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  • M.I.N.A. - Miami vice In Name Alone.
    This remake of the 80s hit TV Show has the distinction of being written and directed by the creator of the original series. And thankfully, it's nothing like the original. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas playing Crockett and Tubbs as they entering the seedy underworld of narcotics trafficking and trying to make the big bust to put the bad guys behind bars. But if you look at it now, it doesn't hold up well with time.

    In this version, creator/writer/director Michael Mann, who has proven time and again that he is an A list director, takes something that you know he's been itching to re-explore and does it with style and grace. His list of films include The Last of The Mohicans, The Insider, Collateral, Ali and the near perfect DeNiro/Pachino drama, Heat. A stellar list to be sure, but here he goes back to playing with an old toy, updating it to the next millennia.

    Now the players are more serious, more realistic. It's darker, it's grittier and it finds the frightening underbelly of Miami in so many scenes. In this version Sonny and Rico (instead of Crockett and Tubbs) stumble on the breakdown of the identity of a snitch who's now working for the Feds. Before they can help him he steps into traffic and kills himself. From here, they work their way into the good graces of a drug runner who outsources his transportation. Yes, even in the drug business, there is outsourcing. The method of gaining trust is tense and the process is slow and arduous. But the movie has a brisk pace and the action sequences are well done.

    Collen Farrell (Sonny Crockett) and Jamie Foxx (Ricardo Tubbs) play their roles in solid form. In an effort to distance their characters from the show, Mann has written them differently. Rico is smart and level headed, much more like the senior of the two. Crockett is slick and hotheaded at times but never over the edge. They are surrounded by characters who support their deep cover operations and they are obviously well trained and well informed. If there are groups of vice cops like this, I feel a lot better.

    With this recreation, Mann has shown what he would have liked to have done in the TV Series. There were always discussions about the realism of the series and some might question it here as well. But where the TV show was flashy and colorful, the movie is a glimpse of how shady and dangerous the life of a Vice cop can be and how close to the edge they get when dealing with the kind of people who run these businesses....more info
  • This remake didn't stand a chance
    You knew it was going to be terrible just by looking at it. Look who was cast to play Sonny and Rico.

    Colin Farrell as Sonny doesn't fit. Sonny is supposed to be a Miami native. Why cast a potty-mouthed irishman; then dye his hair blonde?

    Jamie Foxx as Rico doesn't fit either. Rico is supposed to be Cuban. Why cast an African American from Texas?...more info
  • Overall awful, but some great scenes
    I think Michael Mann is one of the best directors out today. Consider Heat, Last of the Mohicans, Collateral, etc. Great stuff. And I particularly enjoy his style; I'm not sure if I'm right, but he seems to shoot a lot with handheld cameras and natural light (as opposed to well lit scenes w/ artificial lights). It makes for a very distinctive feel that I enjoy. This movie is in that vein, but with some challenges. The overall story is pretty decent, and certainly consistent with the brazenly neon miami vice of yesterday. The problem is the dialog and lines. A lot of it is incredibly artificial and downright awful. I actually laughed quite a few times in the theater while listening to colin farrell's lines. I surprised myself and bought the dvd, only to realize that i really enjoy a select few scenes. The opening boat race scene is good, but i especially enjoy the scene where they cigarette boat-it to cuba. very good music, the engine revving sounds great in surround sound, etc. So this is one most appreciated by enjoying scenes in isolation, and, IMHO, that's OK. ...more info
  • just incredible
    i saw miami vice a the cinema but in hd dvd wooow its incredible you got to see the functions yourgona be like this wooooooooooooooooooow (the gps, tech aspects wow)...more info
  • Michael Mann lover left disappointed
    I am not afraid of movie violence, drugs, or anything like that. I am a huge fan of Michael Mann's work. I thought Collateral was fantastic and Heat is easily in my top 5 of all time.

    I was excited to see Miami Vice, but after viewing I was left feeling overall disappointment. It lacked the development and human element that made his previous efforts great--I just didn't care what happened to anyone in the whole movie.

    Michael Mann is known for creating stark backdrops, but his vision of Miami is just plain cold, without feeling "gritty" as it was no doubt intended to.

    Overall the whole effort felt detatched and sterile, even the performance of the normally vibrant Jamie Foxx. Here's hoping Mann's next effort has a little more life in it....more info
  • I've seen clouds from both sides now
    I had vaguely wanted to see this when it was in theaters, but just never made it. Then I was reminded of it after visiting Fort Lauderdale earlier this year, and now I've seen it and I'm ready to write about it and forget it as soon as possible.

    The disc opens with the world's longest commercial for HD DVDs. It is a full three minutes long and contains what seems like full instructions to the many intricate and probably pointless "features" these discs have--like the ability to have your movie experience interrupted every few seconds by "fun facts" which probably run along the lines that Halle Berry really likes yogurt or some such. I was convinced never to buy an HD DVD after this commercial. Then we start the movie, hearing a throbbing undertone accompanying the Universal logo, then coming up out of the water until we see a bunch of catamaran-style speedboats racing along. I like movies that begin either underwater or in space. The boats speed along as the credits play. Apparently this whole section is new and exclusive to the director's cut, as from what I understand the theatrical version didn't even have credits. Oh yeah, did I mention that what I watched was the director's cut? But this is about the only point I'll be able to tell you how it's different from the theatrical version except I heard this one--at 2 hours and 20 minutes--is "trimmed down."

