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Dante's Peak
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    Good action flick. Movie was filmed in the old silver mining town of Wallace Idaho. When speaking with several of the locals there, they told me they actually closed the town for a period of time while filming.. Had a great lunch there in a restaurant called the 1313. ...more info
  • Great transfer of a great film.
    Quality of this HD DVD transfer was better than expected for a film that's getting a bit of age now.

    If you go for these action/destruction type movies, you won't be disappointed.

    ...more info
  • Superrbbb!!!!!!!
    Superb quality ideas combining with Mother Nature simply gives you the BEST!!!!! Brosnan really brings out his softer side for this show. KEEP IT UP GUYS!!!!...more info
  • good movie
    I don't need to write what it is about because the first review is perfect. It is a good movie & much better then the other volcano movie and I have seen both of them & I lived by the tar pits when I was a child. both are good but this one is the better of the two. ...more info
  • A great advance in the sound of hd-dvd format
    I've always thought that we would have "the best of both worlds" joining the picture quality of hd-dvd with the sound from blu-ray format. That's the reason I support and buy the two formats. Anyway, in this occasion I think the sound of the stuff is really great. You can feel every stone falling over your head and your roof. The story itself makes me not to rate 5 stars. ...more info
  • Fantastic special effects, but...
    Okay, first the special effects. They're outstanding. From the very first eruption, through dams breaking, floods destroying bridges, and a stupdendous pyroclastic flow, it's some of the best effects I've ever seen in a disaster movie.

    Unfortunately, there's a story that comes with it; even more unfortunately, some lamebrain decided to included DIALOGUE. God help us.

    Whoever wrote the screenplay must have a pretty low opinion of the intelligence of the human species -- and especially of women. First, there's Marion, Brosnan's first love. Marion loves volcanoes, and is so much of an expert that when she sees that the volcano she's sitting on is about to blow, she wants to stay ("we can't leave now; look at these readings!") Uh , Marion, have you considered that the readings are saying that it's time to, oh, I don't know... RUN??!! No matter, she doesn't last long.

    Then there's Grandma. Boy, if there was ever a senior who deserved to be put away, it's this nut. Don't ever trust someone in their seventies who says "hot nookie" in front of the grandkids. She also refuses to come off of her volcano when it's ready to explode. Maybe it's something in the water.

    My favorite line, however, comes from our heroine. She's sitting out on her front porch one warm summer evening, her soon-to-be beau Brosnan by her side, her two sweet children asleep in her beds. Brosnan has told her the explosion could come any time now.She stares up at the volcano and murmurs "I hope you're wrong about our volcano, Harry -- but if you're right, I'm glad you're here." Awwww. That's nice. Of course, any decent mother would have gotten her kids on the first bus out of town... something she apparently never thought of. She also thanked Brosnan for saving her son's life by making him some eggplant parmigian. It must be one hell of an eggplant parmigian.

    Throw in the greedy businessman, the chicken boss, a helicopter pilot who apparently was out the day they taught you not to fly in ash, and you have the townspeople of Dante's Peak. Happily, you get to see a fantastic volcanic explosion AND the reassurance that these nitwits won't pass on their dna. That alone is worth three stars....more info
  • Great Movie
    I love disaster flicks and this one did not disappoint. It had all the qualities I love about such movies: the person/people who puts money/ego ahead of people's safety dies, the hero gets the girl, and the hero goes back into the disaster area when everyone else is leaving....more info
  • My new HD-DVD video reference title
    WOW!!! This video transfer is the best HD-DVD video transfer I think I have had the pleasure of viewing. It is absolutely brilliant, it may not be everyones "cup of tea" as far as storylines go but you cannot fault the transfers they are fantastic.

    ...more info
  • Dante's Peak starring Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton
    Was very pleased with the campy, family oriented feeling I got from this film. A small, pleasant town is suddenly rocked with the huge challenge of accepting the possibility that the nearby inactive Volcano could soon decimate the peaceful world around them. Brosnan is great but the actress who plays alongside him is even better. Linda Hamilton has always impressed me in the roles that she plays in and her role in this one is just as good.

