zingy enough to even merit a second viewing. Two thumbs down....more info

  • Obsession in a funny way.
    Addicted to Love starring Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick is a predictable romantic comedy. The acting is good but these poor pathetic characters are so obsessed with their ex's, it kinda freaks me out how far they will go to get them back. Kelly Preston is the object of affection to Broderick's character, he then starts a quriky friendship with Ryan's character and they eventually end falling for each other. Addicted to Love is fun at times but not the best I have seen in this genre, pretty much a mixed bag....more info
  • Meg and Matthew visit the Dark Side
    Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan are gifted comic actors, and they are entertaining in this dark comedy. While the characters begin the movie in a plot for revenge against their former lovers, their ridiculous and immoral plans explode. While the romance makes light of a serious problem (stalking), the movie itself is more sweet than bitter because of the characters' insights, failures, and romance. Neither Broderick's nor Ryan's best film, but definitely enjoyable if you are in the mood for a biting look at love....more info
  • Oh so funny!
    Matthew Broderick as the boy with the beautiful girl he doesn't think he deserves, and Meg Ryan as the girl with the bad boy she shouldn't want. The fun starts when the beautiful girl and the bad boy get together and fall in love. Matthew starts out just wanting to see his former beloved, while Meg has more sinister plans. What happens after that is true comedy. For those of you who find the movie a little farfetched, you're right! Come on, this is a movie! It wouldn't happen in real life, or at least no one would admit to it, but that's what makes it so hillarious. The supporting cast in this one is great, too....more info
    payback... is there anything more romantic than plagueing a past lover with torture and torment? is there anything more gleeful than watching courtship cross over into stalking? this movie has it... they even manage to almost redeem themselves in the end...


    this is a great movie; i cant get enough of it...

    sum....more info

  • There's no way to talk yourself out of 'dumped.'
    As the title of this review indicates, this is one of the lessons they don't teach in school, and this is precisely what the film explores. Once the realization has been made that there is no way to return to the way things were, then the anger sets in, and in the case of this film the bar is continually raised by the two protagonists on ways to exact vengeance, to entertaining - and possibly cathartic - effect for the viewer.

    It is wittily written, smoothly directed and edited, lovely to look at and features a camera obscura. It is also one of the most European films I have ever seen come out of America - definitely to its credit. It is dark and light in all the right places and the actors (particularly Karyo, who is always a pleasure to watch) are right on form. Much has been made of the treatment meted out to "poor Anton," yet no one is entirely innocent in this film. That is one of its liberating joys.

    All in all, one of the more important comedies of the 90's....more info
  • You Cant Watch This One Enough
    This is one of my favorite ALL TIME movies! There are many movies I cant watch again, but Ive worn this video OUT! This movie is great for when youre in the mood for a comedy, a romance, if youve just broken up with someone or are just at that special someone. Its great when youre single to remind you WHY youre single. And pull that altogether with the fact that it has two of my very favorite people in it! Meg Ryan and Mathew Broderick! Enjoy! AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!...more info
  • Great movie
    I remembered seeing this movie years ago...So when I saw it on Amazon I bought it and I remembered why I liked it, When you break up with someone you want to mess them up and in this movie this is exactly what they do! : )...more info
  • Entertaining yet mildly weird and predictable
    Here comes a romantic comedy like no other.

    Matthew Broderick plays Sam AKA The Milky Way Man who is deeply in love with his girlfriend, Linda ( Kelly Preston ). Linda goes off and dumps him for the Ooh La La French guy without warning. Sam sets up a creepy stalk shop across from the apartment Linda and the French guy are shacking up in. He plans to write down their every move and he does very impressively. He turns the little flat across from them into a fortress where he can watch them eat, sleep and whatever else they do that their hearts desire. While Sam has shaped a masterplan to expose the French guy and win Linda back, Maggie ( Meg Ryan ) shows up on her motorcycle. Sam's seen this stranger around town but assumed he was being followed my some weird guy. Maggie has a mission of her own and it beats Sam's hands down. Maggie is just as obsessed with the French guy ( who dumped her until he got a greencard ) as Sam is with Linda.
    The difference is that Maggie goes to the biggest extreme to get what she wants. Maggie is the 90's woman to the T. She's stylish, sexy and loves to make men's lives miserable. Realizing he can't get rid of her, Sam allows Maggie to help with his plan. They began watching Linda and the French guy together. They create a crowd of funny " accidents " hoping it would get Linda to dump the French guy. By the time their antics work, Maggie has fallen for Sam. Linda breaks up with the French guy. Sam rushes off to consol her. It only takes a day for him to realize how tired he's grown of her entire being. What starts off as a very original idea turns into a predictable ending, but that's to be understood. Sam and Maggie were supposed to end up together and the film is pleasing enough despite tired cliches.

    At times I was confused. This was the weirdest comedy I'd ever seen. The humor relied on Sam and Maggie's antics but in a drama it would have been an incredibly creepy stalking film. At times Griffin Dunne ( the director ) took their antics to a level too dark for comedy. It was actually quite uneasy to watch Sam salivating over Linda's every move. It took the sneaky one-liners from Meg Ryan to remind you it was all in fun. The acting was realistic. Matthew Broderick was pleasant though too laid back for his character. Sam should have had a level of intensity to show off his desperation. Meg Ryan was the perfect Maggie. Kelly Preston once again got on my nerves playing the same ( woman of your dreams ) role she always plays. Can't this woman venture out?

    This is a funny film. It will really be likeable if you're a Matthew Broderick fan. At times he gets very dry but Meg holds things together. This film is full of funny scenes. My favorite was the cockroaches in the reastaurant. A man actually eats one! If strange quirkness is up your alley, this is one film you can't afford to miss....more info