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Iomega Prestige USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive 34270
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Product Description

The Iomega Prestige Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0, 500GB provides a simple and affordable solution for all your storage needs. Ideal for adding capacity to your system, this stylish drive offers a sturdy aluminum construction and included stand. It's the easiest way to save photos, music, videos and more, in addition the Prestige Desktop Hard Drive is powered by an Energy Star qualified adapter for a better environment! Included free with your Iomega hard drive purchase, choose either EMC Retrospect Express or Retrospect Express HD for PC or Mac for easy file backup (software via download). Also included is free MozyHome Online Backup (2GB online capacity).

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent drive that comes with great backup software
    I found the Iomega 1 TB desktop drive to be very reliable and easy to install. I liked this drive (and its price) so much I have recommended it to many friends! The EMC Retrospect software that comes with it is highly configurable and it alone is worth the price of the drive. (I have spent a long time searching out various backup software solutions and this is the best and easiest I have found). The only quibble I have is that the 'terabyte' is 931GB (I think the difference is that they use 1000 bytes = 1 KB, whereas in reality it is 1024 bytes = 1KB, this makes quite a bit of a difference when you get to large drive volumes). ...more info
  • Problems still follow Iomega
    I decided to give this drive a shot when I saw the high ratings and the very reasonable price, despite having an old Iomega zip drive that suffered the famous "click of death" that Iomega refused to acknowledge or solve.

    I don't know yet if that was a mistake, as I haven't used the drive. I do know that I am unable to access the backup software. The drive comes with a sheet with license codes to access a range of undescribed backup programs - but then none can be accessed with these codes on the website. It asks instead for a shorter serial number - but when you click the link for "Where do I find this?" it loops you back to the original website with no answers to anything and inadequate descriptions of the various software packages.

    Given the auspicious beginning, I can't say I am holding out high hopes for the drive. Safe to say I will continue to maintain a second backup on the two Seagates I had intended to replace. I will have to use my old Norton Ghost to use the drive, and maybe it will work flawlessly, but this experience certainly doesn't speak to any improvement in the quality of Iomega's operation....more info
  • Pretty Good External Drive
    Well I have to say I am pleased with the product itself and the delivery.
    Its been my 2nd day and it has responded nicely.
    I installed as the quick start guide said. I plugged it and my laptop recognized it. I am not using the software (which i think is downloadable) but I tried putting some files and then unplugging to see if it works and voila its working fine! As other customers said, its nice to the view and is very quiet harddrive. But yes, i'm trying to be careful not to hit it with my foot (i have it in the floor) and obviously have care not to drop it cuz i guess a fall of 1 meter would damage it...
    But in general I like this drive :)...more info
  • Great backup drive.
    A snap to set up and use. Took about 2 minutes, most of whih was spent physically positioning ther drive. True plug-and-play. Worked right from the get-go with Airport network and Time Machine on both of our Macs. This is my third Iomega drive (2 500GB and this 1TB models) and I'm very happy with all three....more info
  • Great back-up drive
    I'm happy with the drive. It's good looking on my desk, but more importantly it is a vital part of my system back-up. Reliable, easy to set up, and runs quietly....more info
  • Iomega Has Poor Customer Service
    This product was given to me as an x-mas present and worked great for 2 weeks. Since then, every time I plugged the drive in it would make a loud screeching noise. I was told that my HD had failed and that Iomega had to ship me out a new one. I was responsible for the shipping charges (which were estimated at 20-25 dollars - the drive cost 70). I was completely disappointed that I had to pay to ship the defective item back...the customer service agent told me that "at least we are willing to replace it." It was a very unprofessional experience.

    I have had prior experiences with failed products with other companies who gladly shipped out the replacement item for FREE! Iomega has poor customer service, not to mention the only free service is through the online chat, you have to pay to call in. Buyer beware!...more info
  • I like the Iomega 500Gb
    I needed a USB drive to backup several machines, and after formatting the disk to my needs (it was already formatted as one partition) it worked like a charm! Nothing to install or fool with other than wall and USB connections....more info
  • good product
    - pretty good product
    - delivered on time
    - efficient delivery follow-up on the web site

