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  • Got a bad deal on Amazon
    I purchased the cd "For Love of the Game" and it would not play iin any of my units so I purchased a new player and it still will not play. Kind of hard to review the movie that should be on the CD when it doesn't play.
    Sam Rice Hillsboro, TX...more info

    Sam Raimi is one of my all time favorite filmmakers and I will basically buy anything that the man is involved with, luckily for me I have enjoyed all of his films. I was a bit surprised when this film first came out because it didn't really seem like his kinda thing but I knew he could pull it off. The result is a really good baseball movie that really isn't about baseball, and Mr. Raimi did a great job with it. I went to the theaters to see this at the time of it's release and walked out thinking "that was a pretty good movie".

    Based on a novel by Michael Shaara this is the story of Billy Chapel [Costner] a baseball legend at the end of his career and the end of his love life. It is the final game of the year and all he wants is to ignore the pain in his arm and give it one last go. Add into the fact that his lover Jane Aubrey [Kelly Preston] is tired of him and is moving on. This movie is really about this man's journey to finding himself, to bad he does that while playing a career making game. Or maybe it is because of that that he is pitching a career making game. It seems that while he is on the plate thinking about his life with her he is throwing the perfect game, and doesn't even know it. Towards the end when he starts to realize it he starts to go into a slump.

    Sam Raimi shows a bit of a different approach and style with his direction in this film, it is more of a conservative style. The pace is good and the film transcends between present and past easily, but the last third of the film is excellent. Screenwriter Dana Stevens did a great job adapting the book into a film although I will admit that I have not read the book. Costner is good in the role of the fading legend and seems right at home on the plate, his scenes with Preston are good as well but just don't seem big enough. Kelly Preston is great in this film and plays the emotional unstable Jane perfectly. J.K Simmons is excellent as the head coach for Costner's team but does not get enough screen time in my opinion. Still it is John C. Reilly who is my favorite in this movie, as always he is great. He plays the catcher and the guy who is helping get Billy threw, excellent performance.

    The best thing about this film is by far the baseball parts, just the way it was filmed and edited was great. As for the love story it is good and well done but it just falls short of being that classic love story, not sure what a good example would be. This is far from Raimi's best movie but it is a really good one, and to be honest it may be one of the reasons he got the Spiderman job. To all those who have yet to see this I recommend it but be warned, this is not your every day average Raimi flick. Still it is a very good one, worthy of a purchase.
    ...more info
  • Kevin Costner Just "Gets" Baseball
    Considering the fact that "Field of Dreams" (also starring Kevin Costner and about the national pastime) is my favorite sports film of all time, I watched this film with high expectations. For the most part, this movie lived up to those expectations.

    Basically, the plot centers on Detroit Tigers pitcher Billy Chapel, who finds himself nearing the end of a very long and very successful career. However, when the owner of the Tigers tells Billy that the team no longer can afford him, Billy must make the biggest decision of his life (be traded or retire), all the while putting up zeroes on the Yankee Stadium scoreboard on the final day of the baseball season.

    This aspect of the film (Billy's tumultuous decision) really works for baseball fans in a couple of ways. First is the use of flashbacks (think LOST) that show Billy's career up until the present, including his long road back from injury and a burgeoning (yet complicated) romance. Secondly, the vocal talents of Vin Scully (the real-life voice of the Dodgers) will remind all viewers that this movie truly is meant to appeal to pure baseball fans. As Billy pitches deep into his remarkable game, all the while recollecting the earlier events of his life, the film's climax is superbly narrated by Scully.

    About the only "knock" I have on this film (and thus why it isn't five stars) stems from the fact that Billy's romantic issues tend to be a bit too contrived to create the highest form of believable drama. Perhaps Costner was trying to portray a very conflicted Chapel, but to me it came off as a bit confusing how Billy could have his "affairs on the side" and still be involved in a touching romance.

    All told, though, this is a film that baseball fans will almost certainly love. Even if you don't completely fall for the romantic aspects, you will be cheering on Billy Chapel as he struggles to achieve the pinnacle of baseball greatness for a pitcher. Once again, as in "Field of Dreams", Costner proves that he truly does know how to capture the essence of what makes the game of baseball so dramatic....more info
  • The game is not cheap
    The acting and directing are top notch, some of the writing, misses the point, but the emotion is conveyed in incredible clarity. This is not one of those "Feel Good" flicks, it is more about what a man has given up, to be good at what he does, and the realization that it isn't enough....more info
  • DVD
    I originally ordered the HD DVD and it doesn't work on our DVD player. The company made it so easy to return. I ordered the correct one and received it within a few days. We are enjoying our new movie!...more info
  • For Love and Baseball.
    With the exception of some interesting fast balls and watching Kevin Costner sweat a great deal, this film is the story of an off again on again shaky relationship between Billy Chapel(pitcher for Detroit)(Costner) and his want to be Jane, played by Kelly Preston. Congradulations to Costner who manages to maneuver his way through the entire film without cracking a smile. Whoops maybe when I took a bathroom break once.
    Preston does deserve an award herself-a best agonizer of the year trophy. Lots of facial distress and we don't even know her real problem until half way through the film. Lighten up Kelly. Lighten up Kevin. Is this acting?

