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Toshiba Satellite U405-S2918 13.3-Inch Laptop
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Product Description

Along with some of the newest advancements in mobile technology, this satellite laptop has got a brilliant high - gloss fusion finish, attractive horizon design imprint, sleek flush - mounted touchpad and feather - touch CD/DVD control pad. You'll get brains and beauty!Want the best of both worlds - a smaller footprint with a larger screen? Voil?! This 13.3" diagonal TruBrite widescreen display not only offers fantastic color, depth and brightness for movies and other multimedia, but more room for spreadsheet columns too. Stay fully powered and light on your feet. Satellite U400 laptops have several USB sleep-and-charge ports so you can power-up your favorite portable electronic devices, even when the machine is asleep.

Weighing under 5 pounds, the ultra-portable Toshiba Satellite U405-S2915 notebook PC packs in an extraordinary amount of power and productivity into its elegant, compact package. The 13.3-inch widescreen display offers TruBrite technology for optimal image clarity and a 1280 x 800 resolution for extra desktop working space and a widescreen aspect ratio for watching letterboxed movies. A 1.3 megapixel digital web camera built into the LCD's bezel lets you quickly snap photos and participate in live video chats. The integrated webcam does more than just video chats. It includes Toshiba Face Recognition capabilities--the ultimate hands-free, hassle-free way to log onto your laptop. Just show your face to the webcam--no keeping track of hard-to-remember passwords and no unnecessary typing. And if you're using one laptop for several users--say for the whole family or for a small business--Toshiba Face Recognition lets you switch profiles with one simple look.

It's powered by the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor--with Centrino 2 technology--which boosts speed, reduces power requirements, and saves on battery life. The 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 includes a quick 1066 MHz front-side bus and 3 MB of L2 cache, providing an optimized, multithreaded architecture for improved multimedia and multitasking performance.

Other features include a 320 GB hard drive, 4 GB of installed RAM (8 GB maximum), Draft-N Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth connectivity, dual-layer DVDí└RW drive that also burns CDs, Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics with up to 1750 MB of shared video RAM, combo USB/eSATA port, 5-in-1 memory card reader, and pre-installed 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 operating system. Additionally, this Toshiba notebook is RoHS-compatible, effectively reducing the environmental impact by restricting the use of lead, mercury and certain other hazardous substances.

Brilliant Fusion Finish
An advanced Toshiba notebook should be more than just a way to make mobile life easier. It should be a reflection of you, too. And this laptop offers the gorgeous new high-gloss Fusion finish with striking Horizon design pattern. It features a smooth, shiny palm rest and a recessed touchpad to that gives your notebook both a more streamlined look and more comfort when you're clicking. Separate multimedia buttons let you launch your favorite entertainment right away as well as control playback--letting you start, pause, fast-forward and rewind almost with feather-touch operation.
Spec Check
  • 13.3-inch LCD screen
  • 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 processor
  • 320 GB hard drive
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB maximum)
  • Dual-layer DVDí└R drive with Labelflash
  • Draft-N Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) plus Bluetooth
  • Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics (up to 1750 MB shared)
  • Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 (64-bit)
  • Weighs 7.4 pounds

The Basics

  • Processor: Experience improved energy efficiency, expanded wireless connectivity, and amazing battery life with the 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 processor featuring Intel Centrino 2 technology. This processor has a 2.13 GHz processor speed, super-sized 1066 MHz front-side bus (FSB), and a extra-large 3 MB L2 cache. (An L2, or secondary, cache temporarily stores data; and a larger L2 cache can help speed up your system's performance. The FSB carries data between the CPU and RAM, and a faster front-side bus will deliver better overall performance.)

    Formerly codenamed Montevina, Intel Centrino 2 processor technology improves upon every facet of a laptop's main features, including performance and battery life via new processors and chipsets, faster draft 802.11n wireless, and new business-class manageability capabilities. The new hafnium-infused circuitry--which reduces electrical current leakage in transistors--conserves even more energy, giving you more time away from the wall outlet.

    The Intel Core 2 Duo processor has two computational execution cores in a single processor, providing greater system response when running multi-threaded applications simultaneously with no significant increase in power consumption. It's optimized for multitasking and it can run multiple demanding applications--such as graphics-intensive games or serious number-crunching business productivity applications--while downloading music or running virus-scanning security programs in the background.

  • Hard Drive: The large 320 GB Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive (5400 RPM) offers a wealth of storage space, perfect for storing a vast multimedia collection or for editing digital video. This SATA hard drive also quickens the pace with a higher speed transfer of data--akin to Firewire and USB 2.0.

  • Memory: The 4 GB of installed RAM (PC6400, 2 x 2 GB) helps boost the amount of available video RAM that's shared with this notebook's video card. It also offers a fast 800 MHz speed. This notebook has an 8 GB maximum RAM capacity. To receive the faster data transfer benefits of the dual-channel DDR2 RAM, any RAM additions require memory modules of same capacity and clockspeed.