    The first half hour here is police work as sensual experience. The water, the sky, the colors of the boats, all are given loving coverage. Especially the sky; I have never seen so much beautiful cloud coverage in one movie. The clouds should seriously get a credit. We notice that the two guys are often shot with one behind the other, visually making the team into one entity. This happens in the posters and artwork, too. Anyway, then they're in a nightclub [where four different songs play one after another, like in a real club; it definitely ups the verisimilitude and makes the scenes seem longer], then there's some hugger-mugger and then they're on a roof and get a call from some undercover agent whose job is going badly. Then they meet with him, then they're put on some case in order to rat out an informer. The fact is, the first 30 minutes here are absolutely incomprehensible. I went into the rest of the movie with only the vaguest motion of what was happening and why.

    Then Jamie Foxx as Rico goes to make love with Trudy, his GF and also an agent. Listen to the TOTAL porn-movie music that plays as they do it. The scene goes on so long and Trudy receives so much adoring coverage that I made a little bet that she was going to die or at least be abducted by the end.

    Then they go undercover and have to infiltrate some drug ring or something, and when the guy questions their credentials they throw this big bluff and threaten to blow up the assembled company, including themselves. I thought, Hmmm, can I do this in job interviews? "You want to see my portfolio? [pulls out grenade] Are you ready to meet God?"

    So then Rico has a talk with Trudy about how he's worried she'll be pulled into it and she tells him not to give one thought to her, but only worry about himself and Sonny, because if he thinks of her he'll be distracted and may f*** up. Pretty understanding. Then they meet the big bad guy, this semi-hot bear, and his woman Isabella, played by Gong Li. Sonny comes on hard to Isabella, quite inexplicably and unadvisedly, and they take the speedboat to Cuba for a Mojito. There they listen to music, dance, and make mad passionate love. Then they make a sub-deal to betray the big gangster and get out of the game.

    By this time one has noted that they are able to have perfectly clear cell phone conversations while in open boats traveling at high speed. And that the look of this is inextricable [which influenced which is debatable] with the Grand Theft Auto video games. And around an hour into it I thought: "You know, I'm getting really bored."

    SPOILERS > > >
    So a bunch of other standard cops and robbers stuff happens and, as expected, Trudy gets taken hostage. The guys divert from their plan and rescue her, after which she stupidly walks back into the trailer she was held in, which explodes, throwing her forward and leaving her in a coma and with burns over 15% of her body. Why did she go back in? Whatever. Then there's a big showdown shootout and the bad guys are killed, the good guys win, Isabella goes back to Cuba and coma girl shows signs of life.

    < < < SPOILERS
    It's a gorgeous blank. I don't know, I'm often not into cops and robbers movies, and this one I found a little more alienating than most. The first problem is that since the first 30 minutes are absolutely incomprehensible, no emotional connection is formed--you can't even tell what's going on. And for the rest of the movie only the barest outline of plot could be made out [by me--maybe I'm just really thick], which also keeps one disengaged. It works in a James Bond movie where you don't have to follow the plot, just watch the parade of luxury items and action pieces, but this movie seems to be going for a deep dive into the emotional lives of these cops, but it just remained distant from me. The other alienator is that I still have no clue what the basis of Sonny and Isabella's relationship is supposed to be. Why would he take this massive risk over a woman he just met, but suddenly is all passionate about? Is it just lust? I didn't engage in any of it, which left the last hour and twenty minutes as just images passing on a screen.

    It is, however, very beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen such attention paid to clouds and water and surfaces before. I think maybe he was going for this kind of haze of impressions that defines the high-stakes police experience, this kind of mental dislocation all these shifting alliances and identities leave in their agents, but after awhile character emotional distance results in audience emotional distance. Oh, and the characters never, ever seem to sleep....more info
  • Great Movie
    This movie is a crime drama, not an action movie. Once you understand that I believe you will really like the movie. For fans of the TV show, I think if you liked the first season, which was flashy, but had a really good and serious storyline, this is for you. They both have the fast cars, boats, nice houses, etc. But I actually like the characters in the movie better. The special features are a nice addition as well. ...more info
  • Frustrating
    With expectations running high for this cinematic treatment of a cultural icon of 1980s television, there was bound to be some controversy surrounding Michael Mann's 2+ hour widescreen extravaganza. Lurking somewhere beneath the breathtaking but drawn out scenes, and the occasional longeurs as the action went slack, there is probably a four-star movie. What Mann needed was something more of an internal censor and some deft editing to trim the fat.

    Other viewers have tended to stress the differences between the TV series and this movie. As far as I'm concerned, the film picks up on alot of the series: in mood, this is close to Season 3 of the TV show, when, much to its benefit, the small screen series went serious and gritty, producing some of its most consistent plotlines and drama. Unfortunately, the movie suffers from a need for taut editing and transitions, something that plagued the first season of the series. Mann seemed to get the knack as the series went on, but here he's back to the scenes that linger just a bit to long, and transitions that come along with a whimper instead of a bang. This can be excused once or twice, but add this up over more than 120 minutes and you the viewer are catching on to the fact that with some judicious post-production attention, this could have been more riveting, and pared down to about 1hr 45mins without losing the dramatic thread.

    Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell slip into their roles as Crockett and Tubbs with considerable stature. Foxx's Tubbs has been reworked from the series version with Philip Michael Thomas, with positive results. Foxx seems tough and intense, every bit Farrell's equal (Thomas's Tubbs, and his too-cool-for-school persona, verged on the annoying, and he was definitely second fiddle to Don Johnson). Sadly, there is more slackness in the movie's lack of a backstory. In the series, we know that Tubbs' brother had been killed in New York at the hand of drug lord he would battle off and on in Miami. Crockett, too, had some history of his own, and several bad girlfriend situations. If this movie was hell-bent on exceeding two hours, it could have been filled with something that makes us connect with our two good guys. As it was, I left the film not really caring what happened to any of the principals.

    In sum, this is a visual treat that showcases some of Michael Mann's talents. If you are new to this franchise, check out the series first. It will help you project some care and concern for the two main players, something - sadly - the movie fails to accomplish on its own.

    The DVD package is a nice presentation, filled with some meaty 'making-ofs' and interviews. There's a good commentary by Mann to round things out. These bonus features are a plus, and probably made the difference between passing this off to a second-hand outlet and keeping it in my collection. ...more info
  • Quite Possibly Michael Mann's Worst Movie
    After viewing Collateral, I was eager to view his newest film. Here in Miami Vice, we have the perfect example of how bad a movie can possibly be. I am still in denial that this movie is directed by Michael just doesn't fit in my head.

    Like Collateral, Mann takes the same camerawork approach he used, which consists of a documentary "real" style. Now unlike Collateral, this movie makes barely any sense. In Collateral we had a plot that was quite plausible and entertaining, and the "real' style worked, it gave an edge to the movie. But here in Miami's just...pathetic; nothing stands in this film, everything is confusing and muddled. Every line is represented as a complex situation...there is not one line where we actually care or feel for the characters.

    From what I understood, the plot tries to bring the dangerous world of narcotics...ok that could be interesting...NOW ALL WE NEDD IS FOR IT TO MAKE SENSE!!! Seriously how hard can that be, I literally wanted to destroy this DVD after sitting 140 min in front of the screen. Also there is no action, just one real action scene at the end that feels boring...even the action was boring. I'm still pondering on how the hell this movie cost 135 million...its absurd, I cant comprehend how a piece of manure like this can cost so much and have the look of it been shot by an amateur...either Mann didn't care for this movie, or he was high.

    Not to mention that the film has the most scenes of the characters using their cell phones. Every freaking 5 min we see Collin Farrell and Jaime Fox holding a cell and trying to look cool with their shades. It as if they were placing this movie in a nice package to make it look good. Let me tell you something, no matter how much you shine crap, it will still be crap; and why in the world did Mann copy the same scene of Collateral with the night club...I mean it looked cool in that film, but here it fells bland and soulless. This movie has nothing positive to its side, perhaps some well shot scenes, but that doesn't save the film from irrelevant sex scenes, confusing plot, bad dialogue, and crappy action sequences. This is quite possibly the worst "big budget" movie I have ever watched. Don't waste your time

    ...more info
  • I wish I could get those two hours of my life back
    The movie Miami Vice may be great for fans of the series, but I wasn't one when I went into it. I like action films. I like Colin Farrell. I thought, why not? The answer: many many reasons. #1) Colin Farrell has a mullet and a Burt Reynold's style moustache that is so distracting I spent so much time lamenting its presence, I had a hard time grounding myself in the movie. #2) There is no way of grounding yourself in a movie that's about nothing. And it is. About nothing. No point. No plot. Just guns, nonexistent drug shipments, and bad accents. Lovely. #3) The movie didn't so much end as just cut off without any resolution.

    Can I please just have those two hours of my life back? Please, save yourself the time and money of renting this lackluster film....more info
  • Not a homage to the TV series, but not bad either
    As a die hard Miami Vice fan back in the day, I have to admit that I was expecting to see something along the lines of the TV show that I fell in love with as a teenager. So when I saw Miami Vice the movie, for the first 10-15 minutes, I was angry "this is not the movie I expected", but as I sat tight and got comfortable with my disappointment, I started really paying attention to the story, the character development, Jamie Foxx's performance, and the photography, and all of the sudden I was hooked. If you should get the DVD, the "special features" behind the scences documentary is a must see. After having watched Michael Mann's commentary about filmmaking and his artistic vision, I went back and re-watched Collateral.

