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Target: Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton
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  • Patton Assasination Mystery
    This is a read for loyal followers and fans of General George Patton. What happened to General Patton?. This book is an investigative report of the possibility that he was assassinated by those that saw him as a threat to post WWII relationships that involved the Russians. A crash killing him by accident - I do not think so. Buy and read this historical book.

    Paul Vallely...more info
  • A Matter of Reasonable Doubt .... now
    Like most people of my generation (post WW2), I had a cliched and inadequate understanding of the complicated and brilliant Gen. George S. Patton. Most of what we know derives from the film "Patton" (1970), an admirable achievement, but not history. We know (vaguely) that Patton was a brilliant field commander, that he slapped a soldier whom he considered cowardly, that he was envied by other Allied commanders, and that he was considered a talented problem child by Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, and Bedell Smith. We understood that he died after the war in an automotive accident (usually decribed, incorrectly, as a jeep accident).

    Robert Wilcox's book "Target: Patton" is valuable for two reasons: (1) he does not outrun the evidence that he offers and declare that he has solved the case, and (2) he has uncovered a wealth of information which raises troubling questions about Patton's demise. He demonstrates that official accounts of the accident were lacking -- or that they had disappeared. He shows that the "death car" (a Cadillac limo, not a jeep) in the Patton Museum is in fact not the car in which Patton was riding. And finally, he brings forth the witness Douglas Bazata, who claimed that Wild Bill Donovan himself commissioned the hit on Patton.

    Bazata's confessions, if such they were, are both the strength and weakness of the case which Wilcox offers. Bazata, a fascinating figure in the "black ops" of WW2, was certainly in a position to know whereof he spoke, but at the same time he seemed unable to decide whether he had actually participated in Patton's murder or simply was aware of who did. As the author himself admits, the evidence could perhaps bring an indictment, but not a conviction in a court of law.

    Nonetheless, Wilcox's work is a very provocative and valuable addition to the Patton literature. It is difficult to read the book and not draw the conclusion that Patton was a uniquely talented warrior-general who was constantly thwarted by desk generals such as Ike. Certainly his views concerning the Soviet threat were prescient. ...more info
  • George has left the building
    I had to quit reading halfway through, something I never do. This book is based on as much on missing information as well as hear say,and what ifs. I am a military and history buff and Vietnam vet. Maybe someday somebody will write a book on this with better facts. Untill then it joins the stories of Butch Cassidy, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Elvis Presely. ...more info
  • Target Patton
    As the grandson of Gen. George S. Patton, I am sorry this has been written. Upon my grandfather's death, a full investigation was done and the results were conclusive of an accident. Questioning the words of the driver, to me, violates his integrity and sadly people will buy this product which is a thread going no place. It is a shame that in times like this, more tragedy is brought to the forefront.

    George Patton Waters...more info
  • Target: Misses the target ... several times
    This book exposes quite a bit of information regarding the mysterious death of General Patton; however, I found it difficult to follow. The actual chronology of the accident appears in 3 different parts of the book, interspersed with excruciating details about the lives of the principal characters involved, their mysterious histories, and more involving the murky world of espionage in pre-CIA World War II. The author did his best to research as much as was available, 55+ years after the fact; however, I'm afraid facts about Patton's death - like John F. Kennedy's - will never be really known. Too much time has elapsed, clues have disappeared, and witnesses have died....more info
  • Hard to Believe that They Killed Him
    This book contains some assertions; it is, however, mostly evidence that something was genuinely curious about the death of George S. Patton. If you found the stories explaining away the death of Vince Foster somewhat hard to swallow, then you will find a more compelling (and more easily peddled in those days) "offical story" disputed here. Patton was going to quit (not retire) from the military and speak his mind. That must have made some folks uneasy....more info
  • Compelling Evidence
    This book is a great read, and a break through in history! Wilcox provides compelling evidence and is getting great acclaim for the book world wide. Copy and paste this article and see what London Telegraph reporter wrote:

    Judge for yourself......more info