Anna Karenina
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  • A Mystery wrapped in an enigma
    I'm so thrilled to see this. Normally I'm cheap, watching for those deals. But when I ran into this collection how could I not buy it--it's the ONLY item or star, for whom I would pay any price to own a definitive collection. I'm not even bothered that I'm paying more for it than it was previously promoted at. There will never be another like her. Not as a screen presence, as a cultural icon, nor as a truly fascinating person. She really stuck to her retirement and private life. Normally famous people retire and they cannot remain so--too addicted to the fame, I guess. Yet here is one who did. I cannot wait to open it and start the love affair all over again....more info
  • where is volume 2 ????
    Warner need to release Garbo V2 with her remaining catalog :
    -susan lenox: her fall and rise
    -the painted veil
    -as you desire me
    -two faced woman
    - silents: Wild Orchids, The Single Standard, The Kiss, A Woman of Affairs,The Torrent and Love

    Come On,Warner!! Keep up the good work......more info
  • Garbo movie collection
    It was a present for my wife who just loved the gift. What more can I say. The shipping was fast and it arrived in perfect condition....more info
  • Garbo the Greatest
    Everything about this boxset is great. Watching Garbo's mannerisms, her machismo, her feminism, hearing her speak, seeing her expressions, and listening to her convey unmatchable dry wit, moves me like few women can. I love her long legs. Her gait. Her walk. Her eyes. Her cheekbones. Her style. Her choice of script. To me, this is a woman. If you enjoy classics. If you enjoy strong women. If you want to spend a long weekend with Garbo, I say, buy this box-set, and enjoy. Oh yeah, the biography is great too. If I could have only met her....more info
  • A scene is missing from "Anna Karenina"
    I am a huge fan of Greta Garbo, and I have seen all her movies more than once. I recently bought her Signature DVD collection and I was very happy to own it finally. I was watching "Anna Karenina" on the other day on DVD and I found out that a scene is missing from the movie. In that scene Greta Garbo's character Anna is with Frederic March's character Vronsky in Venice riding a gondola. Then, all of a sudden, a little boy comes to them and shows some tricks and Anna becomes very pleased to see him because he reminded her of her own son. She throws some coins to him. The missing scene is actually a part of this scene. That same boy brings all his friends from his neighborhood and they are all starting to do the same tricks as he was doing to get more coins. The whole scene takes approximately 5 minutes.
    First, I thought that my DVD might have been defected, but I was so determined to find out that I actually bought another DVD just to prove myself that it is not defected. The production did skip that scene from the DVD. In May I went to see this movie on a big screen at UCLA and the scene was there. So if you are a picky person like me I would not recommend you to buy this DVD till the Warner Brothers will correct that mistake.

    ...more info
  • at last.... here she is - in full splendour:-)
    I`ve grown up with Garbo... Ever since I was a child, Swedish television has indeed appreciated her legacy and I`ve witnessed all the sound films mentioned here:

    To my mind, what makes Garbo great is her wonderful sphinx face... and her melancholy, sad remarks... When called upon hysterics and outburts, she is painfully amateurish...

    That goes for ANNA CHRISTIE, GRAND HOTEL, CONQUEST, AS YOU DESIRE ME.... In CAMILLE, NINOTCHKA and TWO-FACED WOMAN she shows us the actress, a girl who DID posseess nuances... method acting....

    And never more so that in the silent FLESH AND THE DEVIL 1926.
    In it she is a man-eater, a sultress, a she-devil and she she in only limited when call upon a confrontation scene with Lars Hanson`s sister...

    The film has wonderful closeups of its three stars and the subject remains as fresh as it did in 1926. The scenes in the snow and how she seduces John Gilbert is quite good and I must say - FLESH AND THE DEVIL is still quite watchable even today.

    To me the friendship between Gilbert and Hanson is a homosexual one and when Garbo falls through the ice - the men are seen embracing each other - and free of that devil Felicitas.

    Their intense friendship fools no one in 2007, but 80 years ago it must have...

    Garbo is only 21 in the film, but shows a mature display of acting and womanhood - no wonder the world fell for her and the same goes for the sound MATA HARI...
    ...more info
  • More than five...
    This collection deserves more than 5 stars!!! It is so awesome! I love it! I love her! She's amazing. I give it 10 stars....more info
  • Obviously a Labour of Love...
    Definately one of the better box sets out on the market. The extras are not only amazing, but the extra gem of a Nazimova film (silent version of Camuille with Rudolph Valentino) And the excellent quality of the prints used to make these dvds show that the signature series of dvds is definately one of the better ones!! Maybe they can do a Dietrich or 30's Crawford set next?...more info
  • amazing
    You don't need to be a fan (or 'customer' as Garbo calls but at least be curious about her which I am sure many are to buy this collection. This is one great collection plus the 86 min. documentary allowed me to learn and appreciate her so much more! At the last few minutes of this documentary shows her very last screen test on May 25, 1949 for a movie but never made. How incredibly tragic and sad. My jaw just dropped of how beautiful she was at the age of 44 at the time, showing more of her personality. I agree with the person saying.."What a waste of talent" This should be the biggest mistake the movie industry has ever made. She was willing to comeback but the industry "stabbed" her in the back by not making the movie which prompted her to never again comeback through the horrible and embarrassing experience. Unbelievable!!