    The only draw backs to this film are: 1- a different actor (i can't say who) should have played the Sunny Crockett role and 2- Secondary characters Gina, Trudy, Switech and Zito may have done well with expanded rolls....more info
  • I liked it!
    I'm not a previous "Miami Vice" fan. I don't think I ever sat thru a whole show,and I found this movie very entertaining. Maybe because I was not comparing it to anything else. I am usually very critical on all the "junk" that Hollywood is producing,but it shocks me that so many hated this film. I found the energy,visual aspects,back drops of lightening, beautifuls skies whether it was sunny or storming to be very artistic. I feel as though Miami was displayed very realistically. The traveling to foreign countries and the real shots of the towns, street folks and garbage all over also lended itself to the adventure. Jamie Foxx and his gal were in a very beautify scene displaying their closeness, and who could argue with "Black IS beautiful" after experiencing their shower scene. "Fall asleep right here,baby" had to make even the toughest guys melt a little. So many found the relationship between "Crockett" and "I am a business woman. I don't need a husband to have a house", to be irritating. Not me, I found it VERY SEXY and the thing that really drew me into the movie. Colin Farrel had a lot to do with that, me being female and finding him very hot. But giving credit to the director,I loved the sensuality in the close ups,like the shower scene where the director focuses on neck of Crockets love interest,the lightening, and their playful manners even though they are in the ugliest of businesses. How could you ignore the many shots where the two could not help touching each other. Very sensual,even if at times the dialogue was hard to understand. These are things all of us do when we are in the beginnings of really falling in love. I found there to be a great balance of excitment,really bad guys, and yet good guys that are still on the edge. I agree with Colin Farrell's accent problem, though. He lowers his voice too much when trying to speak like an American. It's distracting,but I think can be overcome with some.... acting lesson?!? But he is still eye-candy to me that can screw up some and still be worth watching. I am buying this video after seeing it on Direct TV, and I NEVER buy videos. I am even buying the CD as the music I found to be edgy,yet sensual. I had seen "HEAT", but not "COLLATERAL",but will make a point of seeing it now. Mr.Director, I was in another world for the length of the movie, and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for doing a beautiful piece of work that gave me some dreamy dreams....more info
  • What can I say?
    I wish I could say that this movie was B.S. that Michael Mann takes himself way to seriously and that didn't realize that people were making fun of the show back in the 80's. But I can't. I loved it than and I love it now. Admittedly, there are a lot of elements of the 80's show that are left out. Nevertheless, the cineamotography is beautiful; Tubbs and Crocket are super corny and American James Bonds at the same time; and the women characters rock. I can't explain it.

    And while I am very much a fan of Colin Farrell earlier movies, think he is a modern metrosexual Marlin Brando, I never thought I would appreciate Jamie Foxx as a serious actor, even after Ray. But doggone it. He's done it. A kitchy classic I'm sure, but Miami Vice was brilliant....more info
  • Something's In The Air Tonight
    Barry Henley lacks the presence of Edward James Olmos, Gina doesn't have as big a role as the character did in the series, and I missed Izzy, but there's a lot to like for fans of the original "Vice" tv series. Director Michael Mann has updated for the new millennium with heavier weaponry, cool gadgets, and a better story than he could show on tv almost two decades later. Would have been nice if some original cast members could have had cameos or reprised their roles.

    Detectives Sonny and Rico are undercover (a la "Smuggler's Blues") to catch a drug kingpin and a leak from their side of the fence. Sonny gets in over his head with the beautiful dealer Isabella; Rico and Trudy (a couple in this screen version) deal with their relationship as lovers as well as fellow officers and Trudy's kidnapping by enemy bikers.

    The story itself is great, the production values of course exceed anything that could have been shown on tv in the 80s, and anybody who likes crime and suspense movies will be entertained by "Miami Vice." Fans of the old series won't find much, if anything, to complain about.

    The updated "In The Air Tonight" on the way to the showdown was a nice touch that old fans will appreciate....more info
  • Pretty Good Crime Flick But Not The TV Show
    Michael Mann has become the undisputed master of the police procedural/crime film with gritty films like Heat and Collateral. Miami Vice fits well into his catalogue. The resemblence to his 1980's television show is in name only. The show gave us pastel colors and attitude and made stars of Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas. The film is gritty and dirty looking and takes us inside the lives of deep undrcover operatives.

    The plot has been done many times before: undercover cops must take down drug lord but remain true to themselves. Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell manage to do quite well with the material they are given. Some of the dialog is mumbled and the story gets too complicated at times for its own good but this is a surprisingly well made and well thought out film. An excellent commentary track my Mann gets into the nuts and bolts of the filmaking process and the casting choices. Into the usual mix is thrown a romance with one of the drug lord's women expertly played by Gong Li. Her acting is one of the highs of the film.

    Bottom line is if you are looking for a standard reprise of the television show this is not the film for you. But if you are looking for a more realistic, gritty crime thriller check it out. You may be pleasantly surprised....more info
  • My Gun Is Cute
    It was fun watching this movie. Let the critics who expect something like "Collateral" go ahead and buy "Collateral."

    Saying that this film is not "Collateral" is self-evident. It was not intended to be something it is not. It is, though, entertaining, fun, and absorbing.

    Watching it with a buddy recently, we found ourselves making wisecracks during the first hour, and even cataloguing all the punches that are telegraphed. However, Michael Mann comes through in the home stretch. The last hour of action was well done (can't bring myself to say "well executed"). With one small exception, it's realistic and as good as any action movie. I liked it, overall, and found myself wishing it hadn't ended whehn it did.

    Writing is good, performances are good, direction is solid, and the cinematography is gorgeous.

