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  • Sharon Stone is amazing
    Very mixed reviews here; if you are looking for a movie that identifies with Batman or similar heroes show, then you will enjoy every single minute. The acting, photography, colors, clothing and music are all perfect for such a show. If you are in such a mood, then read no more. Highly recommended....more info
  • Cats come when they feel like it. Not when they're told
    Catwoman: Time to accessorize!

    Catwoman was a box office bomb, and it also won a Razzie award for Halle Berry, which she accepted in person. The 'award' was for worst couple, shared with either of her costars--Sharon Stone or Benjamin Bratt. As much as I'd like to see Stone and Berry coupling, their hook up was more along the lines of hero and villain. Darn. Bratt, on the other hand, plays a cop who is fascinated by both Patience Philips AND Catwoman. Obviously he was cast more for his looks than his acting or ability to convincingly portray a cop. As Lance, Patience's colleague at the Beauty Products company proclaims when he pays Patience a visit:

    Lance: Hey! Man sandwich! Twelve o'clock!

    Benjamin has played similar roles in 'Miss Congeniality' with Sandra Bullock--where they were both cops and with Madonna as a yoga instructor in 'The Next Best Thing.' Bratt even won another Razzie for 'The Next Best Thing'--also for worst couple. In his defense I'd have to say that matching him with the Halle cat is not this movie's biggest problem. In fact, I have no problem whatsoever with the Bratt/Berry match.

    The problem with this movie is the writing. A real stupid script that makes no sense, and fails to create a compelling vision that might have made the audience forgive its lack of sense. Catwoman might have worked as a fable, with the mysterious character of Ophelia and her cats, especially Midnight, the Egyptian Mau, as a kind of witch's familiar. 'Edward Scissorhands' certainly doesn't make sense, but in the world that Tim Burton creates, it works as a fable, and we've never metaphor we didn't like. For another instance, in Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast when the Beast kills a bird and eats it smoke comes out of the poor bird. This makes no literal sense, but in the poetic, dream like fable, it makes perfect sense. 'Catwoman' was a character out of the Batman story, but in this movie there was no attempt to tie it in. Then they make her back story, and it is a stupid one for the kind of movie it could have been. Actually, I've seen Halle in this exact same situation, but in a different movie where her character worked. 'Boomerang' had her as a graphic artist somewhat oblivious to fashion though she worked at a beauty products company. I would be feeling that deja vu, except that in 'Catwoman' that character doesn't work.

    I can see what they were trying to do, Patience Philips, someone who does what she's told, suffers those of lesser talent ordering her around; until she becomes Catwoman, and is empowered. But really, the whole Beauty Products mogul as villain making the evil corporate face cream--please.

    Still, Halle Berry looked great in her leather cat suit, and I think that she did a great job with what she had to work with. She threw herself into the role, and really was the feral feline the role requires.

    Catwoman: White Russian, no ice, no vodka... hold the Kahlua.

    Perhaps French director Pitof bit off more than he could chew (sorry, with a French director pretentious enough to go by a single name the pun temptation was irresistible). I heard that he turned in a script that he wrote with another writer that took a more artistic approach, but the producers didn't think it would be commercial enough. So, let's give him the benefit of the doubt, because it seems hard to believe that his artistic approach could be any worse than the final product was.

    Sharon Stone can share some of the blame for the fiasco that was 'Catwoman.' It seems like her character was supposed to make a statement about how the fashion world, and Hollywood, too, treats women once they are past a certain age:

    Laurel Hedare: I was everything they wanted me to be. I was never more beautiful. Never more powerful. And then I turned 40 and they threw me away.

    But you might say that she just rested on her Laurel. Word is that her cell phone rang while filming and she took the call. Talk about phoning it in. The script didn't help; Sharon, but you could have at least made an effort.

