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When a shopping mall is overtaken by a gang of organized crooks its up to the a mild-mannered security guard to save the day. Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 05/19/2009 Starring: Kevin James Jayma Mays Run time: 91 minutes Rating: Pg Director: Steve Carr

Attention, shoppers: Former King of Queens star Kevin James makes the successful leap to big screen leading man with this Die Hard meets Home Alone slapstick comedy produced by Adam Sandler. In his most empathetic role since his endearing scene-stealing turn in Hitch, James (who also co-wrote the script) stars as biggest loser Paul Blart, a 10-year veteran of the West Orange, New Jersey shopping mall, where he gets no respect from taunting kids who pelt him with ball pit orbs, or a senior who brazenly violates Bart's strictly enforced speed limit in his motorized wheelchair. The film is slow to get rolling as it lays on the pathos as thick as the peanut butter the lonely, overweight and socially awkward Blart spreads on his pies ("Food fills the cracks in he heart," he tells his mother). But then, a band of cycling, skateboarding thieves presumably recruited from the X games take over the mall on so-called Black Friday, the busiest holiday season shopping day. Blart is "untrained, unarmed, and presents a huge target," but, like a plus-size John McClane on a Segway, he is the wild card determined to stop them and rescue his unrequited crush (Jayma Mays) who has been taken hostage. James carries the film on his massive shoulders (the supporting cast is strictly discount outlet, with comedian Adam Ferrara as a sympathetic cop and Bobby Cannavale from Will & Grace and Third Watch as a bullying SWAT team leader the most familiar faces). He proves himself to be an impressively agile physical comedian and he's game for every body slam, pratfall, and tumble. Rated PG for mild violence, a few profanities, and a couple of gross-out gags, Paul Blart: Mall Cop is less crude than previous Sandler productions, more The Benchwarmers than Deuce Bigalow. --Donald Liebenson

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Customer Reviews:

  • As Bad As I Expected
    I like Kevin James. I knew this movie would suck, and I was right. Where was the humor? Not in this dud.

    Lets see, a group of skateboard and bike riding gymnasts/robbers take over a mall. Hmmm. The robbers sommersault over railings...gee, who thought this up? James' scenes are just boring.

    This just proves that actors only care about the money. Quality scripts just don't matter.

    Avoid this one....more info
  • AWFUL!
    I think i have given up on happy madison movies it's usually hit or miss, and even the "misses" have at least a few redeeming quality's this movie fails in every way it would have been better as a cartoon aimed for 6 year olds. ...more info
  • My friend, Burly Ken, persuaded me into watching this. It was worth it!
    He promised me he would let me ride him like a pony back to the video store to return the dvd if I agreed to watch it with him. Truth is, I was so excited by that promise that I couldn't focus on the movie, but I'm sure it's a funny flick!...more info
  • maybe good to leave on during a noisy party?
    Not much groundbreaking material here. Fat awkward guy gets flirty eyes from a hot skinny blonde , dic*head nemesis at work, umm.... hostages taken at an urban mall? Safe humor to watch w/ your younger kids or somethin to leave on at a party where the plot line doesn't matter. A few funny lines but mostly just absurdly delerious plot developments. There is a reason this was co-produced by Adam Sandler. It is certainly that type of turn-off-your-brain type of humor. Watch it when you are totally bored or have a free coupon to use up. ...more info
  • Charm, Charm, Charm
    Was dragged to this (complaining bitterly) by my child, and have now dragged other adults to it three times. The appeal of this movie for me (NOT a slapstick fan) was the unexpected, fascinating and touching chemistry between Kevin James (Paul) and Jayma Mays (Amy). Paul reminds me of Forrest Gump, whose blunders manage to turn out well in the end because his motivations are pure. Jayma Mays does a great job of playing a woman who is both sexy and angelic without making her seem like a bimbo. Raini Rodriguez is refreshing as a normal American adolescent, sensitive and glamourless.

    There was a moment at the end of the film, when Paul turns toward the camera, with purpose, to claim Amy, that took my breath. As I left the theatre after one showing, I saw a guy who physically looked something like Paul Blart, with tears streaming down his face. The man's wife greeted him outside the theatre doors with a wry and amazed, "That bad, huh?"

