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4G SPY CAMERA with BLACK FINISH Accessories Included
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Product Description

Ajoka Pen Camera is not just an ordinary cheap Pen Camera available in the market with thousands other cheap Spy Gadgets. This is a Real Professional Pen DVR Camera for the professional investigators or Law enforcement agencies who need real hidden evidance for the court. Specification Packing Included: Real time Date and Time Stamping Pen DVR, 4GB Built In Memory¡¤Video: 0.3 Mega pixel, AVI format User Manual, Still Photo: 640 X 480, JPEG format Emergency Charger with AA size battery, Build in Microphone Utility disk, ormal size pen with Hand writing function USB connector,Build in lithium battery Charger connector, Support operating system WIN2000WIN XP 2 pieces extra Refills for the pen, High speed USB2.0 interface Nice Gift box, Portable U-disk function, Support Firmware Upgrade.

  • Real time Date and Time Stamping
  • 4GB Built In Memory¡¤Video: 0.3 Mega pixel, AVI format
  • Still Photo: 640 X 480, JPEG format
  • Build in Microphone
  • Normal size pen with Hand writing function

Customer Reviews:

  • good while it works
    this item worked great and is a good concept until it quit working. It worked for about 2 weeks and then would not work at all. I have sent it back and it has been three weeks and have not heard anything from the company. before it quit working I bought three more. I hope they do not do the same thing because it is a hassel to get the Items sent back. ...more info
  • don't waste your money
    This is a complete waste of money. I am unable to hear the playback of anything that was recorded unless you are talking directly and loudly into the microphone. This will not work for me in the classroom at all. It also has no way to replace the ink. The directions are actually in broken-english. The quality is extremely poor. Wouldn't pay a dollar for it if I had known what a piece of junk it would turn out to be....more info
  • Good tool!
    Good tool if you practice how to use it, but the bateries does not last long. Fer...more info
  • NEVER Order the Video Pen! NEVER!
    He shipped fast but this item should never be purchased, NEVER! I requested a refund but had to stay on him to get it done right. Nobody should ever sell this Video Pen. I purchased it two times from different merchants PLUS had multiple emails with some Chinese guy in yeah, China, who tried to get me to purchase 5 to save on shipping. Luckily, I did not.

    The softward on the mini disc infected my friends computer and it took him many hours to repair his computer. Nothing ever showed up on my desk top even though it is sold to be Mac friendly. I have two. It's NOT!

    On my friends computer, after hours of wasting time, the image was yellow and brown, the sound was out of sinc, and it was very jumpy at best. This appears to be another CRAPPY Chinese product like lead toys, poison dog food, and fake milk. The creator should hang himself on this one also.

    Wait the a better generation to be created. High hopes, deep crashes and a total waste of time. CRAP!!!!!!!!! How's that for a review! It's not worth the dream of owning. GJC...more info
  • Better but not best
    The Video recording does works as described, but sound recording quality is not good. And the pen doesn't work :(...more info
  • nobody knows it's a cam
    this spy cam is great. for the price I cannot believe the great video it takes. and the software that comes with it also makes it easy and also fun to clip and make photos from video files...more info
  • got what i wanted
    product was as described. easy to use. Great seller. would or will buy again. thanks. ...more info
  • Good for the price - Audio is overdriven
    From the reviews I've seen so far, looks like the device may be a bit inconsistent. I see reviews reporting several different problems that I don't have, but I also see a few things that can be corrected if you know how, namely the correct date and the video codec. I purchased 1 device; I've had it for a couple days. I have three more on the way, so I guess I'll find out about the inconsistency first hand and make another review at that time. Here are my thoughts after 2 days with this first device...
    - Device seems well built and sturdy
    - Video color and quality was better than I expected for such a small cam
    - Audio on the device I got is over driven (too loud) anyone know if there is a way to adjust it?
    - No problems connecting to my Windows XP copying or moving the videos to my computer.
    - I view the files with any of my video players (the important part is having the correct video codec installed)

    Bottom line so far, I'm totally happy with this device with the exception of the audio being overdriven (too loud and distorted)
    ...more info
  • Cheap junk
    They sent a camera pen but different style and color, plus the pen was broke. It would not work unless it was plugged into a power source. So much for its rechargeable battery. Do not waist your money....more info
  • Very interesting and good working SPY CAMERA
    It works!!! I can see video and can hear audio. The main thing is to load VLC media player.

    The seller will explain everything you need to know to use the camera!!!...more info
  • not worth the time
    read reviews/focused on the positives/ordedered (that was perfect) read instructions,inserted cd rom,tried for 3 days, gave to friend to help make always failed never was able to view any files, the yellow light stayed on, the reset button is "deep" within pen and they recomend to used non metal object to "reset" try finding a very very thin tooth pick/had to use metal objec to reset...perhaps thats why my pen always failed and never worked? but for $30 it was a fun idea to try....more info
  • worth the money
    the instructions leave ALOT to be desired, and the status lights are a bit confusing to begin with, but for the size, and cost, it's a nice little toy.. (please note I did say toy.. if you're looking for high quality video, look elsewhere) it's very covert, someone could hold it, and reasonably examine it, and never get an idea it's a camera, till you tell them. there is a pretty noticeable light that's on, when it's powered on, or recording, but it's on the other side of the barrel from the recording view, so normally it wouldn't be in view in the direction that's being recorded, and is (semi-) easily covered up anyways. I'd say it's worth getting.. (codec must be loaded to play video on normal computer, much better than trying to use the cheesy included player/converter) also, on mine, the pen has a tendency to slowly retract as I'm writing, making it only slightly useful as a functional pen....more info