    A single mother of 2 and a leader in the community, Hamilton soon teams up with Brosnan as they begin to run across signs that show the area is in trouble. A small but sweet romantic spark seems to start between the two, but there is no time for love when the trouble begins.

    Earth shaking scenes of carnage and lava flows devouring everything in their path suddenly put everyone in peril, and the scenes of escape and also of being trapped do add some suspenseful feelings as the second half of this film really rocks with scene after scene of the action, and the impending after effect of the lava. There are a lot of natural disaster style movies that came out during this time, but I happen to feel that Dante's peak was one of the better ones.
    ...more info
  • Fun on a Budget
    OK, I'll admit I liked this movie... but don't go expecting Casablanca or a Kurasawa film fest when viewing this. It is fine for what it attempts; the special effects aren't bad, and the story line is (usually) believable. ...more info
  • Day becomes night
    I was a little wary of watching two Pierce Brosnan films in less than 24 hours (previous to this it was The Matador), but as I couldn't decide on anything else (or everything else was too long). So this was popped into the DVD player, and settled back expecting another standard nature going nuts movie. (There's too many of those.)

    About halfway through, I suddenly remembered, that Edinburgh Castle (near to where I live) was built on a seemingly dormant (extinct?) volcano. Also, the volcano in Pompeii was supposed to be dormant, as was the volcano in this. Scary stuff. I don't think I'll be visiting Edinburgh Castle anytime soon.

    Dante's Peak starts with a bang, and keeps up the standard right through the movie. There's little time to catch your breath, as shocker after shocker hits you smack bang in the face. It's very much a rollercoaster ride. The special effects are excellent, and the characters have good stories - even if the 'relationship' between Rachel (Linda Hamilton) & Harry (Pierce) does seem a little bit contrived and happens a bit too fast.

    Some of the special effect shots are excellent, but the one that sticks out in my mind was the ones showing the reflection of the volcano errupting in a car window, with Rachel looking back. Wow. It was a subtle but brilliant shot.

    There's not a lot to say about Dante's Peak, without ruining exactly what happens during the movie. It is up there in my opinion, with the great action disaster movies of the nineties, and is absolutely perfect in high definition. Can't fault it not even slightly. Pierce, although not one of my favourite actors, does the action hero role reasonably well, and Linda, with a very bad haircut, doesn't just do the usual damsel in distress role. You go girl! Pick this movie up! ...more info
  • What was it like to be near Mt. St. Helens when she erupted?
    1997 delivered two volcano movies, "Dante's Peak" and "Volcano." The latter film stars Tommy Lee Jones and takes place in Los Angeles. Volcanic activity in Los Angeles? They might as well have had the story take place in Ohio! Needless to say, the idea never tripped my trigger. "Dante's Peak," however, has piqued my interest over the years. I've seen a couple clips of the film while channel surfing and each time I was drawn into the storyline. One clip I saw showed a skinny dipping couple in a hot spring suddenly get boiled to death because of the volcanic activity of the mountain. Another clip showed a handful of people trying to escape the volcano in a boat on a lake. The lake had become acidic because of the volcanic pangs of the mountain and all the fish were dead and the propeller on the boat melted away. These scenes convinced me that the film was worth catching some day.

    THE PLOT: A scenic Washington town at the foot of a mountain is celebrating being nominated one of America's best small towns. Meanwhile a scientist from the U.S. Geological Survey (Pierce Brosnan) sniffs around the massive peak and becomes convinced the Volcano is going to blow at any minute. The rest of the scientific team comes to town to investigate while Brosnan develops a relationship with the mayor (Linda Hamilton). Brosnan wants to put the town on immediate alert while the boss volcanologist doesn't want to jump to conclusions and disrupt the town's economic interests. The volcano blows, of course.

