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Excess Baggage
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    Despite the earlier review here about the disc received from Amazon in Jan 2004 and despite the description of this item that says "Format: Fullscreen, Widescreen" the disc I recieved in July 2005 is Pan&Scan only. Yech!

    I love the movie, but Pan & Scan is unacceptable....more info
  • Fun little movie!
    OK - so it isn't their best, but it sure made me a Benicio fan. It is a light, fun and sexy movie. I'm very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Wish it had a plot
    I don't hate this movie, it had good parts. But it had no real plot, the guy and girl fall in love but the story isn't based around that. I think it dragged on at the end, I would not recommend it to anyone, yet it was better than some films you will see....more info
  • Refreshing...
    As funny as it sounds, this movie HAS A PLOT. There are so many movies that I have seen lately that don't seem to- or the one that they do have is so underplayed that it is intelligible. The plot in this movie is not a very *new* idea, but it is done is a very pleasing way. Even when you aren't smiling/laughing at something in particular, it is hard to keep from smiling at the wonderful way the characters interact and speak. I have seen this movie multiple times, and can assure you that you will like it. Watching Excess Baggage is like peeping through that keyhole into the lives of some very intriguing people- definitely don't miss it....more info
  • An Unlikely Combo Hits The Right Note
    I had not seen Benicio Del Toro in anything but "License To Kill" (where he made a real impression in a pretty small role) before I saw this off-beat romantic comedy, but this one turned me into a big fan. The plot here is funny , if not especially clever, but what makes the movie shine is the combination of Del Toro and Silverstone, who have some real on-screen chemistry, along with Christopher Walken, who is terrific as the hit-man uncle with a heart of gold, at least when it comes to his "niece". The nutty ups and downs of the hapless car thief-turned-babysitter (Del Toro) with his fractious, unwanted charge (Silverstone) are really very funny and Del Toro reveals a delightful, unconventional comic talent that came as a real surprise. The scene in the restaurant with Del Toro, Silverstone and uncle Ray (Walken) is a classic, in my opinion, and the romantic relationship that develops with Del Toro and Silverstone is very sweet and touching, especially considering the wildly divergent backgrounds of the principals.( There are also some amusing scenes with Del Toro's partner in crime, played by Harry Connacht, Jr.) Overall, this was one of the most surprisingly entertaining romantic comedies I have seen and has become a family favorite, in addition to turning us all into real Del Toro fans....more info
  • Worst Movie
    Excess Baggage remains to be one of the sloppiest movies I have ever seen. The characters feel incomplete; their dialogue sparse and meaningless, making it look like it was rushed into production before they really had time to develop a script and a real purpose for it. This movie failed to give a message, touch any emotional nerves, or be entertaining in any shape or fasion......more info
  • Don't miss EXCESS BAGGAGE!
    The critics didn't know what they were talking about and unfortunatly I put off seeing this film for a long time. Bad mistake. I now wish I had seen it on the big screen because this was one of the most unique and entertaining films I have seen in the past year. Alicia Silverstone and Benicio Del Toro are great together. This film was a very pleasant surprise. Don't miss it!...more info
  • A great movie
    This movie is about a spoiled girl named Emily (Alicia Silverstone) who's father doesn't love her. So she stages her own kidnapping and locks her self in the trunk of her car. But before her father can find her, her car is stolen by the charming Vincent played by gorgeous Benicio del Toro. Benicio del Toro is sooo charming in this movie, you will just fall in love with him. I first went to see this movie and I didn't like it. But one day I was at the movie store and I was at a loss for what to rent, so I rented this. Thank God I did! This has been my favorite movie ever since. Two days after I ran out and bought it. One of my all time favorite lines comes from this movie. It is said by Vincent (del Toro) "I got a twinkie in the car. It's all yours if you want it."...more info
  • False advertising
    Contrary to the product description above, this dvd is NOT, NOT, NOT widescreen!!! It is only fullscreen, which is not how I want to see movies.
    And of course I can't get a refund, since I didn't discover this little nugget of info until I opened and played the thing! Thanks a lot to whoever wrote this misleading, false product description, and thanks to an unfair return policy that makes the customer pay for the retailer's lies or mistakes. I'm taking my money elsewhere!!!!...more info
  • i love bdt
    The movie was only strictly likeable and a lot of thanx to BDT for that.though he was very convincing as the hapless car thief there was a lot amiss about silverstone's character.
    The movie manages to stand on a very tepid and weak script and the climax is a damp squib.
    watch it only for BDT.He will completely blow u off.
    Cheers!...more info
  • loved "Excess Baggage"
    I loved this movie! It's probably my favorite movie! It's light and fun but also manages to capture what it's like when you meet someone, even in a weird circumstance, that you are really drawn to. "Out of Sight" with George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez sort of has a similar feel to it, but this movie is way better. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to be reminded of what's it's like to really like someone instantly....more info
  • Excess Baggage is an unbelievable story made believeable!
    Excess Baggage is on my top 10 list of great movies! The plot is outstanding. I was captivated by the terrific storyline and could watch it over & over!...more info
  • Excess Baggage is laugh out loud funny.!
    Benicio del Toro stars as a car thief who happens to steal the car of a spoiled, attention starved rich girl played by Alicia Silverstone (who is extremely charming in this movie)who runs her very own kidnapping scam. Benicio tries to get rid of her but she refuses and continues to cling to the car thief which gets him into a lot of trouble. She even handcuffs herself to the car and pretends to swallow the key just so she can stay with the man she finds extremely entertaining. A long the way sparks fly. Even though to him she's excess baggage, to her he's what her bored rich life needs to make it worth living....more info
    Pardon the liberal alliteration but what a clever little romantic comedy with an unsung starcast.