    Selected Roles of Sharon Stone

    The Muse (1999) .... Sarah Little
    Casino (1995) .... Ginger McKenna
    Sliver (Unrated Edition) (1993) .... Carly Norris [If you thought she was bad in Catwoman, check Sliver out]
    Basic Instinct (1992) .... Catherine Tramell [trashy as it was, this is what she is known for]

    Selected Roles of Benjamin Bratt

    Thumbsucker (2005) .... Matt Schramm
    The Woodsman (2004) .... Carlos [Kevin Bacon was in this, for those of you who like to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon]
    Traffic (2000) .... Juan Obreg¨®n [A Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Bonanza, though no Bacon, a large ensemble cast that could lead in several directions]
    Miss Congeniality (2000) .... Eric Matthews
    The Next Best Thing (2000) .... Ben Cooper [Won a Razzie Award for worst couple with Madonna]

    Selected Roles of Halle Berry

    Monster's Ball (2001) .... Leticia Musgrove [Best Actress Oscar for Halle Berry!]
    Swordfish (2001) .... Ginger Knowles
    X-Men (2000) .... Ororo Munroe / Storm
    Bulworth (1998) .... Nina
    Race the Sun (1996) .... Miss Sandra Beecher
    The Flintstones (1994) .... Miss Stone [I am just waiting for Sharon Stone to be cast as Miss Berry, and the catharsis is complete]
    Boomerang (1992) .... Angela Lewis [Identical Role as Catwoman, but without the whole turning into a cat part]
    Jungle Fever (1991) .... Vivian [for this role as a crack who re Halle didn't bathe for a month]

    Catwoman: Cats come when they feel like it. Not when they're told.
    =======================================================...more info
  • purrrfectly enjoyable
    Halle Berry was wonderful as catwoman! She pulled off the entire movie as no other could. She was beautiful! The woman has many talents and it shows in her work. The complexity in all women has been shown and revealed in this sexy storyline of a female crime stopper. ...more info
  • Berry Is The ONLY reason to watch this film!!!!!
    I rented this film not too long ago to see how terrible it was and I find that the criticism was mostly justified! I say mostly because I rather liked Halle's performance as Patience Phillips/Catwoman and not just for the suggestive poses and the skin tight leather! Her acting in this film is actually quite good in my view. Too bad the script sucked a*#! Her supporting cast was mediocre at best. Bennjamin Bratt (who is usually pretty good) was flat in this and Sharon Stone was just plain awful!

    I actually didn't mind that this was a different Catwoman but I though some nod to the previous character Selena Kyle should've been included somewhere.

    Overall, its not the WORST film in history but I wouldn't recommend it for a buy. A rental or if you must buy it, get it used or at a reduced price. Again, Halle is the only redeeming thing in this whole film for BOTH her effort as an actress (considering the script she was given) and the outfit! Beyond that, I can't really recommend this film....more info
  • Bat Kitty! Bad Bad Kitty!
    This is not the worst movie in the world as some would have you believe. But in a world that has given us "Manos: the Hands of Fate", "Dungeons & Dragons" and "Starship Troopers: Hero of the Federation", that doesn't really say much.

    I watched this movie because I have a morbid curiosity about bad movies. Particularly, figuring out where they went wrong. And the consensus here is ... pretty much everywhere.

    Let's start with the story. The villain's dastardly plan revolves around marketing a facial creme that rejuvenates the skin, but, if one stops using it, has some very mean side effects. That's about it. MAKEUP! Oh no! The world will never be able to recover from that diabolical blow! Sure, the Joker (in Tim Burton's BATMAN) used personal grooming items seemingly at random to inflict mild cases of death on the unsuspecting public in his sadistic mind game to cause horror among the population of Gotham, but we're talking about a creme here that actually makes you look uglier if you stop using it! NOOOOOOO!

    Okay, snark aside, I just couldn't care about the "evil plot" except for the fact that they killed our heroine to keep their little secret.

    Which brings us to the next point. Giving Catwoman superhuman powers because she is brought back to life by some mystical Egyptian cat? Really? You're going to stick with that? That's not quite the MO for this character. Sure, she may act catty at times, but there is nothing supernatural about her. Adding this mystical element just distances the audience even further from the character. Revenge we understand. Slight insanity? Got it. Superhuman cat powers? You lost me.