    As you can see, the plot rips off "Jaws," trading a Volcano for the shark, but it's effective. The thing about "Dante's Peak" is that IT'S BASED ON REAL-LIFE EVENTS. On May 18, 1980, Mt. St. Helens in Washington blew her top. Although there was no decent sized town nearby, 57 people were killed and 250 homes, 47 bridges, 185 miles of highway, 15 miles of railway and hundreds of miles of forestry were obliterated. The eruption caused a massive debris avalanche, reducing the elevation of the mountain's summit from 9,677 feet to 8,365 feet and replacing it with a mile-wide horseshoe-shaped crator. Mt. St. Helens is even mentioned in the picture a few times.

    WHAT WORKS: The cast is likable even though they do dumb things or react in a stupid fashion, e.g. the grandma who insists on staying on her mountain because it would never harm her (aduh). I always thought Brosnan was too dour as James Bond, but he's a bit more likable and human here, albeit just as serious. Anyway, I like the way the film takes its time to let us get to know and care about the characters before disaster strikes. This works because, in the meantime, anticipation of the eruption slowly builds.

    I've read quite a few of the Amazon reviews and was surprised that no one had commented on the scenic locations. The town scenes were filmed in Wallace, Idaho. This quaint village sits at the foot of a big hill (we'd call it a mountain in the East), which was digitally enhanced to appear as a volcano in the film. I tell you what, they sure fooled me 'cause it sure looks like a real volcano. Anyway the shots on the mountain and in the crator were filmed at none other than Mt. St. Helens, Washington (my brother incidentally lives a mere 50 miles north of there in Yelm but has mysteriously never climbed the volcano -- WIMP!).

    The F/X are outstanding. They used both miniatures and CGI. The volcano doesn't fully erupt until the last half hour of the film's 1 hour and 50 minutes runtime.

    WHAT DOESN'T WORK: Some of the dialogue and acting is lame here and there and I find the idea of a truck driving through lava to be unbelievable (how come the tires didn't melt or blow?). If the filmmakers would have taken the time and effort to work out these kinks this would be a 5/5 Star nature-runs-amok flick.

    BOTTOM LINE: Want to see what it might have been like to be near Mt. St. Helens when she blew her top? "Dante's Peak" is the next best thing to being there. It's one of the better disaster flicks. ...more info
  • Pretty bad
    It's pretty cheesy. Supposed to be a suspense/action movie, but I laughed through a lot of it, probably even more than when watching Top Gun....more info
  • An Adrenaline-Pumping Adventure
    Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton star in this explosive movie about the town of Dante's Peak, where a long-dormant volcano is about to erupt with devastating force.

    Brosnan stars as Harry Dalton. He works for the U.S. Geological Survey office studying volcanoes. He's notified of seismic activity occuring near Dante's Peak and he's sent to investigate. Hamilton stars as Rachel Wando, the mayor of Dante's Peak. Dante's Peak has recently been named as the second most desireable place to live in the United States with a population less than 20,000.

    Soon, Harry and Rachel meet, and she shows him around the town. Next, they drive up to the mountain so Harry can do some tests to determine if there's a chance of an eruption. Two burnt bodies are discovered in a spring on the mountain. Meanwhile, Harry reports to his boss that the whole area should be monitored. Carbon dioxide in the soil is killing plants and animals, and the water has turned acidic. Rachel calls a city council meeting, and Harry recommends evacuating the area, much to the displeasure of the council. A new industry is locating to Dante's Peak, and the council fears that they will pull out due to the concern surrounding the volcano.

    Paul Dreyfus, Harry's Boss, played by Charles Hallahan, arrives in the town and he feels an alert is not needed. The crew stays to monitor the condition of the mountain and to run more tests. Harry still believes that the volcano is dangerous.

    Readings are taken at the mountain, and all levels appear normal. No eruption is expected to happen. Meanwhile, Harry and Rachel have grown closer to each other.

    A special type pf machine is lowered down into the volcano to take more precise readings. The machine malfunctions, and Terry, one of the scientists, goes down to investigate. Just at that moment, an earthquake strikes and destroys the machine. Terry is trapped under the rubble with a broken leg. A helicopter is flown in to rescue Terry and Harry. Once on the ground, Harry and Paul have another confrontation. Harry still believes that the volcano is going to erupt. Paul believes that there's still nothing to worry about and informs Harry that the crew that they're pulling out.