  • DVD/CD Drive: The dual-layer Labelflash DVD drive is compatible with a wide range of formats, including both DVD+RW and DVD-RW discs, CD-RW discs, and dual-layer (DL) DVDí└R discs, which can hold up to 8.5 GB of data--great for backing up your MP3 collection or your most important documents. It features the following speeds: 6x for both DVDí└R DL, 8x for both single-layer DVDí└R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 5x DVD-RAM, and 24x/16x for CD-R/RW. It reads DVD-ROM discs at 8x and CD-ROMs at 24x.

    With the Labelflash functionality, you can burn high-resolution, high-contrast pictures on the label side of DVD discs using the same laser used for data recording. Enjoy transparency and high-quality not found in traditional printable media. All you need is a Labelflash DVD disc to start labeling without a printer.

  • Keyboard & Mouse: This notebook has a standard 85-key keyboard and electro-static two-button touchpad. It also offers a launch button for the Express CD/DVD media player and control buttons (play, stop, next, previous) as well as a volume control dial.
Screen, Video & Audio
This Toshiba Satellite has a 13.3-inch TFT display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels (native 720p for high-definition viewing). It also provides TruBrite technology, which makes images brighter and more vivid thanks to its anti-glare feature. Video is powered by the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD, which uses shared video memory (up to 1750 MB allocated from the system memory). This graphics card is built with Intel Clear Video technology, which delivers clearer, more detailed images by eliminating many of the jagged edges and video artifacts seen when viewing interlaced content and features powerful color control to ensure videos are not too dark, overly bright, or washed out.

This notebook also features an integrated audio card and two Harman Kardon stereo speakers.

Networking, Connectivity & Expansion
Be ready for the next platform in wireless connectivity with the integrated quad-mode Intel Wireless 5100AGN Wi-Fi chip. Based on the draft 802.11n Wi-Fi specification, it offers up to five times the performance and twice the wireless range as existing 802.11g wireless. It's also backward compatible with 802.11b/g networks (commonly found in home routers and Wi-Fi hotspots) as well as 802.11a networks (which has a higher throughput, but more limited range--great for closed office environments). The Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.1 + EDR) enables you to communicate and synchronize with Bluetooth-enabled peripherals such as PDAs and cell phones.

With USB Sleep-and-Charge support, you can use your Satellite M305 to charge your favorite portable electronic devices, even when the laptop is asleep. If you use a smartphone, you can just plug it in, power up and go without having to worry that you've got enough charge. It also includes a next-generation ExpressCard 54/34 card slot (though no PCMCIA card slot), which lets you take advantage of thinner, faster, and lighter expansion cards for even more advanced wireless, networking, storage, and security features. Here's the full list of connection options:

  • 3 USB 2.0 ports for connecting a wide range of peripherals--from digital cameras to MP3 players (including 1 eSATA/USB combo port)
  • 1 FireWire (also known as IEEE 1394 or i.Link) port for connecting digital video camcorders and other peripherals
  • 1 ExpressCard 54/34 slot
  • Video out: VGA
  • 1 headphone jack (with SPDIF digital output for 5.1-channel surround sound)
  • 1 microphone jack
  • RJ-45 port for 10/100 Ethernet connection
  • 56K modem port (V.90)
  • 5-in-1 memory card reader (Secure Digital, MultiMedia, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, xD Picture Card)

Operating System
The 64-bit version of Windows Vista Home Premium (with SP1) is the operating system for users with advanced computer needs, and it includes all of the Windows Media Center capabilities for turning your PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center for watching DVD movies and accessing your digital audio library. You can also use Windows Media Center to record and watch your favorite TV shows (even HDTV) and to access new kinds of online entertainment content. Computers that include Windows Vista Home Premium and an auxiliary Windows SideShow display will also allow you to access key data even when your computer is off. It is also easier than ever to share files between other PCs in your household and to manage your laptop computer settings to more securely connect via Wi-Fi.

Every edition of Windows Vista provides the essential tools and technologies to help protect you whether you are browsing the Internet, connecting to a wireless network, or just reading e-mail. All editions of Windows Vista include new tools that can warn you of impending hardware failures long before you have lost any important personal data. And, all Windows Vista editions include parental control features that allow you to manage and monitor your family's use of games, the Internet, instant messaging, and other activities.

Preloaded Software
Microsoft Works 9.0, Google Toolbar, Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5, Norton 360 All-in-One Security (30-day trial), and Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition (60-day trial).

Dimensions & Weight
This notebook measures 12.4 x 9.02 x 1.38 inches and weighs 4.4 pounds.

It comes with a 4800 mAH (6-cell) lithium-ion battery pack for extra-long battery life.

What's in the Box
This package contains the U405-S2918 notebook PC, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, AC adapter, and operating instructions. It is backed by a one-year limited hardware warranty.