    Then there's the kinetic, motion-sickness-inducing direction. Do you think you could lock that camera down for a minute or two? Please? The lighting and coloring don't help in the least. It is just way too visually busy. I understand trying for "artistic" filming, but this is ridiculous.

    In the end, the only reason I gave this more than one star is that, for those who want to see how to ruin a movie, this is something you could actually sit through and take notes. As the movie ends, you truly don't care about anyone or anything in the whole movie. So it gets one extra star for the education it gives in bad film making....more info
  • Missed It By More Than A Whisker
    The performers did as good a job as they could with the material they were forced to work with, and if you want to see Halle Berry at her most breathtaking, this film is worth a look. It's not a well-written script, which is a shame, because if the story had even been just a LITTLE better, this would have been a great film. Instead, we can enjoy it for the campy pile of glitz that it turned out to be....more info
  • i liked it just too embarassing
    ok first it was OK but just the costume was embarassing and she wasn't showing anything but she took her costume off for a few seconds and why did she have to wear a costume like that? i mean it's like she just wore a few pieces glued on her. that's the only problem i have with it!!!!...more info
  • HA!
    This movie is a joke! WB is going to loose money releasing this onto Blu Ray when no one buys it. ...more info
  • How Dare She!!
    I'll get to the explaination of the title of my review in a momemt. I watched this movie and I liked it. I like any movie where a woman comes into her own and realizes how powerful she truly is, even if she has to die first, because when it comes down to it often a part of a woman does have to "die" sometimes for her to find the inner strength she has actually always possessed but just didn't know it. I loved the way there was actually a HISTORY of how she was able to be brought back to life instead of just falling 100 stories out of a window and being chewed on and licked on by some cats and just coming back to life like Pfiefer did in one of those Batman movies. I like Halle Berry and respect what she has had to go through to be where she is today, and if I were going to dislike a movie she was in it would be Monsters Ball, because her ending up a@@ naked and screwing a bigot did nothing for me. I feel as if most of YOU PEOPLE disliked this movie because you feel HOW DARE SHE as a BLACK WOMAN take on the role of Catwoman. If this role had been portrayed by brittany or jessica, I feel the reviews would have been a lot kinder. The chemistry between her and Benjamin Bratt was hot that I still remember an article in a magazine that said he got himself into a bit of trouble with his wife because he expressed to her how wonderful he found Halle. So for all of you haters out there, get over it, WE are here to stay and WE are able to take on roles that you feel WE shouldn't and do them justice no matter what you may think or say...and just to piss most of you off even more the best Catwoman there EVER has been was EARTHA KITT!!...more info
  • Better than its reputation
    It was a good, entertaining comic-book movie. Maybe comic-book flicks are supposed to be really deep nowadays, but this definitely isn't. It is entertaining and silly, though. It didn't deserve to get raked over the coals - its actually not bad....more info
  • See Cat Jump, Run, Wield Whip
    I feel sorry for the makers of "Catwoman": here they were, just trying to make a superhero/action film, but ended up being responsible for what's been considered one of the worst films ever made.
    Okay, I'll come clean: "Catwoman", if judged against other superhero flicks, belongs on the rungs closer to "Daredevil" than "Batman", but despite the slapdash story, script, pacing, characters, and that godawful costume, I managed to enjoy it. You might too, if you're not a Catwoman loyalist (in which case, this movie gave you plenty to fume about)...

    Knock what you know of the DC character out of your head: Patience Phillips (Halle Berry) is a timid artist working for a cosmetics company, who is killed for uncovering the dangerous side-effects of her company's new product; mysteriously revived by the cat she saved earlier in the day, Patience comes to realize that she has acquired the physical powers (and traits) of a cat, and is quick to utilize them to bring down the launch of the dangerous new product.