    Harry and Rachel get set to spend a last night together when Harry discovers that the water contains sulfur dioxide after Rachel's tap water is found to be contaminated. He is able to convince Paul that something is definitely wrong. The town is then put on alert and evacuation plans are made. Ruth, Rachel's mother in law, lives on the mountain, but she refuses to evacuate her home. As soon as an informational town meeting has been called, the volcano begins to erupt. Chaos and panic occur as people try to get to safety.

    Harry and Rachel leave to rescue Rachel's children. However, the children have taken Rachel's truck to rescue their grandmother. After some near misses from trees and rocks, Harry and Rachel manage to get to Ruth's home and rescue the children. They all manage to escape in the nick of time as molten lava engulfs the house. Their only hope of escape is to take a motorboat across the lake, but the volcanic activity has turned the water to acid, and its eating the metal of the boat away. Soon, the motor's prop is gone, stalling the boat. Ruth leaps into the acid water and pulls the boat to safety. Despite saving the children, Rachel, and Harry, Ruth's legs are badly burned from the acid, and she dies on her mountain.

    The National Guard arrives, and everyone in the town is evacuated to safety, but Paul is still there. There's only one bridge left standing over the river. The National Guard vehicles make it, but Paul is less fortunate. Rachel, Harry, and the children manage to get off the mountain in a hot-wired pickup truck.

    The volcano finally erupts in all its fury, and trees and houses are destroyed as though they were toys. Now trapped underground, will Harry, Rachel, and the children survive, or is it too late?

    I found this to be an exciting movie. The special effects are very good, especially the eruptions and the subsequent ash cloud which levels the trees and houses. The acting is good and the story keeps you on edge throughout the movie. I recommend this movie very highly. The special effects will blow you away....more info
    Excellent love stories are hard to find on film.
    This is one of the excellent ones.
    By-passing any criticism this one of the top love stories with the back-drop of the action of the volcano.
    Excellent acting by all even the children - and that dog.
    Again, one of the few men that can portray emotion with out have to act it out - gentleness, tenderness, emotion.
    Action is great - whew! I could even smell the sulphur.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED --- definitely a keeper!...more info
  • Excellent movie with a realistic twist.
    Many seem to have hashed "Volcano" which came out around the same time as "Dante's Peak" and it's a shame because both of them are highly realistic and te things that happen in them could literally happen in real life. Both of them are really excellent disaster flicks and are enough to really make you `think' but even then they deliver incredible amounts of entertainment. In all honesty though, "Dante's Peak" is more realistic and has a more compelling twist to it due to the volcano's more destructive power.

    In this case, a small town is thriving in the mountains of Washington state and has recently been declared one of the best places to live in in the United States. Dr. Harry Dalton, a scientist is sent to the vicinity to survey unusually high geological activity but one day he makes an alarming discovery that the volcano that the town sits on the base of, has come back to life and geological surveys have cofirmed that Dante's Peak is about to erupt in a cataclysmic eruption and wipe out the town and it's people. Rachel Wando, the town's mayor along with Dalton now must try to evacuate the town before the volcano erupts but their safety is stifled by their economic interests.

    This is a really excellent and highly compelling movie. The special effects are absolutely thrilling and highly realistic and the movie's plot and script are very good. The lava and plumes of ash and dust are highly realistic looking and scary to watch as the volcano starts spewing out it's contents into the atmosphere and surrounding vicinity. The characters are excellent even though the acting could've been a little better but the acting for the most part is excellent by almost if not the entire cast.

    I was thrilled to see this on the big screen because I have had a longtime fascination with volcanoes for almost my entire life and "Dante's Peak" succeeds in delivering a thrilling tone and is very enjoyable for most of its length. The DTS edition is absolutely incredible because the sound quality is a gargantuan improvement on both the VHS and older DVD editions and if you have a stereo system with speakers all around you, then hook them up and the surround audio speakers will make you feel almost like you're back at the movie theatre with the awesome sound quality.