    The baseball scenes appeal to baseball fans. I looked at my husband, the great Seattle Mariner fan. He was captivated by the pitches during the big game(Detroit vs NY) and in the end he shed a tear or two. Really. Obviously it works better if you love baseball. The story line--wait a minute, I think there is a story line there somewhere. Oh yes, it is about trust and about trust and about trust. So trust me when I say 'for love of your money' rent "Field of Dreams" instead." Or a great baseball story which is also a great story with wonderful acting. (You even get Madonna in that one) Not to mention Tom Hanks in a momumental role as the boozing manager of a lady's baseball team during the second World War. " A League of Their Own."...more info

  • My Favorite Baseball Movie
    There's a lot to like in this movie, even for non-baseball folks - fine acting (Costner is not a "great" actor, but this role suits him perfectly) all around, two engaging story lines (baseball drama and love relationship drama) excellently written. The unfolding of the love story in flashbacks works very well and this is the only baseball movie I'm aware of that takes place over the course of only one game. You really don't need to be a baseball fan or even know much about the game, to enjoy this film a lot. For fans, it's the most realistic protrayal of the game ever put on film - real professional players and umps were used. The fact that Costner did his own pitching is fun and pretty impressive as well....more info
  • It's Kevin Costner, It's baseball, resistence is futile.
    Face it, Kevin Costner fits the role of a baseball player perfectly. In For Love of the Game, it is no exception. So the love story is not the most moving story ever, but seriously, it is still a great story with enough originality to keep you interested. And the baseball part is just incredible. Ever watch a game on TV and wonder what the pitchers are thinking about when the camera shows a close-up to the pitcher's face? This is the movie for you. The baseball scenes alone in this movie make it worthwhile for a baseball fan to watch. If you are not particularly interested in baseball, this might not be the movie you want to see the most. The DVD is excellent. Other than the usual behind-the-scene stuff, it includes an old black and white Babe Ruth short movie which is definitely interesting to watch....more info
  • Thanks, Kevin, And Not for the Water
    After sitting down and watching this movie again, I just needed some outlet to spill out my frustration at all the Costner bashing, especially from the fans of Sam Raimi. I just can't take it anymore! The snobbishness is overwhelming.

    As any baseball fan knows, the "perfect game" has got to be one of the most exciting feats in sports. And I think this film captures it perfectly. If I found Costner's acting in other films not as good as I would lilke, there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with his performance here....

    The eighth and ninth innings were made very dramatic and I felt like I was right there, watching an actual game! The romance was weaker than the baseball, but it did not detract from a very fun and moving experience. And Vin Scully's "The cathedral that is Yankee Stadium belongs to a Chapel!" -- comeon, baseball fans, admit it -- that was pretty cool!......more info

  • Better than Waterworld !
    Outstanding! Costner shoulda definitely got an Oscar. I guess Hollywood still can't forgive him fer Waterworld. And to all you Costner bashers out there : ˇ§Clear the mechanismˇ§....more info
    Obviously made to redeem KEVIN COSTNER's career at the box office after a few failures,FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME is not half as good as was his previous baseball movies:BULL DURNHAM AND FIELD OF DREAMS.If you want to watch a good movie about baseball, you should view PRIDE OF THE YANKEES OR EIGHT MEN OUT.I hate the way the narrative switch here;this does not convince me at all.Everything turns around BILLY CHAPPEL's perfect game and his relation with a girl he met while playing on the road.There is something phoney about this film that turned me off.The fact that this was not a true baseball story did not help.I have a message for movie producers.How about a film on MARK FRIEDRICH who used to play for the TIGERS.This guy for those who remember,used to talk to his ball....more info
  • Okay, but I wouldn't watch it a second time
    Kevin Costner pulls a poor performance it this feel good baseball story. The stroyline was filmsy, and hardly entertaining. The only thing that saved it was Sam Raimi's awesome directing....more info
  • Kevin Costner plays a 40 year old pitcher
    Kevin Costner again stars in another baseball movie. This time he is a 40 year old pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. As the movie opens, he has dinner in his hotel room and a drink at a minibar. The next morning he awakes with 3 bad news.