    The characters and performances make this a memorable film... given that it's unabashedly slapstick comedy, it's something of a miracle. ...more info
  • crowd pleaser for the younger kids
    after seeing the previews i thought this would be a very funny movie but missed it at the movies so i bought it and at first in the beginning half of the movie was the better half it had a few very funny parts mosts were just becuase you felt so bad for the guy. the second half was more dry humor with the typical falls and trips and misses i thin this would of been soo much better if two things happened one the cops and bad guys were so lame and totally unbelievable ive seen better bad guys on disney movies. and two there def should have been a few more flirt scenes between bart and amey because there was only one flirt scene and he ends up crying over her which seemed kind of creaper
    so all in all ide give it no more than a 3 like i said this is def aimed toward the younger crowd between 7 and 15...more info

    I am a huge fan of Kevin James and own everything that he has been a part of that has been released; of course you know that I loved this film. The best thing about his film is that the whole family can watch and enjoy it. There have been many things said about this film but when it comes down to it this is still one of the highest grossing films of the year, a number one hit at the box office, and a successful DVD. Kevin James [star/writer/producer] teams up once again with friend Adam Sandler [producer] and his Happy Madison Productions to bring us this delightful movie.

    Paul Blart is a shopping mall security guard in real life but in his head he wants to be a State Trooper but there is one thing holding him back, his hypoglycemia. Still he takes his day job very seriously, a little too much even. He also seems to have trouble with the ladies [his date video on the internet is hilarious] and one lady in particular, Amy. He also has a nice mother and daughter who seem to always try to hook him up with people over the internet. Any way one day while on the job a group of well lets just say crooks and they have a plan to make some good money, or steal, whatever. The only thing they didn't count on was an overweight, hypoglycemic, takes his job real serious mall cop named Paul Blart.

    The thing about this film is that it is a certain type of humor, Kevin James type of humor. Me personally I loved this film as did my bro and girl, even though this is a PG film meant for family viewing. Saying that seems weird because it is a Happy Madison film but it really is ok for all ages in my opinion. Also I think it was cool how the villains in this were real life skaters, bikers, and free runners, it actually made a lot of sense. Part of their deal is they have multiple credit card numbers to get from each store. It is a big mall and a two level one at that, in order to get the numbers before they switch they need to get to each store as quick as possible. I don't know but I kinda liked all the action these guys brought to the film, got to try that free runner thing.

    Producer/writer/star Kevin James is great in this film and funny as ever mixing in physical humor with some funny lines. James who has never given a weak performance in my opinion brings an every man feel to the character making it easier for you to rout for him. Also on a side note MMA LEGEND BAS RUTTEN makes an appearance at the beginning of the film as the instructor on the course. Keir O'Donnell was funny as the lead villain in the mall and to be honest it caught me off gaud with that character. Jayma Mays is good in this as well and not to mention easy on the eyes. Raini Rodriguez surprised me in this as Paul's daughter, great performance. Shirley Knight as his mom, Adam Ferrara, and of course Allen Covert are excellent in this as well even in smaller parts. Gary Valentine [Danny from King of Queens] is hilarious in his cameo as the karaoke singer, in fact I liked every one in this film.

    Now I know what you are thinking "this guy just loves Kevin James" and while that is true I genuinely liked this movie, I got the humor I guess. I know people who didn't really get into this and that is cool to each his own, but I felt the movie was rather entertaining. From the insane action from the villains to the comedic moments involving James this film was truly entertaining. And if that wasn't enough this DVD has some great special features including a look at the skater, bikers, and free runners [really interesting] and what they do for a living. Also there is a great commentary with James and one of the producers.