    If you can, get this movie whenever possible because it is a really excellent natural disaster thriller and delivers far more scares than these so called `horror' movies because most of them are just mindless gorefests that are more gross than scary but "Dante's Peak" is scary because it is so realistic and such things could happen and could turn out much worse. For example Mt. Rainier near Seattle could erupt at any time and cause a lot of damage nearby and Seattle may be choked with dust if a full blown eruption occurs even though the city and most of its suburbs would pull through relatively unscathed apart from having a snow of volcanic ashes but it could cause social instability. Even Mt. St. Helen's caused a great deal of destruction and wiped out a large amount of forests around it. "Dante's Peak" is an excellent movie that should not be passed up. End of story....more info

  • A St Helens rip-off
    Since I didn't read all the reviews, somebody probably has already pointed this out, but Dantes Peak really doesn't make any pretenses about being a re-telling of the St Helens eruption. Not only is St Helens referred to verbally at least 3 times in the movie, but much of the on location filming took place at St Helens summit and crater. I can say this with confidence as I climbed her back in 2003, and I'd know the view anywhere. They even have a stubborn elderly resident (Linda Hamiltons' mother-in-law) who lives up on the mountain (about the same distance as Harry Truman lived) and refuses to evacuate, thus giving us the indispensable, if not very watered down, Harry truman character. Although the dialogue gets unbearably corny at times, I gave this 5 stars because its great entertainment. The special effects are much better than in 1986's release of St Helens (starring Art Carney as Harry Truman)and I happen to love a good volcano flick and, as the choices are limited, this one is probably one of the best. ...more info
  • There she blows
    Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton star in this 1997 disater thriller about a dormant volcano that suddenly emerges.

    Pierce is Harry Dalton, a volcanologist (a person that studies volcanos, not someone from Star Trek). He becomes concerned when he notices certain seismic activity in a beautiful northwest resort town of Dante's Peak. He travels to the town to investigate further. Pierce charms the mayor (Linda Hamilton)and tries to warn the people before she blows.

    This disaster movie is full of adventure and thrills, typical of a Brosnan movie with the James Bond impact, it won't let you down! Buy it and enjoy......more info
  • dante's peak
    This is a geat movie if you have not seen it you should....more info
  • Dante's Peak
    My husband loves this movie and I wanted to get it for him. We have watched it and enjoyed it very much with no problems....more info
  • Thar She Blows
    Ever since seeing the preview, I have wanted to see Dante's Peak. While waiting for it to be released, a second film called Volcano suddenly popped up. Dante's Peak had Pierce Brosnan (playing a character named Dalton) and Volcano had Tommy Lee Jones. Peak also had the creative talents of Michael Crichton. Volcano had none. But, having finally seen Dante's Peak I have to say that Volcano was the better movie.

    Brosnan is part of a national team that keeps an eye on volcanic activity. He is sent to the town of Dante's Peak to see if there is reason for further testing. He goes, he looks and he becomes convinced that the sleeping volcano will blow sometime soon. Unfortunately he has no real evidence. The rest of the team arrives and they can find no justifiable evidence. Guess what? Brosnan is right and the volcano blows. There is a rather amusing scene where in order to survive the shockwave, Brosnan and the town's mayor must seek shelter in some unstable mines (an idea that only works when the alternative is certain death). In the end there is no town but almost no casualties thanks to Brosnan and the rest of the team.

    The scenes with the volcano erupting were quite spectacular but they were not enough to carry the film. It is an almost intellectual endeavor as opposed to the pulse-pounding of Crichton's previous film Twister. Obviously meant to ride the wave of Twister's success, Dante's Peak fails to make the grade. In Twister we cared about the research team and their work. In Peak all we are concerned with is how soon everyone will be convinced the volcano is unstable. Plus, several twisters buoy up a film better than one volcano (unless handled as it was in Volcano). So go ahead and see Dante's Peak if you want but you will probably agree that there is something just not right....more info

  • Enjoy the fireworks
    The 'old-fashioned' disaster movie scenario enjoyed a brief resurgence in the latter half of the 90s. After the success of Twister and ID4, films like Hard Rain, Titanic, Armageddon and Deep Impact followed in its wake. Like the two competing asteroid movies, Dante's Peak was in competition with the imaginatively named Volcano as THE Lava flow of 1997. Which one is better? Well, comparing the two is like comparing an atomic blast to a popping pimple.