    (A) The team owner (Brian Cox) has sold the Tigers, (B) He might get traded, (C) His on and off girl firend he leaving him and taking a job in London, Because she tells him "you don't need me, you'r perfect with the ball and the diamond. Not the thing you want to hear when you are facing retirement.

    Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner) has to decide to hang it up after 19 years or have a 20th season? His girlfriend is Jane Aubrey (Kelly Preston). She is his on and off girlfriend.

    Then it flashes 5 years before a game in New York, when Billy and Jane first met. At first she doesn't know who he is until a tow-truck driver says, "Hey your Billy Chapel."

    Anybody Kevin Costner's age might be retired from baseball. Kevin Costner had two or more baseball films before this, and when of them was called "Field of Dreams".

    Soon he has to look for his grandfriend's daughter named Heather (Jena Malone). Which after first she says freedoom. The movie was directed by Sam Raimi. If you love baseball, then this is the one for you....more info

  • Superb
    Much maligned, mostly by my friends, but still a great movie. More about redemption than baseball....more info
  • Good, not great. This is not "Field of Dreams"
    Over the past weekend, my wife and I actually got the opportunity to rent a couple of movies, sit down, and watch them! (In a large family, such is usually NOT the case!)

    Three stars for "For the Love of the Game". We loved the baseball (indeed, I suspect that Kevin Costner does as well) and felt that the way flashback were handled from within the context of the game itself was quite effective.

    However, we were both disappointed at the development of the relationship. My wife was completely underwhelmed by Kelly Preston's acting ability (or lack thereof), and I felt that Jane, the character she portrayed was poorly developed -- and frankly, the bits that WERE developed, I didn't like. I found myself with no sympathy for her whatsoever.

    Other pluses to the movie would include the authentic-sounding announcing by Vin Scully, and the remarkable visual and sound editing when Costner is on the mound.

    As a lover of baseball, I enjoyed the movie -- but as far as baseball movies go, it ain't great....more info

  • For Love of the Game
    Good story line. I bought it for my husband and I ended up watching it with him....more info
  • My Love for "For Love of the Game"
    I bought the movie for my boyfriend. We watched it together solely because it was written by one of his favorite authors. To be honest, I was not expecting anything tremendous. We both really enjoyed it. It had a little bit for both of us. Really good film....more info
  • Kevin Baseball
    Costner has made about 5 or 6 good movies, and three of them are about baseball. Bull Durham is the comedy, Field of Dreams is the spiritual, but For Love of the Game is the more realistic of the bunch.
    Billy Chapel (Costner) is an aging veteran pitcher for a bad Detroit team in the twilight of his career who must decide on retirement, or accepting a trade. The movie takes place over the course of just 1 game, with back flashes of his relationship with Jane (Kelly Preston).
    The movie touches on the celebrity of athletes, and the difficulties of having a normal relationship. I personally thought that the underlying theme was about choosing between a career or a relationship, but I'm sure it was probably deeper than that.
    I have always thought that Costner was a bit of a ham who takes himself way too seriously, and while at times in this movie he tends to fall into that role, Billy Chapel is more of an understated character, and Costner is by far at his best when he plays that kind of role.
    ...more info
  • For The Love of the Game
    Kevin Costner gives a very compelling performance as a baseball player at the end of his career. He is very realistic in the role and brings thought provoking issues to light. How do you decide to hang up your glove and leave a game that has been the most important thing in your life? It was great that he could personally do the pitching in this movie because it would have lost a lot of the realism and credibility if they had to use someone else....more info
  • Another Good Baseball Movie From Costner
    For Love of the Game is a very enjoyable film. Costner, as usual, gives a fine performance surrounded by excellent performances from the supporting cast. The video and audio on the HD DVD are completely involving; on good AV systems, the film will play better than at a movie theater. If you like serious baseball movies (The Pride of the Yankees, The Natural, etc.), For Love of the Game will make a fine addition to your disc library....more info
  • Excellent
    Not being a baseball fan at all, I hesitated to get this movie. I have Bull Durham, and like it the more I see it, great humor in that movie, but For Love of the Game is the best ever. It has almost made me a baseball fan. Kevin Costner does an outstanding job in this movie--he throws all the pitches and makes the catches himself--that alone is amazing to watch, to hear the wind whistle past the ball, see the rosen powder fly from the catcher's mitt--it doesn't get any better. The camera work is outstanding, camera angles/replays/closeups, overall film techniques used to produce realism of an actual professional game, actual umpires from the league in the role of umpires, actors with experience in minor and major league play in the role of players and coaches, fan/crowd responses, etc., it's as real as it can get.