    So whaddaya want??...more info
  • Leave now, life is short, time is luck
    As another Michael Mann and Miami Vice TV lover, my initial response to this was disgust. The fact that they didn't use the opening theme alone was too bad, but the missed opportunity to revisit the 80's and then the casting of Farrell kept me out of the theatre.
    But thanks to On Demand cable, and the knowledge that a Director's Cut is available too, I figured to see this, then the Cut and compare.
    Ultimately I am amongst the disappointed, but not for lack of certain appreciation. Mann is a master of movement, and like few directors can unify style with grace and substance. He also uses wonderfully exhilarating music. I am a sucker for this skill, and when he uses it here, I enjoyed the film. The supporting cast, Luis Tosar as Jesus Montoya and John Ortiz as Jose Yero were standouts. There is also some very impressive masculine hair (beards, goatees, burns, etc.) in this.
    Otherwise, it lacked in many ways. The Gong Li subplot was terrible. The lack of relationship between Farrell and Foxx angered. Then messy accents and inadible dialogue confused.
    In ending, Mann's m.o. of "Leave now, life is short, time is luck," gets sucked away by Farrell and Li's foolish relationship. Mann's heroes are loners and operate within certain codes. Here Crockett ignores these codes, thus the pride and thrill of Crockett and Tubbs and their vice crew's bond (what made the TV series cool and quirky-remember the van with the bug on top?) is nonexistent.
    I really give it 2.5 stars, but round up for Mann. ...more info
  • Worth a second look...
    A child of the 80s, Miami Vice was THE show. Weeks prior to this release, before I even knew about the movie, I had just purchased season one on DVD and had been watching a Miami Vice marathon on some cable channel. So I was pretty geared up for the film, primarily because it was to be directed by Michael Mann, the original show's creator.

    Saw it the opening weekend and was disappointed. Other than the names and the setting, it wasn't what I expected. And that was the problem. The television show this isn't. And that is the movie's strength. It is much more atmospheric, much darker and much more slick.

    I'm not sure how someone who was unfamiliar with the show would feel about the character development. From the point of view of someone who knew the show, there is minimal character development in the movie. Granted, two hours isn't much time. But you get a lot of attitude, a lot of cool and a lot of action. Just don't expect too much depth.

    But Mann's characteristic style, mood and imagery blazes off the screen. Dark, moody, fast paced, it's eye candy with a rocking score. From techno (Moby) to ambient metal (Mogwai), the music buoys the film almost perfectly.

    Though not without its weaknesses, watch it for what it is - visual and aural delight. I'm glad I took a second look. ...more info
  • Underrated Crime Masterpiece
    This film could not have been any better, other than they should have gotten Terence Howard to play Tubbs rather than the typecast Foxx. The perfect screen realization of the best crime drama, ever. ...more info
  • michael mann's best work ever
    omg, i love miami vice & i watched it so many times that i had to purchase it three times so far, beautiful action movie with romance, the romance between colin and gong li is so intese and so real,it's awesome with a sad ending, i enjoyed it soooooooooo much, i hope michael mann would make the sequel and i can't wait for it, god willing.

    it's a beautiful movie which i enjoy watching over and over again....more info
  • Miami Diced
    In defense of the TV show, Miami Vice was cutting edge in the time period that it came out in. Even though it might be considered corny by today's standards, it was a good show. Miami Vice the movie is not good movie at all. Michael Mann's Heat is one of my favorite flicks of the past and Collateral turned out to be one of 2005's best surprises but here he falls flat. Miami Vice looks good visually but the movie moves at an old man's pace. It never goes beyond the tale of two cops Crockett(Colin Farrell) and Tubbs(Jamie Foxx) who go deep undercover to bust a drug ring. Crockett gets into an uninteresting relationship with Gong Li's character(whose name I forgot) and ends up getting them into trouble with the buyer. YAWN. There is no chemistry between Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell's character and they both look bored out of their skulls. Not only is there no chemistry between Jamie and Colin, there is also no chemistry between Gong Li's character(whose accent makes it hard to understand her) and Colin Farrell's character. They not only have a bland relationship with each other but they have the most boring sex you will ever see on screen. Hell, Morticia and Gomez of the Addams Family have more chemistry than these two. Both Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell deliver their lines in a deep voice that makes them sound as ridiculous as a teenage guy trying to impress a girl by talking in a deep tone plus did I mention that is almost no action in this movie. This movie is billed as an action flick but action rarely happens. Most of the time Miami Vice the movie is a dull drama with limited action sequences. In short if you're a fan of the TV show the movie is named after you wont like this one. At least Miami Vice was exciting. This movie is about as dull as wheat bread....more info
  • Next time on cop drama
    I only vaguely remember the prime-time tv series this movie shares its title with, but I'm quite sure it was nothing like this ham fisted Too-Fast-Too-Furious style "cop" drama. Where do I even start with this one? How about a basic plot summary: a couple of super-cops, who are best friends, one black the other white, are approached by shadowy FBI or DEA or Government type guys. Apparently the FBI/DEA/whatever agents fudged up so obviously these super cops, who speed around town all day in flashy sports cars, are the only ones awesome enough to infiltrate the drug lord's inner circle. Invariably the cops succeed, but have to deal with complications and one of cops nearly loses his way, being seduced by a woman... the drug lord's girlfriend. Sound familiar?