    - attention: it was not clear that the product requires an external source of energy (come together with the product)
    - some similar products do not require that...more info
  • Great item
    Like this product, the design, and the upload and downloading data is very fast. This is my first time I ever used Iomega produc...more info
  • Easy to use and reliable
    The drive is very easy to use. I plugged it in and immediately it worked. No fussing or worry. I am really glad I got this one!...more info
  • Some things are too good to be true.
    For the most part, this external hard drive is pretty nice. It has a large capacity and it looks pretty sleek sitting there in its pedestal. But it does have a tendency to go into a hibernate type mode even when it's being used. Like while watching a video or playing music from it. It doesn't happen very often but a couple times I've had to hit the power button on and off to get it working again. Also I've noticed if I haven't used it in a few hours it sometimes takes a while if I open it from My Computer to show it's contents. I don't know why that is but when everything on else on my computer runs so smoothly it feels like a speed bump. Overall a pretty good deal I guess though. I have a 1 Tb WD external and that one runs as smooth as a whistle. If WD had that capacity I would rather go with one because I've had no problems with anything from them. The Iomega is worth buying for it's price and capacity. Unless there's a WD, get that instead. ...more info
  • gnarly
    I love this thing. Being a photographer, I'm always looking for ways to store/save/access my work. I was debating between a pro Flickr account, really, and a few other upload sites. I ended up being recommended to get this product (more like the 500gig), and I did my research, compared prices and benefits of other outlets, and I ended up deciding with this one. It's amazing, I love it. I can truly organize my photos the way I want to, and it certainly keeps them on-hand, and I can access them even without a network/internet connection, whereas you can't do that with upload sites and such.

    Not just that, but I literally store everything on it. As I update my music collection, I store them on here, rather than my/a computer, until I upload them to my iPod. I keep all my documents and (downloaded) programs and such on here, as well, that way they don't take up space on my (or anybody's) computer.

    I highly recommend the brand. Obviously 1.5tbs isn't for everybody, but this hard drive definitely is/can be. ...more info
  • I work just fine
    Iomega HDD work perfectly this is the third one I owe, firs I purchased a 320 GB, then moved to a 500 GB and finally my manly vanity made me move to a 1TB.
    The HDD are just fine, they work fast and are very reliable. I recomend them a lot....more info
  • A sturdy, dependable, & compatible hard drive.
    I am very pleased with this drive. It feels sturdy. The price is extremely reasonable. It runs silently and doesn't get over-heated. There are no drivers, it's plug and play. There is no encryption or software to install, so I can take this drive from computer to computer and be able to read and write to it in any location. (Some hard drives come with software you need to have installed on the system--stay away from those!)

    It was immediately recognized promptly and every time by my system. This may not sound like a big accomplishment, but I've recently had trouble with my LaCie drives (particularly the fire-wire ones) getting recognized. The moment I received this drive, I copied the contents of all the drives I am having trouble with and my internal hard drives.I still have about 500 GB of inaccessible data--probably still there, I just can't get to it w/o paying for data recovery services. (In spite of changing the housing, and spending a fortune changing a/c cables, fire-wire cables, etc. as instructed by LaCie customer support).

    My only concern is that the drive is so large that I am putting "all my eggs in one basket". I plan to get several smaller capacity Iomega drives and distribute the data among them. That way, this large one will fall under the category of "redundancy" not as sole backup or storage.

    I've had it for only two months, so it's still too early to say. I had thought the LaCies were dependable, and they were for about three years, so I don't know what will happen further down the line with this Iomega drive. For the time being, at least, I am delighted.

    ...more info
  • Excellent device and backup software!
    Im a professional photographer and finally needed an additional backup drive and after alot of research decided on Iomega. I plugged the drive in and started a Backup with EMC Retrospect 7.6 for Windows and was good to go. It couldnt have been any simpler! I wouldnt believe the negative reviews that say this drive runs hot, I leave it on for days at a time and this drive does NOT RUN HOT at all and is extremely quiet. It also has a nice on/off switch on the back of the unit.

    My plan is to eventually get an Iomega NAS (I almost went with the IX2) in a few years when I start to get low on space and NAS gets a little cheaper and hopefully with flash drives which use less power. I could then just plug this drive into the expandable USB port on the NAS and use this for archival and low usage files.

    Im also intrigued now that EMC owns Iomega to see what the next gen NAS products look like. The Iomega IX4-200r is already qualified with VMware (also owned by EMC) with vSphere 4.0 which is currently marketed to the enterprise market. It will be extremely interesting to see where the home market goes for NAS and VMware. Just picture a VMware home consumer operating system that integrates seemlessly with your local storage and remotely with with a cloud service like Mozy (also owned by EMC).