    John C. Reilly is outstanding, he portrays the essence of a real friend. Kelly Preston is good, if I had a choice I would have chosen someone with more electricity and spark with Kevin but Costner makes up for the lack of spontaneous chemistry between the two. I would have bought this movie just to see the outstanding job Costner does, however, the story line is powerful; the relationship between Billy (Kevin) and Jane (Kelly)is so real depicting the ups and downs of a relationship with two flawed people and the difficutly of having a normal life and developing love interest with someone in the public eye. It just doesn't get any better, in my opinion, than For Love of the Game.

    The story in For Love of the Game is the story of life--only told from the perspective of a single baseball game. We focus on one aspect of our life--our career--and almost ride it too long and risk missing out on the most important part of our overall existence. There are flaws in this movie but only those looking for flaws can get sidetracked by that and miss one of the best movies ever. This one is a keeper and one to be watched over and over. I don't know which I like best, the love story or the shots of the baseball game--and this from someone who doesn't like baseball--both are intertwined so skillfully they can't be separated. I almost want a second copy to make sure I never lose this outstanding movie.

    ...more info
  • Movie
    This movie was a christmas gift. I had tried for a few years to find it for her and I finally did with you. She was very excited and happy....more info
  • Entertaining Baseball Drama -- A Bit Long Though
    I usually love baseball movies, especially ones with Kevin Costner in them. I've been pretty disappointed with Costner movies of late so I didn't rush out to catch this movie. I would hardly consider this movie one of his best, but it didn't turn out to be so bad.

    In the end, I actually liked this movie. This is the story of Billy Chapel who is pitching what could be his last game after a stunning 19 year career as a Detroit Tiger pitcher. As he gives it his all, he has flashbacks of the events that have happened in the previous five years of his life and realizing that he hasn't given every aspect of his life the same effort he has given this game.

    In the end, the viewer will identify and care for Billy Chapel and the people in his life including his on-again, off-again girlfriend named Jane (played by Kelly Preston), Jane's daughter Heather, his loyal friend and catcher Gus (played wonderfully by John C. Riley), and many others. This is a heart-felt drama and not so much the sport movie I thought it would be.

    The acting and story are quite superb. There is even some sprinkling of humor that had me laughing out loud ("Have you ever had your heart broken?" "Yes, we lost a pennant race.") My only complaint is that, at over 2 hours, this movie just gets to be too long. Forty minutes before the end of the movie I just wanted it to come to its conclusion. Sam Raimi did a fantastic directing job but could have easily cut a lot of those scenes.