    Kevin and writing partner Nick Bakay did a great job as did director Steve Carr because they were not afraid to push this PG film out, and how successful it was at the box office. You know we were there opening day and of course at midnight the day the DVD was released I had to be there to own it. Sure I am a huge fan but the more I support people I like the more they will keep putting out. This is a great film in my opinion and well worth a purchase.
    ...more info
  • Good family movie.
    Our family really enjoyed this movie. It had action, humor and romance.
    We watched this with our 6 year old and did not have to worry about foul language and inappropriate content. The action part of the movie was the only part we had to be concerned with, but she understood they were just bad guys trying to take what was not theirs. For parents watching with younger kids they might have to explain some things, but for the most part it is ok for the kids. ...more info
  • "I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. You're untrained. You're unarmed... Let's face it, son, you present a huge target."
    There's a certain reek of insignificance which comes with being a lowly rent-a-cop, an authority figure with no real authority (to paraphrase Kevin James, a mall cop or a security guard's strongest move is they gotta call the real police). And, if you're an overweight, klutzy, hypoglycemic mall security guard like Paul Blart (Kevin James), a whole new realm of pathetic is explored. Paul Blart is a guy who never made good. He is zero for eight in his tries at passing the physical exam for the New Jersey State Police. Still living with his mother, long abandoned by his wife (an illegal immigrant who only married him to get that Green Card), haplessly in crush with the girl at the hair accessories kiosk, and so down-and-out in his love life that his supportive young daughter coaxes him to sign up with an online dating service... Paul Blart is a loveable loser. But on Black Friday, the craziest shopping day of the year, as thieves overrun his mall and take hostages, Paul Blart gets a chance to be the hero. He's alone, tired, fat... and the only chance anyone has got.

    PAUL BLART MALL COP may have been a surprising box office hit, but there's no denying its feel-good underdog appeal. I liked it enough and laughed plenty enough that I found it easy to overlook the plot inconsistencies and contrivances. I think it's worth 3.5 stars out of 5. In watching this one, it's fairly obvious that a homage is being paid to Die Hard, with our much abused mall cop playing the part of John McClane. And like McClane, Blart as the eyes inside gets no respect from the arriving police officer in charge. Ditto treatment from the S.W.A.T. commander, who used to bully Blart back in school. Even Blart's supervisor is quick to caution him: "I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. You're untrained. You're unarmed... Let's face it, son, you present a huge target."

    In DIE HARD Hans Gruber covets his lost detonator, which McClane had gotten a hold of. In this one Blart ends up with the credit card codes for the mall shops, something which the bad guy here originally had and now most desperately craves. So that's one more similarity. There's another moment which echoes a DIE HARD scene, the one with a near spent McClane taking time out to assess his wounds. Except that in Blart's case, his booboo is salved with a kid's bandaid. PAUL BLART MALL COP is a spoofy comedy, yet it's intelligently written enough that you do get invested in the story and its outcome. Kevin James tiptoes (heh!) the line between comedy and pathos. He handles plenty of his own stunts and demonstrates unexpected grace and physicality and some very good pratfalls and slapstick, his character consistently landing himself in very embarrassing predicaments. Blart tends to be officious and overzealous when on the job, traits that are offset by his inherently kind nature and big, big heart. Kevin James makes absolutely sure that the movie audience is on Blart's side, even if it means that Blart gets bagged on by the really obnoxious pen salesman or beat up by a *ahem* whole lot of woman.

    Note that Blart's Segway personal transporter qualifies almost as an extension of our hero's character, much like Indiana Jones's hat helped to flesh out that guy's persona. I wonder how long it took James to get familiar with motoring on the Segway, because he looks very, very comfortable on that thing. Two things which also work are Blart's relationship with his chubby, optimistic daughter and his clumsy wooing of Amy, the hair extension kiosk girl (her kiosk is called "Unbeweavable"). Although, admittedly, I pretty much cringed thru all those painfully awkward conversations between him and Amy. The film does a nice job of ensuring that the character moments are laid in before introducing the action/suspense plot. The action sequences, when they do come, are well executed, giving the fat man good opposition in the shapes of athletic perps who flaunt X Games skills (and even parkour). Paul Blart manages to turn the mall's resources to his advantage and to confound the baddies, even if the methods he applies are ridiculously implausible. The movie is all very silly, but presented in such an engaging manner that I couldn't help but be entertained. I certainly wouldn't say no to a sequel.