    For this film, it's probably best to talk about its bad aspects first. To state the obvious, the movie is a commercial sellout: absolutely everything - from cutout characters to painfully-obvious plot twists - conforms to formulas you've seen a hundred times before, and offers nothing innovative. The action, while occasionally nifty, is almost entirely CGI or performed by a stunt double - Halle Berry never really lifts a finger. And where's the super-villain? - if you were expecting for any DC baddies, think again.
    Oh, and the usually-amazing Frances Conroy ("Six Feet Under") gives the worst performance of her life as Opelia Powers; she looks like she's on crack.

    Still, for what it's worth, director Pitof ("Vidocq") does his darndest to keep the movie entertaining: with few interesting characters to work with, he keeps the film looking interesting with a stylized colour palette and camera angles. The swift cuts and editing will either keep your attention or give you a headache. Throw in some good CGI and decent, one-sided action scenes, and you can easily find yourself entertained for a single evening.

    Needless to say, this stand-alone adventure won't make you neglect Michelle Pfeiffer in "Batman Returns" or any of the femme fatale's previous outings, but as for being one of the worst films ever made, "Catwoman" falls short of the mark. Don't be prejudiced - give it a rent....more info
    THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN, NO KIDDING! Even Daredevil, which was very mediocre, looks like heaven next to this crap. Halle Berry should have her Oscar taken away!...more info
  • There are no words...
    Let me be very clear from the outset: there is not one feature contained within this 104 minute stretch of celluloid that could possibly be misconstrued as entertaining. There are no laughs, there is no originality. There is no acting, no direction, no talent. What little action there is has been done so many times before, and so much better than this. There is, in fact, nothing at all that could possibly induce me to think of this shambolic and wasteful excuse for a movie with anything other than total contempt.

    Jim Balent, he knows Catwoman. Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt, they knew Catwoman. Michelle Pfeiffer, in my opinion, is the definitive Catwoman. Halle Berry is very clearly landing a paycheque. She, in vulgar parlance, stinks. If you're a fan of hers, avoid this movie, it's upsetting to watch a woman who clearly has talent sell herself so very, very short, and if you're not a fan,still do not see this movie. She'll most likely turn you off all Superhero movies until the end of time. Dull, tedious, predictable, and laughable (the Meeow scene and the purring?? What the hell were you thinking, Halle??), Ms. Berry's "performance" (if such trash could indeed be called a performance) is at best, offensive, and at worst, the personification of everything that's wrong with the current trends of Image-Driven Hollywood.

    The supporting cast are embarrassing. The Fat Friend, the stock Boyfriend, and the utterly ridiculous role of Cat-Yoda as played by Frances Conroy (who, it must be said, simply does not belong here) are all hugely homogenous and throwaway, and Sharon Stone as the evil Laurel Hedare is completely pointless. She is not glamorous enough to be believable as the Supermodel-turned-Businesswoman and not strong enough a presence on-screen to be believable as the Villianess.

    Direction, as with so many other of the second-rate Superhero movies that studios seem to be churning out these days, relies far too heavily on BAD computer-generated sequences and seizure-inducing flash-shot fight scenes, so the whole visual 'feel' of the movie is one of regurgitated television-standard nonsense. When compared to recent Action classics like "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" it pales into nothingness. Get a clue, Hollywood: fans of action want to see real people performing real stunts, and not a slowmo 30 frames-per-second CGI Halle Berry Butt-In-Pleather floating up a wall to avoid gunshots.

    I can't tell you in one single review how truly awful this movie is. And I'm a fan of bad movies, on a superficial level. 'Mommie Dearest', 'The Howling', 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes' - all of them have comedy value. 'Catwoman'? Well, that's just plain awful....more info
  • Dreadful
    Poor acting, bad plot, bad special effects.

    Not even Halie Berry in a leather cat suit can save this one. ...more info
  • PLEASE stop the bad comments
    Okay, I can understand why everyone who likes the original Catwoman was upset by this movie as it is very different from this. (I get upset too when people just change things like that, but I don't HATE the adaption!)But you don't have to hate it! They based the movie loosely on the comic's characters, and the renaming to Patience was probably another thing to show you that they wanted to set it aside from the original. It's like the movie Eragon - when I saw it, I thought that if the characters hadn't had the same name I would NEVER have guessed it was Eragon. But I still think it was a good movie!

