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  • Terrible, Predictable, just plain bad
    The movie was terrible. I cant believe I spent 7 bucks to see it in the theater and I'm upset because I'll never get those two wasted hours of my life back. As soon as I walked out of the theater I forgot the whole movie because there was nothing memorable that happened. No good one liners, nothing. Just a bad plot, bad acting, bad everything. Dont waste your money and especially not your time on this wothless movie....more info
  • Buy the original ,along with Rocky
    I'm glad this movie failed to generate any kind of following,because it shouldn't have been made. Why not take a bad movie in remake it ,instead of trying to cash in on the vision of someone elses for profit. The main problem with this joke of a movie is: You can't turn Jack Carter into a caring good-guy. Carter was a ruthless, menacing,selfish killer, not the likeable character Stallone presented. This was a shameful star vehicle that should of fell flat on its rear end. Shame on Caine for showing up in this joke of a movie....more info
  • What would you do if...?
    Get Carter DVD

    Get Carter starring Sylvester Stallone at his most menacing is a remake of the 1971 Get Carter [Region 2]title starring Michael Caine who co-stars in this movie. It is based on the novel Jack's Return Home. It is all about Jack Carter (Sylvester Stallone) returning home after he hears about his Brother's death under suspicious circumstances.

    This might be one of Stallone's best movies from an acting point of view. That Goatee and beard does not suit him. Makes his nose stand out too much.

    Highly recommended for fans of British crime drama, Sylvester Stallone, and action movies.

    Gunner March, 2008

    ...more info
  • 'Get' Immortal
    Sylvester Stallone has done it again! I am amazed with how many of his pictures that I have truly encountered! In "Get Carter," he plays Jack Carter, a bail bondsman of sorts and loves what he does. You don't pay the man, the stuff's in the fan. You don't like it, too bad. After his brother was murdered in Seattle, Carter went to check out the sneaky cover-up. He uncovered a pornographic solicitation scandal that involved his niece and he got extremely aggravated. Oh, piddily mortals, you shouldn't have messed with the best. A wannabe wiseguy played by Mickey Rourke, thought he could box with the immortal. Sure he got a few good hooks in, but the deity just shrugged it off and knocked him down. Cleanliness! He got revenge for his brother's death and somewhat helped his niece. A monarchy to treasure forever!...more info
    "Get Carter" is an excellent movie. It is unpredictable and nontraditional, and the bad guys get what they deserve. This movie has an excellent cast and they all did a great job acting. I don't know why this movis was overlooked at the theaters. My wife was one of those persons who overlooked it because she thought it might be too violent. I don't think it was too violent at all. Overall, this movie is fun to watch, and I will definitely buy it when it comes out on dvd. After telling my wife a little about the movie, she definitely wants to see it on dvd !...more info
  • good movie for another era.Haven't seen the original but..
    If this movie was made about 20 years ago; I could see it being a hit. The trouble is that Stallone is choosing scripts that would have worked ...if done in the eighties.

    We've all seen this plot before. He performance is good but his character is too one note. He wants revenge for the death of his brother. I didn't believe his hit man with a heart of gold act though. The action scenes were good. The action was very influenced by music videos. While not a total waste of time the movie needed more substance to work.

    I could see Stallone in roles taken by Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro..I think that he needs a role that doesn't put him in the tough guy mode. "Cop Land" proved to me he could do Oscar material....more info