    One of my favorite exchanges was halfway in, when Foxx says to Farrell, "So what's going on?" Collin says, "As in?" Fox: "As in there is undercover and then there is 'Which way is up?'" Collin replies, "You think I'm in so deep I forgot?" Fox says "I will never doubt you." Then, if I remember correctly they kiss. I could be mistaken about that last part, but such trite Tv-cop dialogue is all this movie offers. I'm dead serious. Every line is terrible. In fact, every minute of the movie is so laced with cliche you'd swear you're watching a farcical send-up of the genre... except that the movie takes itself so seriously the dvd might have a stick up its butt. There is at least one rather grotesquely violent scene early on, and elsewhere I got the impression Michael Mann was trying hard to make this film seem "gritty".

    Even so, most of the time I spent watching this pile I was laughing out loud at the inept writing, acting and forced chic of costumes and accessories. The editorial reviewer here called it 'stylish,' but apart from the fact that everyone in the movie wears expensive suits, drives fast cars and has a hot girlfriend, there really is no style in evidence, only thin artifice. I really don't know who would appreciate stuff like this, but apparently someone does, because every year Hollywood coughs up inane, expensive looking dreck like this. Please don't waste time or money on this garbage. Try Hot Fuzz instead. It's genuinely funny, stylish in an English kind of way, and is smart enough to realize and even mock the inherent cliche of cop-buddy movies. ...more info
  • Directors cut is really good
    I enjoyed this one at the movies, but this new cut is much better. A real treat, very stylish. great extras on this disc too....more info
    This disc is possibly not authentic BluRay original. I have had audio problems, as well as noticed the image quality is not as sharp as BluRay should be.

    This is possibly a burned copy. The main menu and lack of previews in the intro to the DVD are clues....more info
  • Well, no. Unfortunately, I CAN'T feel it coming in the air tonight.
    Miami Vice (Michael Mann, 2006)

    The opening scene in Miami Vice makes it clear, in at least one respect, how Michael Mann and his team have changed over the years. The music in the original TV series Miami Vice was one of the best things about it; Jan Hammer's adrenaline-fueled electropop was bolstered by tracks from such artists as Phil Collins, Glenn Frey, Jackson Browne, Steve Jones, and Bryan Ferry--music that was both rooted in the past and, at least where the eighties were concerned, was well-integrated into the present. Now comes Michael Mann's "updated" film version (in which "updated" equates to, for example, Colin Farrell's hair being even worse than Don Johnson's was twenty years previous), whose opening scene's music is awful in the extreme, turning a five-minute scene into an endless loop of aural torture best viewed on fast-forward. (Any plot points you miss will be reiterated later, don't worry.) The rest of it's not much better, with a focus on simple, repetitious lyrics and the kind of mindless four-on-the-floor electronica that's here today, gone tomorrow.

    The more mechanical applications of the update have lost less depth, but their faithfulness does turn the movie into not much more than a feature-length episode of the television show upon which the movie is based. Crockett (Farrell) and Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) go undercover in the organization of a drug lord. Crockett battles with his ethics and gets involved with a beautiful enemy (Gong Li). Tubbs is his anchor to reality. The villains are, well, villainous (though of course the beautiful chick isn't all villainous), the good guys are good guys, and the plot's as straightforward as any 1930s Fantomas episode. It's a decent film, and if you're a fan of Michael Mann's style of filmmaking, that should be enough to carry this for you. But it's empty calories. ***

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    This was a well told story here, taken from numerous episodes of my favorite TV show of all time, the original MIAMI VICE. Most people do not know that Hollywood had no plans to do VICE. Lobbying by EDWARD JAMES OLMOS is what brought the project to fruition. It was indeed a good movie, but I really do miss DON JOHNSON, PHILLIP MICHAEL THOMAS, EDWARD JAMES OLMOS,MICHAEL TALBOT,JOHN DIEHL,OLIVIA BROWN and SANDRA SANTIAGO. Why did not the director, MICHAEL MANN include Olmos in the flick? I don't know. What I do know is that I enjoyed the TV series immensely and the movie was good and well told....more info
  • I honestly don't know what to say...
    This was just awful. I'll give it two stars for Tubbs and Trudy. That's about it. Farrell, who is very much overrated in my opinion, needed a shower and some motivation to do a decent job acting, while Gong Li, who is normally intense and stunning, just looked bored. Problem is, I don't think it was their fault. This was a horrid script. It made no sense, there was no real chemistry between Farrell and Foxx or Farrell and Li (gee, is he the common denominator of badness for this film?). This had to have been a paycheck film for everyone involved. Save your money, don't even rent this....more info
  • Grossly Inferior to the Original Series
    I remember watching Miami Vice, the television show, when it first came out. It was groundbreaking stuff. Beautifully shot, awesome music, excellent acting. Unfortunately, Michael Mann, the creator of the Miami Vice television show, decided to remake the show for the big screen and the resulting movie is far inferior.