    She should never ever be forgotten. This is one unique special lady and there will never ever be another Garbo!...more info
  • A great start
    A PBS series ran in the 70's showing the MGM silent films of Garbo, Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford. It was watching these that made me fall in love with film and Hollywood. I've peeked at selections in The Garbo Signature Collection and am not disappointed, though the comment from the other reviewer who mentions a missing sequence in Anna Karenina is a bit alarming.
    I only hope Warner gets on the stick and does a Volume 2 and or 3 in short order,so that all of Garbo's films are available for the collector. ...more info
  • WOW!!
    There is no one that compares with Garbo on the screen today. She had a presence like no other. I am thoroughly enjoying this collection. Well worth the price. ...more info
  • Timeless
    Initially I had reservations about buying WB's Garbo set, simply because it was so stratospherically priced. Fortunately, my parents must have sensed it was on my wish list, regardless of its price, and bought it for me as a gift last Christmas. I just couldn't bring myself to take it back! The quality of this set is just too overwhelming. Not only do you get at least three classic film masterpieces (Camille, Queen Christina, and Flesh and the Devil), but also a whole selection of good Garbo films, ranging from obscure to highly popular. Mata Hari has always been a Garbo classic, even if it's not a masterpiece. Anna Christie was based on a great play and, although the production is stagy, the excellence of the story shines through. Anna Karenina is one of the best films in the lot--the photography alone is astonishingly beautiful. Ninotchka was an entertaining comedy, but probably my least favorite Garbo film. Grand Hotel speaks for itself as an enduring cinema legend, as do Camille, Queen Christina, and Flesh and the Devil. What was Garbo's best film? It's a toss-up between these three timeless titles. It's also nice to have two very rare silents: The Temptress and The Mysterious Lady, even if these films are slightly less than stellar.

    As far as quality goes, the set is teriffic. Picture quality is extremely good, but not perfect; I think we can blame this on the age of the films and not because of any disservice from Warner's. The prints are cleaned up very nicely, but just not as pristine as other releases such as Now Voyager or Mildred Pierce, which fairly glimmer. Very good quality, though. ...more info
  • big collection but a lot of unnecessary shelf space
    This is an impressive set, by far the most economical way to get all of these movies in one place. Since Garbo made so few films in her career, this is an excellent way to get a survey of her filmography, from her first silent MGM films to her later talkies.

    My only real complaint is that he contents are not as filling as the overwhelming size of this giant cube of a package would imply. Aside from the movies, we only get commentaries on the silent films; on Camille, we get the original silent version starring Nazimova and Valentino; Anna Christie includes the German language version, and Grand Hotel has the most extras on a disc. Queen Christina, Anna Karenina, Mata Hari, and Ninotchka have nothing more than a trailer for extra features, and the Garbo documentary takes up a whole disc by itself. Not that I expect Warner to load each DVD with unrelated content (although i have no objections to their "night at the movies" features), but what's really surprising is what's missing from each DVD that could have been included. After all, it's not like Garbo hadn't already made a silent version of Anna Karenina with John Gilbert called Love that could have been included on that disc.

    In summary, the movies and features just seem to be spread thin across 9 discs, the result is a set that takes up more space than is really necessary. To put into perspective, the TCM Lon Chaney Collection also included 3 films with commentaries, as well as a documentary; this set could have easily consolidated those discs just the same.