  • who doesn't love a good revenge story?!
    I mean seriously, who doesn't love a good revenge story?! I admit, I'm a sucker for Stallone, but I love this movie, and I'm not even a big action movie fan. You can't help but root for Stallones' character in this one. I think it's a highly underappreciated movie. ...more info
  • An Underrated Stallone Classic!
    Get Carter is film in which Stallone fans will enjoy thoroughly. Although it is different. The different camera angles and weird screen effects make the movie hard to follow the first time out.
    The acting is pretty solid. Though Mickey Rourke seems to sort of slump on his part.
    All in all, it's a great thriller movie that does have some nice action to it. Stallone delivers well here. I don't think many will be disappointed....more info
  • Booorrring as hell
    Never expected to see such a boring movie with Sylvester Stallone.Boring dialog through the whole movie and nothing happened.I wish I never went to see this movie. What a waste!...more info
  • No Suspence
    The problem with this movie is you can't play Rambo and then try to make a serious movie. There is an attempt at a story but nobody stands a chance against Stallone and that the problem. Every ten minutes or so he just beats up or intimidates another villan. I think Stallone is a good actor but I wish he would stop playing Mr. Invinceable. It would have been a better movie If the villan's were someone you should be afraid of. If this was a action movie you tend to accept one villan getting it every ten minutes. But when you try to make a film with a plot the villans should have more character. It would be nice to see Stallone in a film where he build the suspense. Where you have some doubt on wheter he could pull It off. A movie like The Fugitive; I think would be an interesting character for him....more info
  • An excellent Sylvester Stallone movie
    It is an excellent movie, even if the pace is a bit slow at times, unfortunately . Well at least you get what you need in a good action movie, with a few psychological hints, and more phrases than most Sly movies. In fact action is not always present, but when, it's there, it's always at a good level !! The bad guys get what they deserve, which is great, and I kind of like the main character (Jack). There's also Doreen and Audrey of course, and Cyrus Paine, and Thorpey always hanging around...

    The movie contains an interesting Las Vegas scene too, and a long train scene.
    The end is really great: Jeremy was scared to death (really), but left alive (great for the story !!), while Brumby is catched and gets shots in the back....more info

  • My name is Jack Carter and you don't want to know me
    When I went to the theatre to watch this movie I did not expect a movie with a very intellectual plot. All I wanted to see is a fun action movie with good fighting scenes. If the director for this movie could have developed the story line better I would give this movie 4 or 5 star. Stallone did a good job carrying this movie. I did not like how they were trying to make Carter(Stallone) be a bad guy and a good guy. Even though I am giving this movie 3 star I will still buy the DVD because I liked the action in this movie....more info
  • It's all about the next level.
    A slow, dreary film so poorly lit several scenes exist in half darkness. Especially funny is a scene where one character asks another to take off his glasses -- you know, so he can see his eyes -- and we can't see his eyes! Too rich.

    Stallone is Carter, a Vegas hitman out to avenge the death of a brother and the abuse of a niece. Caine's a goon, Rourke's a goon, Cook's the sexually abused niece and Cumming's just weird.

    Stallone talks endlessly of taking the tough-guy standoffs "to the next level;" only Rourke is allowed to respond with his own level, after which Stallone returns with a level not seen since the final duel in "Cobra."...more info

  • A great film, watch int NOW. It is NOT boring at all.
    Stallone was great in this film. This is one Hell of a movie, great music, great direction-the movie had a great "feel" about it. It was a real pleasure to watch-BUY this movie, it's a great one to watch....more info
  • Underrated
    This is a good action flick, despite the director's heavy hand. (The antsy camera jumps ahead, scene after scene, sparing, or perhaps cheating the viewer, out of cathartic moments.) That aside, the acting is good (one of Stallone's better efforts). O'Roark and John McGinley are excellent. The rainy, grainy photography works well. The music gives the film a beat. All told, a very good movie....more info
  • The best action movie of the past few years
    Sylvester Stallone proved once again that he's not an actor to be counted out. Get Carter was by far the best film of the year 2000, and the dvd carries the same wonderful mood of the movie. If you like action buy this movie. If you like slyvester stallone, buy this movie. If you like movies, buy this movie. You won't be dissapointed....more info
  • Where was Jack ?
    In general , a great movie to watch , Director Kay shows a fresh, fast style of filming and the cast is very strong (especially Mickey Rourke). However there were scenes and atmospheres that hurted the image of this remake . originally , Jack Carter is a killer without any sentimental angle , even his revenge is based on holding up and defending the Carter name. 'Who do they think they are to mess around with the Carter family' , was the way Caine played Jack in 1971 were he started to live in his own fantasy-revenge world and slowly misses the reality around him until he finally got blown away by his own color. The message in 1971 was that the actions of 'streetwise' carter had consequenses for his own safety . This was the world of gangsters , where one man is certainly not invincible . Stallone portrays a totally different Jack . But i must say everything looked still promising up to the last half hour where the realisme collapsed suddenly and cliche took over. This film would have been better off as a film on it's own , because it failed as a remake. ...more info
    Vegas "financial adjuster", Jack Carter (Sylvester Stallone), makes a living by making sure people pay their debts. A dirty job, but somebody has to do it!