    Pierce Brosnan is Harry Dalton, a Vulcanologist (or James Bond in disguise if you want) who predicts a major eruption in the quaint Pacific-Northwestern town of Dante's Peak. No one wants to listen to him since the town has just been named the 2nd most desirable place to live in America and is in the early stages of a thriving economy. It's the politics from Jaws all over again. Despite being shouted down by his superiors, Harry sticks around to keep his eye on the imposing mountain and woo Mayor Wando (Linda Hamilton), who is the only one who believes the 4000-year dormant volcano might blow its top.

    If you've seen one disaster movie, you've seen 'em all in terms of character importance. Yes, it's bloody obvious who is going to die, some of these people might as well have a death clock counting down stuck on their foreheads. And the panicking idiot mobs don't deserve anything less firey. When will nameless extras learn that following the crowd isn't the best way? I guess this is the weakest part of Dante's Peak, it never really distances itself from that single, eternal clich¨¦ of disaster films.

    But the film is really nothing but a showcase for special effects and it does them surprisingly well. Made before the extreme popularity of CGI, Dante's Peak has a lot of real-life destruction, in-camera effects and stunt-work. Yes, there is a fair bit of CGI and for a 10-year-old film they still hold up really well. All Volano (Zzzz...) had to offer was a very, very slight lava flow and an unintentionally hilarious scene with a melting man but with Dante's Peak we get earthquakes, boiled skinny dippers, lakes of acid, ash blizzards that create a unique atmosphere, thunder and lightning, red hot boulders raining down from the sky, mudslides, lava (of course), a massive pyroclastic cloud and lots of deep, deep bass sound effects.

    It's not a life-changing film by any means, but as disaster movies go it's one of the best, has an occasionally spooky score and entertains really well despite Brosnan taking it all so seriously. I would have given it a higher rating if they killed the dog (more original) and deleted the annoying Grant Heslov's utterly pointless character.

    The HD-DVD presents the film is gorgeous 1080p 2.35:1 with a brilliant Dolby Digital+ sound design. The best of the extras from the SD-DVD are ported over, but why the horrible new cover.

    A definite must-have for HD-DVD fans....more info
  • Great way to watch a good disaster film!
    Even though Dante's Peak wasn't filmed in HD it definitely benefits from the remastering. So if you're like me and enjoy watching this movie I definitely recommend the HD DVD....more info
  • I LOVED the movie, but. . .
    I am sure it is just that I am partial to the Northwest and most movies of any quality at all I will enjoy if it has plenty of that great northwest outdoors.

    I have grown up around many lakes and the use of boats of all kinds on those scenic lakes. In thinking back I cannot remember anyone who did not carry a set of oars in the boat no matter what kind of engine was pushing it.

    When the fins dissolved the first thing I thought of was "Where the ____ are the oars???"...more info
  • Explosive but Fun
    I really enjoyed this movie. Thought it might fall into the 'running from a catastrophe' type movie, but found it to be very family oriented fun with characters that were pretty defined.

    I did enjoy the explosive volcanic scenes very much but also loved the way mom/mayor Rachel Wando (played so well by Linda Hamilton), tried so hard to protect her kids. This made the movie action packed but great family fun.

    Pierce Brosnan & Linda Hamilton had good chemistry as well.

    Sheryl (shersim3)...more info
  • Great Flick
    I ordered this movie for my husband. He had it on VHS tape and wanted the DVD. He is one of those people who keeps a catalog of his movies and watches the one he is in the mood for at the time. Dante's Peak is a great movie and will be long enjoyed....more info
  • dantes peak
    pierce brosnan is great in it. it keeps you in suspense from beginning to end. linda hamilton and pierce brosnan have great chemistry together. a must for your collection of has lots of action in it.which is great....more info