    All in all, great product, easy to use and backed by EMC!...more info
  • Garbage
    I have one right now with all my pictures and files on it. It is dead. Iomega sent me a new power cord after chat diagnose. They said it wasn't getting the power it should. The cord is identical to the one it came with and it still won't turn on or boot up or transfer my pictures back to the desktop. They offered to exchange it which I will do as soon as I fugure out how to get my stuff off. The cost for them to remove my pictures: $700- $2900. I will take the exchange but I will probably sell it on ebay. ...more info
  • Watching My Back...up
    Terrific...efficient...reliable...MY WD crashed and burned me and I will never go with them again. This is a very solid and dependable product....more info
  • Great drive!
    Having owned an Iomega zip drive for many years, I relied on my knowledge of its reliability and purchased the 1TB USB drive. It works great and is the perfect back-up drive. It is a wondeful addition to any system.
    I would advise anyone interested in quality to invest in an Iomega drive....more info
  • Iomega 500GB
    I bought this external Drive for my daughter who has a need for large storage capacity for her vocation of professional photaography. She is now ecstatic!!! She merely plugged it in to her Mac Book 1 and began to store photos with no problems. It has performed perfectlyIomega Prestige 500 GB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive 34270...more info
  • Good hard drive for light use.
    I use this external HD for storing all my music and pictures so they don't slow down my computer. So far, it's worked well for that and I can even run itunes off of the external HD and it pulls the music and plays it fast enough that I never have a problem. After reading on some other reviews, I don't leave it on all the time. I'm running windows vista on a PC with 1G of ram and have no problems. The files transferred fairly quickly - about 30 or 40 minutes through USB for 30 GB of music. I'm sure the firewire is quicker, but it is also more expensive and I rarely need to do transfers.
    Been in use for a little over a month now, which is why it only gets 4 stars....more info
  • Working great, easy to setup
    I've been using this drive about a month now. Plugged it in, turned it on and it was ready to go. I use it to store a complete image backup of my computer therefore I do leave it unplugged most of the time to prevent it from getting hit by an unexpected thunderstorm, etc.

    It's small and quiet, would recommend....more info
  • Good except its not really 1TB
    Just purchased this item last week. Overall impression on the product is on par as described. Only thing I am not happy about is its not really 1TB. Before and after formatting, it only shows about 930GB available space. Where is the other 70G?...more info
  • Reliable, Nice Design, Lots of Storage Space
    I bought this product because it was relatively cheap, had a ton of storage space, and seemed like it wouldn't be too fragile. That's exactly what I got! This is a great deal. It even looks cool and comes with it's own stand. The only thing I could see that would be a negative is that it's a bit bulky/heavy, and it makes some noise when transferring info en masse (but really not enough noise to offset the product's benefits).

  • Excelente!
    Acabamento de primeira, bonito, e de funcionamento dentro do esperado. A ¨²nica observa??o que fa?o ¨¦ a posi??o da luz que monitora o funcionamento do drive. Ela fica junto ¨¤s entradas dos cabos e, por causa disso, acabou ficando virado para tr¨¢s, pois eu o coloquei ao lado do monitor, de frente para mim. Dessa forma fica dif¨ªcil verificar se ele est¨¢ acessando ou n?o o disco. Se ela tivesse uma outra luz na grade frontal ou na parte superior ia ser ideal. ...more info
  • Iomega... Not So Good - Don't Buy!
    I purchased this unit to serve as a back drive for my primary system. However, after 50 days AND ONLY SIX BACKUP OPERATIONS the drive has given up the ghost. The drive was only powered up for the back up operations so it has been ON less that 12 hours. Checking the Iomega Web page and various forums for a fix or some clues as to what happened revealed that I am not the only one to have had the unit die after short time use; there does seem to be a mechanical problem that they are not addressing. I omega's attitude toward warranty work is pretty lame also... you can't TALK to anyone for free... only text chatting over the net that resulted in the following "send it back we will send you a new one" (well not really new; a refurbished unit that crashed for someone else). And to add insult to injury, Iomega won't pay the shipping costs. Needless to say, no more Iomega products for me or the firm where I am the purchasing agent...more info
  • Needs a slight tweak but works well with Mac OS
    Like many others, I've found this Iomega drive to be reliable and good value for money.

    I just want to add that I initially had problems formatting it to work with my Macbook Pro running Mac OS 10.5.7. Disk Utility was unable to erase and format the drive to Mac OS Journaled format. This is a quirk with Disk Utility, rather than the drive itself. To get around this problem, go to the Partition Tab in Disk Utility, create a single partition, choose Options, select GUID Partition Table and Apply those settings. The drive should work well after that. Bit of a roundabout manner to get it working, I hope the techs at Apple can work out this bug in Disk Utility soon.

    I highly recommend this drive for its speed, small and good looking form factor. Runs pretty quietly but requires good ventilation....more info
  • 500 GB USB Iomega external backup drive
    Great value for the money.
    Quiet. Using the other (older) 300GB USB Iomega external backup drive on my second Dell XPS 410 since two years for photography backup.

    Best, comes plug and play with no annoying software to install- for those who don't want all that additional automatic backup features that often don't really work and slow down your work all the time.

    Just weekly drag and drop stuff from local drive in MyDocuments (best the whole folder as copy)to external drive and you're done.

    Using this drive for extensive iTunes Music and audiobook collection to safely backup from main computer in case of a HDD crash....more info