    Jack's brother has been killed in a car accident leaving behind a wife, and a daughter (Miranda Richardson, Rachel Leigh Cook). Feeling guilty about NOT having any contact with his brother over the years, Carter decides to go to Seattle to make things right. Once there, he will question if in fact his brother really died in an accident, or was he murdered...

    Carter wants answers, and nothing or nobody will stand in his way of getting those answers. In his quest he will come into contact with a host of shady characters, his brother's not-so innocent partner (Michael Caine), a computer mogul (Alan Cummings) with something to hide, and a seedy porn producer (Mickey Rourke).

    Carter needs to get his brother's killer, before they "Get Carter".

    "Get Carter" is a much better action film than one might expect; it is beautifuly shot, with fast-action, and an intricate plot.

    Stallone does his usual as the tough-guy Carter, and it works (with the exception of some cheesy line's "My name is Carter, and YOU DON'T want to know me" among others). Mickey Rourke is perfectly cast as the hip, but seedy porn producer. Miranda Richardson, Rachel Leigh Cook, Alan Cummings, and Michael Caine all turn in great performances in their supporting roles.

    "Get Carter" is a good choice for a step-up from the norm in the action genre.

    Nick Gonnella...more info

  • Stallone Delivers
    Although I am not a huge action movie fan, I have really enjoyed several of Stallone's films. This one is no exception. I know the critics really bad-rapped it, probably in part because they were comparing it to the original. Well, I haven't seen the original, so I am judging the 2000 version on its own merit. While I think some parts of the plot could have been more fully developed, overall, I enjoyed the visual style, the music and particularly the relationship between Stallone and Rachel Leigh Cook in the movie. I enjoyed seeing Stallone's vulnerable side as he tries to make amends with his family and comes to terms with what happened to his brother and niece. His pain over not being able to prevent either incident is tangible, and I was glad to see him kick some serious butt because of it. I think he really was trying to help his niece realize that her painful experience and any other mistakes she made don't necessarily have to define who she will become. Maybe he felt the mistakes he made had defined who he had become; but even he is able to overcome that somewhat, by opening his heart and loving his familly.

    The extras on the DVD are great, too. The original trailer and the 2000 trailer, as well as the commentary by the director are real pluses. I would recommend this DVD to anyone who likes action and anyone who likes Stallone...more info
  • Distilled "Carter"
    Having not seen the original for some time,I finally saw it in its entirety last week.Considering I've only just seen the remake tonight,it's fair to say it's going to be difficult to describe it as a film that stands on its own two feet.GET CARTER(1971) was about a mobster going back to Newcastle to find who murdered his brother.His search for the truth is ruthless. GET CARTER(2000) follows much the same story,Newcastle is now Seattle.I had my misgivings about Stallone playing Carter,but surprisingly he pulls it off.Not only does he look the part,this is one of his best roles. Supported by a sleazy Mickey Rourke,Miranda Richarson as his late brother's wife,and Rachael Leigh Cook who shines in this version,as her daughter Doreen. I wasn't expecting an action fest because the original gets by because of Micheal Caine's ruthless determination to get the truth. I do like this version but I have to deduct two stars for trying to sanitise Carter and adding a happy Hollywood ending.Also most of the film,the director is so obsessed with attention span,he "strobes" the picture regularly and unnecessarily.The final confrontation between Carter and Mickey Rourke is an anticlimax.The beach chase replaced by a brawll on a dancefloor.Not quite as memorable. Stallone seems to better with age and here he still packs a punch.And rather being a hinderance to a remake with a"you're the disease,I'm the cure" approach,he's much better in this film....more info
  • Action Movie--Nothing Less, Nothing More
    This is a typical action romp with Sly Stallone--and it pays off. Though it's not Sly's best, the action is strong, the dialogue is sharp, and the plot is intense. And Sly's acting is definately above-average, as is everyone else's in the movie (i.e. Mike Caine, Mick Rourke). Those expecting Oscar to visit aren't going to expect much, but as a good Stallone action film, it works. Most critics are holding "Get Carter" to expectations it doesn't meet. But the movie is not "American Beauty." Sly is an action star--it's what he does best, and in "Get Carter," he delivers....more info
  • But where has he put his brain?
    Nothing to brag about. Once Stallone, always Stallone. Or if your prefer once Rambo, always Rambo. Or even better once Rocky, always Rocky. So here the Rambo from the subtropical jungle has landed in some suburban asphalt jungle, the Rocky of the boxing ring has fallen down to the crime ring of some underrated but self-overrating gang of gangsters, what else could they be anyway. You have the fights your are looking for. You have the car chases you are expecting. You have the fake eroticism you are seeking. But you have little less. One gangster gets killed by some others because he gets too nosy or greedy. His brother cleans up the plate out of pure spite and vengeance. Is it a film defending the family? Maybe, maybe not, because if the family were that kind of hectic, rootless and unethical life then I would convert myself to pure animal mating, it might even be nicer and go smoother. But as a bloody entertainment on a late Saturday night if you have nothing more interesting to do, that's fine, that will do. Go ahead and enjoy the punches.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
  • Classic Michael Caine actioner gets tepid remake
    Hollywood has remade movies for decades. When sound was introduced in the late 1920s, it was only logical to take some of the better silent movies and do them again. Cecil B. DeMille remade his 1925 movie The Ten Commandments in 1956 It is a timeless story and will no doubt be done again in the future. Some movies have great stories that are worth retelling. An example is A Star is Born which was first filmed in 1937. It was remade in 1954 and in 1976. Sometimes, a producer will buy the rights to a foreign film in order to do an English language version. Three Men and a Baby was a remake of a French film. All too often, however, remakes happen for reasons that are logical only to the people who decide to do them. Get Carter is one of those movies. The original an English film released in 1971. It starred Michael Caine, who also appears in the new version, perhaps as a reminded that, most of the time, what was successfully done in the past is best left there.