    Unfortunately, even Collin Ferrell and Jamie Foxx cannot save this movie. For some bizarre reason, the producers chose not to use any of the original music or to even re-do the original music. The Miami Vice theme song was a top ten Billboard hit when the show first aired, and is still considered one of the best instrumental rock songs of all time. Jan Hammer's haunting music was one of the great things about the original series. Unfortunately, the only musical reference to the original series is a poorly done remake of Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight".

    The use of pastel colors, one of the trademarks of the original series, gives way to a much darker atmosphere. There is some nice cinematography, but even that goes on for far too long, especially because the music is not interesting enough to make the visuals intersting enough for the length of the shot. The plot is muddy and takes unexplained turns, leaving the viewer scratching their head.

    Do not waste your time watching this movie. Rent or buy the original television series on DVD because twenty years later, the television series is STILL better than this inferior remake, even if Michael Mann is still involved....more info
  • I'm a Mann Fann - and Likely Biased :)
    I can still recall my youthful evenings watching television at home and my parents settling in to watch what appeared to be a too-cool-for-an-eight-year-old-kid-to-watch-show, Miami Vice. The television series ran for five seasons on NBC, from 1984-1989. But the action and drama of the show still sucked me in. Alongside favorites like Knight Rider, Riptide and The A-Team, Miami Vice seemed uber-cool, even if I spent a lot of the time confused about the more complex plots.

    With nostalgia driving the way, it was only a matter of time that director Michael Mann revisited his creation. On July 28, 2006, fans got what they wanted when Miami Vice hit the big screen, 17 years after the original series left the airwaves, with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx as lead characters Crockett and Tubbs.

    As long as I can remember, Michael Mann has always been one of my favorite producer-directors. The look and feel of his work is top notch, and this film is no exception. I almost forget about pacing and plot because the aesthetics of the film are so breathtaking. The visuals that made the original TV series innovative and provocative are ratcheted up in this film version, depicting a Miami bathed in sun drenched beauty and tanned with exotic locale and sweeping settings. Undercover vice cops Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs dress in the highest fashion, visit posh night clubs and drive exotic European sports cars.

    While Mann sought to reinvent Miami Vice with the film, many of these traits are in direct homage to the original television series, updated and remixed with mid-2000s sensibilities.

    The film itself is an intricate look inside a complex sting operation, where Crockett and Tubbs must go deep undercover to track down and bring to justice drug smuggling arms dealers who have killed three FBI agents and an informant. Simply put, it's a typical Miami Vice story, but told in such a complex manner that you really have to pay attention to make sure you don't miss anything.

    The movie blends action with drama while showcasing Mann's excruciatingly detailed visual flair. As for the plot, critics reviews were mixed. However, many of the harsh reviews still praised the film as worthy entertainment.

    This film updates a classic television franchise with a glossy, action-filled feature that packs enough wallop to satisfy casual fans with a hunger for complex, dramatic crime tales. This one ranks as one of my favorite crime dramas and you need not be a fan of the original TV series to watch and enjoy the film. Miami Vice would eventually gross $136 million at the box office.

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  • People have no taste.
    This is as good as it gets.
    But it isn't flashy in all the right (read; wrong) ways, so it didn't make it. This movie had me smiling from beginning to end. My only complaint is that Colin's hair is so red-necky that it just didn't fit the character in my eyes.
    I was a huge fan of the TV show and take absolutely no offense to the movie being so different.
    This isn't one of the goofy action movies people like to call gritty now-a-days, this is crime at it's best, period....more info
  • You'll like it if you liked COLLATERAL
    This hits the refresh button on the old groundbreaking '80s cop show, bringing it into the twenty-first century and making it much darker and grittier than its predecessor. Gone is the music video flash, the neon colors, the cheesy comedy-sidekick informants like Izzy and Noogie, and the rock music over the gunfight scenes. Gina has changed from a sassy sex-object brunette to a quietly lethal blonde. Even the scale of the story has increased along with the level of technology used by the drug runners they're trying to shut down. It's more dramatic thriller that plays like an unofficial sequel to Collateral (Two-Disc Special Edition) than action movie, but it's good....more info
  • Where's the Hi Def?
    I enjoyed this movie. I didn't think that I would since I watched the TV series regularly. I didn't think that it would compare and I don't think that the director tried to compare it and that is why it worked. I purchased the blu-ray edition of this movie. What I do not understand is why they would purposefull have so much graininess in this film. It goes beyond graininess in some shots to down right horrid. This is definitely not the movie that you want to play to show off your hi-def television and blu-ray to your neighbors. The poor video quality does nothing for the movie but distract and irritate me. I should have stuck with the standard DVD in this case as there is very little difference between it and the blu-ray. ...more info
  • Miami heat
    As a huge fan of both Michael Mann and Miami Vice as a TV series, it pains me to write that MIAMI VICE, a film I was anticipating with an almost fanboy like dedication, is a complete and utter dud. Despite an all-star cast and being littered with moments of slick brilliance, the film is devoid of any of the elements that made the TV series work while simultaneously devoid of the necessary ingredients to survive as a stand-alone feature film.