    If the name of the movie hadn't been Catwoman you guys probably wouldn't have complained "Catwoman in nothing but name". Well, it's sort of true. She's NOT DC comics version of Catwoman in anything but name, she's a NEW Catwoman, a different kind! (Why can't there be several kinds of women with feline powers?) Try not to keep comparing all the time, try to see this movie as a stand-alone thing that has, yes, the same [hero] name, but nothing else to do with Selina Kyle.

    I know this movie won some award for worst adaption or something, but I don't think they were even TRYING to adapt it from the comics. I think they wanted to make a NEW feline superhero and thought they needed to ask for permission to use Catwoman as a name.

    As I love both cats and ancient Egypt, this was my dream movie. It's about Patience Phillips, a shy artist who works as an ad designer for the cosmetics company Hedare. After uncovering a dark secret behind the company's new beauty cream, Patience is murdered but brought back to life by a mysterious cat. She discovers that she now has the powers of a cat - she sees in the dark, she's incredibly agile, and her personality changes to become self-confident and aloof. She now has a new goal - she will use her powers to bring the secret to light.

    Catwoman discovers that she's descended from a long line of Catwomen, saved by the same cat, Midnight, who is really old and comes from ancient Egypt. I think this was a really good idea!

    I agree with some of you about the costume, though: she shouldn't wear a bra. I think the leather she wore at the beginning or a catsuit would've been better. But that is just about the only thing I think is bad.

    The plot is good, too, like a previous reviewer said, that it's about cosmetics and not some world domination thing. I mean, some cosmetics ARE evil! Thy have lots and lots of horrible chemicals in them and I wouldn't be surprised if something as awful as Beau-line would appear someday.

    Anyways, I think Catwoman is excellent, and I think everyone with bad words should stop being biased (even though I can understand your reasons) and see Patience Phillips as an all-new feline hero. ...more info
  • Bad repuutation
    Not awful, it's just mediocre
    the acting isnt perfect, the idea is messed up
    but lay back and enjoy...more info

    When I first heard about this movie I was excited to say the least, I mean Halle Berry as Catwoman who would not want to see that? So I waited to see the film wanting for it to hit theaters because up until that point every Catwoman in film, TV show, animated, and comic has been great and wonderful characters. So with that knowledge I just knew this was going to a good movie, once again Halle Berry as the Catwoman. Of course like most people I was a little disappointed with the outcome of the film and the over all finished product. I feel like this was not the movie that should have been made but at the same time this is really not a bad movie. Take away all prejudice and expectations and what you get is a fun little new take on Catwoman and a fun little movie.

    The film is about a struggling over worked yet very good looking woman named Patience Philips [Berry], did I mention that she is attractive, really a beautiful woman. She is stressed out along side her friend Sally [Alex Borstein] who encourages her to find a man, it shouldn't be that hard. One day she notices a cat out on a ledge outside her apartment and decides it is up to her to save it, while on the ledge a detective is driving by a sees her on the edge. Of course he thinks she is suicidal and goes up to save her, this sets up our romantic ach of the story. One day while at work she forgets to take something to her boss so after a deliver service says they can't do it she heads to the address on her own. When she arrives at said place she hears something she should not have and is literally flushed away, she dies under water. The cat that she tried to rescue sees this and calls upon the cats of the city to help revive her, much like previous Catwomen. So the hunt is on to find her killers and bring them to justice, DC Comics style, or something.

    Much like people have said about this movie I agree that there are problems with this film, key word being film, as in filmmakers. The script by Theresa Rebeck, John Brancato, Michael Ferris, and John Rogers was lagging in a major way. The first problem with it is that most of the characters seem flat and that is most likely due to the even flatter dialogue. Plus I am never one to hate on a bad story line [just check my other reviews] but for something that had a theatrical release with a big budget and stared an Academy award winning actress I kinda felt like it need more then this. For those who don't know this movie is about an evil cosmetics company that is releasing a product that will not kill you but it will mess up your face. I don't know about you but that seems like a police matter not a super hero thing, that's just me though. Also director Pitof just seems like he didn't know what to do with this movie, of course that could also fall back to the script which every director has to sign off on. Another thing that I just can't let go of is the CGI scenes of Catwoman running on the walls, don't know why but I don't like it.