    As implausible as the plot sounds -- a spoiled rich brat stages her own kidnapping for attention, has her car inadvertently stolen in the process, only to find herself falling in love with the thief -- it comes packaged in a taut script and some campy twists as bigger criminals weigh in on the faux pas.

    I had written off Alicia Silverstone after Batman and Robin where she looked a size larger than her dresses but I couldn't have been more off-base. Her take on the confident, chain-smoking, punch drunk, black mascara-ed Emily is fantastic, as is, surprisingly, her sense of comic timing.

    Some reviewers have been conservative with their alloted reviewer's stars on grounds that Ben Del Toro was 'inarticulate.' Well, he is as inarticulate as Robert DeNiro in Jackie Brown. Only, we're calling it understated subtlety these days. He hits just the right notes in portraying the goofball charm of a fundamentally gentlemanly car thief pitted against more convoluted criminals.

    Between them, Silverstone and Del Toro barely sound like a quixotic matchup but under the hood of this stolen car is a riveting romantic comedy leaking like excess oil. Only, my lousy metaphor spells automotive problems, the film does not.

    Take it for a spin, great bet for a fun weekend rental. Some good rock on the soundtrack too if you don't mind your guitars grungy. ...more info
  • Leonard Maltin Needs New Glasses.
    Indeed, Leonard Maltin does need new glasses, maybe even a new job, because he is totally unqualified as a film critic if he didn't like this movie. Maybe he has something against Alicia Silverstone, but she isn't the reason to see Excess Baggage anyway, although she does a respectable job. The real stars here are Benicio Del Toro and (surprise?) Christopher Walken, who each give outstanding performances. Del Toro steals the show, portraying a shy, soft-spoken and gentle-natured car thief who gets entangled in Silverstone's world by stealing her expensive BMW (with her in the trunk). She's trying to get the attention of her rich and distant father by faking a kidnapping, and Del Toro spends the rest of the movie with her in tow and on the run, trying to reclaim his upended life without getting caught by the mob, due to a broken deal, or iced by her Uncle Ray, a very dangerous, a very cool cat who can kill in a blink, but one who cares for Silverstone as only an uncle should. We come to care for these two men even more than the girl who has brought them together, although the relationship that develops between Del Toro and Silverstone rings sweet and true. Particularly touching is their scene by the lake after they have spent the night together at a remote alpine lodge. They are almost inaudible as they share their thoughts, seemingly childlike in response to the feelings that have developed, but we truly feel the love that is there as Dave Matthews' beautiful song "Crash" plays beneath their words. And there are many other genuine moments. Excess Baggage is filled with an interesting tension and pacing that is uncommon to romantic comedies and thus a treat. More typical is the ending, where all works out for the best, but it is satisfying nevertheless....more info
  • Wonderful Film with 5 star Wide-Screen Anamorphic Picture
    Won't try to compete with other folks saying good things about this wonderful film, but wanted to confirm that the DVD received from in January 2004 is a superb transfer with full screen on one side and gorgeous Anamorphic 16:9 widescreen on the other. Watching films on a widescreen television is the coolest! Be aware it's necessary to tell your DVD player (in the set-up menu) to format for a 16:9 screen. This automatically outputs any anamorphic DVD as full-screen (without black bars top and bottom). This will look tall & skinny on an old-fashioned 4:3 monitor, but when stretched to fill a wide 16:9 screen it looks glorious!...more info
  • boring
    was good the first time watching it but it dose not have replay value it will put you to sleap the best part was whean it was over they climbed in to the trunk to make out ...more info
  • Great Ride Of A Movie - Silverstone's Best Comedy
    This one outdid my expectations by quite a bit. Alicia Silverstone stars as a teenage girl looking for more attention from her father, who tries to get it by locking herself in a car trunk and faking her own kidnapping. Her plans go somewhat awry when the car is stolen for real. The blueprint of this sounds like it could have gone sour very easily; the girl could have come off as very unlikable although that seemed much less of a probability with the charming Silverstone playing her, in full 'cute-and-feisty' mode. And while car thieves don't exactly rank high on my list of potential male leads for a romantic comedy, Benicio Del Toro somehow manages to pull off the trick of making the character likable as he tries to dig both himself and Emily (Silverstone's character) out of deeper and deeper - and more dangerous - trouble. The characters have real chemistry and click both comedically and romantically, and Christopher Walken excels as the character sent out by Emily's father to rescue her.