    With no other historical context, it would not be recommended to buy these DVDs separate from this set, especially if one was unfamiliar with Greta Garbo....more info
  • Garbo LAUGHS!
    As a long time Garbo fan, this set is worth the wait.
    The documentary is excellent, and the features are everything you could want. I was particularly interested and impressed with the silents, having seen only two, and them only once.
    "Camille" is my all time favorite movie. That's it. My favorite. The story is a timeless love story set against the accepted mores of society. There is the wonderful addition on the Camille DVD of the rarely seen (non-Garbo) silent version with Valentino as Gaston. This silent version is often referred to in movie retrospectives for it's unusual and artistic sets in high Deco style.
    "Anna Karenina" is another classic of Garbo's and one of my favorites of her films - I've watched it at least 20 times. It remains one of the best adaptations of this story to film. The 2000 version with Sophie Morceau is a really wonderful pairing/contrast with this version.... shifting focus and social concerns, and adding color, but this black and white Garbo version remains equal to it. Tarzan's Jane shows her real talent playing "Kitty" with lightness and vulnerability.
    "Anna Christie" is a stage classic that was altered very little for the film. It was the perfect choice to introduce Garbo to the world, and is the heartwrenching story of a woman who wants to forget her past and just live a simple life. In retrospect, this is also what Garbo wanted for her own life, and that dimension only adds to the levels. This one also includes the German version made with Garbo and her good friend and mentor in the Marie Dressler role.
    "Ninotchka" is Garbo's memorable comedy, later made into the musical Silk Stockings. She makes fun of the serious impervious image created by some of her other films, and it is a perfect foil for the overall serious tone of this set.
    "Mata Hari" is easy to dismiss as too camp, too melodrama, but it is beautiful to look at, both in its glitz, and its more severe moments. We should all look so beautiful in prison when we are about to die. It is a quintessential blending of Garbo's silent work and her early sound work.
    "Queen Christina" is probably her best work, with some interesting direction, with moments of eloquent silence that Hitchock began to move to in his later work. One classic moment is referenced in many other movies. Often said to be one of her own favorites, it has many moments of playful sexual ambiguity... and has been the springboard for the highly imaginative rumors of her "lesbianism". Her nephew puts it best in the documentary. She has a history of long and very open and public relationships with men; anything different from that is conjecture. I'll add that having read almost every Garbo bio, the only person who difinitively states he knows she had a lesbian affair is a spurned lover who has a reputation for trying to spread untrue rumors about many of the legendary people he knew. He simply is not a reliable source.
    I saved "Grand Hotel" for last. Garbo herself knew she was miscast as a ballerina, and while it loks like her worst, most overwrought work, her flair as a silent actress was useful in the role of the overdramatic diva. Prima ballerina's are actually more dramatic than this, so it is only her stature that makes this really laughable. Still, it is a jewel. It was the very first film to feature stars in every major role, and Joan Crawford shines. Grand Hotel has the best work of several of it's stars, and it is eminantly watchable and enjoyable.
    Just a wonderful box set. It makes one long to be alone... to watch these DVDs again and again! The quality of the prints is great. I rate this set much HIGHER than 5 stars. For one supersized, undimmable star!...more info
  • A very good collection of truley Garbos Greatests
    Quality was generally quite good, Selections were great, and I liked the old silents thrown in. The biography and comments were an excellent addition. There are other movies, but these are the best. A collection for anybody....more info
  • garbo is lumunious in this box set
    it is a a must for garbo fans and fans of classic romanaces. the high lights of the set are queen christina and camille....more info
  • Garbo "Signature Collection" DVDs
    The best of Garbo's movies all in one package...what else could you want? The special DVD on the life of Garbo narrated by the superb Julie Christie was outstanding!...more info
  • Good collection but spotty extras and some poor prints
    This collection of Garbo films is an economical way of obtaining these films if you want them but it is a little disappointing as a package. The positives are obvious - a good selection of Garbo's best films, a good documentary about her career and some excellent commentaries on the Silents. In fact, the Garbo Silents disk shows the loving attention of the best TCM DVDs which leads to the disappointing aspect of the collection. Most of the prints of the talkies are poor. "Queen Christina", "Camille" and "Ninotchka", maybe her best films, warrant restoration. "Anna Karenina" does not even contain a complete print. There are no commentaries, a few theatrical trailers and "Grand Hotel" has an interesting newsreel of the premiere. These films deserve better. ...more info
  • Good work
    Although I really never "got" Garbo, little too much of a hick with an accent for my taste, these came out well. If you are a fan you'll like them....more info
  • Garbo is the face!!! The face is the place!!!
    Magnificent set with a lot of extras. The silent films have commentaries and this whole set is a great tribute to (THE FACE). Garbo is so magnetic on the screen. I was just so astounded by her beauty and her acting ability. I bought it because I saw The Temptress on TCM. After seeing it I had to see more. There is just something about Garbo that words cannot say. The TCM disc about her life was so good. It's hard to believe,however understandable, that she just walked away. What a loss to the screen. Barry Paris and Mark Veira have wonderful biographies available which explain her life story. I was just blown away like never before by the silents Temptress,Flesh and the Devil and Mysterious Lady. Camille is the story of Verdi's La Traviata. Anna Karenina is a period piece film of a Russian. Anna Christie is Garbo's first talkie. It takes 16 minutes before you hear the first ever line from her(Give me a Visky). Grand Hotel is loaded with stars such as the Barrymores and Joan Crawford in what may be her first movie. Mata Hari the spy and Ninotchka the Russian diplomat. You just can't get enough of Garbo and you will never get tired of watching her. Buy it before it goes out of print....more info