    The mild DVD bonus stuff includes the following: mildly amusing audio commentary by Kevin James & producer Todd Garner; ten weak deleted scenes (Blart gets photographed for his online dating profile; Blart and the S.W.A.T. guy, in pursuit; muttering cleaning custodian; a lost little boy; a quick bar chatter; bad guy explaining the importance of the credit card codes; criminal mastermind chastises a henchman; Paul needs to translate a cell phone text message; Pahud & Paul chatting on the celly; Blart is attacked with snowglobes); and the following mostly self-explanatory featurettes: "Kevin James: Not Your Average Mall Cop"; "Action Sports Junkies" & "Stunts" - these two segments are pretty cool, featuring real life X Gamers who played the bad guys in this film and their stunts, and also stunts by Kevin James; "The Mall"; and "On Set with Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla" (Escamilla is an actor/BMX stuntguy)....more info
  • Mace
    It is really good to see a family movie. I have seen movies with a R ratings that are comming to the BIG screen. Why do film makers need to show such trash. The family needs to remain in tack and we need to get togther an protest films with SEX ans VIOLANCE. It is destroying our familys....more info
  • Insipid
    One of the dopiest movies to come along in a very long time. Kevin James, who is very likable, can't save the insipid storyline (a mall cop becomes a hero when the mall is taken over by a terror group). And Kevin is BIG... real big. He looks like he must have gained 50 pounds on top of what he was already packing. You spend most of time looking at him saying "dude, you need to lose weight, a LOT of weight". Some intermittent chuckles (very intermittent) but mostly just dopey and boring. BnB Beatles Depot ...more info
  • Paul Blart Is Hilarious
    It isn't often that a movie comes out that actually makes me laugh out loud, but with Kevin James behind Paul Blart as creator and star, Mall Cop fulfills its promise to entertain.

    Mall Cop isn't necessarily a movie intended for the entire family, as there is frequent use of mild profanity, but there was nothing else I could find of offense in the movie. About the first half of the movie is much like watching the Kevin James hit TV series, King of Queens, as Paul Blart is very much the same character as Doug Heffernan. At times during the first half of the movie, I found my mind wondering just a bit, or found myself not too disappointed when distracted by something my son would say or do. But about half way through the movie, when the action really kicked in and we get to see James playing the role of Paul Blart a la John McClane of Bruce Willis' Die Hard fame, I found myself engrossed.

    Imagine Die Hard meets Homer Simpson, and you'll get a pretty accurate picture of what Paul Blart lives through in his dedication to defend the people of his mall against the invading force of a band of Black Friday thugs out to steal thirty million dollars worth of the credit card transactions on the busiest shopping day of the year. And just like Homer Simpson, Paul Blart manages to pull through in the end.

    While I don't recommend Paul Blart Mall Cop for the entire family, it is harmless and enjoyable fare for viewers over the age of twelve or thirteen. I haven't laughed so hard at a movie in I don't know how long.

    Jeff Cole is an author, blogger, and podcaster.[...]...more info
    How much you like this film depends on how much you like Kevin James. I am a big fan of James and 'Paul Blart Mall Cop' does what it sets out to do. This is a family film and I think everyone in the family will enjoy this pretty harmless and very funny movie.

    OK, I know, giving this film a 5 star rating is a stretch, but I felt it has gotten some unfair bashing. As family films go, it works very well and never seemed to be too corny or offensive. I think this film will also be better with repeat viewings.

    I loved the contrast between the sluggish, but lovable lug James and the nimble extreme sports super team who were plotted against him. It's almost a parody of the action movie classic 'Die Hard'! It's all played for laughs, but I couldn't help thinking this film might have worked straight.

    There is a scene that I found totally unnecessary and too violent for the tone of this film. There are three delted scenes that would have been better in place of it and it would have made this an even better film.

    ****SPOILER ALERT****
    The one scene involving the fight between Paul and a woman at Victoria Secrets seemed out of place. The deleted scenes involving Paul taking pictures for a dating service and another involving Paul explaining to a mall floor polisher the "black ice" effect he was causing on the mall floor would have been a perfect tool later in the film when Paul is trying to out smart the mall thieves! ......that's just the editor in me coming through! lol.

    *****END OF SPOILER*****

    The DVD has an excellent transfer and some interesting deleted scenes, feature-ettes, commentary and a few other trinkets. I suggest a trip to this mall for the whole family!...more info
  • 90 minutes of dreck...
    It is becoming clear that Kevin James' humor does not translate to the big screen. I have every season of King of Queens and i think it is one of the top 10 tv shows of all time but i have a feeling i will be begging for this 90 minutes back at the end of my life. How on earth Nick Backay and Kevin James found this funny is beyond me. On a positive note i think that the 10 and under and the 70 and over crowd might enjoy this trainwreck. 0 stars....more info
  • Very Awkward.
    It is a collection of awkward situations loosely connected by a thin-line story. It is not funny, I just do not know how to classify this movie.
    ...more info