    This is a good movie for a great range of people. It has a tear-jerking love story, sports, humor, excellent acting, drama, and a lot of heart. If any of those things appeal to you then check out this film. The only thing missing is a little action, but that would have just ruined this movie....more info
  • "You and Me...One more time!"
    Those were the words of "Gus", John C. Riley(the more i see of this guy the more i like him)is the big hearted,battle worn,FAITHFUL,TRUSTY O'l catcher in this baseball guy movie turned LOVE STORY. This is the story of Billy Chapel. A once great pitcher for the Detroit Tigers on the brink of retirement. It's a story of a man who's got the biggest decision of his life/career to make...being traded by the new owners of the ball club and keep playing but for another team other than the only team he has ever known Professionally...or retirement?...If you're a use to be athlete...this tugs at your heart, taking you back to the last time you were able to suit up and play the greatest game in the! Billy is a man who's obviously in love with the game and is having a heck of a time letting her go. Now by using the word "her'...i can describe both the game of baseball and Billy's "on again,off again" relationship with Jane Aubrey(the very Beautiful Kelly Preston), a New York Fashion magazine Editor who's more than a lil' hesitant with Costner's character's old school approach with their realtionship. Billy thinks (like i and countless other guys have) like a typical guy who takes advantage of a good thing to the point that he drives it away. Billy is old school and he isn't willing to commit to Jane, which she deperately needs him to do. Jane has been done wrong in the past more than a few times. She's a single mom of a teenage girl( played by the very CUTE Jena Malone)who's starting to challenge her mom's ways. In all ways this movie is just about life! Single parenting, being a stubborn man, relationships with friends, saying goodbye, the love of a good woman... and o'h yeah...the deepest love a man can have for the game of Baseball. The movie is set during the last game of what has been a very rough season for Billy and the Tigers. Inning by inning Billy goes through refections of his relationship with Jane and Heather(Jena's character), his career as a dominant pitching god for one team,the Detroit Tigers & everything from a career threatning injury and just plain old woman trouble. He's had a good life as a ball player but his career is coming to a close and now he has the decision of retirement or playing for another team. All the while his heart is with Jane but he is too stubborn to tell her how he really feels and just about pushes her completely away. Like a typical guy, Billy realizes and goes after her at all costs...Did i forget to mention the fact that this is all going on during a game that Billy just so happens to be pitching a perfect game in? of the sale of the Tigers forces Billy's hand to make a decision of retirement or trade...this triggers Billy's reflections. He realizes that's he's in love with Jane and he needs more than just "the game" to be complete in life. In typical Movie fashion Billy pitches the perfect game, retires, and goes after Jane. In the ending scene,Billy pours his heart to Jane at the airport in New York...he palns to chase her overseas but by chance she delays her flight to watch the game and is wrestling with her own feelings for Billy and trusting him. All in all, this is a great movie especially for the Costner buffs out there. I personally love all of Costner's baseball movies and i'd put this one at the top of my personal list! This is not a movie to rent, it's a definate buy!!! Billy Chapel is the man everybody wants to be and the man that no man wants to admit that he is...?!...more info
  • Baseball: Metaphor for life
    This movie wasn't really at all about baseball, but about the metaphor for life baseball is. Overall if you are looking for a film that is going to capture what baseball represents, then this is it!...more info
  • Focus, Focus, Lose out on Life
    For Love of the Game is one of my favorite movies of all time. Usually sports themes aren't among my favorite, but this film is about so much more than sports... it's about life. It's about figuring out what life is all about before it's too late. What's important? Why waste your best years on a game, where sports agents will throw you away before your prime? It's about love, and throwing that away for "The Love of the Game." Buy it, enjoy it and learn about focus, love and what's really important in life....more info
  • "Clear the mechanism."
    My son, a former college pitcher, absolutely adored this film--not because of the overall story, but because of the head games pitchers play on the mound. And to its credit, FOR LOVE OF THE GAME vividly depicts a day out on the hill for a major league pitcher at the twilight of his career, Detroit Tiger ace Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner). My son instantly identified with Chapel's talking to himself between pitches, trying to get inside the head of the batter (What's he expecting? Fastball or breaking ball?), hoping that his next pitch will throw the batter off balance. And finally, Chapel's ability to completely shut out all noise and distractions ("Clear the mechanism," he says to himself.) was very effective.

    And those are the highlights of the movie. Unfortunately, FOR LOVE OF THE GAME is a compilation of flashbacks centering around a contrived love story that has been rehashed and recycled thousands of times. Director Sam Raimi gives us a story about the on-again/off-again relationship between Chapel and Jane Aubrey (Kelly Preston), a magazine exec. Chapel is unwilling to make a commitment, while Jane's pessimistic insecurity about the relationship becomes downright annoying. Costner is so wooden in these scenes he appears to be going through the motions, while Preston whines and pines like a high school sophomore. The final scene between the two of them, in the airport, is uncomfortable to watch.

    John C. Reilly turns in an admirable performance as grisly veteran catcher Gus Sinski, and the soothing voice of Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully lends wonderful credibility to the drama as Chapel makes a bid to pitch a perfect game. I only wish FOR LOVE OF THE GAME had confined itself to the action on the mound; there wasn't much action going on anywhere else.
    --D. Mikels...more info

  • Just a bad bad movie
    This movie lacks everything that a decent movie requires....more info
  • What the...?
    Every great director makes a misstep at some point in their career. "For Love of the Game" respresents the nadir of Sam Raimi's filmography. This is the kind of film I would have NEVER expected him to helm, but alas. I think he made it to show Hollywood that he can make a "normal" movie every once in a while.

    No zombies, hardly any blood, no crazy camera movements, no suspense, no cool special effects, no Bruce Campbell and no scares. What's the point? This isn't a Sam Raimi movie. This is sentimental stuff from the Hollywood dream factory. I'm glad he got back on his feet for making "the Gift" after completion of this waste of celluloid. Do us a favor, Sam. Stick to what you're good at. Don't allow Hollywood executives to think that if it's not "normal," it's garbage....more info

  • Don't Do It
    This bleak excuse for a movie should be banned, as should the bulk of Costner's recent "work." Bad writing, bad acting. To watch this film is to die a slow and agonizing (and boring) death. Buy or rent The Rookie instead....more info