    Mann's script is essentially a sequel to his previous film HEAT, except set this time around in Miami as opposed to Los Angeles (maybe he should have called the picture MIAMI HEAT instead of VICE). Both films go for a no-nonsense, "how gritty can you get" tone that, while functional in HEAT, sucks the life completely out of VICE. With the exception of Jamie Foxx (as Tubbs), whose tightly-wound powder keg of a performance is worthy of a film in its own right, nearly everyone else in the picture is so busy underplaying their roles that the film just feels flat. Colin Farrell is likeable as Crockett, but his inconsistent accent distracts from his otherwise serviceable performance. Gong Li is atrocious, not for a lack of acting talent, but simply because she cannot speak her lines; both her English and Spanish pronunciation is beyond abysmal. The rest of the cast isn't really given much to do and sort of come and go as the picture progresses.

    Despite all of this, however, MIAMI VICE's biggest problem is by the time the credits roll, it's amounted to absolutely nothing. There are two action set pieces of high tension, both in the last 20 minutes of the film, and the film's simple plot is left hanging so open that the film doesn't even feel finished. All the pieces are here, from Crockett's Ferrari (a beautiful F430 Spyder) to Tubbs' talent for flying, yet none are ever really put to any good use. There are no car chases, the one flight scene is quick and bland. Every aspect about all the characters and their skills has clearly been laid out by the perfectionistic Mann, but as pieces are never really played, which eventually makes the film feel like a pilot episode for a new Miami Vice TV series, introducing us to the gang before giving us the payoff of seeing them in action throughout the rest of the season (an ironic fate for a film based on a TV show).

    I never thought I'd actually recommend a Michael Bay film over one from Michael Mann, but if one is seeking a feature-length imagining of the TV Miami Vice, Bay's BAD BOYS 2 is much more faithful to the clothes, colors, and styles of the old Crockett and Tubbs, even if it lacks the little dramatic value Mann's feature-length VICE offers. Despite all its macho posing and tough talk of "blown OP SEC" and "go-fast boats," MIAMI VICE lacks any kind emotional resonance, and ends up being a shallow reflection of a lot of pretty lights. VICE isn't a bad picture really; it's just a worthless one....more info
  • Surprisingly Disappointed
    As a Miami Vice fan, I found this movie to be a major disappointment. Hollywood has gotten into a rut where they can't come up with anything original, so they rely on old television shows or remake films that have already been remade ad nauseum.

    In the original series, Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas WERE Crocket and Tubbs, but Colin Ferrell and Jamie Foxx were just two actors playing parts.

    This movie could have been any cop movie and would probably have been much better if it had not associated itself with Miami Vice. Other than the character names and the fact that it was Michael Mann directed, there was nothing that even remotely looked like the television series. Even the music didn't grab my attention as it had in the show.

    I wished I would have rented it before buying it. I wouldn't have bothered wasting the money. It's almost as if they just put out the film to placate fans instead of working to produce a well-rounded, enjoyable movie that resembled the original show....more info
  • Fair ...
    I'll state up front that I'm a huge Michael Mann fan and I'm being as generous as I can when I label this as being "Fair." The truth is that it's an uncharacteristically sloppy effort from the vastly talented cast and crew (Mann in particular).

    As for the bright spots, Jamie Foxx makes another solid outing. Foxx is quickly gaining a great deal of my attention. He's done ('Stealth' aside) a couple of genuinely terrific films in a pretty short period of time. The film's action sequences are also at the same high-level that I've come to expect from any Mann film.

    As for the bad, unfortunately, the writing and the directing are both sub-par and that falls squarely on Mann's shoulders. Right from the opening twenty minutes of the 'Director's Cut' and it's inflated and pointless boat race through to the end of the club scene where we meet-up with Crockett and Tubbs getting ready to take down a prostitution ring. Then a cell phone rings and we learn that a different operation is going wrong. I looked down at my watch to realize that close to a half an hour had gone by and absolutely nothing relevant to the film had even happened yet because the entire movie up to this point has just been dropped for a totally different story-arc. This whole un-sequence leads into what I thought was the story.

    We're told that there's an information leak that caused the death of two under-cover agents. Farrell and Foxx are then asked to help ferret-out the security-breach since they're unknown to anyone else in the operation. However, this "mole-in-the-department" is never explored any further. Isn't anyone concerned that,pretty clearly, someone inside is selling out their people? Not to mention that for all their trouble they never actually arrest the character 'Montoya' (the film's primary villian) which leaves the film's ending feeling hurried and half-finished. Plot-lines seem to just be dropped or conjured-up all over the place for no apparent reason.

    Outside of Foxx, the acting seems to be fair to below average. As odd as this is going to sound Colin Farrell seems to be trying too hard to seem gritty and noir-ish. Li Gong, in my opinion, is miscast as Crockett's love-interest. Not only do I think they cast an actress with the wrong nationality, but her actress's accent is so thick, it makes her difficult to understand. Mann would have been better served with someone like Penelope Cruz. Granted, the "brooding cop" archetype has been done to death, but there's no real character development anywhere in the movie. The reason it's necessary is because when we see Crockett fall for Gong's character, it comes off not feeling genuine and you don't buy into it. It undermines one of the only working plots the film has going for it two-thirds in.

    I'd recommend this for fans of Mann only. This is a work that seems to want very badly to be both 'Heat' and 'Collateral' at exactly the same time and (unfortunately) fails in both attempts....more info