    Jack Carter, originally Caine's character, is this time played by Sylvester Stallone. Carter is a very bad man, which worked perfectly the first time around. Why the producers decided to tone the character down for modern audiences is beyond me. He is still unsavory, but that's not the same thing as being bad to the bone. The result is that this Carter is far less interesting.

    After working in Las Vegas for five years as a debt enforcer for a casino boss, Carter returns home to Seattle after his brother is killed in a car accident. He finds the circumstances of the death to be suspicious. A little checking around shows that some of the people the brother knew have a lot to hide. Soon, several of them have reason to fear Carter, who, after all, is all too familiar with their shady little world. The trick for Carter in this dark little thriller is to find out what his brother might have known that cost him his life.

    Get Carter is literally one of the darkest films I have seen in years. Director Stephen T. Kay wants to make sure we get in the mood of the story. I was yearning for a little sunshine long before the movie ended.

    I will note that Stallone gives a more subtle and nuanced performance than usual. If the producers were determined to do this remake, then Stallone was a good choice for the lead. Besides Caine, the movie also stars two of my favorite British actors - Miranda Richardson and Alan Cummin, both playing Americans. Richardson adds class to the picture, but her role is hardly a stretch for her. Add Cummin to a growing list of English actors who have learned how to play American villains better than Americans themselves. As a vain, self-centered zillionaire, Cummin's character is delightfully nasty.

    This movie is not the worst choice you could make to spend an evening with. Had the original never existed, reviewers probably would have been kinder. The fact is that it suffers by comparison. If you like your thrillers dark and on the nihilistic side, you might enjoy this, but if you can find a copy of the original, by all means watch it instead....more info

  • One of Sylvester Stallone's Two Best Roles
    Unfortunately, many actors are unfairly type-cast and Sylvester Stallone, due to the enormous popularity of the Rocky and Rambo franchises, is such a victim. Supposed erudite critics salivate at the opportunity to bash him and any movie he plays a role in. Get Carter is one such case.

    The [...] editor trashes this remake, pointing out that when compared with the 1971 version starring the brilliant Michael Caine, the movie is a waste of your time and money.

    Having seen both versions, I could not disagree more. The Stalloneversio production has a complex and dark Jack Carter seeking to right an injustice and save his estranged family. The Caine version has a more campy hit man type Jack Carter that is dated in the same way that certain 60s British Spy characters appear today.

    If you are looking for a "mob enforcer seeking to right a wrong" type movie you will love this version of Get Carter.

    BTW - I think that Sly's other great role was as the New Jersey Sheriff in Cop Land......more info
  • The Stallion strikes again!
    This film does for Stallone what Pulp Fiction did for Travolta. Stallone and Rourke play two seasoned thugs. The characters are gritty and believable as are the fight scenes. Definitely worth the ride....more info