    One of the relatively few top-notch comedies to emerge from the second half of the 90s; highly recommended....more info
  • DVD Worse Than The Actual Film
    ...and that's saying an earful. We all know Excess Baggage was a bad movie, case closed. THE THREE STARS ARE FOR BENICIO ALONE!!! No one else mattered to me. DVD could have given it new life if the manufacturers thought to give us more bang for our bucks. I HATE plain DVDs! Why do some movies have loads of special features while others are just the VHS version on a disk? There were no special features whatsoever on this DVD. There was only one version of the film...full screen. I don't mind full screen but I would have liked to have the choice of both like most DVDs. The scene selection part is stuck in dinosaur land. You could only go in one direction which meant you had to go through the entire movie to get to the scene you wanted. I wouldn't have bought this DVD if I wasn't so smitten with BDT. He's the only thing in this film worth watching because we all know Alicia Silverstone's never been front-screen material....more info
  • No sparks...
    "Excess Baggage" is the first project of Alicia Silverstone's First Kiss production company. This tale of a fouled up "kidnapping" is definitely lightweight fare, with a minimal amount of substance. Unless you a really a fan of Alicia Silverstone or Benico Del Toro, you may want to pass on this one.

    Silverstone is Emily, a rich kid neglected by her father. Her plan is to fake her kidnapping, and win Daddy's affection upon her safe return. He's involved in some rather shady business deals, and can afford the ransom payment of a million dollars. Emily binds herself with tape, and locks herself in the trunk of her BMW. While waiting to be recovered by the police, the car is stolen by Vincent (Del Toro) a professional car thief. From this somewhat interesting premise not a lot happens that is either funny, or exciting.

    The movie attempts, but does not succeed in creating a warm and romantic relationship between the two leads. Failing to achieve this, we are left with a barely average comedy adventure. Silverstone's performance does have some charm, and though her character is a bit odd, she rarely becomes irritating. She is a fashion casualty though. Unfortunately the chemistry with Vincent just doesn't develop as intended. Vincent mumbles and bumbles, and seems none too bright. You watch him wondering just how weird he actually is. He never offends, but neither does he charm you. It just seems his brain is working in a lower gear most of the time, except when it comes to the subject of serving jail time, which definitely gets his full attention.

    Chris Walken is Emily's Uncle Ray, a slick operator with an inflated opinion of himself, who never lives up to the hype. He works for Emily's father, and has a better relationship with her than her own father. He looks into the kidnapping on his own, providing yet another odd character to watch.

    The conclusion is as unsatisfying as the rest of the movie. The kidnapping is somehow pinned on others, leaving Vincent in the clear. Though exactly how this is accomplished is never explained. That there is no happy reunion between father and daughter is no real loss. All Vincent's other troubles have vanished, and he and Emily finish the movie together in the trunk of her car.

    I wanted to like this movie. With better writing, one could easily see how the "Vincent" role could have really been something special, and taken over the movie. Instead he's just a harmless mumbler. Alicia Silverstone does a competent enough acting job, playing the spoiled misunderstood brat, trying (sometimes too hard) to bring out Vincent's inner charm. It this case, it's almost a lost cause....more info

  • Looking for Love?
    Benicio Del Toro is a magnet in this movie, a strong acting force drawing you into that deep, hypnotic voice until you're head over heels in love. There are a handful of male characters that I could easily spend the rest of my life with, and Vincent Roche is one of them. He's a guy that will make you laugh, that you can talk to about anything, that you'd feel safe with, and that you'll lust after as well. Benicio is a leading actor who is too often cast in only supporting roles. Lead the way Benicio!...more info
  • Great movie underrated and overlooked
    This movie is hilarious, witty, intelligent. Del Toro, Silverstone, and Walken are great in their roles. Certainly not for everyone, but this quirky, dark comedy is for those who are looking for something more than the staple romantic comedy....more info
  • I must say this is a great movie.
    I guess I like it for her spunky additude and his classy, car-theif additue. They totally mesh well, and I think this is definetly a must see romance!...more info