    Of course I did say that I kinda like this flick though right? Well the answer is yes and that is for two reasons, Halle Berry and the rest of the cast. I will start with the rest of the cast and save the best for last, so here we are. I really believe that the cast saved this movie from being a total waste with the performances they gave, which I feel were not that bad. Take into account the script they were given to read off of and then watch it; they actually pulled off some good performances. Benjamin Bratt as the cop she falls for does a good job with what he is given and same can be said for Lambert Wilson as her boss. Alex Borstein is excellent as her best friend is one of the few characters that seems to be some what three dimensional or at least very entertaining. But I have to say that Sharon Stone steals the show with a very nasty mean performance, hope that doesn't spoil it for you. Now on to one Halle Berry who can never do wrong in my eyes, at least not do a horrible job. I do have to say that I think she did a good job with what she had, she strikes me as the type that reads as written [I think I said that right]. The first half of the film when she is normal she does a brilliant job and every thing seems natural [all except that not being able to get a boy friend thing] but it is in the last half as Catwoman that the cracks start to show. Of course she does a good job and is extremely sexy as the cat, but her lines they gave her are straight horrible at time. Of course I can forgive that because she is gorgeous and probably the hottest Catwoman ever, although I can see the argument for others [when they played the character]. But over all she did a great job and looked great doing it, man she is beautiful.

    Over all this actually better then most people give it credit for, even with its flaws that are many. I know I made this sound pretty bad in an earlier paragraph but with no expectations going into this and you will enjoy it. Sure it was far from a classic but so are other movies that seem to be enjoyable, this is one of those. A movie does not have to be great to be good it just has to be good enough to be entertaining.
    ...more info
  • Cat-Attack for Halle Berry is over
    This moive is an wack, and sasey. Becuase I love Halle Berry as an actress not an fighter. She makes an very love sceen in this
    picture, but I don't like when she fights, and meows. That's all
    I have to say about this moive is a wack!!!...more info
  • Really, this gets ZERO stars.
    I thought that no movie could be as bad as this movie was rumored to me. And I like Halle Berry. But this movie was so, so bad! Don't bother, spare yourself. ...more info
  • Not the cat's meow, more like the cat's meeOUCH!
    Dont get it twisted. This is an awful film. Halle Berry cant take full blame for the reason why this movie sucks. The script was juvenile and corny. Halle Berry gives the worst performance of her illustrious acting career in this movie. She plays Patience Williams(wasnt the original Catwoman called Selina Kyle?), a timid beauty ad designer who accidently stumbles on to an evil plan by the owner of the company she works for. The evil plan involves marketing a beauty cream that is known to cause skin disorder and cancer. Patience is chased out of the building and into a drainage system where she falls to her doom and is revived by a cat.

    Opinion: This movie is humoruosly bad. Her origin with the cat that revives her is laughable. The way she walks so awkwardly(like she's had one too many catnip) in that tacky cat suit is a riot. The way she cracks that whip like an amateur dominatrix is hysterical. The fight scenes s well as the dialogue is laughable too. The most funniest and probably the worst scene in the movie is where she beats her soon-to-be boyfriend/cop in basketball with HIGH HEELS ON!!! She looked like a total goof dribbling that ball between her legs. Then there's those moments in the movie where you have to suspend your intellect like the time Halle slid through those prison bars without getting stuck or the fact that the toxic cream that the main villain is peddling makes her(the villian) immune to punches and kicks that would knock the average person unconscious.

    Closing comments: This is the worst movie that Halle Berry has ever starred in and is another blemish is her movie career. The acting is dreadful and the action is a joke. I would be surprised if she could still find work but then again if Eddie Murphy could find roles to play after the crappy I-Spy then Halle should be able to bounce back from this.

    To Halle: FIRE YOUR AGENT IMMEDIATELY!!! ...more info