  • Ultra-portable notebook PC with 13.3-inch LCD and integrated webcam with face recognition
  • 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 processor (Centrino 2), 320 GB hard drive, 4 GB RAM (8 GB max), Labelflash dual-layer DVD drive
  • Draft-N Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n); Bluetooth; 10/100 Ethernet; Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics (up to 1750 MB of available memory)
  • Connectivity: 3 USB, 1 FireWire, 1 VGA, 1 S-Video, headphone with S/PDIF digital audio, 1 ExpressCard 34/54, 5-in-1 memory card reader
  • Pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 (64-bit version); Fusion finish with Horizon pattern

Customer Reviews:

  • Toshiba Stellite
    Best laptop we could find for travelling - small size and weight. Up to date technology as well - with 64 bit processor, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive should be 6 years before we have to upgrade....more info
  • great laptop
    This laptop has so many great features. It is very powerful and easy to use. I would buy this computer again!...more info
  • Nice System with Some Minor Flaws
    I just received this system a few days ago. Overall I am pleased with it but caveat emptor. First, the pros: very nice (Samsung - SEC) LCD with good color saturation and no stuck pixels, 4-Gb PC6400 RAM, 64-bit Vista Home Premium, large HDD, and nice build quality (minus the keyboard). The factory image ran sluggishly when I first booted it - so I installed a different HDD and installed XP Pro and Vista HP 32-bit. It runs really well with XP (although the drivers are hard to find - the trick is to go to Toshiba's Euro support site) and the 32-bit Vista clean install ran faster than the 64-bit factory image. So, I decided to use restore DVD's (which is a con - you have to burn the restore DVD's yourself - Toshiba does not provide them) and restore the factory image onto the XP/Vista HDD. The system was still sluggish after the restore (which takes 2+ hours), but after removing Norton Antivirus, Quicken and a lot of other garbage, the system runs very well - in fact it is "snappy" - when you click on something it opens immediately. I might add that using the 64-bit version of VHP allows the system to "see" all 4-Gb of RAM. It is NOT a gaming system, but it did receive a Vista WEI of 3.8 for gaming graphics, and I tried it with two older (pre-2006) games and it ran just fine. OK - the cons - biggest is battery life (with brightness set below 50%) while surfing with wireless LAN and Bluetooth is only about 2 HR and 15 MIN to 10% remaining battery, the keyboard has noticeable flex and feels cheap, and the glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet. Since the U405-S2918 has a P-series Intel processor (P7450) - I would have thought that it would get significantly more than two hours battery life - but it does not. Overall, I am pleased with this system, especially since it runs XP so well. I hope to re-install XP shortly and convert it back to a dual-booter....more info
  • Toshiba Satellite U405-S2918 13.3-Inch Laptop
    It's a great product I've ever used. Pretty fast respond to use, I satisfy it....more info
  • Doorstop
    This product was an absolute nightmare. It is now a doorstop. It never actually worked...I mean, the computer did (at first), but in trying to upgrade Vista to something useful (Ultimate, Business), I went through a nightmare.

    In fact, after weeks of dealing with idiots from Microsoft, I finally got a tech support guy who, after hearing my nightmare, ended up *giving* me an Ultimate product key (I'd already paid for TWO of them, to no avail...didn't install). What's sad is that if he'd have gotten caught doing it, he'd be fired!

    Finally got it installed, but alas, all kinds of things didn't work. I tried to do the windows upgrade downloads, but it didn't work. After about a month or so of attempting different things, all of a sudden the hard disk died. After purchasing the notebook here, I immediately went to the Toshiba site and upgraded to a 3 year warranty...big mistake.

    Tried calling Toshiba support. OMG. Folks, I have been in this business for 30+ years, and Toshiba support is by FAR THE WORST I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. They didn't have a record of my 3 year warranty!!!! Had to go back to my cc company, fax the charge, and after two weeks, still was not credited w/the warranty. Which of course didn't matter since the laptop was less than 2 months old... just a red flag that should have warned me off this company.

    After weeks on the phone w/these losers, I finally gave up. I couldn't get an RMA so I could return the darn thing! They kept going through this 'flowchart' of questions (is the computer on?????) Geez. This is AFTER telling each loser that the hd/main board is dead! Sorry, have to go by flowchart....

    So, I finally gave up. And bought a Lenovo (they have up to 5 year warranties, which is the longest in the business...and trust me, these are the best laptops, since the manufacture, backs them up with a belief they can last 5 years).

    Toshiba? I wouldn't touch a Toshiba again if they sent me one free. As it is, I spent 1600 dollars or so (purchased this piece of crap a year ago and the amount includes the worthless 3 year warranty upgrade), and Toshiba couldn't care less if the thing worked.

    You heard it here. Perhaps you can buy one, have no problems EVER, never have to deal w/Toshiba support...but listen up. If you DO have a problem, you will never get it rectified. Buy something else. Or don't say you weren't warned. Caveat emptor...more info